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Integrated Tuesday am. Because of a boy Tuesday pm. You could've done worse Tuesday pm. Eid Mubarak Tuesday pm. The answer Tuesday pm. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Skam - bande annonce Season 1 Trailer 2. Categories :. During the terrorist attacks in Paris on the 13th of November , our friends were seriously wounded. My partner and I were on our way to meet up with them. By pure chance we were late.

As we left the theatre, we received a phone call from our friends who had just been shot at. Have you ever smelled the odour of fresh blood? Blood spilt with bullets? Yes, our friend had been hit by two bullets which confined him to a hospital bed for months and left him handicapped forever. A Brazilian, who never imagined it would be in France that he got hit by bulletts, rather than in a fight between drug traffickers and the police in a Rio de Janeiro favela! French moral values are going down the drain. And as long as we keep selling arms and bombs, they will keep going down the drain.

We need to read Hannah Arend over and over again. And we need to face up to the fact that when we remain silent on the subject, we too are responsible for the bloodshed. But we owe it to ourselves and to everyone around us, to do our utmost to engage in clear, critical thought and reflection. We need simple rituals, not flashy commercial events! I dream of acts, of words, of movements which make us tremble and quake, instead of diplomas, prizes and mediatised stars.

But gender is also something which we endure, a part of our development.

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This seems obvious when we think of the way gender is assigned to us not just once, but every single day, in the street, in public institutions, at the heart of medical and legal establishments. Being yourself in a normative society is an ordeal which is oh so risky, as each fragment of our gestures seem to be under control.

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We have broken through walls only to find ourselves in front of new ones. We still find ourselves in roles, those of the woman and the man, models in the grip of their ingurgitated urges. Our bodies are permeated with taught habits. From me? Have I inherited it from my father, or my mother, or just from social mimicry? That itching feeling finally gets to us the day we face up to our image, immobile, poised, and waiting.

The trembling you feel is quite normal. Your pulse races. The mirror yields to the pressure, new dimensions appear. You hesitate.