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The Moomo Williwaw , meanwhile, remains in orbit among the massed Mandalorian ships, and Dyre convinces Jarael to spar with Alek in order to take her mind off of Camper and to hone her skills. To Jarael's surprise, Alek attempts to start a relationship with her, though Jarael refuses for the time being. Carrick finally corners Shel and tries to explain that he didn't kill Shad, but her revelation that she set a bounty on Carrick's head and the arrival of Raana Tey seemingly ends any hope of reconciliation. The resistance plans to infiltrate Cassus Fett's command post in the Jedi Tower and destroy it with explosives, and Carrick volunteers to accompany Raana Tey on the mission to destroy the Tower, a mission that Jelavan also volunteers for.

After the meeting, Tey urges Jelavan to retrieve her brother's lightsaber when they are in the Tower and use it to kill Carrick. Donning his Neo-Crusader armor, Carrick escorts Jelavan as his prisoner to the Jedi Tower, though the two argue most of the way, and Jelavan kisses Carrick to maintain their cover when they are overheard by other Mandalorians—though she promptly knees him between the legs when they leave. Once in the Tower, Jelavan acquires her brother's lightsaber, though Carrick's clear sadness over Shad's death and his insistence that he is innocent leaves Shel confused as to whether she should try and kill him.

Tey is furious to find Carrick still alive when Jelavan lets her into the Tower, and she pursues Carrick as he heads to the upper levels to complete the mission—only to discover that Cassus Fett has abandoned the building and has headed into the Lower City. Raana Tey attacks Carrick, realizing that her vision of Mandalorians and Sith on Taris is coming true, and in her madness, she refuses to listen to Carrick's warnings that Fett is going to attack the resistance.

The Hidden Beks retreat to the Pit once they learn that the resistance has been attacked, and Hierogryph keeps hold of the detonator to the Tower explosives as they flee. Meanwhile, Carrick and Tey duel in the Tower, and she brings down the glass ceiling on Carrick when he tries to escape via jetpack. The crazed Togruta Jedi Master explains about the Prophecy of the Five to Carrick before she prepares to execute him, but Carrick is saved by Jelavan, who stabs Tey with her brother's lightsaber after she hears the Jedi Master admit to the Massacre. Jelavan and Carrick escape the Tower thanks to Hierogryph and Gadon Thek's arrival on a swoop bike, but Raana Tey—still alive despite her fatal wound—leaps after Carrick in a desperate attempt to stop him.

When she lands on the roof, Carrick is unable to leave her to die and offers her rescue; his offer brings her to her senses and she accepts. However, Tey's hand is stuck in the glass window, and when she raises her lightsaber to cut it off, Hierogryph thinks she is attacking Carrick and detonates the explosives. As the Jedi Tower begins to collapse, Tey asks Carrick to tell Krynda that she is sorry, and as Q'Anilia and Lucien—who have undertaken a romantic relationship—sense Tey's death, Carrick realizes that he now has a name for the Covenant's leader.

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Not long afterwards, while having a memorial service for Raana Tey on Coruscant, Xamar, Q'Anilia, and Feln experience a horrifying vision: an apocalyptic future overrun by rakghouls led by an ancient Sith , and four individuals: Carrick, a dark-armored figure , and two sandy - haired Humans. Around the Sith's neck, the three Jedi recognize the Muur Talisman —an ancient Sith artifact that was believed to have been lost on Taris.

On Taris, Morne rescues Constable Sowrs from a rakghoul attack, but she is forced to execute the constable when Sowrs is infected, and Morne encounters Hierogryph and Carrick fleeing from rakghouls. The pair follow Morne on her mission despite her dislike of them, but the floor collapses underneath them due to explosions from Mandalorian excavations nearby. The three find themselves right next to the Mandalorian excavation, where Morne witnesses a Mandalorian named Pulsipher —Demagol's former assistant—discover the Muur Talisman.

Morne pursues Pulsipher, with Carrick and Hierogryph tagging along, [6] and the three sneak aboard Pulsipher's ship before it departs for the ice planet of Jebble. As they approach Jebble, the Talisman electrocutes Pulsipher and "bites" one of the other Mandalorians, and when Carrick and Hierogryph depart Pulsipher's ship, they are pressed into service with a large group of forced Mandalorian conscripts who have been gathered for an attack on the Core World of Alderaan.

Carrick slips away and finds Morne, who is trying to locate the talisman, and tries to get her help in warning the Republic. Hierogryph, meanwhile, is determined to gain access to the Jedi financial records that he overheard Pulsipher mention, and he uses his new Mandalorian armor as a disguise to get the three of them into the Mandalorians' Ice Citadel —but Hierogryph's clumsiness with weaponry causes his blaster rifle to bring down part of the fortress on him. Carrick and Morne are cut off from Hierogryph and pinned down by a group of Mandalorians, but the one that has been "bitten" by the Talisman suddenly mutates into a rakghoul and starts infecting the others.

The rakghoul plague begins to spread rapidly, and the two Jedi realize that the plague—which is evolving the rakghouls beyond the normal version for some reason—will infect the entire Mandalorian army stationed on Jebble. The two quickly find a relay station so they can warn the galaxy, and at the same time, Hierogryph locates the Jedi records, only to find that they are records about the Muur Talisman and Covenant agents such as Morne.

Unbeknownst to Carrick, Morne contacts Lucien Draay and informs him of recent developments, though she questions Draay's order to kill Carrick and finds herself unable to do so when his back is turned. Carrick then uses the station to contact Cassus Fett, who he tries to warn about the rakghoul plague. To Morne's surprise, Carrick then makes his way back to the citadel in search of Hierogryph, though he is soon captured by rakghouls and brought before Pulsipher.

The crazed Mandalorian interrogates Carrick as to how the Talisman works, and threatens him with imprisonment inside an oubliette built by the ancient Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa , but the Talisman, sensing that Carrick is Force-sensitive , attempts to take him as its new host. When Pulsipher knocks it aside, the rakghouls turn on Pulsipher and kill him, and Morne arrives just in time to see the Talisman on top of Carrick. Hierogryph arrives as Morne is struggling to pull the Talisman away from Carrick, who is tempted by the artifact's power, and Morne offers herself to the Talisman to save Carrick.

As the Talisman takes her as its host, Morne meets the spirit of its owner Karness Muur, and the rakghouls around them bow to their new master. Struggling with Muur to maintain control over herself, Morne experiments with her newfound control over the rakghouls, and she explains to Carrick that the Talisman induces the rakghoul plague in order to carve out the minds of victims while leaving behind the skills they have learned, creating the perfect soldiers.

However, when Hierogryph tells Carrick about Morne's connection to the Covenant, Carrick learns that Krynda is Lucien Draay's mother, and the two argue over the Covenant's goals and methods—an argument that sees Morne attack Carrick in a rage and prepare to execute him. Before she does, however, Carrick forces her to realize what the Talisman has created: an ever-expanding army that serves the Sith. Horrified, Morne begs Carrick to end her life, but he finds another way: Dreypa's Oubliette can keep her safe and contained.

Thanking Carrick, Morne gives him her key to the Sanctum of the Exalted , the Covenant's storehouse of Sith artifacts on the planet Odryn. Without Morne's influence, the rakghouls begin to pursue Hierogryph and Carrick, but the pair are saved by the arrival of the Moomo Williwaw , and as they depart Jebble, the group witnesses Cassus Fett bombard Jebble's surface with nuclear warheads to wipe out the rakghoul plague. With the support of his friends, Carrick decides to go to Odryn and use the Covenant's storehouse to expose them.

On Coruscant, Lucien Draay has been elevated to a seat on the Jedi High Council thanks to Haazen's manipulations, and he convinces the Council to order the recall and even possibly the detention of the Revanchists, particularly Alek for his role in the Adasca affair.

Master Vrook Lamar is suspicious of Draay's recent ascent to power despite the Padawan Massacre, but Master Tokare reminds him that the two agreed to Draay's appointment so that they could uncover the truth behind the Massacre. Haazen contacts Draay and demands that he return to the Draay Estate immediately, as Celeste Morne has reported in with success. Meanwhile, the Moomo Williwaw arrives on Odryn, and Jarael—disguised as Morne—is taken to the Sanctum of the Exalted by the Feeorin Borjak , who Jarael forces to allow the Moomo Brothers to carry a large case supposedly containing an artifact into the Sanctum.

Odryn is wracked by storms and strange phenomena of nature, all of which have occurred ever since Feln, as the Exalted , or leader of his tribe, allowed the Covenant to store artifacts in the Sanctum. Once inside the Sanctum, the Moomo Brothers release Carrick and Hierogryph from the case that they are carrying, and Carrick uses Morne's key to access the Sanctum, which contains hundreds of dormant Sith artifacts. After the Moomo Brothers are warned not to take any of the artifacts, Carrick and Hierogryph set to work photographing the artifacts as evidence to use against the Covenant, and the two also discover that the Covenant's researchers are testing artifacts such as the Helm of Dathka Graush.

The pair sneak out of the Sanctum, but they are captured by Borjak and the rest of the tribe. Borjak questions Carrick as to why he would try to sneak out of the Sanctum, and explains that Feln has broken the tribe's traditions such as the Rime Feeorin ever since he became a Jedi.

However, Carrick's attempts to convince Borjak to stop following Feln end when the Feeorin Jedi Master himself arrives. Feln decides to kill Carrick himself, but Borjak reminds him that according to Feeorin tradition, because Carrick has been in the Sanctum of the Exalted, he cannot be harmed by weapons. Carrick quickly attacks Feln and catches him by surprise before he flees into the Feeorin village. However, Feln catches up to Carrick and pins him down, and when Borjak tells Feln that the Moomo Williwaw has returned to the star system , Feln detonates the explosives beneath the Sanctum to ensure that Carrick's group cannot raid it.

To Feln's horror, the Sith artifacts magnify the explosion as they are destroyed, devastating the village. Enraged, Feln reaches for his lightsaber to kill Carrick, but finds only a stick—just as he foresaw in the Rogue Moon Prophecy—just before Borjak stabs him in the back with a knife. The tribe attacks Feln for destroying the Sanctum and kills him, and Hierogryph reveals that he stole Feln's lightsaber.

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The rain helps put out the fires among the village, and fortunately for Carrick and his crew, the Moomo Brothers had filled their case full of Sith artifacts from the Sanctum before its destruction, giving the group the evidence they needed in place of the recordings that Feln destroyed. At the Draay Estate, Draay grows angry with Xamar for questioning him in the wake of Feln's death, and Q'Anilia sinks further into despair as Draay sends Xamar to meet with the Republic fleet: Draay has told Admiral Karath that Carrick is planning on raiding Coruscant for the Mandalorians, and Karath has established a blockade around the capital to ensure Carrick does not get by.

Q'Anilia urges Xamar not to go, as the Rogue Moon Prophecy foretold his death with the Republic Navy, but Xamar goes anyway, though he begins to consider confessing to the Council. As he moves into his new quarters, Lucien reflects on the absence of his father Barrison, who was killed in the Sith War. Meanwhile, Masters Tokare and Lamar respond to a summons from a "Captain Malak" and visit a Coruscant cantina, where they meet Shel Jelavan and Alek, who has adopted the identity of Malak to avoid Draay's arrest warrant.

Tokare has also received a recording of the events on Jebble, which Jelavan and Malak explain were caused by an agent of the Covenant, and the two inform the Jedi Masters that Carrick wants to turn himself in and present further evidence. However, Admiral Karath has set up a blockade with the Swiftsure , utilizing a tactic known as the Vanjervalis Chain to link together the entire blockade's targeting computers.

The Moomo Williwaw prepares to fight its way through, but Lieutenant Onasi and his Lance Squadron order him to turn back, and the Williwaw takes heavy fire from the linked weapons systems of the blockade. On the Swiftsure , Xamar warns Karath that Carrick uses misdirection, not force, and despite his trepidation, Xamar takes Karath's advice and goes to the hangar to acquire a starfighter. Realizing that they cannot make it through, Carrick and Jarael come up with another idea: they crash the Williwaw into the Swiftsure ' s hangar, allowing Hierogryph, Carrick, and Slyssk to steal the shuttle Deadweight and slip down to Coruscant's surface with their artifacts.

However, Xamar foresaw their plan and stowed away aboard the Deadweight , and he captures Hierogryph and Carrick. Tokare and Lamar inform Jelavan and Malak that Carrick's evidence is not enough; for the Covenant to be truly exposed, one of their own must confess, and to their surprise, Xamar arrived offering to do just that. Xamar agrees to expose the Covenant to the Council, but only after he receives promises from Tokare and Lamar that Krynda Draay will receive full immunity for her role in the Circle's wrongdoings.

The Council organizes a raid on the Draay Estate, which is guarded by Covenant-loyal Jedi, and the Order sends in Xamar, Carrick, and Hierogryph prior to the attack so that Xamar can ferry Krynda to safety. Carrick dresses up as a Sith and conceals his lightsaber in a replica of the Muur Talisman, and Xamar ferries his "prisoners" into the Draay Estate—but when Xamar demands to see Krynda, Haazen refuses to grant him an audience and decides to inspect Carrick himself.

Carrick stages a distraction and allows Xamar to slip away and deactivate the Estate's defenses so that the Order can attack, but Haazen exposes Carrick's deception, and when the alarm goes off, Haazen begins " Vindication "—a pre-planned insurrection by Covenant Jedi against the Order. At Haazen's directive, Covenant Jedi disable the Jedi Temple 's communications, steal the Temple's store of Sith artifacts and take them to the Draay Estate, and rally to the defense of the compound against the Council's forces.

As Draay watches in horror, Haazen gloats about how Draay's seat on the Council had allowed the Covenant the access they needed, and Haazen reveals that he has been manipulating Draay the entire time. Haazen also seizes control of the Swiftsure ' s computer systems, taking control of the Vanjervalis Chain, and he directs the Republic fleet to fire on the bridge to the Draay Estate—killing Xamar and fulfilling the Khil Jedi Master's part of the Rogue Moon Prophecy.

As fire rains down on the compound, Haazen casts aside his robes to reveal his ruined body and the numerous Sith artifacts that he has incorporated into his form, and he proclaims that the Prophecy of the Five has come to pass. Haazen failed to become a Jedi Knight, and he was convinced by the Sith to betray Barrison during the Sith War, but in doing so Haazen was severely mutilated. The Sith rebuilt him, and he later helped Krynda Draay establish the Jedi Covenant, though he manipulated the organization from behind the scenes to pursue his own goals.

Lucien Draay attempts to attack Haazen, but his attacks are rendered useless by Haazen's possession of the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger , which prevents anyone and anything from touching its wearer unless they allow it. Haazen explains his interpretation of the Prophecy of the Five: Q'Anilia is the one of the light in the darkness, Hierogryph is the one from the darkness who stands in the light, Carrick is the one for the light, and while Haazen is the one who stands apart from all, Draay is the one for the darkness.

With Carrick and Draay as his subordinates, Haazen intends to command parallel armies of Jedi and Sith. Q'Anilia rushes off to protect Krynda and Hierogryph follows her, but Lucien uses the red -bladed lightsaber given to him by Haazen to block Carrick from following, and an enraged Lucien begins to pursue Carrick through the compound.

When he finally reaches Krynda's chambers, he finds Q'Anilia despondent over her teacher's apparent death, and the Miraluka has drank poisoned wine to commit suicide , just as she foresaw. In her final moments, Q'Anilia is astonished to learn that Hierogryph was in fact that one foretold by the Rogue Moon Prophecy: he killed Raana Tey and stole Feln's lightsaber, and he has worn the red space suit from the vision. Just as Q'Anilia dies, having drank poison to commit suicide out of despair, Hierogryph realizes that Krynda is not in fact dead—she is encased in an oubliette , just like the one Morne was placed in on Jebble.

Lucien and Carrick's fight is interrupted when Hierogryph arrives with the dying Krynda, who he released from the oubliette; Krynda is horrified that her son killed the Padawans. She foresaw the Massacre almost immediately after Lucien reported the Rogue Moon Prophecy, but she suffered a stroke and Haazen locked her in the oubliette, where she was forced to relive her vision of the massacre over and over.

Lucien tries to justify his actions by explaining that he was trying to protect her, but as she dies, Krynda acknowledges that her teachings were wrong and begs her son to face the future with humility. Enraged by his mother's death, Draay embraces the dark side and charges after Hierogryph, who he blames for Krynda's death. Meanwhile, Haazen kills the Covenant Jedi who bring him the Temple's Sith artifacts, and he witnesses Hierogryph enter the courtyard pursued by a furious Draay. Draay and Carrick battle once more over Hierogryph, but Carrick seemingly kills Draay after the Jedi Master is pinned under a falling statue of Barrison Draay.

To Hierogryph's disbelief, Carrick bows before Haazen and promises his loyalty in return his halting the bombardment of Coruscant. However, Carrick suddenly grabs Haazen's arm and proclaims that he is having a vision of the future—and as Haazen pauses in interest, Carrick slices off Haazen's prosthetic arm that bears the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger. Haazen blasts Carrick with Force lightning and throws him toward Hierogryph, but to Haazen's surprise, both Carrick and the Snivvian go flying into the sky away from the compound.

Draay emerges from the rubble and reveals that the fight had been a ploy to get close to Haazen, and using Haazen's arm—which also has the controls for the Republic fleet—Draay causes the fleet to fire upon the Draay Estate and destroys the entire compound, killing the now unprotected Haazen. Carrick and Hierogryph, meanwhile, land safely in a vat of sludge far away from the Draay Estate.

In the days that follow, the Republic and the Jedi Order cover up Vindication by describing it as a terror plot by the Mandalorians, and only the families of the slain Padawans are told the truth of what happened. The Order pays off the bounties on Carrick and Hierogryph, officially clearing their names, and Malak is sent back to the Revanchists with a warning that the Council will not tolerate further involvement in the war.

Hierogryph decides to leave Coruscant with Slyssk after he gives Jarael Carrick's Padawan braid , as he assumes that Carrick is being Knighted, but Carrick surprises his friend by refusing the Order's offer: he intends to go into business with Hierogryph and Jarael: a partnership that the Snivvian terms Cargryph Capital Management. Unbeknownst to the Republic and the Jedi, Draay survives the destruction of the Draay Estate thanks to the Gauntlet of Kressh, and he retreats to a moon that he had purchased some time ago as a private sanctum.

Draay is greatly shaken by his brush with the dark side, and though the Gauntlet kept him alive, he was blinded in the compound's destruction. Carrick goes on a brief vacation, and Hierogryph sends Slyssk to Coruscant to buy a ship, [49] but the Trandoshan is tricked into buying the gem miner Hot Prospect. Hierogryph poses as "Professor Gryphomarn" and arrives at the auction, which Jarael and Dyre—disguised as an armored alien that uses a lightsaber-like weapon—proceed to crash. The group convinces the buyers at the auction that Dyre is from the planet Italbos , which was recently sold at the auction, and Hierogryph helps con the auction guests into bidding on Italbos again, as they claim that the planet is even richer in mineral deposits than previously believed.

However, when the Chev auctioneer Cipiter reports to his Chevin master Nunk Plaarvin , Plaarvin deduces Hierogryph's identity and calls for the security team. Jarael and Dyre hold their own against the Chev guards sent to capture them for a time, but they are ultimately defeated; Hierogryph flees the scene and is pursued by security droids , but the arrival of Carrick saves the Snivvian from death. Plaarvin is a crime lord in the Raff Syndicate , and he imprisons Jarael and Dyre in the old solar observatory of the lunar station that his auction now occupies on Metellos 3.

The observatory lens will burn the two to a crisp when the sun rises, and they are chained together and hung from the filter so they cannot escape. Meanwhile, Hierogryph and Carrick return to the Hot Prospect , where they come up with a plan to rescue their friends by having Slyssk pose as an enforcer of the Raff Syndicate.

In the observatory, Dyre pressures Jarael to use the Force, as he believes she is Force-sensitive, and the chain holding them breaks mere moments before they are incinerated by the sun. With Hierogryph and Carrick as his enforcers, Slyssk convinces Plaarvin that Hierogryph's con was a Raff Syndicate operation, and the Chevin falls for their ploy and departs Metellos 3 to visit with the organization's leaders on Jebble. With Plaarvin out of the way, Carrick and the group leaves the auction in the hands of Cipiter and the rest of Plaarvin's Chev slaves , and Dyre orders Carrick to begin teaching Jarael about the Force.

Carrick attempts to reach out to Elbee, who has remained silent and unmoving for weeks, but his efforts are met with no response. The Hot Prospect discovers the passenger liner Chancellor Fillorean adrift in space with all systems offline, and when they board the ship, the group is shocked to discover that every passenger has been apparently asphyxiated.

Tollivar explains that passengers had begun to show up dead while the Fillorean was in hyperspace, and he and K-OB7 had remained in their cabin as instructed until they emerged days later and found everyone dead. The crew begins to explore the ship, and Carrick is shocked to discover that K-OB7 has convinced Elbee to help move the bodies; Dyre examines the corpses to discover that they have all been strangled, and the discovery is immediately followed by another: Slyssk has been attacked in galley.

Dyre manages to save the Trandoshan's life, and when suspicion falls upon K-OB7, Dyre and Carrick leave Jarael behind with Tollivar and Slyssk while they pursue the droid. However, Elbee defends his fellow droid, and K-OB7 finally reveals that he is not the one responsible for the passengers' deaths—his master, Tollivar, is. Tollivar is a former Sith adept from the Sith War, and he has been using his Force powers to kill the Republic one citizen at a time.

Carrick and Dyre reach Jarael just in time to stop him from choking the life out of her, and in the fight that follows, K-OB7 attacks his master and electrocutes him to stop him from harming anyone else. Dyre shoots both of them to end the threat that Tollivar poses, and he warns Carrick that if he cannot protect Jarael, then he is of no use to the Mandalorian. A little while later, Carrick continues to reach out to Elbee, and informs the droid that he will be Elbee's friend if he wants. The Gotal Goethar Kleej wins the solo championships in the swoopdueling arena for the fourth consecutive time, but when he tries to expose the Franchise entertainment firm's dealings with the slaving organization known as the Crucible , his speech is overwritten and he is brutally beaten by the underlings of the event's coordinator, the Krish species Krish Bardron.

Bardron makes a deal with Kleej: if Goethar and his young son Aubin survived the upcoming Tandem Open , they will be allowed to retire from swoopdueling. Not long afterwards, Carrick and his group arrive on the space station Jervo's World , where Carrick is ecstatic to be finally able to visit the swoopdueling arenas.

Hierogryph, meanwhile, has spent the last few weeks setting up a con that will allow him to steal from the Franchise, but his plans are interrupted when Carrick decides to enter the swoopdueling league in order to win a rare swoop bike. Carrick does well in the trials, but Jarael and Hierogryph are forced to invent a new persona for Dyre when he is accosted by security forces on account of his Mandalorian armor. Dyre is reinvented as the swoopduelist "Spikes," and Carrick is surprised when Goethar Kleej threatens and coerces Carrick into protecting his son Aubin in the Tandem Open.

Goethar Kleej and "Spikes" are the two finalists for their round, but Carrick is barely able to survive with Aubin as a partner, as Aubin can barely function—the young Gotal has never been trained how to deal with the overwhelming sensory input from his horns like most members of his species are. Jarael, meanwhile, is tormented by the secrets that she has been keeping from Carrick, but she manages to steal the real recording of Kleej's speech; Carrick confronts Kleej over the speech, and though Goethar is unable to fight back against the Franchise, Carrick helps Aubin deal with his horns thanks to his Jedi training.

Lhosan Industries' Jervo Thalien, owner of Jervo's World, is enraged to learn that Carrick and Hierogryph are aboard his station, and he decides to eliminate Kleej in order to preserve his relationship with the Crucible—though unbeknownst to Thalien, Hierogryph overhears his plans. However, Spikes is soon taken out of the fight by one of their competitors' use of enervation coils , revealing that the match has been rigged, and the Kleejs' accelerator has been jammed, causing them to crash.

After rescuing his son from another competitor, Kleej agrees to work with Carrick, and the three break out of the arena as the recording of Goethar Kleej's speech about the Crucible is played for everyone to hear, thanks to the efforts of Hierogryph and Jarael. Amid the chaos, "Spikes" emerges victorious in what's left of the swoopdueling final, and the group is able to smuggle the Kleejs off Jervo's World to freedom. However, Goethar Kleej recognizes Jarael's tattoos as those used by the Crucible, and he storms off in anger, believing that Carrick is working with the Crucible.

Confused, Carrick manages to pry the truth out of Jarael: she used to be part of the Crucible before she met Camper. On Jervo's World, Thalien is executed by the Crucible's Magister Impressor Chantique for his failure to contain the Kleej incident, and she is intrigued to learn that Jarael was part of the group who sabotaged the Franchise's operations. Her secret exposed, Jarael grows distant from Carrick as they stop to rest on the planet Wor Tandell , though she does tell him that she was kidnapped as a child, and that she managed to defeat her overseer and take her place; the position allowed Jarael to try and make the lives of other slaves less harsh.

Carrick tries to get her to open up to her friends, offering to help her take down the Crucible, but Jarael flatly refuses. Ferroh reveals that the Revanchists have been allowed to join the Mandalorian Wars and that he is working with Captain Telettoh of the Testament ; when Carrick questions him as to why the Council changed their minds, Ferroh explains the story to Carrick at the same time that Malak retells it to Hierogryph, Jarael, and Slyssk. Ferroh returned to his homeworld of Cathar several years earlier to find that his species had entirely vanished, and the Revanchist leader, believing it to be the work of the Mandalorians, began investigating with the rest of the Revanchists.

They were confronted by the Jedi Council, who demanded that the Revanchists stand down, but the Revanchist leader discovered a Mandalorian mask underfoot that induced a shared vision of the past among all of the Jedi present. The vision showed how the Mandalorians, led by Cassus Fett, had herded the Cathar into the ocean and executed them all ; the one Mandalorian who spoke up against the atrocity was killed along with them, and it was her mask that the Revanchist had found. Taking the name of Revan, the Revanchist leader donned the Mandalorian mask and swore not to remove it until the Mandalorians had been defeated.

In light of the Cathar atrocity, the Council agreed to allow the Revanchists to join the war. His story concluded, Malak reveals that he has come for Jarael, who he wants to join the Revanchists and begin a relationship with—but an enraged Dyre attacks Malak and swears that the Jedi will never have her. Their fight is ended by Telettoh and Ferroh, and to the surprise of both Malak and Jarael, Carrick kisses her in front of Malak.

Carrick claims that he and Jarael are in a relationship, and tells Jarael that he will go wherever she wants to. After Malak departs, Jarael thanks Carrick for saving her from him, and she decides to ask Carrick for help in breaking the Crucible. In the Koornacht Cluster , the crew of the Hot Prospect make their first strike at the Crucible's operations by attempting to sabotage the Sungrazer cooperative , an asteroid mining operation there that purchases slaves from the Crucible. Posing as Crucible agents, Carrick and Jarael claim that they have arrived to take a larger share of the cooperative's profits, though the rest of the Hot Prospect crew is unaware that the two intend to liberate the slaves from the cooperative—but Jarael and Carrick underestimated the number of slaves: instead of eight, there are eighty working for the cooperative.

When Jarael and Carrick's covers are exposed, Carrick comes up with a new plan: they join the slaves in dustdiving , the process of mining minerals while on the surface of comets. Carrick then summons the Hot Prospect and uses the Force to push all of the slaves onto the gem miner's hull, where Hierogryph reluctantly allows them entry into the ship despite his anger at being conned.

However, the slaves are soon attacked by skyreaper drones , droids used by the Crucible, and the far larger Crucible ship Gladiator forces the Hot Prospect to surrender. Jarael recognizes the ship as that of Captain Dace Golliard , the Crucible agent who brought her into the organization, and Dyre rescues Carrick and Jarael from the skyreapers, though the Hot Prospect is unable to move because it is engaged in mining crystals from the comet.

The Hot Prospect disengages and uses its harpoon drill against the Gladiator before releasing tanks of xenoboric acid from its hull , and despite Hierogryph's protests, Carrick uses the ship's mining centrifuge to spin the Hot Prospect and free it from the clutches of the Gladiator. After the Hot Prospect lets the slaves out at a transit hub, Jarael explains her past to the others, and Hierogryph reluctantly agrees to help her and Carrick in their efforts against the Crucible. Meanwhile, Chantique tortures Golliard for his failure and prepares to execute him, but the Magister Protector of the Crucible, Bar'injar , stops her from doing so.

On Coruscant, Demogal finally awakes from his month-long coma, and the Defense Ministry is immediately contacted. As she oversees the fighting pits on the planet Volgax , Chantique recalls how her own father gave her to the Crucible as part of a bargain with the organization. Zayne Carrick, meanwhile, has gone undercover: he allows himself to be captured by the Crucible in a Navy fighter as "Carth Kamlin," and he is delivered to Volgax and placed in the pits.

Despite his unwillingness to do so, Carrick is forced to fight other slaves in order to survive, including the Caamasi Snout , and Chantique takes a particular interest in him. Carrick tries to reach out to Snout, who he learns has inherited the memnii , or collective memories, of many other Caamasi who have been in the Crucible. Identifying Carrick as a Jedi, Snout later shares his memnii with Carrick, forcing the young man to relive lifetimes of pain and suffering as he explains that the Crucible was created by the ancient Sith Ieldis as a way to produce armies.

Despite Ieldis's death centuries ago, the Crucible has continued their operations, and a shell-shocked Carrick is taken to Chantique's private chambers. The Zeltron woman manipulates Carrick, trying to turn him against Jarael by claiming that she enjoyed her position in the Crucible and that Jarael's name meant "Destroyer. On the Hot Prospect , Jarael is worried that they have not received any communications from Carrick or the tracking beacon he carries, and she decides to talk with Elbee, as she overheard Carrick talking to the droid earlier.

However, Elbee reveals that Carrick was in fact speaking through Elbee's holoprojector , and he connects Jarael to who he was talking to: Shel Jelavan. On Volgax, Chantique tells Carrick about how Jarael literally stabbed her in the back and took her position as overseer, and how she sought out the Crucible after she escaped from slavery and became the organization's leader; however Carrick realizes that Chantique is manipulating him through the Force.

Carrick is thrown back in the pits, where he is pitted against Snout in a death match. To Carrick's horror, Snout kills himself by purposefully falling on Carrick's knife , and a delighted Chantique orders the Crucible to depart Volgax. The Hot Prospect arrives not long afterwards, but Jarael finds Carrick sitting out in the rain and he confronts her with Chantique's stories.

Carrick asks to be given time to deal with what he has learned, but Jarael—furious that he believed Chantique's lies—storms off after revealing that the name "Jarael" actually means "Protector. Upon learning of Demagol's return to consciousness, Defense Minister Koa Delko arranges a public trial for the Mandalorian, and Rohlan Dyre urges Carrick, Slyssk, and Hierogryph to go to Coruscant and testify at the trial, where they are joined by Malak.

During a conversation with Carrick, Malak mentions that when they salvaged the wreck of the Arkanian Legacy , they found Eejee Vamm's mutilated corpse, and Carrick refrains from telling Malak that "Dyre" is with Jarael. Hierogryph accuses Carrick of stealing from the money that his father was managing for the two, and Carrick admits to having borrowed it for a "special project" before he counters with a demand to hear how Hierogryph and Slyssk escaped Serroco.

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Coincidentally, their walking argument has led them straight to enormous statues of the Snivvian and the Trandoshan, and Hierogryph explains that they're part of his restaurant. On Serroco, Slyssk saved Hierogryph's life by taking command of a troop transport that was slow to depart the planet, and in doing so he managed to save half a battalion. The Defense Ministry decided to turn the two into propaganda figures: Hierogryph became Captain Benegryph Goodvalor , and Slyssk his Trandoshan sidekick, and the Republic developed a wide variety of licensed propaganda and merchandise, such as the restaurant chain, from the two.

However, when Carrick makes a throwaway comment to Elbee about how Dyre broke his hand back at Vanquo, Elbee shocks them all by informing the trio that the Mandalorian they have been traveling with is not the same one they met at Vanquo: he had carried them both at separate times when they were in Camper Specials, and the two weighed differently. Hierogryph, Carrick, and Slyssk consider their past experiences with "Rohlan Dyre" and notice several oddities, such as his interest and experience in medicine and science, and upon remembering how Dyre once referred to Carrick as "Human," Carrick recalls that Demagol was not Human—the group has been traveling with Demagol all along.

Realizing what they have done, Carrick and Hierogryph become determined to save Jarael from Demagol, and they decide to rescue the wrongly-accused Rohlan Dyre. At the trial, Dyre breaks free of his restraints and Malak responds by throwing the Mandalorian across the Senate Chamber with the Force, but Carrick—disguised as a security guard—is able to smuggle Dyre out of the building as the crowd begins to riot.

Dyre is ferried into a speeder piloted by Hierogryph, and he and Carrick apologize to Dyre as they fly to safety and ask him for his help in saving Jarael once again.

Jarael is overjoyed to see Wyrick, who lies to his former student and claims that he has been Rohlan Dyre ever since the Crucible attacked the Osadia School and took his students, and he reveals that he has taken them to the planet Osadia in hopes of rescuing Jarael's fellows. On Coruscant, Hierogryph and Carrick hide Dyre in an abandoned warehouse, where Dyre explains that Demagol had drugged him and switched armors on Flashpoint.

Dyre then explains what he knows about Demagol's past: how he was raised by the cyborg Iskalloni , how he was adopted into the Mandalorian clans and was taught by Mandalore the Ultimate himself, and how, after finding one of the Jedi Master Arca Jeth 's hair on a robe that the Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma owned, Wyrick dedicated his life to creating Jedi for the Mandalorians. Jarael was one of the children born as part of the project, and after Crucible attacked and destroyed the project, Wyrick became Demagol and dedicated himself to unlocking the secrets of the Force through science.

The group realizes that Chantique is Wyrick's daughter just as Shel Jelavan and Slyssk arrive, and Carrick shows Hierogryph and Dyre that the warehouse is actually the base of the Rogue Moon Project : an organization founded by Carrick with the help of the families of the fallen Padawans whose goal is to help refugees, wrongly accused fugitives, and other people in the same situation that Carrick himself was once in.

Carrick and the others realize that Demagol has the weapon when Slyssk finds the saber's tag from the Sanctum of the Exalted, and Carrick develops a plan to locate Jarael and rescue her: a plan that involves Cassus Fett, the Republic Navy, and the Crucible's Dace Golliard. At Carrick's instruction, Dyre contacts Cassus Fett and calls in the favor that Carrick owes him, and Jelavan pulls strings in the Republic Military and Senate [56] to get Admiral Karath to follow an anonymous tip to an asteroid field near the Ithor system , where Cassus Fett's forces have massed.

Just as Carrick expected, Dace Golliard and the Gladiator arrive and hide in the asteroids in order to pick any escape pods; however, when Cassus Fett's ships swarm the Republic forces, they jump to hyperspace just before a collision, and Carrick contacts the admiral and informs him of Golliard's presence. Karath's forces capture the Gladiator , and Cassus Fett declares him and Carrick even while also thanking the former Jedi for dealing with Demagol.

Golliard is interrogated as to Chantique's location by Carrick and Karath, and Carrick learns that Chantique went to Osadia after a Force vision. On Osadia, Jarael defeats the Dashade guards around the school while Wyrick infiltrates the building and interrogates Bar'injar as to the location of his students; when he fails to gain any useful information, he returns to Jarael, and she is shocked to witness him execute the fallen Crucible agents in cold blood before resuming the search.

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Hierogryph also confronts Carrick about his relationship with the Force, as the Snivvian has become highly suspicious of Carrick's luck, and Carrick explains what he has come to realize: his control of the Force causes fate to "rock back and forth" between good and bad, causing good events to spiral out of bad events and vice-versa, and he has developed a better control over the ability since Vindication. While searching the training hall on Osadia, Jarael encounters Chantique and the two begin to battle, and as Jarael gains the upper hand she prepares to execute the Zeltron.

Chantique seizes Exar Kun's lightsaber and attacks Carrick, and she demands to know why he continues to defend Jarael despite what she had told him on Volgax. Carrick refuses to believe Chantique's lies and informs her that her father is at the school; at the same time, Dyre attacks Demagol in another part of the school, but the scientist is astonished when he is able to throw Dyre off of him with simply a flick of the hand. Carrick quickly explains to Jarael that Demagol is Wyrick and warns her about the dark power of Kun's weapon, but he is surprised when she is unable to sense anything from the lightsaber—though the same cannot be said for Chantique, whose powers are bolstered by the weapon.

However, Chantique is surprised by a knife to the back from Wyrick, who ignores his daughter's pleas and demands to see his students. Wyrick rushes out into the schoolyard, but Chantique explains that they were actually in the schoolyard: she had buried them alive one by one over the years.

Wyrick rouses himself from his despair when he realizes that he could continue his project using Jarael, but Carrick reveals that Jarael is completely lacking the Force—and Dyre emerges from the school to explain the truth: Wyrick and his daughter had been Force-sensitive all along. Wyrick has little time to process this revelation, however; Chantique attacks him with a knife, prompting him to reach for Carrick and Kun's lightsabers nearby. To both their surprise, Kun's lightsaber is the one that reaches Wyrick first, and the double-bladed lightsaber impales both father and daughter.

Days later, Carrick has returned Kun's saber to the Jedi, and in celebration of the anniversary of the day that he and Jarael met, he introduces Jarael to her long-lost parents, who he and Dyre had managed to locate. However, Dyre disappears moments afterwards, and Carrick and Jarael assume that he has returned to his quest for answers.

The next night, Carrick is called to Goodvalor's Little Bivoli by Hierogryph, who explains that he and Slyssk will take up the management of their new restaurant chain, while Carrick decides to continue work with the Rogue Moon Project. Before Carrick leaves, though, Hierogryph directs him to table seventeen, where Jarael is waiting to have dinner with him. After thanking him for locating her parents, Jarael kisses him, and the two begin to dance as they start an official relationship.

The Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick and the criminal Marn Hierogryph are accused of the Padawan Massacre on Taris, and in their efforts to clear their name, the two gain a number of allies from all walks of life. Camper takes The Last Resort off into space along with the exogorths, and the group uses the Moomo Brothers' ship, the Moomo Williwaw , as their base for a time.

One of five children and the only son of Arvan and Reiva Carrick, [4] Zayne Carrick is a young Jedi Padawan who is known for his awkward grasp of the Force and all-around clumsiness, [1] though he later realizes that his ability allows him to manipulate the progression of events in his favor.

Imprisoned with Lucien Draay aboard the Arkanian Legacy , Carrick works with his former teacher to escape and bring down Adasca's auction of the weaponized exogorths. Carrick is able to reconcile with Jelavan as they work together with Raana Tey to destroy the Mandalorian command post in the Jedi Tower; however, a crazed Tey attacks Carrick and tries to kill him in the Tower.

Carrick tries to save Tey, and though he fails, he learns the name of the Covenant's leader. Carrick seals Morne in Dreypa's Oubliette to save her from the Talisman, though not before she gives Carrick her key to the Sanctum of the Exalted. Carrick helps his former master defeat Haazen, and the Jedi Council clears Hierogryph's and Carrick's names, but Carrick refuses their offer of Knighthood to go into business with the Snivvian. Carrick spends the next month setting up the Rogue Moon Project with the families of the other Padawans, [56] and he returns just in time to save his friends from the vengeful Nunk Plaarvin after a con goes wrong on Metellos 3.

He enters the Tandem Open in order to win a limited edition swoop, but he is forced by Goether Kleej into helping his son Aubin survive the swoopdueling championship. However, Carrick greatly underestimates the Crucible: the Crucible's overseer Chantique takes pleasure in torturing Carrick and destroying his perceptions of Jarael. Tracking them to Osadia, Carrick rescues Jarael, and in the aftermath of Demagol and Chantique's deaths, he begins a relationship with Jarael.

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Marn "Gryph" Hierogryph , also known by various aliases such as Baron Hieromarn and Professor Gryphomarn , is a Snivvian conman who is active on Taris before he is caught up with Carrick in the Padawan Massacre. Carrick and Hierogryph try to make their way off planet and uncover the truth behind the Massacre, and though Carrick surrenders to the Masters, Hierogryph returns to save Carrick and enlists him as his henchman. To Hierogryph's surprise, the Republic turns him into the propaganda figure Captain Benegryph Goodvalor, [36] and he is later hired by Jervo Thalien to locate Senator Goravvus on Taris—but he is horrified to learn that the case that he has been carrying for Thalien is in fact a bomb meant for Goravvus that ultimately fails to activate.

Hierogryph kills the Jedi Master Raana Tey by detonating explosives on the Jedi Tower when he mistakenly believes the Togruta Jedi is trying to kill Carrick; [39] the duo later find themselves tagging along with Celeste Morne on her quest to recover the Muur Talisman, [6] and Hierogryph helps Carrick acquire evidence against the Covenant on Odryn.

While there, Hierogryph also accidentally ensures the death of the Covenant member Feln, unknowingly continuing the Rogue Moon Prophecy. He acquires the licensing rights to Benegryph Goodvalor not long afterwards, and goes into business with Slyssk as the owners of the Goodvalor's Little Bivoli restaurant chain. Jarael initially dislikes Carrick, who she blames for the rioting that erupts after the Massacre, [25] but she eventually comes to like him and, with the help of Camper and Hierogryph, Jarael rescues Carrick from the Jedi Tower and goes on the run with him.

Dyre takes an interest in Jarael's skills in the coming weeks, as does Alek, who attempts to pursue a romantic relationship with her. During an adventure on Metellos 3, Jarael seemingly exhibits Force powers, though she is reluctant to accept training from Carrick despite Dyre's insistence. After Carrick goes undercover, Jarael is hurt and angry that he would believe Chantique's lies about her past. Chantique and her father Wyrick are killed by Wyrick's attempt to kill his daughter with Kun's saber, and in the days that follow, Jarael is overjoyed when Carrick manages to track down her missing parents.

On the first anniversary of the day they met, Jarael and Carrick finally acknowledge their mutual feelings for each other and begin dating. Gorman Vandrayk , better known as Camper , is an eccentric and elderly Arkanian Offshoot who is a technological genius on the run from his former employers at Adascorp. Camper and Jarael's life of seclusion ends when they are caught up in the wanted fugitives Marn Hierogryph and Zayne Carrick's attempt to get offworld; Hierogryph comes to Camper for help, and the four are forced to take off in The Last Resort when the authorities locate the two fugitives.

Camper continues to suffer from dizzy spells and a mysterious illness until Jarael takes him to Adascorp, [13] which soon heals him of the problem: spores and other particles in the vents of The Last Resort. Seizing control of the exogorths, he kills Adasca by destroying the Arkanian Legacy , and despite Jarael's protests, he departs for unknown space aboard The Last Resort with the exogorths following him, as he intends to remove their hyperdrives and then ensure they will not be found again. Upon realizing that Elbee overheard them, Draay destroys the droid with the Force, and the experience severely damages Elbee's brain.

When Carrick recovers him from the Rogue Moon, Camper installs a holographic memory and a higher processor, but Elbee deletes the memory of his own death after he plays it back for Carrick and the others. Slyssk is a Trandoshan ship thief who, unlike most of his species, is neurotic and takes no pleasure in hunting. He failed as a pirate and became a ship thief, and when he tried to muscle Marn Hierogryph into paying more for the Little Bivoli then they originally agreed, Carrick and Hierogryph trick Slyssk into swearing a life debt to the Snivvian conman.

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In doing so, Slyssk manages to save half a Republic battalion, and he and Hierogryph are made into propaganda figures by the Republic as a result. Hierogryph decides to task Slyssk with cleaning the ship as punishment for his mistake, though the Trandoshan proves vital in Carrick and Hierogryph's ploy to free Jarael and Rohlan Dyre from Nunk Plaarvin. Sun Chaser.

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