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Typically, there will be a Protagonist or multiple Protagonists who have a goal that basically defines the plot by providing an end-point. What the hell did we just do? For more analysis of the script, go here. I did an article on Juno here. Let me quote from that:. Little Miss Sunshine is distinctive in some respects. In fact, look at all three of these Protagonist characters, and each of them shares that dynamic: Inflated sense of self:.

And as flawed as it is, there they will find love and acceptance amidst all the day-to-day crap of family life. And the Nemesis? I would assert that it is his ex-wife Victoria Jessica Hecht.

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However unlike the other movies, Victoria actually exists. She is a physical character. Dec 12, Mike rated it liked it. Better than the last two, but still below par. Glad this sub-trilogy is over. Hopefully the next one will be better otherwise I am tempted to give up on this series - not something I would have said before the last three books were released.

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Dec 05, Vero rated it it was amazing. That was amazing!!

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Dec 04, Alicia McDavid rated it it was amazing. Always going! This series is just awesome. I fell in love with Sienna. I can't wait to see what is in store for Sienna next. Feb 01, Mcfynnanaol. Favorite, most satisfying battle of all This book my only 5 stars in the addictive series due to plot holes and deux ex machina, largely has my favorite battle or string of battles of all the series in it, to end the war with Rose, the Scottish Succubus. The 2nd half of the book is nonstop action.

The one to kill Sovereign was underwhelming and anti-climactic, incredibly unsatisfying Here, we understood Favorite, most satisfying battle of all Here, we understood why it was going to work. The climax was also satisfying because the villain was so heinous and the whole cast of good guys came together to help Sienna and make sure she knew she was loved.

Dec 01, Jo rated it it was amazing. Look at that synopsis. Look at the cover. Do you think you know where this story is going to lead you? Well, I think that there is a good chance that you won't see these plot twists coming. This was relentless. What I really enjoyed was the way the tone of the story shifted subtly as the plot unravelled. As it went from hopeless to … well, not.

Reader Question: Who is the Nemesis in “character driven” films?

The ending? Epic and sad and emotional and warming all at the same time. But ultimately, back at the start. In a box. And although i Look at that synopsis. And although it is gratifying to see that she now knows how much she is loved, the question remains about whether she can accept that. Just amazing.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Dec 05, Elizabeth Butler rated it it was amazing. Seinna Nealon What a book! For most of it I hated it, I hated Sienna being beaten down, I hated every odd against her and I'm not liking her losing her souls either.

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But I loved everyone coming to her rescue and I loved the souls goodbyes. And of course Sienna realising and remembering who she is. I'm waiting to see where the Author goes with soulless Sienna. And how this episode with Rose will shape her personality and life in the future. But mostly I'm glad she's back to being Sienna. Highly re Seinna Nealon What a book! Dec 19, J R rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I actually started to believe that this was Sienna's last adventure, especially after studying the book cover.

I should have known that even Rose wasn't enough to bring her down. Seen her realize just how much her friends mean to her, and everything they went through to help her take down Rose was nothing short of astounding. I loved every page, and it only got better and better after each page flip. As always, I'm looking forward to the next book! Feb 01, CJ Pyett rated it liked it. There were a couple of inaccuracies which is unusual for RJC Nov 26, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

I'm kind of gutted. Dec 01, Angie rated it it was amazing. Fantastic Sienna has never been lower. At the mercy of Rose for months, she's almost lost what makes her everyone's favorite badass.

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As Mr. Crane takes us on another adventure, we get to see more of the Sienna she was in the beginning, scared, alone, and lost. And we get to see her make her way to the strength she's always had Awesome fight scenes punctuated by heartbreak and laughs. Just the way I like it. Jan 01, Brian Shuck rated it it was amazing. Fitting close to this 3 book story. Everyone knows that our hero will eventually win the day, but what is not so certain is the personal costs. Not going to spoil the story here but just to say this cranks it up to 11! Mentions to characters from previous outings, with plenty of twists and turns to keep interest.

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Bring on the next one. Dec 07, Carol Quinn rated it it was amazing. Robert has sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions again. I've laughed and boy have I cried. Every step of the way I've shared Siennas loneliness, desperation and that oh so sad realisation.

I can't see a way to come back from the goodbyes but I hope a twist of fate turns them in to see you laters. They were really difficult to say as a reader. Dec 29, Bill W Smith Jr rated it really liked it.

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Scottish Trilogy a Solid Just finished the Scottish Trilogy Hunter, Badder, Nemesis and it was possibly the best addition to the series since the original decalogy. It is important in a superhero series, to occasionally re-create the hero and remove some of the accumulated powers-creep. This was Sienna's green kryptonite. This was Magneto removing Logan's adamantium. Dec 03, laura milnes rated it it was amazing. Love love love After so many books I'd have thought something would start falling over, but no, the quality of writing, dialogue, character development and plot just goes on.

It even makes an emotional punch this one! Feb 10, Mark and Lisa rated it really liked it. Nemesis Well now she has no souls in her head The Scotland trilogy was alright however I had hoped that Dianna would get her guys back. So did not love this trilogy but on to the next. Dec 14, Jacklyn Stewart rated it it was amazing.

The mental ride of this one! If you love to read. Then Robert. Crane's books are a must.

Dec 06, Robin Franks rated it it was amazing. Awesome read Really good wrap up to the Scotland trilogy.