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The 'school' aspect of the books was pretty well ignored in this book, but One of the things that ended up working well for me was the mix of characters. They are giant s I should probably be way more irritated by this series than I actually am. They are giant stereotypes, yes. Each of the four students and Elisa, and Luca has a specific role to play.

There are two American girls and two English girls, for example, so no one character has to bear the burden of being the sole representative of her country. There are two 'brains' in the group. They don't always act quite as expected. They are, perhaps, not Lake-Baikal deep, but they're not pavement-puddle shallow, either.

Not sure what's up with me and Italy YA right now, but these were fun. The story starts with Violet looking at a painting of Madonna and Child, which reminded me of the art classes I used to take at community college. Boys come and go, but knowing where you come from is priceless.

That was a good message to girls. However I didn't like her saying there are plenty of fish in the sea, because it seems like she knew she wouldn't be The story starts with Violet looking at a painting of Madonna and Child, which reminded me of the art classes I used to take at community college.

However I didn't like her saying there are plenty of fish in the sea, because it seems like she knew she wouldn't be with him forever, and I like forever love in books. Well, I look Italian: olive skin tone, dark curling hair and dark eyes. Because of this, no boys give me a passing glance; their attention is for the exotic threesome I'm with. I'm surprised she even added that guys weren't attracted to her. Dark hair and dark eyes does not mean you look Italian.

As with the first book, I love the info on Italians and Italy: Solare is an Italian phrase that means "sunny," and it's used to describe people. Italians don't say "hey! In Italian you say you "have" hot or cold, not that you "are. Italians wouldn't be caught dead in hats for some reason. It isn't meant badly, just a fact in Italy.

She says she'd never hold hands with someone in public in England, because it's only for little girls. But in Italy people are openly affectionate. Most places in Tuscany, like the villa, don't have air-conditioning. You kiss everyone twice every time you see them. New phrase for me: 'ma sei scemo! The phrase 'in dolce attesa' means 'in sweet waiting' to say a woman's pregnant. To pronounce Italian words correctly you pronounce every letter of every word.

In London if you kiss passionately in public, people would judge you as attention-seekers and deliberately ignore you. In Italy they practically applaud. You never eat pizza and pasta together in Italy. Bastardi is bastard. That's different from the word I know. In Britain, at 16, you pick 3 or 4 subjects to concentrate on, and by 18, you've decided exactly what you want to study at college. He's maybe brooding code for jerk but I never thought he was dark. The scene on the back cover of the book is different from the actual scene in the book. The book says 'a silhouette that's making me think of things-- want things--that I can never have' but the cover says 'I can never have, through no fault of my own.

Everyone swims there at night. I wondered if they were the hot springs I've seen there on TV, the Saturnia. It was weird she didn't mention the name. Luca said Violet went to the 'pozze termali' which means thermal pools. When I searched thermal pools, it kinda matched with the Petriolo. I really didn't like how Violet wasn't nice enough to skip swimming for Kelly's sake.

She admits she wasn't nice enough, even though they're friends. Luca is also at the restaurant. She notices him when she's about to go swimming. He's smoking like he was the first time she saw him. For some reason when authors think of modern forbidden love, they think of sister and brother relationships. It's disgusting. I mean, do you wanna have this thought after you're done making out with someone: 'He can't be my brother. He can't be my brother--half brother! He can't be!

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How could I possibly feel like this about him if he were my brother? Idr their relationship being like that. But it was as if their relationship wasn't so deep anymore. Like she only likes him because he's the one boy who showed her attention. She mentions an ancient society having a custom where you had a secret name that only the ppl you really trusted knew, because using it gave people power over you.

That was really cool. She says if they prove her and Luca aren't closely related, they can be free to see each other, as if not closely is better than being closely related. It's still related! I don't even remember Evan from the first book. Idr an American boy, Paige's brother at all. After just wondering 'why can't I like Evan?

Maybe I could like Evan that way after all. This is something I've noticed my entire life, but it was confirmed. American-Italians also do it. I was surprised she described the American rom-com as having a lot of rude jokes. I really didn't like that Kendra likes older guys, like middle aged guys. It's gross. Their research didn't really make sense; Kelly is doing a project and also seeing if she can find out about Violet by looking at family portraits. Looking at paintings isn't going to reveal her family history.

She says you don't wanna think of when you were conceived or your parents having sex with someone else, I didn't know why she thought her mom was still her biological mom, when she's wondered if she's adopted. She looks nothing like either of her parents, has said it from the start. So I thought she would have been adopted by her parents. Violet calls Elisa's arm 'brown sticks' and says 'a skinny, starving lioness cornering her prey' as well as 'narrow hips. Then she gets irrationally mad at Kelly for just helping.

I just wanted them to do some serious research and get to the bottom of things. I didn't like that she suddenly liked Evan after saying she didn't, but I did like this: 'I'm not one of those girls who rush from one boy to another, scared of being alone. I'm not going to suddenly throw myself at Evan, snog him one night and declare that he's my boyfriend the next day, as I've seen girls do. It was really something when it turns out the ball was planned just so the prince could see Violet. That was a big turn in the story. The fallout aside, it sounded romantic when Luigi was gonna take Kendra to a restaurant in a secret garden.

I knew Luigi had probably hooked up with past students, although he's not really the type young girls would be attracted to. Elisa's 'legs looking like toothpicks. Like an ANTM surprise. As well as them realizing the princess deliberately got rid of them. That was a big moment for the plot, too.

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It's best to arrive by train to see Venice the first time. I love the sound of coming out of the train station to a flight of stairs leading to the Grand Canal. The buses on the water are called vaporetti. The vendors selling carnival masks. She says english and scandavian people are more reserved on beaches, more covered up. A lot of Italian guys wear speedos, or loose swimsuits like boxers.

She describes Evan's swimsuit as baggy American shorts, that American boys seem shyer than Italians at showing their bodies off. Kelly's dad called speedos budgie smugglers, but I didn't get it. They see girls going topless, and Paige says they can get away with it because they don't have much up top. I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or another stab at small people. The water-buses only go down the Grand Canal, because the other canals are too narrow, with low bridges. The taxis are expensive, so they're not practical for going around town.

You can't bike cause there's too many bridges, so you have to walk, usually very far because of the difficulty of getting over canals at the right place. The specialty in Florence is leather. In Siena it's paper. In Venice it's carnival masks and Venetian glass.

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I read a lil book about Venice, and the bridge, designed by Antonio da Ponte, in I didn't know he won a competition, beating out Michelangelo, though. The book mentioned ambulance boats too, like it did in here. Venetians said the bridge wouldn't last, that it had to have many arches. But it's lasted around years. It was so obvious the whole emails with her mom were dragged out for plots sake, because a phone call would have cleared up everything.

Her flimsy excuse is that she doesn't want her mom to avoid her calls, so they're locked in stupid emails that tell us nothing and just drag things out and are annoying to read. Seriously, 'hang on' and 'hold on' and 'keep holding on' were beyond annoying. I was surprised when she said Paige and Kendra occasionally use American therapy-speak, when she said Violet didn't let her thing with Luca define her. Italians stay up past midnight. Italians have siestas in the hottest part of the day and stay out late in the cool evenings.

Tourists outnumber locals by day, but rarely by night. The passeggiata is where locals come out after dinner to stroll through the streets, stop at coffee bars, chat, meet up with ppl. As long as you keep to the main drag you can navigate really well. Venice's main art forms include glassblowing and lace making. They meet up with Evan and his friends, which were always said to be guys.

They weren't described either. I do know what she means to be attracted to more than one boy at a time, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything, when one boy means more to you. She realizes that her attraction to Evan is nothing compared to Luca. I just don't like that there was even an option with Evan. The author didn't always have the American lingo down, like when Stu said "you had to go ask a girl to dance!

Now you've dropped me in it! It was sweet Luca tells Kelly to go back to Venice cause Violet will need a friend. When Luca arrives in Venice, Evan deliberately asks Violet to dance so Luca can hear, but did he even know they liked each other? I absolutely hated that she said it was then true that they're half siblings. She could see it in Luca's face. And even Kelly seemed to know. That was an awful moment for the book. Murano is an island famous for glassblowing. Until a few centuries ago, glass blowers had to live there so their secret techniques were preserved.

On Burano, all the houses are painted vivid colors so the fishermen can see them from far out on the water. It was funny she thinks Luca is out on the balcony and sees smoke and says 'and besides, I think idiotically, Luca promised me he'd stop smoking! How could you not notice that your daughter looked nothing like your family?

And there's no way she wouldn't look anything like her mom's family.

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Also something I thought of was Just because the prince is her dad doesn't mean she'd look exactly like his relatives from centuries ago, so much so that they look like twins. I don't look exactly like my ancestors or family members, besides my twin sister. So I don't think anyone would look exactly like an ancestor. She acted like it didn't change a thing, and everything was still the same. Like that wouldn't be earth-shattering news. Paige turns out to be engaged. Just no. At least make it someone she met in Italy. This wasn't American either: 'he's wangled some favor.

Just because you don't think Miguel's good looking doesn't mean Paige doesn't. Giulio said "moh! Cazzi vostri' which is coarse for "who cares? It's your business. Saying 'the necklace is part of my heritage. With Evan there was the corny and ever-present reading of the minds. Evan looks at her as if he can feel her gaze. She says 'bony skinny Elisa' and 'bag of bones.

It was so random, I don't know why the scene even happened. Certainly not the romantic reunion I was waiting for. But I guess the mean girl had to be put down in the end somehow. It was cool when Luca says "these are di Vesperi jewels, for the family women only. They wear them. Nobody else.

That's pretty messed up considering this is book 2 near the end. He takes her to the turret room where Fiammetta posed for her painting. I could have died when he said "welcome, sister. I wasn't real surprised Fiammetta was a painter. I knew Violet got it from somewhere. In the first one I actually thought she was reincarnated, and used to be a painter. I remember hearing somewhere portraits would tell about the people in them with objects in the painting.

Like Fiammetta painted herself and had an easel in the back, showing she was a painter. That explains why the painting was in London. I knew when the principessa came out to talk to Violet that Luca had a different father. It became this big soap opera. I'd rather Violet wasn't a di Vesperi but Luca was. He mentions the Jovanotti song, how the boy is a suitcase that travels all around, but only one girl knows how to open the lock. That was sweet. Turns out she's half italian, like myself. I love when he says Italians are dramatic, because that's true!

I don't like her saying 'Fiammetta's turret, mine now. I was disappointed by the sudden ending. I thought that she'd include the girls coming back to the villa and telling them the truth, wrapping up things with them, talking of the summer they've had. I'd like a more conclusive ending, to know more about the future and where they'll each be. Especially more on her and Luca. I wish he'd been in the book more, too. They had that one river scene, then a lil one at the castello, and then he shows up for a short scene in Venice, then he just left, and they meet up at the end.

It could have ended a lot better. This wasn't as good as the first one, although I also gave it two stars. But that was better. The ending got too soap opera-y. It was way too convenient in the end, just for them to be together. I just kept hoping that it wouldn't really be her dad. Evan didn't even need to be in here, at least not as a romantic option, because he wasn't even in the book after Venice, so we don't hear from him again, if he knows Violet is with Luca.

Suddenly Luca's mom thinks she's good for him, because he stopped smoking I love the sight-seeing and when the author describes Italy.

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You know it's because she's been there, so she really knows how to describe it and capture the beauty of it. This is a learning experience not only for Italians and their country, but also Britian and it's people, because the author is British, so I enjoyed learning about both cultures. Just saw where there's a book 3 in this series! What the heck?! Jun 15, Bibliofiendlm rated it it was ok Shelves: ya , low-ratings , royal , realistic-fiction , romance , mystery-thriller. Rating: 2. However, her main mission continues as she seeks to uncover the truth of identity and family history.

The characters: Honestly, Violet and her friends were a bit supe Rating: 2. The characters: Honestly, Violet and her friends were a bit superficial to me. There are too many characters and too much going on that detracts from the main plot. Readers might feel differently if reading books 1 and 2 together, but for me, I just could not relate to or even begin to like most of the characters.

Overall, I did not enjoy the book. The writing was just okay. The plot and characters just do not come together in a way that was meaningful for me as a reader. Maybe I would have felt differently if I'd read book 1. I would recommend this as an optional read for those looking for a moderate reading level, mystery for female interest. Apr 23, Lisa rated it it was ok. Well we finally find out the truth, how convenient it was BTW.

This one didn't wow me, just like the first one. I read some reviews before reading this and lots of people said this was more enjoyable so I got excited. But it wasn't better than book 1. It was a fast read, and I liked that we saw a different side to the supporting girls. I didn't really like them in book 1 but I liked then in this.

I also really liked Evan!

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I however did not like that it took the entire book for her parents to reach Well we finally find out the truth, how convenient it was BTW. I however did not like that it took the entire book for her parents to reach and tell her the truth. And it was kinda predictable the big reveal. Overall 2 stars because it was okay, but that's all. On a side-note, why is there gonna be a book 3?

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The mystery was revealed, what more is there to tell? Mar 24, Emily rated it liked it. In Flirting I was distracted from the original plotline of Violet's parentage with the romance between Violet and Luca but I didn't mind. This time around I was disappointed that Luca wasn't around as much. The ending was a bit abrupt as well. I originally heard this was a trilogy but I could see her ending the series here. Does anyone know if she's still doing the third book? Cliche and a silly ending to a silly book in my opinion. It ended too quickly for me. Not the best. Oct 13, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: i-own , contemporary , series , youngadult , read-in , tbr Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first one.

I found Violet to be quite a bit whinier in this book. Her mom's texts to her just irritated me because she just kept saying she loved her and would see her soon I was probably as irritated as Violet.. It was still a quick fluffy read, but just not as good as the first.

There was a lot of drama that I felt was unnecessary. Nov 02, Rawan rated it liked it. I really thought there would be more Luca in this but unfortunately there wasn't enough :. A tasty little treat to accompany my dissertation proposal writing. A good producer of motivation and break activity! Feb 22, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: bookshelves. And I loved the ending! Mar 14, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own. I read the first book Flirting In Italian two summers ago and wasn't all that impressed with the story.

I normally love YA books that involve traveling, but the first book revealed nothing about the mystery the main character was trying to solve, and the relationships were too rushed and juvenile. So, I wasn't sure what to expect at all going into this one. I just hoped my questions from the first book would finally be answered!

Violet has fallen in love with Italy now that she's become good fri I read the first book Flirting In Italian two summers ago and wasn't all that impressed with the story. Violet has fallen in love with Italy now that she's become good friends with the girls on her trip and discovered her passion for art.

Too bad she still hasn't discovered why she looks so much like the ancestors of an Italian prince, who just so happens to be the father of the boy she's fallen in love with. Could she really be related to the guy who she's started to feel intense feelings for? Violet knows she has to move on, but she can't forget Luca no matter how hard she tries, especially when he shows up when she's needing him the most… While I felt like their relationship was rushed in the first book, I actually enjoyed Violet and Luca's relationship in this one.

They didn't know if they were really related or not, so Violet had to try to stay away from him, even though all she wanted to do was throw herself back into his arms. There are possible love interests for her, but who could live up to an Italian? Also, I enjoyed how Violet actually paid attention to her new friends on the trip, and how they all had bigger roles and contributed their own problems to the story that they had to work through. With the mystery of Violet's ancestry, I wasn't a big fan of how everything was revealed. It seemed like it was put on the back burner for a majority of this book, with her mother texting "hold on" as she tried to get to Violet to finally reveal the truth in the last 20 pages of the books.

I didn't understand why her mom would keep on texting "hold on" when Violet asked her about the portrait that looked exactly like her…it was kind of a weird thing to say in those circumstances. Then, when her mom finally came, the truth seemed way too rushed, predictable, and anticlimactic. I wish something crazy had happened or that there was more repercussion than there was. We had to wait pretty much two entire books to finally hear the truth, so I expected a little more.

In the end, I enjoyed Kissing In Italian more than the first book, but it still had problems with rushing important events and information. For more information, visit: www.

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