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Each one of the main cast members were considered by Szifron to be main-role actors that are rarely seen in the same film. Despite the clear common theme of violence and vengeance, [22] [23] what connects the accounts, according to the director, is "the fuzzy boundary that separates civilization from barbarism, the vertigo of losing your temper, and the undeniable pleasure of losing control". Szifron considers the main difference between humans and animals is the capacity one has to restrain oneself, as opposed to animals who are guided by their instincts.

Humans "have a fight or flee mechanism, but it comes with a very high cost. Most of us live with the frustration of having to repress oneself, but some people explode. This is a movie about those who explode".

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It deals with "daily life" aspects and "is a movie about the desire for freedom, and how this lack of freedom, and the rage and anguish it produces, can cause us to run off the rails. The film is said to feature a "political anger" [15] and "political subversiveness," [24] and, according to La Capital , it has sparked debates about its "sociological and political side. Appiolaza said the film shows both structural violence and specific violence towards school and work and among couples, as well as different types of discrimination.

He concluded, "the theme of the film is the inequality that arouses violent reactions". He affirmed that in reality the main victims of social violence are the poorest people, "So the film is light years from reflecting the universality of that theme". Several reviewers interpreted the film as a critique of "21st-century Argentinean daily life" [26] or "a backdrop of 20th century Argentine oppression". Claudia Puig of USA Today said that it explores "the dark side of humanity and the dehumanization of society", [34] while Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post felt it was "a sharply observed case study in human nature.

Documentary 'Tales of the American' recounts history of eclectic L.A. artists' hangout

Burr stated it has a "masterful sense of cinematic storytelling", [36] while O'Sullivan affirmed "Szifron handles the tone and presentation masterfully". Scholz, said "The film pulls us in from the start until the end". Although he commented each story tone is different, Scholz stated the "tension The humor was called "a subversive [one] that manages to be both psychologically astute and all-out outrageous" by Jay Weissberg of Variety.

Henry 's work, [32] as did Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly because of its "ironic twist endings". Weissberg commented that while "the overall enjoyment rarely flags", "not all the episodes are equally successful". Coyote cartoon, [32] [46] and was said to have slapstick touches [41] [47] and to be "Tarantino-esque".

The New York Times reported that it became "a genuine social phenomenon" and that some characters gained a cult status. For example, it inspired "I am Bombita" to become a catchphrase similar to " going postal " in the United States. Rivas, from the last story, said she has been stopped in the street and asked several times to say "Film this for me, Nestor! After the crash of Germanwings Flight , BFI and Curzon cinemas modified their home cinema listings of this film stating that there was a similarity between the fictional crash at the start of the film and the real Germanwings crash.

The film debuted on 17 May at the Cannes Film Festival , [50] where it was selected to compete for its main prize, the Palme d'Or , [51] and had a ten-minute standing ovation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. We are all conscious that this system is not organised in our benefit.

This creates a great pressure that reflects in our love life or family life. We suffer this lack of time, this extreme difficulty to make money and do so many things that we are not interested in. Facing that reality, a lot of people get depressed and some others explode.

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Movie Review: Tales of the American with an Exclusive Interview with Girl George

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Philadelphia Media Network. Toronto Star. Star Media Group. The Globe and Mail. Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 18 April Archived from the original on 28 September Retrieved 8 May Huffington Post. In the course of seeking their help with my project Pam mentioned they had a project of their own underway — another documentary on the Arts District but focusing on the one place that stood for all the district and its rich history: the American Hotel.

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More than a hundred years old, the American has changed identity several times as its neighborhood changed. To document the history and character of the place. Most of the time I write about a character that is intrinsically connected to his own past as well as the City of Angels. So this project was a pitch over the plate to me.

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