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Whatever the future looks like, these are investments of time, money and energy you'll probably never regret. Because these things underpin whatever that future state ends up being, businesses who don't get on that curve won't be positioned well for the future. Each business is unique, and the investments you make in your future depend on your priorities.

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Nevertheless, all businesses should consider 'no regrets' investments like:. How you interact with your customers is critical to the long term relationship you will have with them.

No Regrets

Whether it's the online or in-person experience, investing in the optimization of these channels and putting your customers' satisfaction first is a sure bet. We've all seen the headlines of major cyber hacks and data breaches. Companies of all sizes are vulnerable. Investing in the right technology and resources to protect your data and information is a must. Similarly, investing in training your team to be aware of phishing scams and other potential hacks, is a wise long-term investment.

Retaining your top talent is key to achieving your goals. If one of your star performers is poached by a top competitor it could have a real impact on your business.

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Make sure your top talent is being recognized and rewarded. Take the time to identify what those 'no regrets' areas are for your business. At the very least, get on the learning curve. Start to play in the traffic. And have the comfort of knowing that you're unlikely to regret it. Identifying your "no regrets" strategies. Suppose I sat down with you and we had a chat.

The opinions expressed here by Inc. It may not have been the right or best action, but it did finish the event. Doing something, doing anything provides a sense of closure. When you ruminate over a conversation or argument, for example, what aspects come to mind? You continue thinking about what you should have said. Closure is the psychological experience of being finished with an event.

And even when you fail to act or say something, you may nonetheless feel a sense of closure for an event. Missed past opportunities often have this feeling of being unfinished. We ruminate about what we should have and could have done. But if you want to feel less regret for your actions and inactions, then closure may be the key to lock the gates of your mind against rumination.

Sometimes you can find a current or future action that will change the past. When people see clear future opportunities, they often feel less regret for past events Beike et al. But even without a chance for future action, you may still be able to find psychological closure.

No Regrets

Instead of ruminating over the event and your failure to act, change your thoughts. Find a re-appraisal of that past event.

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Re-appraising the past may be an effective tool for leading to a sense of closure. This has got to be one of the most terrible and terribly written articles I've seen associated with PT. I hope the author got closure from writing it; I got no benefit from reading it. I actually found this article extremely helpful. I'm always full of regrets. The last couple of years most of my life, really has always been about regrets. Even more recently, like the last couple of months, I've been dealing with regrets in numerous situations. To understand it as an unfulfilled action makes sense. It actually brought me a great deal of peace because it exemplified what I've been trying to wrap my head around.

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Sadly, I told myself that the situation I got myself into wasn't going to be full of regrets. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with all these regrets and you nailed it on the head when you said it was with those things I didn't take action on.

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For helping me find some peace and understanding. Ira E. Hyman, Jr. Why you should be deeply concerned about fake news and misinformation. Back Psychology Today.

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