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There are too many messages all at once. Comment My attempt: Fortgeschrittene is used like in a medical context Fortgeschrittene Krankheit. Verzettelung is a colloquialism, quite cheeky in a written statement. The term "Fortgeschrittene Verzettelung" gives the Verzettelung the status of a disease.

This gives it a negative connotation, too. You see, the whole sentence is somewhat pointed with a little irony and including a number of gags. So what about: To dike the raging loss of any plot, we recommend concentration on Actually I do not know if these examples work on natives' ears, but I hope you get what I'm out for. I 1 an Zettel angelehnt]. Comment Ghol - my suggestions: fragmented incoherent inconsistent I rather like "lack of focus.

I don't know if that's going to help you with your immediate problem though. Comment Thanks all. Some good ideas. I particularly like the "unfocused thnx Ute , fragmented, incoherent thnx blauhut " suggestions.


Comment Ghol: For me it's really bad written German, so do it in your way, it does not matter very much so! Forums Trainer Courses. LEO: Additional information. Print PDF. You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Ask the LEO community. Recent lookups click on a word to display the dictionary results again :. Search term s. LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used.

Lost password. We had a discussion about "verzetteln" some time ago, where the main suggestion for this word was "to get bogged down in details". Just to get you started: it is too random too inclusive too all-encompassing covers too many areas. Maybe it's a pun? Just to let you know I'm thinking of you. Oct 04, PM. I'll be away now for holidays Aug 26, AM. Only problem is It was a pic of two men kissing. Sure, it was sexy, they were mostly naked etc. As far as I've heard, it was not because of the "gay" but of the "sex". Kids need to be protected, images like that aren't allowed.

The books are listed, nobody complained. Search for Karmasutra ; But be careful, you kids could get ideas Now, this friend started a new profile. Not because he loves GR but he wanted to stay connected to his GR-friends.

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He intended to no longer post pics in his reviews, keep them short, only rate the books and have the fun stuff in a closed group. Guess what I'm kind of really bummed. What's going on here? Maybe I should just import all my books to leafmarks and leave GR alone Aug 21, PM. That's better! Jul 16, AM.

Dino Crisis #009 - Verblutend und Verzettelt [Deutsch/German Lets Play]

Mel wrote: "Sunne, thanks so much for the friend invite. And yes, we have that in common ;- " You're welcome, I'm glad to find new likeminded friends who share the same interests Sunne, thanks so much for the friend invite. And yes, we have that in common ;-. Jul 06, PM. Tina wrote: "Thx for adding me. Das klingt immer so gestelzt. Thx for adding me.

Apr 04, AM. Thanks for the invite!

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Nov 05, PM. I really need to get my reviews written. It's not getting easier. But at least I've posted three tonight. More tomorrow ; Night. Nov 03, AM. Bev wrote: "Thanks for the add Sunne. X" You're more than welcome :D. Thanks for the add Sunne. Oct 30, PM. Actually both are rereads but who cares. I have to admit Could it be that these are books 4 and 5 in one series? I love Josh Lanyon! It's good to know that I'm still not completely through his backlist Oct 23, PM.

So I stumbled over a fb-post where one author promotes the book of another. Since this author was a solid and very good reviewer before he became a writer I would have loved to add the suggested book ot my TBR-list but couldn't because it isn't listed on GR.

Verbs with 'zetteln'

I fear if I don't add it now I'll forget about it in the masses of books that cross my way every day. Now this is a hint to every author. Give us readers a chance to keep the book in mind somehow. And if you aren't already an author we are a huge fan of, it is likely that your book will slip back into the masses of "maybe"-books or get forgotten even before release date.

So dear authors, I don't think you want me to forget about your books? Oct 20, PM. Sunne wrote: "Back from two weeks holidays Starting tomorrow. Welcome back!

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Now, get to work woman :D! Oct 20, AM. Back from two weeks holidays What a holiday :D. Aug 29, PM. Seriously, I really should write all the reviews of the books I've read in the last few days Jul 18, PM. I'm on chapter 15 of Hot Head on Audible - and oh my! Note to self - press pause before going through a drive through :.

Jul 02, AM.

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Thanks Sunne! It looks like we have pretty similar tastes in books and authors. Don't mind me while I trawl through your shelves ;. See you around GR. Jun 26, PM.

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