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This really limits the StuG's potential, as a long range sniper is useless if you don't have targets in the distance to shoot at. You need to place your tank carefully. You cannot reverse your way out of any trouble for a multitude of reasons. Secondly, the engine is frontally mounted - this means that if you're being shot at as you're reversing, you could lose your engine. Your 80mm of armor isn't going to stop most guns either with the exception of Tier 3's and some lucky bounces from higher Tiers.

Ultimately, when getting out of trouble just turn your tank around. You'll get away more quickly, and you won't lose your engine. The tank is essentially all about the extremely good gun and camo. You have more than enough pen and accuracy to go through almost any tank you come across; even T29's hulls are relatively easy to go through. However, communication with your team is essential.

If they don't spot for you, you won't have targets to shoot and thus will be useless. The camo allows you to stay hidden, albeit limited gun traverse, so you should be able to take up advantageous bushes to snipe from. No matter what you do, don't rely on your armor even against low pen guns due to the weakpoints you have , and especially don't put yourself into a situation where you have to back up. When using the mm, you're a slightly faster Tier 5 Hetzer with less armor. That's really what you are. Don't get overly aggressive, don't rely on your armor, shoot at ranges where you can stay hidden but can still hit the enemy.

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The gun might not be the most reliable, but when it works, it works well. Comparison to same-Tier TD's:. Mobility: Decent. Alpha damage: Good. Having alpha at Tier 5 certainly isn't bad.

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The Howitzer in theory has exceptional alpha, but the fact that you're either shooting HE or low-pen HEAT means that you just won't get to do full damage most of the time. Armor: O. However, the multitude of weakpoints, lack of angling, etc. Even though many Tier 5 TD's don't have many more hit points, is still a very limited supply, and towards the bottom of the list. Penetration: Very good. Very few tanks come even close to that.

Only a couple of TD's surpass that pen Pz. IVc and S Regardless, your AP has more than enough penetration power to go straight through T29 hulls with relative ease. View Range: Very bad. Only the SU has worse view range, and that's only by 30m. The m view range on the StuG is really a sad joke; entirely limiting your tank's potential. Putting on camo skills will allow you to remain a very stealthy sniper. Accuracy: Best in class. Absolutely nothing comes even close to competing with you.

Aiming Speed : Best in class. Battle effectiveness: Good. It may be limited in other categories, but in comparison to the other Tier 5 TD's, this tank certainly is no laughing matter. Overall Rating:. For me, this tank is a mixed bag of emotions. On a Tier 5 tank, this is entirely ridiculously good. You can excel in long range support fire, even when shooting at Tier 7 tanks. You simply don't feel limited in that aspect. The mobility also allows you to set up into sniping positions fairly quickly, so you'll get to shoot at what your allies spot.

On the other hand, this tank lacks one key thing - carry potential. The lack of reverse speed, limited top speed, mediocre DPM and especially the poor view range mean that this tank is simply team dependent all the way through. A team-dependent tank simply cannot carry. If your team will spot targets for you, the tank can lead them to victory even when bottom Tier. However, with the average team at such low Tiers being so incompetent, you simply cannot consistently pull good results.

There will be times when you simply hate the tank. Ultimately, the tank does what it does very well; yet it lacks flexibility and carry potential. The gun is great, and being bottom Tier is nothing to be afraid of.

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What does scare the StuG is your team. Far too often, the StuG cannot put its strong suites into usage simply because the team can't spot for you, or leaves your flank undefended. This tank will teach you how to play a long-range, supporting sniper. You need a team, it's a team-dependent tank designed for supporting its allies. For those reading this Thread, please help me with this: Which format do you prefer? The one used in this Thread, left biased; or the one used in my MT review hyperlinked here , which was centrally biased?

Please let me know! Thanks in advance! All around fun tank destroyer. So many people play this tank wrong because WG simply doesn't give any other possibilities anymore for more casual players. They simply don't even try to use distances wisely and rush it off with a tank that can't cut it. I see StuGs in front lines dying off during the first minute of the battle and that's just wrong for the tank. Like in WWII they just simply sat in bushes and took out those KV-1s from long distances, but those kind of preferred situations are made so much harder to get now, nearly impossible with these '' balanced '' maps.

That wouldn't be problem if StuG could get out from danger but well that speed limit makes it sitting duck. I can personally destroy enemies with it as long as my ammunition holds off and that's another problem with it. Such a great gun and so limited possibilities for players to learn how to use that gun correctly thus ending up being clobbered by brawling fun. It's still mobile enough for my playstyle, which includes trotting right along with mediums from time to time. It's a superb sniper, and I do still believe it has carry capabilities have done it myself recently with the Stug.

I literally can't play these kinds of "sit in a bush and camp" tanks, took me wayyyy too long to get my mastery in the Stug IV. Scorp you forgot that the carry potential is also limited to the amount of rounds the Stug carries. He's actually right. The Stug along with almost every sniper TDs aren't very effective anymore.

All the nerfs map changes, camo nerf, VR nerf, etc have nearly crippled TDs. TheNightFox, on Aug 20 - , said:. The Hetzer gets the mm a tier lower. It's a lot more armored than the Stug and can brawl up close whereas the Stug can't. The Stug is meant to be played as a Sniper. If you play up close Actually, its his nature.

Scorp has always been willing to teach. He takes the time to write, to tutor in a training room, and to post videos. As to tier players looking for solid answers, they are out there. Not sure how it came to be but this and always has been my favorite tank. I unashamedly run it more then any other tank, my superstitious nature requires it be the first tank and last tank I run each session with multiple runs during my gaming. I run the same equipment set up you do but I also run with a first aid and repair kit and a chocolate bar.

With almost 5 skills on my crew I really try to get the most out of this tank. I have managed 2 MoE's with it and am gunning for my third. I'm sure some people will agree that there is always at least one tank in your garage that you run and because of some special "affinity" you seem to have with it, you get far more out of that tank then you should on paper. That's my Stuggy!! LeaveIT2Beaver, on Aug 20 - , said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Do be warned he only is there to deal damage and support, and his Sync Skills can be harder to activate. Sasuke Uchiha "To Eternal Loneliness".

Sasuke Uchiha is determined to cut down his friend, and to do that, he has an amazingly hard hitting Secret that deals tremendous damage. A skill that allows Sasuke to infinitely use a Jutsu is when he fires a Jutsu and has an Ultra Combo.

★ StuG III G Review: The Omnipotent Ninja Assassin ★

A very powerful game-changing BOD unit. Madara Uchiha "Endless Moonlight". Even if Madara never got his Limit Break, he is insane enough to be sitting at the top. He could inflict ailments, tank attacks, and deal high damage, and his attacks have an ease of Ultra Combo. Even running him without abilities in PvE is a blessing - his downside is his cost, and the player's arrogance. Sasuke Uchiha "Curse Mark 2nd State".

One of the first few units released in the "Original Game", Sasuke Uchiha may not look useful at first glance. Low stats, bad multipliers, until you see his Jutsu. His Jutsu is a technical infinite, which immediately places him on the S-Rank section. Alone, he can finish a Ninja Road, even. This is a must. Sakura Haruno "Heroine of the Battlefield". An old unit who received a buff, Sakura Haruno brings much needed healing to the Wisdom element. She is the best healer in the game, providing 1, HP per turn, with all her abilities. An immediate S-Rank. Kakashi Hatake "Entrusted with Hope".

Kakashi Hatake is entrusted with the hope of Obito to stop Kaguya! A slightly older unit who got a Limit Break, he specializes in outright destroying enemies. His optional abilities add on to his amazing damage, and this allows him to deal 53k damage as an Area of Effect attack! While he may be strong, he is still weak against Body-types, which makes him a Glass Cannon. Kaguya Otsusuki "Divine Madness". As the progenitor of Chakra, Kaguya has been a very powerful unit that sits directly in the meta.

While she is not as common in face of newer units, she proves to be dangerous. Body-types may ruin her, but she can stop most Body damage with a single, resettable Ninjutsu. Her Secret Technique ignores Susbtitution and easily deals 50k onto any enemy. Watch for her difficulty, though. Obito Uchiha "Drawn to Life". The Sword of Nunoboko is said to be wielded by Hagoromo himself. Obito wields it with deadly efficiency. High statistics, good Abilities and a Secret Technique that easily hits 60k, his will can easily shatter any Heart the enemy still clings on to.

He is still vulnerable to a Heart-type, and if his Jutsu Immobilization fails, be sure to have a backup plan. Moreover, his Field and Buddy Skills have little to no use. Naruto Uzumaki "Proof of Ties that Bind". Naruto Uzumaki "Proof of Bonds that Bind" has damage as the last of his worries.

With techniques and Sync Skills that reduces his damage taken, he can take many hits, and return with many hits. Unfortunately, his skills are very lackluster, as he only seems to care about damage. Kabuto Yakushi "Dragon Transformation". As the one who almost broke through the weaknesses of reanimation, Kabuto will riddle the opponent with many ailments.

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However, having not been able to find himself, he is plagued with difficulties, like Sync Skill mismatches, and difficulty in positioning. Shisui Uchiha "Eyes Inviting Illusion". The strongest pair of eyes make a comeback onto Konoha. Shisui Uchiha is a powerful Attacker and can Dodge his way out of many things.

His Jutsu and Secret gives him absolute damage on any character in the battlefield, and adds on to his already potent dodging power. Timing is key when playing him. Hashirama Senju "Bravery Unrivalled". What comes to mind when "Sage Mode Hashirama" is uttered? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the Shinsu Senju, which has a Vast Circle range. He mainly stacks ailments onto the opponent, giving them a world of pain.

His Sync Skills also feel very underwhelming. Sakura Haruno "TBA". Sakura's appears a Body-unit capable of nuking, support, and increased damage against Skill units. Her high multipliers give her the potential of extremely high damage, assuming she is boosted. Moreover, with all abilities, she heals health per turn, and gives an extra health behind.

A solid top-tier unit - her only downside is her jutsu's hit-boxes, which are ridiculously meagre. Naruto Uzumaki "Seal of Light". The first Anniversary still lingers like a legend. Six Paths Naruto can heal, tank, deal damage, and support. His Jutsu alone is self-sustainable for an Ultra Combo. All in all, great stats, but requires abilities and it cleverly masks his weakness - no Status Ailment inflictions. Sakura Haruno "Sheer Diligence". Maybe not so useless after all! Sakura in this form does everything and a bit more. She heals, tanks, gives Health Recovery Sealing and deals good damage.

She does not need her abilities to be useful, and she could dish out deadly damage as soon as her Secret is ready. Very painful! Sasuke Uchiha "Seal of Shadow". The first Anniversary keeps on coming back. This Sasuke has the title for being the only unit with the longest Immobilization in the game, with abilities at 5 turns. His already very well-balanced stats, perfect Slip Damage chance, and vast range Ultimate at an 8 chakra cost makes him ideal. He's just an old unit. Nagato "Reunion with Hope". Nagato does one thing: tank. Plop him in front of any mob and he will gladly eat every single attack, and restore his Chakra with it too.

It cannot be helped, as he is only Uzumaki. Minato Namikaze "Swift Flash".

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  8. Minato Namikaze always does his best for the village. His insane Multiplier-to-Chakra ratio just makes it laughable, too. His Jutsu Ignores Substitution, and Attack Weakens the opponent, while his Secret, in a perfect situation, deals 48, damage. For 6 chakra, he puts every other unit with that to shame. However, he is only there to deal damage. Support and Tanking is out of the question. Madara Uchiha "The Vilest Name". Released back in March of , Madara Uchiha received a Limit Break, allowing him to wreak more havoc on the field.

    His huge damage and large range allows him to control much of the field easily. He can also serve as a minitank and semi-support, going as far as not even needing abilities to be viable! Killer Bee "Completed Jinchuriki". Killer Bee shows time and time again to be a potent character with high damage.

    His Secret bypasses Perfect Dodge and hits the enemy with a juicy amount of damage. Outside of damage and healing, Bee does not bring much to the table. A good starter character to Limit Break, but outclassed later on.

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    Naruto Uzumaki "Child of the Prophecy". An Under 28 cost unit that still has not fallen out of the meta just yet, Naruto Uzuamki fully reprises the Child of the Prophecy role with his high damage Jutsu and Secret, with ATK Weaken on his Jutsu, and his powerful support. However, you need his abilities for him to be useful, and you need to Limit Break him too. Tobirama Senju "Enlightened Brilliance". Previously a fan favourite of players, Tobirama Senju is still going strong, albeit not as useful.

    He requires a Limit Break and his Abilities to be useful, but after that, he becomes a totally different ninja right after. His high damage, good tanking skill and ease of an Ultra Combo masks his disjointed hitbox weakness and his cost of usage. Pain Tendo "Endless Cycle of Battle". Pain Tendo gets a lot of flak for not being as useful, but underneath his useless abilities lies a powerful ninja.

    Pain Tendo lives up to his name of being the strongest Path of Pain. If used right, he can perform a back-to-back Secret between maps, but only if he has his Abilities. Kaguya Otsusuki "Between Love and Madness". This is a good Impact unit to farm. Kaguya Otsusuki is a Super Impact unit that gives good healing, good utility, well-balanced stats and AoE. Her Ailments may be short, but use them right and they will get you far.

    Unfortunately, her Field and Buddy Skills are not up to the task Madara Uchiha "Power of Life or Death". He holds the power to kill or revive.