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Not only will she get the wedding dress to the bride but she'll be reunited with her best friends. When one little kind offer from your best friend changes your life Maz agrees to look over Emma's veterinary practice in the country at the perfect time: she desperately needs a break from her life. Who knew this favor would lead her to unwelcome locals, an intense rivalry, and the biggest surprise of all: love? Have we mentioned furry best friends? As the newest recruit at Search and Protect, Raul has a lot to prove.

Together, the pair make an unbeatable team. But their first mission in Hawaii puts them to the test when an international kidnapping ring sets its sights on Mali, the bravest woman Raul's ever met. When your best friend are your sisters As a publicist for the San Francisco Thunder hockey team, Dixie Braddock is too busy rescuing the players from trouble to get into any of her own--that is until she meets the team's new goalie and their chemistry is through the roof.

Luckily, she has her sisters to turn to as she battles her feelings for Eli and also deals with life-changing situations within her immediate family.

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When old friends make up Freya de Moray is undercover at a fancy party for the secret order of Wise Women when she sees her childhood best friend Messalina Greycourt at a Duke's house and panics. Their friendship has been non-existent for years and Freya is nervous Messalina is going to blow her cover. But when they catch eyes and this doesn't happen, Freya realizes her old friend still has her back Ask the two ladies on the Forever Team who just tried them for the very first time.

Luckily, the stranger wasn't that mad about it after all. Soon phone calls turn into date nights. But Brian has secrets, and he's scared that letting Syd in could have serious consequences. Click here for preview: Four Letter Word. If you enjoy love stories with a bit of danger:.

But when she finds Jason Landon wounded during Search and Rescue, she does everything she can to get him to safety. The last time she saw Jason, they were on opposite sides of the conflict. The mission he's working won't be successful without her. Click here for preview: Fierce Justice. If you prefer a historical romance: No one was fiercer at war than Hamish MacHugh, though now the soldier faces a whole new battlefield: a London Season. Click here for preview: The Trouble with Dukes. If you love romantic comedies: Kailyn Flowers was always calm, rational, and controlled--until she ended up sprawled all over Daxton Hughes, the former actor she crushed on as a teenager.

In fact, their meet cute led to a friendship she never saw coming. Then again, she never saw his betrayal coming, either. Now Dax needs her help. Soon their friendly meetings turn into late nights, and Kailyn can feel their chemistry turn as explosive as ever. Click here for preview: Meet Cute. If you like to be on the edge of your seat: Annie Lakes has had the same recurring nightmare for years.

Her heart pounding in her chest. A panicked voice, begging her to run faster. Her own bloodcurdling scream. She needs someone she can trust--someone like Detective Mark Sutton. He's had suspicions about the case for some time, but how will he chase down a murderer who may be someone Annie loves? Being a single parent can be difficult. Meet Caden Marshall. Meet Griffin Sullivan. Between balancing being a single dad to an active six-year-old and the crazy demands of his job as a hockey coach, finding love is not in the cards.

The problem? She just happens to be the sister of one his players. Meet Alex Rojas. But when Elisa Hall shows up, on the run and way too cautious, she unleashes his every protective instinct. Meet Josh Scott. With so many people depending on him, he has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family--that is until Grace arrives in town. Meet Daxton Hughes. As guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister, Dax is in way over his head.

And if that isn't enough, life has given him a second chance with his college crush. Kailyn Flowers may not have forgiven Dax for what he did to her in college, but she isn't heartless enough to make him fend for himself, either. Now, Kailyn is his only lifeline to all things teenager--like shopping for tampons and finding his sister the perfect dress for her middle school dance. Name of town : Sweetwater Springs, NC. Where did you get your inspiration for town : While Sweetwater Springs is a small mountain valley town, I modeled it after Swansboro, a small coastal town near me in North Carolina.

Swansboro is a scenic town with beautiful little shops strung together along the water. Is there a backstory for Sweetwater Springs? The hero, Tuck Locklear, was born in Sweetwater Springs and never intends to move away. Memorable hangout spots : There is a string of small locally-owned stores on Main Street that the people in Sweetwater Springs frequent.

The Sweetwater Cafe is very popular and well-known for its coffee. They get together regularly to go out, have fun, and play matchmaker to the singles. What else should visitors know? Sweetwater Springs is a picturesque town with its mountain backdrop, parks, natural hot springs, and waterfalls. As in any real town, the population is diverse, with people coming from various cultures and backgrounds. One thing that stands out about Sweetwater Springs is all the charitable events that take place.

This is a small town that really likes to give back in a big way! When opposites attract Luckily, her new physical therapist is easy going and easy on the eyes. When their sessions start to heat up, in more ways than one, Josie is intrigued. But she has a city and career she loves waiting for her. So why does the thought of leaving him suddenly feel a lot like leaving home?

Tucker Locklear is just starting to move on after his wife's death. While he can't deny his attraction to the gorgeous, vivacious Josie, he won't risk the pain of losing someone again. The sooner he gets Josie back on her feet and back to her real life, the safer he'll be. But in Sweetwater Springs, love has a way of mending even the most damaged heart. Before you even realize it, the small town feels like another character in the book! She lost her boyfriend. To begin a new life, Devon needs a place to settle down-a place like Cavanaugh Island, where the pace is slow, the weather is fine, and the men are even finer.

From the moment David Sullivan meets Devon, he knows he can't fight the laws of attraction. Whether it's helping fix up the old cottage she just bought on Cherry Lane or working together on a pro bono legal case, he can't help feeling a little protective. But will the most eligible bachelor in town be ready for an instant family?

Only if he can convince Devon to put her heart on the line one more time-for all time. Everly Brooks is finally living her dream. Renting a farm in Topaz Falls, Colorado, is the perfect antidote to her high-stress life back in San Francisco. Mateo Torres is a handsome-as-hell bronc rider who oozes charm, melts hearts-and plans to kick Everly off the farm. Mateo has dreams, too. Unfortunately for him, this former big-city girl is just as stubborn as the broncs he rides. Sure, living under the same roof might not be the best way to settle their dispute over the land.

What could be more sensuous than a hot-tub soak under the stars? Jessica would love to bask in the romantic view herself-but first she needs to find the right man to join her in this fantasy. Back in high school, she thought that was the dark and brooding Mark Dalton. But then he left to join the Special Forces, and when he returned to town, it felt like their teenage love affair had never even happened. Mark Dalton has his eye on the same property for his own business. Now the curvaceous she-devil is working behind his bar, tempting him every damn night.

No one warned them that they were going to fall this hard. And no one warned them that sometimes the smallest secrets can have the biggest consequences. After one too many heartbreaks, Travis Blake hung up his cowboy hat and put Big Verde, Texas, behind him. But when he gets the call that his young nephew needs him, he knows he has to return home. Maggie is pretty sure she hates Travis Blake.

The town is situated on a lake Lake Zurich , which is very small town to me. I have one student at one of our elementary schools, one in middle school, and I am the librarian at the high school. I love the close-knit feel of our community, which is what gives it that small-town vibe. For Oak Bluff, the town at the center of my Crossroads Ranch series, I wanted that same vibe and then some. Naturally, I drew inspiration from my favorite fictional small town, the one where I wish I could live if only it were real… Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. Which is why I wanted to write a series with the vineyard as a backdrop and to end the series with one of the Everett brothers getting married at said vineyard.

This Time Forever

Inheriting the vineyard from their late father was the catalyst for the three brothers to find their way back to each other and also find love along the way. I said psychic chicken. No one has romantic intuition quite like Lucy. And even though the Crossroads Ranch series is coming to an end, Lucy and Aunt Jenna will pop back onto the page in my upcoming Meadow Valley Ranch series soon!

Walker Everett spends his days at the Crossroads Ranch wrangling cattle-and steering clear of anything that would complicate his already too-complicated life. How can he refuse? He really adores Maggie but at times she is unsure and wanders why he really married her. Could it really be fore love?

Maggie and Zach are great together. But that made the story. I really enjoyed it. Weeping Willow by Marcia Gruver Willow has loved Julian since she was 9 years old and defended her from the other boys. Even though she is 17 he still thinks of her as a child but yet he knows she is pretty. Julian decides to join the war as he is apposed to slavery but he does fight for the South. He asks for Willow to write and one they do.

One day he comes back and is hurt and decides to come home to get better. While there he and Willow get close. He is ready to head back and ask her to wait. Her other best fiend joins the war efforts as well and now both men are gone. Julian is missing and they think he is dead. Willow fights her mom to wait and wait but then decides she better marry her best friend if Julian is never coming home. Will it be too late for real love? I like this story the most I think as the author brings out some issues the slaves had at that time. We see a family split apart and Willow trying to bring them back together.

I am looking forward to reading more by this author. His Anchor by Carrie Fancett Pagels Sadie has been trying to take care of her mother and siblings while her father is off doing god knows what. They struggle and she hopes the man she has been dating for a while is about to propose but he has other ideas. She just wants to get away from the way they live. Robert her best friends uncle comes to her aid and saves her from ruin by her so called boyfriend.

Fast forward several years…With her father missing and her mothers death she has to work in a pup to try and make enough to put money on the table. She has no clue Robert has returned after all these years. Robert helps the family as she is trying to find their father.

Will she let Robert keep helping and love her and will she find her father? A lovely story of second chances and forgiveness. Sadie has it rough and all she cares about is finding love and talking care of her siblings. The plot was great and the characters were well developed.

After the Ball by Martha Rogers Chase helps his father in Dallas most of the year with the oil business. He has been doing this for years and would love to take over. She is happy to see them and they have a few fun times together but she thinks there can be nothing more. She is not as good as the ladies he has been seen which in Dallas. When Chase ask her to the ball in Dallas she says she will go but can she make it through the night? She is shocked when she finds out it is him. After he can get up and move a bit he goes to see Ella and they talk about where he will stay and he seems to think she still likes him.

He also saved everyone from a Tornado that came through. The more he does the more Ella is finding it hard to stick to her own rules. Can these two work things out before he gets the balloon fixed and leaves? Loved all these characters and what was best is Ella loving Jane Austen it was nice to see some references in this story. There are some things readers will learn from the weather to ballooning. A great read. In Due Season by Connie Stevens Leah is a bit shocked that her dad is remarrying but her father wants to send her to School of Pharmacy so she can take over the business.

She would gladly like to go and try to forget the man who left her 15 years ago. Gareth has been going from job to job until he met Orsen Dansby and now works for him. He heard that his mother or the same name as his mother was at a hospital in town. He had to go see for himself after all these years of her leaving. His father passed a little bit ago and got the letter asking him to go back to Whitley and take up the land and home or sell it.

When he sees Leah again he asks her to listen to the reason he left. Will she listen or keep being the spinster in town? Gareth and Leah were great and the way he took care of his mother and told her about Jesus and read the Bible really touched a cord. A lovely read that anyone would love. She is tripped by a boy coming out of he mercantile with some medicine for her mom and cuts her had.

No one understands here even the men that work for her step father. When she sees Travis she is horrified as she is now different from the surgery she had to get her hearing better. It left her scared. Will Millie let Travis look after her and help her if something happens to her mom? Or will there be more sinister things going on? I liked this story because of the twists and turns it had.

Characters were great and plot really good. Prescription for Love by Erica Vestch Natalie has gotten yellow fever and still trying to recover when she is told that she has to stay behind and be a nurse to a physician the needs help. Phin has gotten the mobile unit ready to go to the poorest part of town. He is ready to help these people who are scared to come to the hospital. She left him and picked missionary work over him 5 years ago he is over her. Yellow Fever breaks out and they both work around the clock as more and more cases come to light.

I adored these two and the back ground of the Yellow Fever as interesting to read. The love these two share and the compassion is priceless. A wonderful feel good read. I voluntarily read this book thanks to NetGalley. Apr 09, Suzie Waltner rated it it was amazing. Second chances at first love. In this story, Maggie Spoonmore marries a man she had a major crush on as a girl. As Maggie and Zach spend their days together as a married couple, her feelings return. Unfortunately, Zach only married her for the ranch.

Can Ward crawl out of the shadows of his parents and be the man Georgie deserves? Each novella is on the longer side but still the right amount to kick back and finish in in one evening. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Mar 15, Susan Snodgrass rated it really liked it. These novella collections are wonderful for busy days, vacations and just anytime you want to have a good read.

Contributions by wonderful Christian authors make them even more special. You can pick it up to read one story, lay it down and come back another day to catch up with another author. I was not expected to leave a review and all opinions are my own. Apr 23, Crystal Caudill rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction. The obstacles they overcome and the relationship they share makes my heart swoon.

Each story took me a little over an hour to read, which made the weeks when I didn't have time for a full-on book at least bearable. With all collections, you have a mix of writing styles and skill levels, but this one had more than I am accustomed to as far as did not appeal to me. I do still recommend it, if only for the few mentioned in What I Love. I was in no way required to leave a review, and the above review is my honest opinion.

View 2 comments. Feb 22, Regina rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-reviewed. First Love Forever Is a wonderful collection written by nine talented authors! Interwoven within these pages you will find faith, hope, reconciliation, love and a circle that connects these stories is, family. But Ward left. He returns five years later. This story is full of twists and turns. There are a lot of lessons included.

Susie writes Texas style. A great story with a big heart First Love Forever Is a wonderful collection written by nine talented authors! A great story with a big heart! She stands firm on what her mama plans. But Zach returns. Zach and Maggie marry One thing leads to another, by the end things there maybe Weeping Willow by Marcia Gruver This story begins when they are all children.

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Over a span of years, they grow and mature. The biggest part of this story set backdropped in the Civil War. But Sadie had to go through hurdles to finally see that Robert loves only her. I loved the sweet ending, a true princess and her prince moment. It was great to catch up on the Christy's and Ben and Maude, including Mrs. One thing I truly appreciated was the dance Laura and her wheelchair bound husband did. Carrie, this is a story I would love to read about!! This time is different. As the summer heats up so do their feelings.

With all the goings on of a ranch, a ball is in order. It is a Cinderella ending! Ellie and Zach have some hurdles to jump in order to get their relationship soaring again. After 15 years Garth comes back to town. Can Leah trust her heart to him again?

Desert Isle Keeper

Victoria has one wish for Travis As the story unfolds, there is deception and action. Travis and Millie endure some hoops to get to the altar. She is forced to go back to the states because of yellow fever. Nate spent five years as a doctor in New Orleans. Nate and Natalie have an epidemic on their hands. As they work together, those feelings from years ago start springing up like daisies.

Feb 26, Anne rated it really liked it. Once again, a couple of favorite authors bring lovely stories to life with engaging plots, fleshed out characters, and vivid scenery. Dietze and Pagels routinely contribute to these collections and I was pleased with the charm and charisma of their novellas. All of the stories in this collection have a solid faith theme and are enjoyable. I think fans of historical fiction will be happy to while away a few hours immersed in First Love Forever Romance Collection.

I was provided an electronic copy Once again, a couple of favorite authors bring lovely stories to life with engaging plots, fleshed out characters, and vivid scenery. I was provided an electronic copy of the book by the publisher through Netgalley with no expectation of a positive review.

No compensation has been received. Feb 03, Crystal Brothers rated it really liked it. I normally am not a huge fan of these types of stories where the couple was together and then comes back after many years , but the ones I've read so far in this collection have been great. I especially loved the first story. Coming from a past of having an abusive alcoholic dad and being judged from that, I could really relate to the hero of this story.

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I loved seeing this romance come together. Apr 01, Julia rated it it was amazing. First Love Forever Romance Collection is a delightful mix of nine stories set from They are all unique and totally wonderful. They are united by themes of second chances, restoration, trust and the love of a Father whose timing is always perfect. A really charming collection. I could not pick a favourite as they were all delightful. First Things First by Susanne Dietz is delightful.

It is about second chances, the love of a family, trust and having correct priorities. God needs to be first in our lives, everything will then slot into place. The story also shows we are not destined to repeat the sins of our parents and cannot be held responsible for them.

A sweet and wise read. The heroine is very modern and feisty. She knows what she wants and pursues it. There is a beautiful bond between her and her horse. This story is amusing at times and warms the reader's heart. Weeping Willow by Marcia Gruver is a wonderful story about love, loss, loyalty and hope. Set during the American Civil War it has its focus on the cruelty of slavery that divided the north and south. The forward thinking, big hearted heroine realises that slavery is wrong.

Her love for her childhood servants is huge. She realises that the old order of things is wrong. My favourite quote was "She up and ran off with Jesus. His Anchor by Carrie Fancett Pagels is a most delightful romance, very reminiscent of a Cinderella rags to riches story. There is a wonderful, warm family atmosphere. Being a big fan of all Carrie Fancett Pagels novels, it was wonderful to have familiar faces pop up from other books.

The story is about love and caring for family. The reader is reminded of the command to take care of the widows and orphans. A mysterious benefactor brings a smile to the reader's face. Positively wonderful. After The Ball by Martha Rogers is a wonderful light romance about knowing and following your heart and being true to yourself.

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It warns against the dangers of malicious gossip. The novel is about treasures. We need to decide where our heart and our treasure lie. Do we put our trust, hopes and dreams into money? Or people? A positively delightful read. Lighter Than Air by Lorna Seilstad is a real heart warming story. Set in the world is changing as new discoveries are being made. Teaching is important. It is an age to be brave. We need to surrender to God's plans. It makes you lean on yourself. There is a time for playing safe and a time for taking a risk for God.

Such a wonderful read. In Due Season by Connie Stevens is a story about loss, regret, second chances and forgiveness. The story shows how no one is ever out of reach of God's love. There is the free gift of grace for all who wish to receive Him. Life is too short for regrets. We need to keep the past in the past and live in the present. Family is important, so is building bridges.

God's timing in all things is perfect. A sweet read. Heartfelt Echoes by Jennifer Uhlarik is a great story about second chances, New creations, love and sacrifice. We all have scars. Some are visible, others not. Our scars do not define us. It is who we are in Jesus that matters. The story surrounds two characters who are deaf but that does not hold them back. This is a story of suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. A wonderful and entertaining read.

Prescription For Love by Erica Vestch is a delightful story exploring dreams, callings and missions. We all have dreams but we must not put pressure on others to fulfil our dreams. That is a burden they were not meant to carry.

Our mission field may be overseas or it may be our own neighbourhoods. Wherever we are is our mission field. Modern medicine and new methods were used to fight old diseases. Hospitals were springing up but poor immigrants viewed them with suspicion. The story surrounds an outbreak of yellow fever in New Orleans. It shows how education, kindness and working together were needed to beat the illness. A delightful read. I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

May 03, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewd. When God puts his hand into reuniting First Loves Forever in romance lives are changed and love was never forgotten. First Loves Forever Romance Collection is 9 stories of couples finding their first love again. The book spans from the mid s to the early s in America.

Circumstances separated the would be lovers and divine intervention brings them back together so that the love they've always had for each other is made stronger. Unfortunately Ward is recently returned to town and the lawyer for the neighbor in the suit. After hearing the grievance Georgia's father puts a stop to the proceedings. Ward and Georgia get to know each other again.

He takes on the case of her younger brother who was arrested. Working together to find the truth brings Ward and Georgia together even though she's trying to protect her heart. Georgia and her youngest brother are on a ride when they hear cows that she thinks are the ones that have gone missing from their ranch for months. Georgia and Ward become closer and find the rustler and free her brother. The realize that they never stopped loving each other and a proposal is made and accepted.

A Most Reluctant Bride by Cynthia hickey Ozark Mountains Arkansas Maggie is trying to keep the family ranch going but her mother wants to marry to save the ranch. When Zach is asked to come look at horse he's pulled into the whole affair. Maggie has been ignoring him for years after the disaster of her asking him to marry her when she was He blurts out a marriage proposal to help save the family ranch. Maggie agrees to a marriage of convenience but all the while they are keeping secret their feelings for each other. When the former foreman takes Maggie hostage to get back at Zach for firing him they realize how they feel for each other and a true marriage begins.

Julian always treated her like a little girl. When Julian heads off to war they have gotten closer and write. She invites her old nemesis who has become her friend for Christmas only to be surprised by an injured Julian. Both men go off to war and letters are exchanged. When their friend comes home for good injured about brings news that Julian is missing, Willow's world falls apart. When years go by and everyone has given up Julian for dead Willow hasn't.

She finally gives in to pressure decides to marry her friend. Shortly before the wedding Julian returns and almost leaves thinking that Willow has moved on until a former slave says different and brings Willow to see him. A proposal is made and accepted with plans made for the future.

After her father goes missing and her mother dies its up to Sadie to keep them going. About to loose their rooms at the boarding house she takes a job at the local tavern. When the owner won't pay her saying she was working off her father's debt Sadie has know idea what's next. Back into her life comes Robert the uncle of her best friend who she's loved since she can remember.

She doesn't want to take his help but does for her sisters. Robert has changed and realizes he's in love with Sadie and wants her in his life. Sadie doesn't want to give in to feelings. Sadie goes to work at the local hotel and becomes a personal maid to a young lady and helps her get the man of her dreams. A fire destroys their apartment and they move in with Robert's family. News comes of Sadie's father. Sadie and Robert are brought together at a ball and their feelings are declared and a proposal made, After the Ball by Martha Rogers Dallas Texas June-August s Chase has always wanted to go back and live on the family ranch.

Hoping to change his situation on his annual trip to the ranch for the summer he talks with his grandfather. He's been in love with Susannah for a long time and with his plans hopes to propose. Susannah has loved Chase for a long time as well but knows she's not like the society women in Dallas. They become closer while working together, Chase asks Susannah to a ball honoring his father and to the Fourth of July festivities.

She says yes. His grandfather agrees that he should become a partner in the ranch. At the ball he has a talk with his parents and his mother isn't happy that he brought Susannah and that he wants to go to the ranch. Meanwhile Susannah over hears some society women talking about her and leaves the ball.

Chase finds her and explains his situation and feeling are shared. Louis, Missouri April Ella is teaching a painting class at the school she runs when they see a hot air balloon crash. Ella's not pleased to see the pilot because it's a man from her past. Titus has always brought trouble into her life. Titus is injured and has to stay. Ella begins to realize that he's changed and the old feelings are still there. Ella asks Titus to teach some science courses to her students.

A student's mother doesn't like that Titus is there and starts causing trouble. Titus saves the school and the girls twice from disaster. Ella tries to keep her distance but helps Titus to repair his balloon. When the mother causes more trouble Ella needs to decide how she feels about Titus and him leaving. She decides that Titus is the priority. When the school's owner and the parents show up, Ella thinks she's going to be fired instead the owner surprises her.

Ella and Titus get married. She's been helping her father in his apothecary since. When he announces that he's remarrying Leah takes that as a sign to buy a little cottage. Meanwhile Gareth is working in Kansas City and finds his mother who is dyeing. He receives news that his father has died and heads back to his home town to sell the family farm. Needing to see Leah he stops by the store to apologize and ask forgiveness. They realize that they still have feelings for each other. Leah can't go through the heart ache again and tries to keep her distance. Gareth says good bye this time but can't promise to return like Leah would like.

Gareth returns to Kansas City to take care of his mom and bring her to God before she dies. A letter arrives from Gareth but Leah can't open it and hides it. Deciding to do a little speaking with God in nature Leah goes for a walk. She return and finds a bouquet of daisies. She hears a sound and goes t investigate and finds Gareth planting daisies. They declare there feeling and Gareth is forgiven. Heartfelt Echoes by Jennifer Uhlarik Virginia City, Nevada October An urgent plea from the mother of the woman he loves brings Travis back to a place he never wanted to be.

Arriving at the mansion he talks with Millie's mom and agrees to help with Millie's birthday surprise. Millie's mom thinks she's dying and wants Travis to take care of Millie. Millie has changed in the 5 years they've seen each other both physically and emotionally. Travis runs into trouble from the beginning in the form of 2 bodyguards her stepfather has with her. They knock him out and Travis ends up in the last place he wants to be his real father's place.

Travis and Millie get closer. Travis accidently sees a meeting between her stepfather and his goons. Reading their lips he thinks that Millie's mom is being poisoned. When he is kicked off the property a maid warns of danger and after he is engaged to Millie Travis starts to investigate. Meanwhile Millie tries to keep her stepfather from giving her mother food because it just makes her sicker. Realizing the same thing that Travis did. When Millie confronts her stepfather he beats her and she's taken away from the house.

Travis and his father join forces to find her and save the mother. Millie rescues her self and meets up with them. They go to his father's house where the stepfather confronts them. Their are surprises in store for Travis and Millie. Phineas is trying out a new mobile doctor clinic for underprivileged people. Natalie can't go back to Panama until she's fully recovered and is sent to help Phin with his clinic.

They're surprised to see each other. The feelings are there from the beginning but they won't show them to each other because of the refused proposal years ago. As the full force of the disease takes shape they become closer. Natalie is Phin's right hand and when brother comes down with the disease they fight together to save him along with everyone else. Phin's brother has a talk with him and while recovering a talk with Natalie.

Coming back from a meeting Phin tracks down Natalie and takes her for a walk to talk about his feelings. They realize they feel the same way and a proposal is made and accepted. They go right back to working their mission. Nine stories of never falling out of love with your first love and that if its meant to be God with show you the way back to each other. These couples learn that you can't fight what is meant to be and no matter the situation love and understanding with solve all.

These stories were emotional and uplifting and show that a first love can change your life. I was entertained and moved with emotion by each story. Mar 07, Rebekah rated it really liked it Shelves: preview-to-review. Another very nice collection from Barbour Puplishing.

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This one featuring first loves, the guy or gal that they first fell in love with. Sometimes it was the one who got away or a childhood crush, but were worth the wait. My favorite stories were Lighter Than Air by Lorna Seilstad about a hot air balloonist and a school principal and Heartfelt Echoes by Jennifer Uhlarik about a deaf couple which had the added bonus of being a follow up story to one of my favorite stories from a previous collectio Another very nice collection from Barbour Puplishing.

My favorite stories were Lighter Than Air by Lorna Seilstad about a hot air balloonist and a school principal and Heartfelt Echoes by Jennifer Uhlarik about a deaf couple which had the added bonus of being a follow up story to one of my favorite stories from a previous collection The Courageous Bride Collection. Nice stories and an interesting spin, ranging a wide variety of time spans and places. Only draw back for me was with so much separation, the reason for couples that really loved each other to be apart for as long as 15 years, was too often a dumb misunderstanding.

Some were things like war, and that is realistic but just assumptions and letting someone you deeply love go because you won't for example talk to them was frustrating. I am also finding that the stories are cut a little short even for short stories in that as soon as you find out the couple is going to end up together the story ends I know they are going to end up together but I want to read about their romance!

Still great short stories with endearing characters.

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Prescription for Love in New Orleans during a Yellow Fever outbreak was a particularly interesting one too that deserves favorible mention. Feb 21, Betti rated it it was amazing Shelves: inspirational , romance , historical. Nine lovely stories about first love. South Texas Georgie is fighting God, her mother and those around her for control of her life. Can she possibly learn to trust Ward again, after all those accusations or will she have to marry who her mother wants her to? Arkansas Maggie would rather be in the barn, breaking horses and whatever else as long as she doesn't have to stay in the house.

Will all be lost now that daddy has died or can she once again find love with Zach and bring the the r Nine lovely stories about first love. Will all be lost now that daddy has died or can she once again find love with Zach and bring the the ranch back to its former glory?

Virginia Willow has grown up on a plantation with slaves meeting her every need or want. Enter the idea that these people might have feelings just like she does, and the doubt begins. Julian and his family don't believe in slavery, and yet he is willing to fight against the north beside his neighbors. When he goes missing in action, will Willow be obligated to marry for second best? Mackinac Island Sadie feels like she has loved Robert forever.

How can someone who is well known and respected, knowing many important people ever consider her anything other than a friend? After all, she is nobody!

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Dallas, Texas. Chase wants to be a rancher, with all the hard work, the glorious sunrises and sunsets and the fresh air. Is he destined to work with his father in oil production or will he be able to follow his dream and marry his first love, Susannah? Missouri Ella is the headmistress of an exclusive girls boarding school, a position she trained for and works very hard at. Love didn't fit in before and certainly won't now, even if her first love literally drops out of the sky onto the school grounds.

Kansas As the town spinster, Leah is not interested in hearing anything about love and certainly not about Gareth, the man who left her at the altar 15 years earlier. Will pharmacy school be in her future? Nevada Reading lips was certainly the best way to understand what people were saying to you, something Travis had perfected over the years. Millie, on the other hand, had never learned this skill and as a result had a hard time communicating with others. Could they possibly discover why Millie's mother was dying and once again find the love they used to share?

Louisiana Natalie was told from childhood that she was to follow her father's dream and become a missionary to Panama. Thinking mission work was something she could only do in Panama she left her first love behind, only to return home with yellow fever five years later. Was God about to change her understanding of mission work and give her love as well?

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