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X — Tagebuch eines jungen Arztes Dr. Torey L. Jahrhundert Literarisches Werk. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. In anderen Sprachen English Links bearbeiten. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Januar um Uhr bearbeitet. Pearl S. Morton Thompson. Betty MacDonald. Marie Killilea. Barnaby Conrad. Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

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Christiaan Barnard. Elsie E. Rusia Lampel.

Transnationalism and German-Language Literature in the Twenty-First Century

Paul Horgan. Gerald Durrell. Janice Holt Giles. Len Deighton. Gudrun Pausewang. James Houston. Dorothy Gilman. Juliane von Stockhausen. Charles Mencer. David Lavallee. Ruth Park. Max Alfred Zoll. Frederick Forsyth. Donald Braider. Ewan Clarkson. Jon Godden. Hans Fantel. Michael Crichton. Alan Caillou. Claude Berri. Richard Martin Stern. Ephraim Kishon.

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Alla Avilova. Hans Lipinsky-Gottersdorf. Vital Alsar. Little Red Riding Hood is delivering a cake to her grandma but the wolf is hungry for both The Grimm version of the originally French fairy tale. Everybody in our household was awake than and we had a big discussion about the colour I woke up too late, so I missed the Bloodmoon. A fascinating phanomenon. Offred lives in a bleak world in a near future where women are not allowed to live freely. She is a handmaid - given to her master because she should bear him an heir.

Like or Brave New World but the character Offred was not so much taking me in as the heroes in the other such dystopias. An interesting story but a bit a flat character. I read it because I was given the hint that the book ends with a question mark - and I first thought that that was only an appendix not belonging to the story.

I know better now. But it was worthwhile reading the whole book. Three stories about Jan and Erling helping the police to solve different crimes Notice we are both a bit down in terms of book additions this year, Paul. You still are outdoing me though as RL and a more careful purse-string combines to have me a little more careful this year. Wishing you a great weekend. The books are coming in but I am more busy cataloguing my bookmarks, and room for books is getting sparse. They asked questions about languages in the Language Centre of the University of Basel.

They told I was the only one of the participants who had all answers right 12 different questions. That gives me the opportunity to actually buy a book : Wish you a good weekend, too. But then Russians come to him and ask to transfer all his businesses to someone else. His house is burnt down and he goes on a journey to find out who is behind all that and to take care of it. The plot and the characters are flat.

The reading can be fun because he often quotes sentences from different literary of folklore texts, Finnish, Karelian, Russian, Estonian, German, Nestor Burma, the private eye, has nothing to do and therefore goes on a roller coaster. Somebody tries to throw him overboard but he is stronger and thus wins. The other hits the ground is immediately dead. But who is this guy? And who is young woman who faints when she saw the men fighting in the carriage? A humoresque tale of a mystery in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, Reuilly. Fun read. Do not starve our writers Baik Il Hong, the son of famous outlawed hero, doesn't want to fight the wars of the others.

But there is money on his head, so others try to get his head. He then saves Nang Lang from being killed and starts a relationship with her. An action manhwa from Korea. A man with a red top hat returns stolen or lost goods back to their owners - around midnight. A private eye, Erik Olanson, is given the job of finding this man. But Erik's sons, year-old twins, hear about the reward and try to find the man with the red top hat before their father Ecke has written several detective and adventure stories for young readers.

Thanks so much for another childhood memory. I like his way of telling a story.

Nelson sucht das Glück: Roman by Lazar, Alan | Book | condition good

Cohen - Die Frage "Sozialismus - warum nicht? Lewis - I doubt whether we are sufficiently attentive to the importance of elementary text-books. Paul, why have I not visited your thread a long time ago! I love your family picture at the top of your thread! Wonderful looking family! I have just two sons, one is 30 years old and the other is The 25 year old got married this summer. All of a sudden my husband and I are an empty nesters - with just our lovely little dog to keep us company. Great reading and so many wonderful pictures. It was a lot of fun puzzling out the meaning of the story.

The Handmaids Tale is rather grim tale from a Canadian writer, the only book of hers that I have bothered to read. Agatha Christie always makes for a nice cozy mystery read. Happy weekend to you! Yes, when the kids move out, they leave some empty spots : The younger daughter every-so-often shows up again.

The son still lives with us. He is working as a male nurse in the same hospital Suki used to work - 10 minutes walk. Why move out? I have The twin somewhere here but Der Umweg made me a bit cautious reading it, but your comment is encouraging. We had a young Korean visiting friends of ours and helped along with translations. She wants to go hang gliding tomorrow, in Grindelwald. She is a nurse and has given up her job in order to travel to Europe. They have no holidays in Korea. Padre Quijote becomes a Monsignore by some whim of the pope.

The maire of Toboso, La Mancha, Spain, a communist, loses the elections. These two go out on a road trip through Spain, a descendant of don Quijote and his friend, Sancho. A story about the divide of catholicism and communism, about faith and doubt, also a story about Truth and Fiction. A good read. A historic study by the Author of Bambi. He describes the place, culture, virtues and vices, the highlights and the decay of the aristocracy in Vienna. He describes the different dynasties of old families and their palaces. He tells about the events of the ballroom, of the arrival of courtiers in the palace, of the parade of the carriages in the Prater.

And he quotes from diaries of a lady-in-waiting and an officer. Written around Of all the emotions out there, the feeling of being honoured is unquestionably the most pleasant. Ich versichere Dich, die Republikaner auf der Stelle zu erkennen sind an dem falschen, boshaften Ausdruck ihrer Gesichter.

I assure you, the Republicans can be recognized immediately by the wrong, mischievous expression on their faces. The third part of the Korean manwha. Baik Il Hong is mourning about the death of his love. The other gangs of Marimi start to fight each other. In the end they are all exausted and weakened. This part was less interesting than the others, mainly because there are too much philosophical outpouring like, the presence must not be in between the past and the future Richard Kaufmann is a banker, earning a lot of money.

BUt one day he collapses and he is sent to the bath of Vals for a curative stay. He stays there for 8 months and stops talking, he becomes silent and finds his peace with himself and the world. When coming back he leaves the bank and uses his money for living - but then he realizes that he is all alone. Written by a Swiss author who is now a diplomat in China.

Written with short sentences. Single words. Full stops. But thriving. In a way. Not boring. I read. One of the reasons that I like ordering books from Book Depository is that they always include a cute paper bookmark. Lovely touch, I think. Have a great Sunday, Paul. We are voting for a new parliament in Switzerland today. Even google. A slight move to the right is expected, but there are not enough results yet to give a proper 'prophecy'.

A very good input about prayer - to be in the present adn not thinking about the past It was so nice, then, or That did hurt so much or the future I have get some more But listening to God in that moment. The author quotes from The Cloud of Unknowing. Annika starts a practical assignment as a news reporter at a newspaper in Stockholm. She gets a hint about a dead girl lying naked in a cemetery, being strangled.

The girl was working in a striptease club called 'Studio 6'. A receipt signed by a Swedish minister from this club shows up and he has to resign from his post - but at the time he was on a secret mission to Eastern Europe A political mystery, thrilling. An old porter of the hotel is found murdered, half dressed as Santa Claus, just before he should appear and play his role. Inspector Erlendur then stays in the hotel till Christmas because the case is fairly tricky. All the action takes place in this hotel, Erlendur doesn't leave the hotel during the whole investigation. The murdered man was once a child star, singing with an angel's voice the German title: Engelsstimme.

Erlendur's daughter shows up and wants to know why her father never cared for her and her brother A bit overloaded. Judge Di goes to his first post in Peng-lai, a harbour at the Eastern shore of China. There his predecessor was found dead in his study behind closed doors. The judge who was first sent to investigate, returned just a few days after he arrived, and all the papers of the dead judge have disppeared.

How was the just killed? By whom? Based on a historical figure who lived before AD, the different cases were also taken from Chinese literature. A very enjoyable read. Some hilarious stories about the author's son Martin before going to school. Martin comes into the house, crying. Mother asks why, and he says 'I was struck by something. Hej, Paul, hope you had a good weekend and wish you a good start into the new week. Another book from my youth. A villain whom Jan and his friends helped to bring behind bars was released from prison.

As a revenge he sinks the boat of Carl, Jan's friend. Every time I visit your thread I wish my languages were better: then I could read some of the intriguing covers you show. Love the 'are you going out tonight' bookmark. You have a great collection. Well, some of the titles are translated into English, but I agree, I recently read some books which were published in German only. A classic German novel first published in Miss Scuderi, a talented elderly lady at the royal court of Louis XIV, is disturbed by a visitor around midnight who just brought some jewelry.

But then the jeweler got stabbed and his apprentice gets suspected A good old German piece of literature. There he was confronted with a strong Charismatic church. He was confronted with the 'resting in the spirit', talking in tongues, falling backwards, prophesying and other things. After several years within the charismatic movement he started more and more to read the Bible and to see some of these phenomenons in that light and then left that movement.

An honest report. Hi Paul, just passing by your thread. You got me smiling with your description of the "Martin" book. Three Armenian stories translated into German. Mein Nachbar: A man visits his neighbour and they start talking about whose death the bell had announced. It was a young girl, the most beautiful of the village, but there was a dark secret about her she herself didn't know about.

A passing woman tells him the sad story of the family who lived there: An honest merchant with his family who was tricked into buying bad goods. Ich war verlobt: An Armenian student in St. Petersburg one day sees a young lady following a funeral procession.

He was touched by the suffering of this young woman who buried her mother. Now she was an orphan. Her family came from Switzerland to Russia but her father soon died there. The students fells in love, but doesn't understand her plea to kidnap her The first two stories are stories told in the story by a storyteller in a dialogue with somebody else.

Interesting style. All three are sad stories with no happy ending, I think, representing partly the sad history of the Armenian people: Start anew after some catastrophe, finding hope, and then heading a new crisis. Not a Maigret-mystery. The story is told in the first person. Edouard Malempin is a successful doctor with two kids.

One day his son fells seriously ill. The father sits at his bed and thinks about his life. They lived on a farm far away from the city. His mother was ruling, his father was working. Then he has to live home and live with an aunt who lives in town, her husband went missing and was never found. An interesting study of characters. This is the same spot where the fun tower stands now. You can see the green thing to the left? That's a tramway. I needed to know who, so I scrolled up and down. I could not find it, Paul. So tell me, please.

Group: 75 Books Challenge for members , messages. About This topic is not marked as primarily about any work, author or other topic. Zelinsky] by Paul O. It shows that the prima facie sound answer that everything is single by itself is untenable, and then discusses the two major strategies of rejecting it embraced by the Scotists and the Thomists, arguing for the latter one.

Responses to the Meditations, a landmark work in the history of Western philosophy, demonstrate what philosophical thinking is and how it operates. This commentary hopes to guide the reader and further enhance the intellectual enjoyment of the depth and beauty of the Meditations. This revised second edition features an expanded bibliography. Series Klassiker Auslegen 37 2. Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm; Wissenschaftsge-. Topics are methods for the geometric construction of equations constructio aequationum , conic sections, coordinate transformations, special curves.

Roberval and Tschirnhaus, have so far mostly been unpublished. Leibniz; History of Science; History of Mathematics. Mayer, S. Probst, A. Trunk, Leibniz-Archiv, Hannover. Edition, German, French, Latin, 1st quarter Anfang der siebziger Jahre des Pneumatik; Wissenschaftsgeschichte; Vakuumtechnik. Starting in the s, Leibniz became intensely engaged with the latest advances in science and mathematics.

This was also the period of his correspondence with Otto von Guericke and the excerpt from his Experimenta Nova Magdeburgica. The excerpt is published here for the first time in German translation with explanations, and presented together with the correspondence. The tension between reason and revelation has occupied Jewish philosophers for centuries, who, on the one hand, were committed to defending Judaism and on the other hand to remaining loyal to philosophical principles.

The present publication focuses on sceptical questions, methods, strategies, and approaches raised by Jewish thinkers in the Middle Ages. Series Studies and Texts in Scepticism 5 pp. Heinecke, Flechtingen; W. Knapp u. Edition, German, 4th quarter Heinrich Rickert — war einer der bedeutendsten deutschen Philosophen vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Die philologisch-kritische Ausgabe vereinigt alle Schriften Rickerts in der zu seinen Lebzeiten letzterschienenen Fassung. A commentary. A reading.

A historical classification] Ein Kommentar.

Eine Lesart. Der dritte Teil ordnet diese in naturgeschichtliche Diskurse des Jahrhunderts ein. Kant, Immanuel; Kritik der Urteilskraft; Teleologie. Kant, Immanuel; Critique of the Power of Judgement; teleology. This entails that our free will does not exist in the same time that includes our individuality. It elaborates on a consistent reading of this dualism in relation to the Transcendental Aesthetic, the synthesis of imagination, and the schematism. Kant, Immanuel; Non-conceptualism; Schematism. German, 2nd quarter Kant, Immanuel; aesthetics; epistemology. Monograph, English, 2nd quarter The central novel claim of the book is that in the BDeduction Kant provides a proof of the derivability of each of the twelve categories from the principle of apperception.

This goes against the current view that the Transcendental Deduction is not a proof in the strict philosophical sense and the standard reading that the Deduction only gives an account of the global applicability of the categories. Vernunft wird weithin als Auszeichnung des Menschen verstanden. Wer ist damit gemeint? Rationality is largely understood as a distinctive human trait.

To whom was he referring? Kant, Immanuel; Autonomie; Freiheit; Moralphilosophie. Monograph, German, 4th quarter Kant, Immanuel; Imperativ, kategorischer; Moralphilosophie. The greatest good is central to Kantian philosophy. Kant understands the greatest good — a world in which all people were both virtuous and happy — as the overarching goal of rational behavior.

This study undertakes a textual analysis of the transcendental dialectic in the Critique of Pure Reason by inquiring about the possibility of a regulative a priori in the framework of the Critique. It takes as its starting point the Appendix to the Transcendental Dialectic and its connections to the first and second books of the Transcendental Dialectic.

April Kasuistik; Gewissen; Probabilismus; Praktische Urteilskraft. Collection, German, French, 2nd quarter Immanuel Kant; critical philosophy; philosophy of the Enlightenment. Kant, Immanuel; Natur; Freiheit. Kant, Immanuel; freedom; nature. In addition, Pagel offers a new interpretative decoding of the manuscript of The German Ideology. Except for Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, it was primarily in lectures that Brentano formulated his ideas of a reformed philosophy guided by the methodological ideal of the natural sciences, embedded in a phase model of the history of philosophy.

Along with these lectures, the volume includes various essays, newspaper articles, and reviews made available here for the first time since their original publication. De Gruyter Marx Forschung 1 Ca. Obwohl Franz Brentano einer der einflussreichsten Philosophen an der Wende vom Gerechtigkeit; Globalisierung; Konservativismus;.

Although Franz Brentano was one of the most influential turn-of-the-century philosophers, he, like Ludwig Wittgenstein, published little but left a large philosophical legacy. The volume compiles shorter works by the political philosopher Edmund Burke that reflect both his liberal and conservative tendencies. They help to correct the one-sided image of Burke as an antiprogressive critic of the French Revolution, and clearly demonstrate the relevance of his arguments for the current debate on the relationship between political elites and the electorate, on global justice, and on the future of conservatism.

Justice; globalization; politics; conservatism. Sozialstaat; Freiheit; Jungegelianer. Young Hegelians; social and constitutional question; social freedom; social democracy. Hegel-Jahrbuch Sonderband 12 S. Hegel, G. The volume focuses on the relationship between historiography and the philosophy of history. Die Studie zeichnet die intellektuelle Auseinandersetzung von G. Durch eine systematisch-historische Untersuchung stellt Strauss die Ambivalenz heraus, die Hegels Philonbild auszeichnet. Gleichzeitig sieht er in Philons Denken eine Vorform des Neuplatonismus.

This study traces the intellectual encounter between G. Christianity; Hegel, Judaism; Philon. Schleiermacher hat diesen Vorlesungen sein Lehrbuch Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums zugrunde gelegt, das , in zweiter Auflage erschienen ist. They formed the basis for his textbook A Brief Account of Theological Studies, published in and then in a second edition in For the first time, this book makes available lecture transcripts about both editions of the Brief Account.

Theological Encyclopedia; modern history of theology; philosophy of science; Schleiermacher. Die vorliegende Edition erscheint als Friedrich Schleiermacher; Psychologie; Seele; Bewusstsein. This book is published as the 13th volume of the lecture section within the critical edition of the complete works of Schleiermacher. In addition, it provides a historical introduction and an editorial report.

Leben Jesu; Neues Testament; Exegese. The large audience suggests that this was one of his most successful lectures. Part II contains manuscripts of the Lecture on the History of the Passion and Resurrection and a transcript of this course. Yearbook, German, English, 2nd quarter The intellectual discourse at the end of the 18th century is characterized by two antagonistic movements, the critical divisiveness of transcendental idealism, and the aesthetic integrativeness of literary classicism.

The latent antagonism of these two discourses fuels developments throughout the 19th into the 20th century. The book investigates how the interface of philosophy and literature of Goethezeit generates creative potential for both. The classic work on German idealism is now presented in the translation by Hans-Dieter Gondek. Sieben Texte werden hier erstmals ediert. Publizistik; Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich. Seven texts have been edited here for the first time.

Their work for the New American Cyclopedia includes biographical entries and articles on the military and a variety of other topics. Marx; Engels; journalism. Friedrich Engels; Karl Marx; political economy. Damit bietet sie tiefe Einblicke sowohl in die Arbeitsweise von Marx und Engels als auch in die Entwicklung ihres terminologischen und theoretischen Rahmens. This volume makes accessible in chronological order key excerpts from the manuscripts that comprise The German Ideology.

It provides major insights on the working methods of Marx and Engels and the development of their terminological and theoretical frameworks. The texts are drawn from the historical-critical complete edition of the works of Marx and Engels, supplemented with text variants and facsimiles of individual manuscripts. XXIX, Seiten. Beigegebene Manuskriptseiten im Faksimile-Druck zeigen die intensive gemeinsame Arbeit von Marx und Engels, ebenso aber auch den Entwurfscharakter und den schlechten Erhaltungszustand vieler Manuskripte. XI, 1. The novel approach does not only contribute to scholarship on Nietzsche; it also raises challenging questions for the interdisciplinary discourse on secularization.

If there are moods intimately related to specific religions, are there also moods specific to forms of atheist experience? Asceticism; free will; the individual; subjectivity. Nietzsche; Spinoza; Selbsterhaltung; Conatus. Nietzsche; Spinoza; Power, Conatus. Jahrhunderts, die der sogenannten Konservativen Revolution zugerechnet werden. Konservative Revolution; Nietzsche, Friedrich.

For this reason, it is difficult to locate consistent philosophical positions in his work. Nietzsche; Literature; Literariness. Die Reformation von wird oft genug monumentalisch als Auftakt der Moderne erinnert. Diesen und weiteren Fragen widmen sich internationale Forscher. Luther; Protestantismus; Renaissance; Religionskritik.

The Reformation that began in is often considered the onset of modernity. International scholars address these and others questions. Luther; Protestantism; Renaissance; Criticism of Religion. Europe, Orientalism; nation state; cultural evolu-. This volume inquires into the profound meaning of this turn by contrasting the Kantian and the phenomenological version.

Examining controversies surrounding subjectivity, idealism, aesthetics, logic, and the foundation of sciences and practical philosophy, the papers provide a helpful guide for facing current debates. Husserl; Kant; Transcendental Turn. Collection, English, 1st quarter Brusotti, U.

McNeal, Metropolitan State U. Schubert, U. Oldenburg; H. Siemens, U. This volume deals with the connection between thinking-and-speaking and our form s of life. Forms, form of life, naturalism, Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Series On Wittgenstein 4 pp. This book brings together for the first time two philosophers from different traditions and different centuries. Assessing the difference between Wittgenstein and Hegel can outline intersections of contemporary thinking.

Hegel; Wittgenstein; Difference; Unity. This book reflects on the role literature can play in answering the philosophical question of an adequate presentation of inner life. Aisthesis; Pain; Wittgenstein; Sebald; Dostoevsky. Part 1: 2nd Edition Part 2: 6th Edition Teil 1: 2. Auflage Auflage durch editorischen Apparat. Teil 2: 6. The contributors to this volume examine the relationship between new ontology and philosophical anthropology. The essays tie into several currently contentious areas, such as the question of how normativity is experienced in values and debates about personality.

The book is rounded out by examinations of philosophical history and the English translation of a commemorative essay on Max Scheler by Nicolai Hartmann. Heinrich Rickerts Der Gegenstand der Erkenntnis ist eines der bedeutendsten, aber auch umstrittensten erkenntnistheoretischen Werke seiner Zeit, von dem z. Fred Stoutland was a major figure in the philosophy of action and philosophy of language. Secularization, modernity, history of ideas, religion. Hartung works out both the linguistic and philosophy of language setting as well as socio-political and cultural implications of the radical critique of language developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by philosophers as diverse as Steinthal, Cohen, Simmel or Cassirer.

Series Klassiker Auslegen 59 Ca. As a result of his life-long research, Harries shows that our thinking inevitably leads us into some version of an antinomy of Being whenever it attempts to grasp reality in toto, without loss. What science can know and reality are in the end incommensurable. Such incommensurability however, is to be embraced as a necessary condition of living a meaningful life.

That is why the Antinomy of Being matters and should concern us. Antinomy; Metahysics; Nihilism; Geocentrism. Orientation is most common for us; it is where everything begins and where we return to in the end. Therefore, it is a philosophical question. Orientation seems simple, but it is highly complex. What is orientation? Werner Stegmaier clarifies its conditions and structures, including sexual, economic, media, political, judicial, scientific, artistic, religious, moral, and ethical orientation.

As such, he establishes new basics for philosophy. In his early Freiburg lectures Heidegger developed various theories of the self that differ substantially from his later ideas about the selfhood of everyday Dasein in Being and Time. Exploration of these differences facilitates the explanation of a concept of self that provides a substantial contribution to contemporary discussions of the topic.

The problems associated with understanding come to light in many facets of our lives. This volume is dedicated to describing these facets and clarifying problems related to levels of comprehension, conceptual analysis, understanding oneself and the other as well as cultural aspects of understanding.

The authors address the topic in different theoretical frames such as hermeneutics, phenomenology, transcendental, and analytic philosophy. Understanding; language; Hermeneutics; method. The book contributes to the refutation of the separation of philosophy in the 20th century into analytic and continental. Carnap, Rudolf; Frege, Gottlob; intuition; semantics; logic. Guillermo E. Cosmopolitan responsibility addresses the moral responsibilities of privileged individuals to personally act in the face of global structural injustice.

Committed to an ideal of relational equality of all human beings, the book discusses the connection between rights and duties, the challenge of special obligations, and the possibility of moral overdemandingness in order to lay the ground for a global political ethics. This volume brings together practical and theoretical perspectives on individual responsibility and the integration of refugees and migrants.

It expands our understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities associated with migration and integration, and highlights the important role individuals can and should play in this context. Existenz; Ontologie; Metaphysik. If we had a clear grasp of existence, it would be no problem for us to understand what it means not to exist.

However, existence seems to be fundamental insofar as we cannot conceptually get around it. The theory presupposes a plausible understanding of causation and the self, and shows that in an indetermined world it will sometimes be right to select persons as fundamental causes of their choices. This volume aims to apply ontological theories and arguments to theistic beliefs and theistic world views. After an introduction that traces out the complexity of the field by categorizing the multifaceted definitions of ontology and theistic believing, thirteen articles discuss specific aspects of the two terms as well as their interaction.