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Make the most of your time off by cooking up these quick and easy one-pot recipes like campfire nachos, campfire pizza and even a one-pot campfire mac and cheese. These easy camping recipes will leave plenty of time for hiking, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors. Long Weekend. It will ensure you get a perfectly crispy pizza bottom. To save time, pre-cook your beans and simply warm them on the fire, for a quick and satisfying dinner on those chillier nights.

Turn your last two links into a quick and comforting stew. Serve with lots of crusty bread, or toast up those last few hotdog or hamburger buns. Serve with a big handful of tortilla chips for added crunch. Arborio rice gets a boost of flavour from sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper, fresh parsley and chicken stock. For a twist, swap out tomatoes for olives and add a touch of fresh basil. Bonus points if you find wild basil. You get all the creamy goodness of chicken potpie, in a fun, eat-with-your-hands way that kids will love. Grown-ups will dig it, too, especially if you offer hot sauce at the table.

The slow cooker gently coaxes out delicious flavors from simple, hearty ingredients.

One-pot recipes

This soup is perfect for ushering in fall: It's hearty enough for the beginning of soup season, yet brothy and veggie-packed so that it doesn't feel too heavy. Pair it with a slaw or kale side salad and crusty whole-grain bread for a light, satisfying dinner. This recipe is ideal for a weekend, when you can check on the slow cooker after just a few hours; though you won't be able to leave the soup unattended all day, this still offers the benefit of hands-free, fuss-free cooking.

Either baby red, Yukon Gold, or fingerling potatoes will work well here, as they'll maintain their shape nicely during cooking. It doesn't get much easier, or more satisfying: a complete chicken dinner in one pan in half an hour. Lemon brightens this cozy winter meal, but the classic flavors are sure to elicit cries for a second helping any time of the year.

This one-pan chicken dish is a whole meal in one skillet, but serve with a simple side salad to sneak in another serving of veggies. If that's all you have on hand, steam them first, and then add them to the pan for the final step. The torn romaine lettuce wilts just slightly in the soup and has a lighter, fresher, less earthy flavor than heartier greens like spinach or kale. Slice the carrot the same shape and thickness as the leek so you get a balance of both vegetables in every spoonful.

Make this dish gluten-free by using the brown rice elbow pasta and brown rice flour options listed in the ingredients. Tomatoes simmer with anchovies, olives, and capers for a tangy, rustic meal sure to please all tastebuds. Bucatini are long noodles with a hole through the center that captures some of the sauce. As a substitute, use thick spaghetti.

Fresh, brightly colored vegetables add some welcome vibrancy to this comforting soup. Have fun with the noodle shape, or use any small pasta you have on hand. If you'd like, sprinkle each serving with freshly ground black pepper for a finishing touch. Let the toasted bread and cheese sauce cool slightly. Kids can then spread the cheese sauce over the bread with a butter knife. This easy skillet pasta bake is a surefire family hit. Pasta and meat sauce topped with mozzarella cheese will make everyone at the table happy, and the all-in-one-pot technique will have the cook smiling pretty.

Get the kids involved in this family-friendly meal. Kids can help measure wet and dry ingredients as well as sprinkle cheese on the finished product. Use prep time with older kids to reinforce counting, conversions, and measuring by weight. Fresh spears of asparagus, pancetta, and cremini mushrooms are tossed in a light white sauce. Lemon rind adds a welcomed extra punch of flavor. Traditionally made with crushed red pepper, this recipe uses fresh chiles. Serrano chiles are hot; for less heat, use Fresno chiles. Pistachios lend deep, earthy flavors to this pasta dish that is ideal for potlucks and feeding large crowds.

The hands-free wonder of a slow cooker is unmatched. Just toss in a few fresh ingredients in the morning and return to a rich soup with luscious beans and meltingly tender meat at night. Thaw the artichoke hearts according to microwave directions or in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Try swapping artichokes and spinach for 1 ounce bag thawed frozen broccoli florets and Monterey Jack for cheddar cheese. Browning the meat in the pan first adds all that roasted chicken flavor to the pilaf. The Brussels sprouts and chicken thighs slowly braise as the rice cooks—a protein, vegetable side, and starch all in one pan.

Sweet golden raisins and cider vinegar balance out the other hearty, earthy flavors in the dish. Green beans steam in their own sealed packet while tomatoes slowly roast and panko-crusted tilapia gets nicely crisp on top, all on a single baking sheet. The enamel-coated cast iron of a Dutch oven maintains an even heat at any temperature, so foods won't suddenly scorch or boil over.

A wee bit of canned chipotle chiles goes a long way in infusing this hearty chili with rich, smoky flavor and a hint of heat. Leftovers from this one-dish hit make for an easy, delicious breakfast—simply reheat and top with an over-easy egg. The crust won't form until all of the liquid from the clams and the tomatoes has boiled off, so be patient with that last step: I promise you, it's worth it.

This simple one-dish meal is made even more delicious with a fried egg on top of each plate; the yolk creates its own creamy sauce. If you can find fresh peas, use them in place of canned. Just a touch of honey adds a slight sweetness that rounds out the flavor in this quick stir-fry. Pat the shrimp dry with paper towels before adding them to the wok so they brown nicely. Serve with hot cooked brown rice.

This savory Italian-inspired recipe is a wonderful way to prepare a budget-friendly whole chicken.

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Make sure to allot more time to bake the chicken as the bone-in cut requires a longer cooking time. Fresh rosemary, cannellini beans, and canned diced tomatoes make this dish flavorful, yet simple to prepare. You will have dinner ready to eat once this roasted chicken recipe is complete with fiber-rich spinach and protein-packed beans as the sides. Embrace Indian flavors and the best of fall produce by making this quick, weeknight meal that only takes 30 minutes from start to finish.

No Madras curry powder? This risotto is not covered while microwaving. Be sure you are using at least a 2-quart bowl to allow plenty of room for the liquid to boil. This breakfast-for-dinner skillet gets heat from spicy Mexican chorizo. Don't stir the potatoes too much as they cook so they crisp in the pan.

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If you like your eggs more firm, cook them longer, or stir them in for a scramble. Chicken, high in vitamin B12, teams up with spinach, nuts, and a little oil to offer a one-dish meal loaded with vitamin E, vitamin C, and folate. Gumbo is usually a labor of love, but this quick dish comes together in just 30 minutes. Drippings from authentic andouille sausage start a strong foundation, adding spicy, garlicky goodness to the dish.

Hearty but not heavy, this brothy, chock-full—of—veggies soup is sure to satisfy. It features escarole, a mildly bitter green with heads that look like fluffy, ruffly-edged romaine lettuce. This shrimp fried rice dish is best if you use day-old rice.

One-Pot Meals to Make in Your Skillet

Cook it and spread in a single layer on a baking sheet to cool completely. Then refrigerate overnight to allow it to lose any excess moisture. Fragrant spices infuse this stew with extra warmth. Originating in Mexico's Pacific Coast region, this soup is a Christmas tradition, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a bowlful year-round. This colorful chicken and veggie stir-fry features a sweet-spicy sauce and a topping of dry-roasted peanuts, which add delicious crunch.

Traditionally, Country Captain is a mild chicken stew seasoned with curry powder. Myth has it that a British sea captain working in the spice trade introduced this classic, comforting dish to the southern U.

Here, we've replaced chicken with edamame and cauliflower for a version loaded with vegetables to help you meet your daily produce goals. Beans absorb some of the delicious broth. For a special dinner, serve in shallow rimmed bowls and top each serving with a fresh rosemary sprig. The cooked flour and oil mixture, known as roux, thickens this gumbo-inspired stew. Marinara sauce adds body, enriches the color and taste, and provides slightly tangy notes for a more rounded flavor. If you have pint-sized fans to please, use milder green bell peppers in place of poblanos to make it more kid-friendly.

Cubes of butternut squash hold their shape and bite and stand out wonderfully against the farro background.

One-Pot Vegan Dinners

Chunk roast marinates with carrots and onions in this savory stew. Toasting the quinoa before cooking adds nuttiness to this quick dish. Saffron and a bit of sherry vinegar lift stew from pedestrian to exciting. Chorizo comes in two forms: Mexican chorizo is a fresh pork sausage; the Spanish type, used to flavor this recipe, is cured and firm. Braised with kale, garlic, and fire-roasted tomatoes, bone-in chicken thighs come out of the oven tender and superbly moist.

To prevent the flounder from flaking apart before serving, use a long flat spatula to gently remove each fillet from the broth. When you need a chili fix, and you need it fast, this recipe delivers. Twenty minutes are all you need for a piping hot pot of poultry, beans, and chili. We veer from the traditional beef and red bean formula and instead turn to ground turkey and white beans for a tasty variation. We call for ground turkey, not ultra-lean ground turkey breast, because the former stays more moist you can also use ground sirloin if you prefer.

One poblano pepper offers mild to medium heat, depending on the pepper; to ensure a mild version, sub in green bell pepper.

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  • Jambalaya is a classic Creole dish that combines rice with a variety of other ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, peppers and some type of meat or shellfish. This easy one-dish meal features both smoked sausage and shredded rotisserie chicken. Keep the cod fillets almost submerged in the flavorful liquid so they don't dry out. Chile paste and fresh ginger add just the right amount of heat to this flavorful stir-fry, which will add a little zip to your weeknight dinner rotation. An authentic Greek trio of tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese accompanies this shrimp dish.


    Serve over orzo, and garnish with lemon wedges, if desired. A peasant dish no more! Our steamed clams version of this traditional dish is ready to go in 30 minutes and is loaded with classic Italian flavors. This French stew of beans, pork, and poultry is traditionally cooked in an earthenware cassole, a sort of inverted cone that provides a wide surface area on top for maximum crust.

    A Dutch oven or wide braising pan works well too. This version of chicken tortilla soup is packed with veggies. Fresh corn tortilla strips get stirred in before serving; they break down and fall apart to imbue the broth with rich corn flavor. You could also crisp the tortillas under the broiler and sprinkle them on top if you'd rather go for crunch. Salsa and chili powder add spice to this chicken stew, but it shouldn't be too much for timid tasters or kids.

    If you know your whole crew likes things hot, opt for a hot salsa and a dash of hot sauce or ground red pepper.

    38 Healthy One-Skillet Meals

    This is a one-dish meal. Make the beef stew the night before, cool to room temperature, and refrigerate; reheat single servings in the microwave or a slow cooker set on HIGH the next day. To save prep time, use bottled peeled fresh garlic. A few slices of bacon add smoky richness, but feel free to omit it if you want to keep this a meatless dish. This hearty beef stew is made with lean boneless chuck that's cooked with carrots, parsnips, and turnips, and flavored with dark beer.