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They can also travel anywhere in the blink of an eye and metamorphose into the shape of other beings such as cats, dogs, birds, serpents, or even humans. Despite their powers, djinn can be called upon to serve human beings because, according to Islamic belief, humans are superior to djinn.

Djinn in Muslim Culture: Truth or Superstition?

Djinn were created from smokeless fire, while humans were created from water and earth. The narrative of King Solomon in the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic cultures is an example of human enslavement of djinns. Islam tells the story of how God bestowed on Solomon the might and wisdom to command and employ not only djinn and demons, but also wind, birds, and many other creatures. From the Quranic story of King Solomon, we learn of some of the strengths that djinn have like speed and movement.

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The belief in djinn, demons, and ghosts in modern folk culture in the Muslim world is as firm as it was in the past. Muslims believe that djinn are capable of possessing humans and inflicting suffering on them based on the Quranic verse that states:. The Prophet Muhammed PBUH had commanded his followers to perform many rituals and recite many duaas prayers to protect themselves from the evil of djinn who permanently lurk around to harm people. There has been much anthropological and ethnographic participant-observation research done in the Arab world on the belief in djinn and the rituals accompanying this belief among different cultural and ethnic communities.

The practices of this ethnic tradition are based on the belief that djinn can occupy the body of a possessed individual. To be freed, the possessed must enter a state of trance induced by the Hamadsha chants and melodies. The ethnographic account abounds with tales of djinn, saints and their baraka supernatural power , telepathic communication, instantaneous travel, cross-dimensional travel, and other paranormal phenomena. Building on phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and symbolism, Crapanzano delves into the rare rituals and beliefs of the Hamadsha group to explore the concepts of reality, truth, superstition, and psychology, in a thrilling ethnographic study.

Those who deny the existence of djinn also deny the Quranic verses that confirm their existence. Whether the belief in djinn is truth or superstition, the recognized existence of inexplicable paranormal phenomena throughout the world attests to the fact that there are indeed many things that are still beyond human understanding despite the tremendous scientific leaps in the last two centuries. Home About us Contact Us.

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Afrikayna Brings Morocco Home to its Roots. All Voices. Follow insidearabia. In Islam , the djinn are a race of spirit beings that can be good or evil. Djinn, or jinn, is the origin of the more familiar word "genie" in English. As we learned in the article "Exorcism is Islam," Muslims believe that evil djinn can sometimes possess human beings, as some Christians believe demons can possess people.

Verses of the Quran and the Hadiths show unambiguously that the djinns were created of fire without smoke. What's important to know, quite simply, is that that the djinn were created of fire and therefore have a constitution completely different from ours. The djinn were created before man. While the djinn were made of fire, man was made of clay and angels created of light. In this way, the djinn are invisible.

What Are the Djinn?

So if they are invisible, how do we know they exist? Many things exist that our eyes do not see, but their effects are perceptible, such as the air and electrical current.

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Some among them live in the dirty places dustbins and others live among man. The djinn live in these dirty places in order to eat the remainders of foods thrown away by people. Also, certain djinn live in cemeteries and ruins. The djinn have the capacity to take many forms and to change appearance. According to the Imam Ibn Taymiya, they can take a human or animal, form such as a cow, a scorpion , a snake, a bird The black dog is the devil of the dogs and the djinn often appear in this form. They can also appear in the form of a black cat.

When a djinn takes a human or animal form, it obeys the physical laws of this form; for example, it will be possible to see it or to kill it with a gunshot or to wound it with a knife.