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They're tired of blow-dried, tested answers that are given by political consultants to politicians and everybody sounds the same. I don't sound the same. And you know why? And if some people are offended by that, I'm sorry. Leader Cantor can't handle the truth when it comes to these tax subsidies for big oil, for corporations sending jobs overseas, for giving tax breaks to the wealthiest people in our country.

I had no objection as former speaker myself to the present speaker trying to reach some level of agreement -- some framework for how we go forward. That arrangement works if the speaker has votes.

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As they expect Democrats to vote for the agreement, the Democrats will have to be part of the agreement. Good Sunday morning.

That would put Democratic contributors at the maximum they are allowed to give national party committees for the cycle -- leaving them unable to donate to the party's congressional fundraising entities. While Obama continues to woo supporters at inexpensive fundraisers, his meetings with high rollers … could undercut the image he has tried to craft.

About donors have signed up to be Presidential Partners, one of three major programs to offer special access to campaign officials in exchange for contributions. They've committed to the president and there are no more phone calls. But Presidential Partners requires the extra commitment to the Obama campaign.

He speaks so softly that even his aides sometimes have trouble hearing him at events. He is making civility a cornerstone of his campaign, at a time when Republican voters are ravenous for red-meat conservative policies, and an epochal showdown with Obama. The GOP base, sensing weakness in Obama, wants a brawler, the sort of Republican who prospered in dozens of races in the mid-terms.

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Pawlenty is at 6 percent; Rick Santorum, a former U. If this trajectory continues, Messina et al should just take the next 16 months off.

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T-Paw ad started statewide on Wednesday; poll ran Sunday to Wednesday. LaFave, a widower and eventually raised a family of nine children. Michele received her high school graduation in after having studied at the Anoka High School. A meritorious student, she always remained a popular Straight - A student during her school days. Besides studies, she also took a deep interest in modeling as well and won the title of Miss Congeniality in the Miss Anoka competition.

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She received her B. She took a break of one year after obtaining the degree due to her marriage. Prior to her securing the degree, she studied law as a member of the first class of the O. She added an LL. She served the post until and left the job to become a full-time mother after the birth of her fourth child. In , Michele was part of the Presidential campaigning team of the victorious Democratic Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter. Indulging in local politics, Michele started protesting against abortion clinics by participating in different sidewalk counseling and pro-life protest events.

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