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The Recreation Yard was the yard used by inmates of Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary between and It is located opposite the Dining Hall south of the end of D-Block on a raised level surrounded by a high wall and fence above it. In , the previously dirt-covered yard was paved. Inmates were permitted out into the yard on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays for a maximum of 5 hours. The prisoners of Alcatraz were permitted to play games such as baseball , softball and other sports at these times, and intellectual games such as chess.

Baseball and softball were the most popular. Because of the small size of the yard and the diamond at the end of it, a section of the wall behind the first base had to be padded to cushion the impact of inmates overrunning it. He had a. A notable riot occurred on May 20, over racial taunts on the diamond between a white and black prisoner during a softball match.

Many of the inmates used weekends in the yards to converse with each other and discuss crime, the only real opportunities they had during the week for active conversation. Swope , Warden of Alcatraz from to , once said, in response to an inmate who complained to him on the yard about his term of years, which was really a life sentence, "My boy, we're all doing life.

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Every one of us is doing life. The Alcatraz recreation yard has been a setting for scenes in numerous films and novels. Scenes have featured prison inmates hatching schemes or being involved in bloody conflicts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 31 August Heyday Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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Alcatraz: The Charles Manson Connection. Alcatraz: The Charles Manson Connection is a unique historical research study combining the worlds most Alcatraz: The Charles Manson Connection is a unique historical research study combining the worlds most famous prison with one of its most infamous criminals. The work explores the extensive history of Alcatraz Island beginning with the islands discovery in View Product. Sometimes life can make us feel like we're literally squeezed Sometimes life can make us feel like we're literally squeezed between some things, like a set of hardbound books pressed tightly between two huge and heavy bookends!

The lighthouse was operated and maintained by the keepers whose responsibility included operation of fog signals found located on the northern and southern tips of the island. The prison guards facilitated the keepers to blow the fog horns as they were in advantageous position stationed on the elevated watch towers; the guards who were in position to see "a bank of fog started to roll through the Golden Gate", would inform notify the keepers so that the fog horns could be activated.

The leading marks which guide the ships while entering the island are the lime point which is 2. The island itself is interspersed with several buildings and military towers. The highest point of the island is where the light house is located. Northwestern and southeastern tips of the island have small buildings which housed the fog signals the electric horns were installed in small buildings known as "mid twentieth century foghorn shacks".

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The white light is shown by a grey tower flashes white that lasts for 0. Fog signals are electric sirens, one on the southeast end sounding two blasts of 4 seconds duration, every 30 seconds while the one on the northwest end gives a single blast every 20 seconds of 5 seconds duration. The three lighthouse keepers, known as "wickies", were dressed in prescribed formal uniforms which consisted of a "navy blue hat, sack coat, vest and trousers".

Decorative buttons and insignia patches adorned their uniforms. The keepers worked on an eight-hour shift with the beacon lighted all through the year; during day time the lens was covered and protected from sun rays. The island's lighthouse keepers included: [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alcatraz Island Lighthouse.

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Alcatraz Unchained. Coast and Geodetic United States coast pilot: Pacific Coast.