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Book review: The Undoing Project

Sep 08, Renee rated it it was ok. My first exposure to the topic of non-duality. Interesting approach in describing the theory but leaves me with more questions than it should I prefer presentation of theory with examples. AND, the audio is painful!!! The reader is too much of an actor. I wanted to rip my hair out listening to her Up til now, I think this is the best book on Non-duality I've come across. It's fairly short and concise but packed with pointers and instruction, touching on the nature of consciousness, personality, reality, and awakening.

Fred Davis has a gift for teaching, his prose is clear and enlightening, and gave me little "aha" moments.

The Book of Undoing by Fred Davis

Nov 07, Tom rated it really liked it. Experience non-duality, the oneness of you. Jim Hussey rated it really liked it Apr 25, Daniel Beirne rated it really liked it Jun 24, Paul Love rated it it was amazing Dec 06, Bob Dunkle rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Justin rated it it was ok Dec 21, Aleta rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Ayrus rated it really liked it Nov 27, Kenneth D.

Owen rated it liked it Feb 25, Wakar rated it it was amazing Aug 23, Maitri rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Casey Cobb rated it really liked it Oct 06, Kannan Ramalingam rated it it was amazing Apr 04, Tracey Ramsey Abbott rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Jim King rated it liked it Dec 29, Jason Valentine rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Arlene M. It was also the worst-proofread example of printed matter I have ever come across, on par with the average 6th-grade book report.

From Michael Lewis, a Portrait of the Men Who Shaped ‘Moneyball’

Eugene Ipavec , 10 November The flag of one of the clans, the Chalig, is mentioned in the book: Above the tallest mast hung a bit of cloth. The wind whipped it out flat even as he stared, revealing a green field crossed by a yellow and white flower.

The work has also led to advances in medical diagnosis and patient behavior. It has affected eating habits, cellphone use by drivers, retirement savings and many other areas. The work is also full of practical little ideas.

Team executives have realized that some of their long-held assumptions about what makes a great athlete or a winning strategy turn out to be wrong. And they have adjusted. The adjustments have not always worked, and many of the old beliefs — say, the importance of fielding skill among catchers in baseball — contain wisdom. Yet the reformist movement has had many more wins than losses.

Stages of a Spiritual Awakening- Stage #1 The Undoing

One reformer is Theo Epstein, the executive who has overseen the demise of mythical curses on both the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. The changes in sports are known as the Moneyball revolution, after the title of a book by Michael Lewis, about the low-budget success of the Oakland Athletics.

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It was simply an illustration of ideas that had been floating around for decades and had yet to be fully appreciated by, among others, me. Lewis is the ideal teller of the story. He immerses himself in big ideas — about finance, technology, sports and, ultimately, the human condition — and then explains them to readers with sophistication and clarity. But he is also a vastly better raconteur than most other writers playing the explication game.