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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Curriculum Vitae. Linda M G Zerilli. German translation: Feminismus und der Abgrund der Freiheit, trans. Nikolas Kompridis London: Bloomsbury, Revista de pensament 43, January-December : Silvia Tubert Spain: Ediciones Catedra, Lori Marso New York: Routledge, , Michael T.

Gibbons London: Blackwell, Alles friedlich und entspannt. Traumhaftes Wohnen in einer Villa. Rathaus, Markt und Innenstadt in 4 Minuten Fussweg zu erreichen. Cozy 1-room apartment in the centre of Wernigerode. Town hall, town square and city centre 4 minutes footpath. Vom Wohnzimmer geht ein zweites kleines Schlafzimmer mit einem x Bett ab.

Das Bad wurde neu gestaltet. Wir freuen uns auf euch! Im Wohnzimmer wurde ein zweites Schlafzimmer baulich abgetrennt. Es gibt dort eine Gastronomie, die auch ohne Eintritt ins Thermalbad genutzt werden kann. Wenige Schritte von der Ferienwohnung entfernt ist der Kiosk Schlaraffenland. Etwas weiter entfernt gibt es auch eine Westernstadt Pullmann City. Weitere Sightseeing Tipps gern auf Anfrage. Hier treffen sich Ruhesuchende, die dennoch nicht auf die Annehmlichkeiten des Stadtlebens verzichten wollen. In die ansprechende Bummelallee laufen Sie nur ca.

Auch die beliebten Wanderwege sind schnell auch ohne Fahrzeug erreicht. Ob Sie wandern oder sich eher sportlich fortbewegen, auf vielen urigen Wegen erreichen Sie stets Ihr Ziel. Hier ist es ganz leicht, sich vom Alltagsstress zu erholen! In die "bunte Stadt am Harz" Wernigerode sind es nur 21 km. Wohnzimmer, Schlafraum und Badezimmer gehen vom Flur aus ab. Allgemeine Informationen Die tierhaar- und rauchfreie Zone garantiert ein gutes Wohnklima.

Nur 5km vom Zentrum Wernigerode entfernt.

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Die Wohnung liegt im ruhigen Neubaugebiet Bj. Built around , the coach house was restored in consideration of the original elements such as the half-timbered walls. The garden has a children's play area. The house also has a garage. Explore the largely untouched nature on the numerous bike paths and hiking trails. In the winter, the whole family can have fun on the groomed cross country skiing trails and toboggan slopes. Layout: On the 1st floor: hall, Living room TV flatscreen, satellite , stove wood , radio, CD player, stereo unit , Large kitchen toaster, cooker induction , coffee machine filter, pads , oven, waffle iron, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer , bedroom double bed x cm , bedroom 2x single bed , bedroom bunk bed , bathroom shower, washbasin, toilet Basement: playroom decorative fireplace, table tennis table, billiards , storage garage, tumble dryer shared with other guests , cot, washing machine shared with other guests , heating electric, central , terrace private, shared with the owner , terrace roofed , garden private , garden shared with other guests, m2 , bicycle storage, garden furniture, BBQ, parking, trampoline, parasol, changing mat, sand pit, play equipment, darts, high chair, ironing board, iron.

Beautiful apartment in a former coach house in the Harz. Renoviert, gut durchdacht, modern! Der Schlafbereich ist vom Wohnbereich durch Schiebegardinen getrennt. Balkon mit Westausrichtung - das Apartment ist sehr hell. The sleeping area is separated from the living area by sliding curtains. Open kitchen with eating area; reading area. The balcony has a west orientation - the apartment is very bright. In den Ort sind es 15 min.

The place is 15 minutes walk supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, some restaurants. Studio-Apartment Kranich. Etage eines Hauses nahe des historischen Zentrums von Wernigerode im Harz. Wernigerode bietet zu jeder Jahreszeit etwas. Die Kaiserstadt Goslar ist immer eine Reise wert, diese erreichen Sie nach ca. Pullman City die Westernstadt in Hasselfelde befindet sich 27 km entfernt.

Die Rappbodetalsperre mit seinen Attraktionen in ca. Freundlich und Sauber mit fantastischem Blick. An external staircase leads to the separate entrance of your holiday residence, which guarantees you privacy.

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The town, known for its stalactite caves, lies nestled in the heart of the Harz, in the romantic Bode valley. Numerous hiking paths and circular trails invite you to explore the beautiful scenery of the Harz; the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg, for example, is located in the immediate vicinity. With its rough landscape, historic attractions and geological wonders, the village offers something for everyone. Also: There is 1 free parking space available for the apartment.

Another parking space can be booked upon prior arrangement for 5 euros a day. This small holiday home in Wernigerode impresses with its modern and tasteful furnishings.

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An open staircase leads to the attic, where you'll find the comfortable bed. Here you can play with colour effects just as the fancy takes you! The rest of the house also has interesting design features and the ornamental fireplace creates a pleasant holiday atmosphere. The beautiful sunroom invites you to relax in all weather conditions. You can enjoy the peace and quiet on the terrace. During Easter, it was tradition in Italy to give children chocolate eggs with a toy inside and Ferrero drew from it to manufacture its first Kinder Egg.

The only other company to use this strategy before Kinder was Cracker Jack, an American caramel-coated popcorn and peanut snack, which became wildly popular after it started including small prizes inside each snack box in The Act banned con-. In , US Customs and Border Protection authorities confiscated 60, Kinder Eggs, more than double the number from the previous year. These efforts by fans brought results. Die neuesten Zahlen. Smartphones contribute to an economic boom: digitalisation is creating growth and new jobs. The latest figures. Die Digitalisierung treibt die deutsche Wirtschaft an.

Das sind mehr als je zuvor in einem Jahr. Digitalisation is driving the German economy forward. In , 45, additional jobs were created by the suppliers of information and communication technology ICT alone. That is more than ever before in one year. Smartphone market worth billions Sales are also continuing to increase in the sector.

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In they rose by 2. Bitkom expects an increase of 1. One special feature here is the growth based on smartphones. According to calculations by the digital association, sales of consumer devices, voice and data services, applications and infrastructure in Germany will be worth over 33 billion euros in The two month white asparagus season that, depending on the weather, begins some time in April and lasts until just after Summer Solstice, on St. Originally from Asia Minor, green asparagus spread to countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea around two thousand years ago; becoming a delicacy.

It was not until the reign of Louis XIV the French Sun King, whose hot houses in the 17th century were filled with asparagus for his year round enjoyment, that asparagus regained popularity in Europe. A luxury vegetable reserved for the tables of nobles and the various royal courts. Saves battling with the usual kitchen asparagus peeler that invariably has a mind of its own. Some of them more than a little bizarre. Asparagus ice cream? Green asparagus in those days.

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A 15th century tower in Schrobenhausen Upper Bavaria houses the European Asparagus Museum, where, along with an iconic Andy Warhol painting of an asparagus, everything from horticulture and history to recipes and medical science is on exhibit. White and green asparagus are the same plant. In fact many trying it for the first time think it has no taste. White asparagus spears need to be blanched, so as they grow earth is continually molded around them, ensuring there is no contact with the sun to turn them green. A method first discovered by the Romans it was not followed in Germany until the mid 17th century, then green Spargel fell out of fashion and, although seen more often in the last years, it has never returned to its former popularity.

As it reaches for light asparagus spear leaf buds lengthen underground, and as a tip exposed to the sun turns light purple harvesting begins at dawn. Spears are harvested by hand as the mounds begin to crack but before its shoots break through the earth. Harvesting asparagus involves digging down to cut the spear under the earth, and must be done by hand with a special knife as machines would break the stalks. These days it is usually skilled migrant workers who cut out the average of spears an hour, and as asparagus grows quickly they often work through the afternoon to bring in a second harvest.

An asparagus field can last twenty years after it begins to produce, but it will take two to three years before those first crops to appear on newly cultivated beds, and they need constant care. Then each stalk has to be harvested individually. So it is labor intensive. A highly anticipated and delicious seasonal delicacy that disappears as quickly as it arrives, both from the dish and the field. We read about various traditions across Germany related to the week before Easter - the Easter Bunny, the Easter Egg trees, etc. This tradition is widely practiced in the old Polish and Eastern European and the Orthodox churches in the United States.

We know that many traditions are passed down in some families and not in others. Such was the case in my family. It was not practiced in my home my grandparents were Bavarian Catholics and the other northern Lutherans. So I posed the question on several German websites and the responses were similar to my own experience. While Bavaria is predominately Catholic some never heard of it and some exclaimed yes!

The food contents in the Easter basket are symbolic and each item carries a significant meaning. Traditions vary from family to family about what goes into the basket that is to be blessed on Holy Saturday. But what seems to remain constant are the colorful ribbons and greenery, boxwood, pussywillow or forsythia and perhaps daffodils attached to the basket as signs of joy and new life in the awakening of Spring and the celebration of the Resurrection. The basket is lined with a white cloth or traditional folk fabric. A typical Eastern European Easter basket would include any of these symbolic foods.

A round loaf of rich, eggy, yeast dough studded with orange and lemon peel and raisins, reminiscent of the risen Lord. It usually has a dough cross on top. It is a symbol of Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life. Dairy products are included to celebrate the end of Lent and the richness of our salvation.

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Some families make their own from eggs and milk. Both colored and uncolored hard-cooked eggs indicate hope, new life and Christ rising from his tomb. It adds zest to life and preserves us from corruption. It is symbolic of prosperity and justice and to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth. In some families, a richly embroidered cloth basket cover rests atop the food. At the Church, the baskets large and small, are placed on the altar for the blessing. The aromas are intoxicating and it takes tremendous willpower not to sample.

Not one morsel of this food is eaten until after church services on Easter Sunday. Every family has its own traditions when it comes to the Easter baskets, most believe it is imperative that every member of the family have a bite of all the blessed foods after Mass on Easter Sunday. This time around I worked with the Gannon University T. L program visiting Germany, Prague, and Austria. The T. L program stands for Transforming Residents Abroad Via Engaged Learning and it was built to educate students about how to plan and execute foreign travel while simultaneously being enriched by the cultures they would be experiencing.

For this trip I was in a group of eleven other individuals who were all female. In order to pull this fourteen-day trip off we met on a weekly basis as a group from the beginning of August all the way till the first day of the trip in early May. Every moment of the ten-month process leading up to the trip and all fourteen days of the actual experience were inspirational, educational, and all-around rewarding.

This whole experience was made possible for me and the nine other students through a generous donation from the Erie DANK group which, speaking for the whole group, we are very thankful for. This trip was, and will probably remain, the trip of my lifetime for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons being the fact that, as a group, we decided on every detail of the trip from the locations throughout the fourteen days to the budget for meals and where we wanted to eat.

This made it unique from all the other trips I had previously been on because I got the chance to build in what I enjoyed and what I wanted to learn from. A big part of the T. L program experience is the planning and budgeting. This was the main focus of our weekly meetings and why we reached out to DANK. Our goal as a group was to choose a few select cities that would offer us a general gist of the cultures we were visiting.

DANK was a vital resource in giving us firsthand accounts of which cities would fulfill that goal and give us a lifetime of education within fourteen days. We also took day trips to Salzburg, Neuschwanstein, and Dachau. As a group we felt that this would give us a diverse and very educational look into the cultures of the three countries.

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On a personal level there were three main aspects of the trip that made it the trip of my lifetime. The first one was visiting Prague for a second time. Prague is arguably the most beautiful city in the world and after my previous trip to Poland and Prague I felt like I had only scraped the surface of what the city had to offer.

This was my chance to show eleven other people the city that changed my life and also allow me to see every nook and. I spent a lot of time on self-reflection during the evenings to understand the degree to which I had grown emotionally, spiritually, and mentally almost exactly a year after I had been walking those same streets.

While in Prague we went on a Beer Tour as a group which led to a very interesting night. We visited the three oldest and most historic pubs in the city and there were also about twenty other people from all across the globe with us on the tour. At each stop our guide, who was from Ireland, taught us the history of each place and also the history of the beers we were having. Not only did we get to learn thousands of years of history based on beer, but we also got the chance to communicate with and learn about all of the other cultures of the other people on the tour.

I spent a majority of the night talking to a group of Canadian and Irish people, but I also got the chance to talk to people form the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The second aspect of the trip that made it the trip of my lifetime was being able to visit Dachau after visiting Auschwitz and Treblinka in Poland the year before. It was fascinating to see the differences and similarities between the camps based in Germany versus Poland.

This is not a part of history that many people want to face and learn about. Along with visiting Dachau for a day we also got the chance to spend a day in Salzburg and Obersalzburg taking a tour through the town and up to the Eagles Nest.

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This trip allowed me to physically stand in all the big-name spots of the Holocaust which gave me a perspective and understanding of what unfolded that I could have never learned from reading any amount of literature. The third aspect of the trip that made it the trip of my lifetime was being able to cross off the number one item on. Over a decade ago my dad was deployed to Germany for a year of service. It was his first deployment and a huge adjustment for our family. He made it his mission to send my brother and I weekly letters telling us about all of the things he was seeing and all the places he was traveling to on his days off.

One week he sent me a postcard from the castle Neuschwanstein which was my favorite castle because of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I my dad got to visit your favorite place and we would have so much fun playing hide and seek in here. Love ya. I always thought that it would take me most of my life to reach a point where I could travel over to Germany and be able to see the Castle.

Spending the day running around the town and the mountains of the castle was one of the top three best days of my life so far. I have been fortunate enough throughout my life to have opportunities to travel abroad either on mission trips or educational trips. My most recent trip to Germany, Prague, and Austria would not have been possible for me without the aid from the DANK group and their support throughout the whole process. I am sure the trip would have still been incredible if our group did everything independently, but because of our communication and connection with the DANK group it helped elevate the trip to its maximum potential and I, as well as the whole group, am incredibly thankful for that.

This refreshing drink usually consists of wine or sparkling wine with juice, chunks of fruit, sugar and sometimes spirits like vodka or rum. The term Schrebergarten came about in the s when the Industrial Revolution had led to a boom of people moving away from rural life and into the cities to find work. Poor, working class families were living in cramped conditions inside the city and were missing the sunlight and fresh produce they once enjoyed in the countryside.

The Schreber Movement emerged, named after a Leipzig academic who wrote about the social and public health consequences of urbanization, Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber. Article published on 2. Kommt herbei! Suchen wir das Osterei! Immerfort, hier und dort und an jedem Ort!

Eier blau, rot und grau kommen bald zur Schau. Ist es noch so gut versteckt, endlich wird es doch entdeckt. Hier ein Ei! Dort ein Ei! Der Star lugt aus dem Kasten raus. Und alles in dem Neste. Born in Pforzheim, Germany October 18th, , a proud and loving husband, father, grandfather, son and brother. Heinz was a 25 year member of DANK and the choir until his health deteriorated. Married to his wife Renate for 65 years and the marriage was blessed with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Professionally he worked for Bucyrus-Erie heavy machinery company as an engineer and a department head.

His professional work took him to South Africa, many times to Germany and he was instrumental in helping establish the company in Pocatello, Idaho where the family lived for four years. DANK was dear to his heart and he served many years on the board. He valued his German heritage, culture and language.

Heinz was preceded in death by his parents Max, Pauline Britsch, brother Herman, granddaughter Ashley and son- in-law Casey. Now Heinz can sing his favorite songs in Heaven with the angel choir in his melodious baritone voice! Our sincere condolences are extended to the Britsch family. Heinz and his presence will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. Hedwig Hirt Hedwig Tal Hirt was reunited with her husband as she passed away peacefully with family by her side on January 19, Hedy was born in Marienberg, Germany on May 11, and came to the U.

Hedy was very involved with her church, St.