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Each episode will document and explore distinct parts of the city, where each subject will narrate episodes in their native languages—Farsi, Mandarin and Spanish among others. The individuals who are the focus of this project come from strikingly different communities and circumstances, yet all were forced to leave the countries where they were born, after facing discrimination for being LGBT. Their religious, political, ethnic and cultural identities are further complicated by gender identity and sexual orientation, -- but their search for a home is a deeply human and universal one.

By filming these intimate portraits of LGBT immigrants, we hope to make their stories accessible to a wider audience. We intend to complete three to five well polished episodes by Spring, so as to launch the website during Pride Month June , when domestic and International media focus attention on LGBT stories.

Our goal is to challenge common perceptions about immigrants and LGBT individuals alike - and why it is imperative to safeguard their rights. However, in over 70 countries, homosexual acts are still illegal and punishable by law, and LGBT individuals are not only discriminated against, but actively persecuted. In the US, a series of non-profit organizations have been founded to represent and advocate for the rights of LGBT asylum seekers, but these organizations are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing demands for assistance from around the world, specifically for individuals who face extended periods of detention and deportation upon arrival in the US.

But foreign-born LGBT individuals are not limited to asylum seekers.

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Many are attracted by educational and economic opportunities, but are discriminated against by their respective immigrant communities. They have connected our team with members of the community who have agreed to participate and share their stories. Documenting the subjects follows an extensive period of one-on-one research. Filming will proceed in collaboration with colleagues from USC who speak the respective languages in small intimate filming crews. Filming and post-production will continue through May, till Pride month. All money raised will go directly to production including:.

Any amount beyond our goal will cover distribution costs to ensure this important docu-series is outstanding when it is completed in May! Sorensen Fellow '13 and Davis Peace Prize '14 winning documentary filmmaker and photographer from Israel. During his four years at a TV news magazine, Marc developed a keen eye for short-form, non-fiction storytelling. He is currently at Management Producer: Christopher Winterbauer was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Northwest Territories. Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island. Yukon Territory. Wrap-around Delivery and Other Team-based Models. Back x. About Homelessness. Doing Research. Community Profiles. Manitoba Brandon Thompson Winnipeg. Newfoundland and Labrador St. Northwest Territories Yellowknife. Nunavut Iqaluit. Prince Edward Island Charlottetown Summerside. Saskatchewan Prince Albert Regina Saskatoon.

Yukon Territory Whitehorse. It made me pay more attention to every aspect of the story and had me on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen. I said above that the secondary characters were awesome and they were. I would love to see Heller get a book. I loved him and he had that elusiveness to him that as me intrigued.

I would have loved to see Maggie get a full story. I know she got an HEA in the epilogue but seeing it all happen would have been awesome. I will say that there is some sensitive subjects on this novel but the author really handled them beautifully. Jan 30, Cali Gals rated it really liked it. This book has the perfect title. Trent and Michelle have a beautiful story to tell about finding your home which truly in not about a place but a state of being. Both of these characters have hearts of gold. What has happened to them caused an assortment of feelings.

It just felt more realistic.

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A LOT is happening during this read so be prepared. It is a busy story with moments of This book has the perfect title. It is a busy story with moments of angst, naughty, and drama. So pay attention haha. Trent is not only nummy but his protectiveness is endearing especially if you realize that aspect of his personality in combination with a temper did not always serve him well. Michelle is a combination of giving and cautious. You just have to read the story to know what I am talking about.

So beautiful. Happy Reading! Feb 01, Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon rated it really liked it. When Trent is set to be released his cellmate Dustin gives him the name of a woman who will be waiting for him.

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  8. She will give him an apartment and a job. She breathed new life into him and gave him a chance and he in turn 4 Cranky Stars Trent and Michelle have been dealt a life full of tragedy. She breathed new life into him and gave him a chance and he in turn sparked happiness into her sad sheltered life. Michelle is just trying to deal with her guilt and her dark thoughts yet she finds herself leaning on Trent and letting him in.

    Something is off about him and after a serious of mysterious events unfold, they know the past is coming to the present. Trent will do anything for the girl he loves, and he does with the help of her chosen family. This book has a lot of themes mainly depression and suicide and abuse. Michelle and Trent did kind of fall in love quickly, but I think that is what they both needed.

    I liked that some of the tenants in the apartment that Michelle owned were her family. She was very closed off but also very friendly and trusting. I loved Trent despite being a felon he had a huge heart and all he wanted to do was protect the ones he loved. My only real complaint is that the ending seemed to drag. I understand that we needed to get Michelle back to a good place but it kind of seemed to just go on and on.

    Healing had to take place sure but all in all I kind of felt myself saying ok we know. This story has a lot of heart in it and dark elements but all very true things that many deal with on a daily basis. I think with some cleaning up this story has great potential. Feb 23, Amanda B Gillespie rated it liked it Shelves: arc , enticing-journey. IloveKL Humphreys, but this one didn't do it for me. I found it a little slow to get in to and then had trouble connecting with the characters. It tackled hard to handle subjects, such as depression, abuse, and mental illness with a soft, understanding touch that shows the true heart of the author.

    And this cover! So so beautiful! What I loved: The sweetness.

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    Trent is all kinds of swoony, sweet, melt your heart goodness. The open and honest discussion about mental health. I loved that even with all the feel good K.

    Finding Home

    Humphreys did not shy away when it came to character who suffered from severe trauma and struggled with depression. Feelings about family, forgiveness, etc. Both Trent and Michelle were pretty wishy washy and it felt like whiplash with how quickly they would be ok with something or someone then not. The drama. There was always something wrong and as soon as one thing was resolved there was something else wrong. With so many separate dramas going on it really caused me to lose interest in the story occasionally.

    Michelle Nelson has been trying to forget about a rotten childhood and the event that forever changed her life. I absolutely loved this couple.

    Both were let down by their families and struggled to love and trust again. But, together, they start making each other feel whole again. All the while they are learning to live and love life again, danger is stalking Michelle. This book is sweet and super intense with some really unexpected twists.

    It was a fabulous read. Feb 18, Cristina rated it it was amazing. Magnefiecent Those are my four words which can describe this book more accurately. This is more than just a love story and a work of ficiton. This is the kind of story that sticks with you long before you've even finished the reading the book. I just can't put into words how reading it made me feel, I'm still in a complete haze Intense.

    I just can't put into words how reading it made me feel, I'm still in a complete haze, I'm still an emotional wreck. I lived every single page of this story at full capacity amd I'm not sorry for choosi g to do so. I can most certainly tell you that, you are going to need a strong heart and lots of tissues.

    This book has two sets of strong characters. On one hand there is Trent, who'd move mountains just to see thw one he cares about happy and safe. Even though he'd been let down by his own family a few years back when he stood up for his sister. Resentment towards them hasn't washed off that easily and it'll take some time and effort to make amends with the past and move on. And on the other hand there is Michelle, who's been put through hell from a young age. Even though there were lots of times when she tried d to end it all - because her own mom wouldn't believe what she was going through was true, and been called a liar - , she found comfort inthe arms od her Grandma who stood by her until her final days.

    Chaos aka Ric will make both of their lives a living nightmare for a while. If you want to find out the rest, you have to read the book,which, comes out on the 21st. Feb 21, Jennifer Pierson rated it it was amazing. Humphreys has penned a fantastic story filled with all the feels, not to mention quite a bit of excitement to boot, and I couldn't have loved it anymore if I tried.

    There's Trent, who went to prison for protecting someone he loved, while his whole family turned their backs on him. When it was time for him to get out, his cellmate put him with Michelle, who has her own past demons, so she gives him a shot for a fresh start. These two are perfect for each other, but it's not an easy walk in t K. These two are perfect for each other, but it's not an easy walk in the park, because both of them have emotional scars that aren't healed overnight. And that's what really hit me in the feels, because that pain was realistic in the telling, so I felt their pain like it was my own.

    However, there was this amazing cast of secondaries that kept me laughing hard, with a select few having that ick factor. Then those insane twists, OMG those twists, yeah they had my f-bombs dropping like sweat in the summer time, while the final thing to round this story out perfectly, was the forgiveness factor that wasn't instant but did happen slowly, and it was powerful. Firstly I have to mention how much I love the beautiful cover of this story.

    It was absolutely perfect for the story and fitted in well with the storyline. I found that this story really took me for a ride with the emotions throughout this story with both characters having endured their own hurt and tragedy. I found the author did a good job expressing these emotions that the characters were feeling and the way the characters try to overcome the darkness they carry around with them from the hurt Firstly I have to mention how much I love the beautiful cover of this story.

    I found the author did a good job expressing these emotions that the characters were feeling and the way the characters try to overcome the darkness they carry around with them from the hurt they have endured in their life. Michelle I found to be an immensely enjoyable character that was incredibly caring. I loved the way that she sweet and caring if Trent even before she even met him.

    I enjoyed the way that she looked after her residents and Trent. It was evident of how sweet of a character Michelle was in the story. Trent was an incredible alpha make character that was really sweet. Even though he had a hard side to him he was also caring in the way that he looked out for the residents where he lives and with Michelle.

    Finding home was an incredibly beautiful story that I could not get enough of from start to finish. The author wrote a fantastic storyline that had a great amount of emotion throughout it. Jan 30, Gem rated it it was amazing.

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    I have so much to say about this book! I love that it raises awareness for mental health issues. The subject matter is dealt with so well and honestly. Michelle is such a strong woman, but so afraid and alone at the same time. Trent is desperate for a new start. When the two of them meet, they find solace in each other. Trent has been labelled a bad boy and written off by his family. He finds himself having to start over and is given an opportunity by a friend. Michelle is cautious and withdrawn; I have so much to say about this book! Michelle is cautious and withdrawn; after being hurt before, she has built walls to protect herself.

    But at what cost? She is lonely and not truly living. I love how protective Trent is. He is loyal to a fault and honest. His interaction with the other characters, particularly Ethel and Mark, made me fall for him even harder. Full of drama, plot twists and emotion, this book had me on the edge of my seat. I desperately wanted Trent and Michelle to heal one another.

    This book may hurt your heart in places, but the message is clear. There is always light to be found in the darkness. With a brilliant cast of characters, this book had me laughing one minute and gasping the next. Beautiful words, beautiful message, beautiful book.