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To show forgiveness? How did that work out? Stories I've read of the Chinese torture of Koreans were brutal It's always fun to read a book with names of places that you've visited before. I love that! I'm sure it makes you a bit sad, though. He was a serious Christian and he did what Jesus did: forgave his punishers and loved the one who hurt him most. It came out well, the new son became a Christian. The oldest daughter then lived in the family of the killer - she had a hard time accepting her new brother, but she also believed in Christ's word to love the enemy. Not many Christians live so consistent with their faith.

There is an English version under the title The triumph of Pastor Son and an older work The seed must die by the same author. Yes, reading that book in memory of Suki was sad. I'm not sure I could have done the same thing were I in the Pastor's place. It's amazing that it's a true story. When a cat shows up they argue that the kitten has no parents like them therefore the kitten must stay in such a home as they live - and the director accepts the kitten in the home : everday stories of life of these children, short, fun read.

Yarn is always an attraction for furry friends. She was born in Switzerland, grew up in the castle of Beuggen near Basel and then in Jerusalem. Later she married the publisher Paul Kober in Basel. She tells her life up till she marries. A fascinating report of life in the Ottoman time in Jerusalem. She was fluent in German, French and english and apparently spoke some Arabic. She reports the different visitors and their visits to other people in the region, missionaries, sheikhs, emissaries from different countries, Arabs, Bedouins, Druzes, from the view of a woman coming of age.

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Very interesting. Short stories by this quite well known Swiss author. He tells about experiences he made and things he observed. He tells about some of the author readings he made or about taking part in a conference about literature in different countries e. Some are quite good. An easy read. Should a writer address politics and how should he do that? Especially when part of a political party the writer should be careful about ignoring the danger of neglecting the dictatorial behavior of that party.

An essay, first published , the same time as he wrote I grab those to put in the closet or chest, and by the time I get back, the cats are in the basket. Fuentes, the dictator of a Latin American country is confronted with a coup and plots his safe escape Johann Benedikt Zimmermann was drafted for the imperial Germany army in He was sent to China and then to Namibia Trudel was well known for accepting everybody into her houses and basically praying for their spiritual healing. Many experienced also a bodily healing.

So the medics of the time reported her to the court. But she was acquitted on all charges. When she died, Samuel Zeller took over as director. But then the authorities required a medical doctor in each institution who cares for mentally handicapped people. So they had to send all these people away. The stay there was free or very, very cheap. An interesting, inspiring biography. Published , it is still a useful commentary to the whole Bible on a 'conservative' basis. Very readable. Now I have to proof read the foot notes and annotations in the history of Basel 3 volumes - and that's just tedious work, but it is useful for the readers of that history book.

She was able to get it changed before the next printing which was coming up because it sold so well at a conference. She told me her publisher needed to hire me to do its proofreading and editing. I have been at a conference of the Kontaktmission International here in the Black Forest. I am on the board of Kontaktmission Switzerland. One of the leader's name is Keith.

But since the Germans usually pronounce the 'th' as 's', they called him Kies, which translates back to 'pebbles' - so that's his name now :. I have a friend whose niece is named Pebbles. My mom's maiden surname was Stein German for stone. That's not too far off! A study on the Aaronic blessing from Numeri 6, These lecture was given around , good, thoughtful reading.

The cohanim have been genetically linked via paternal line all the way back through bibliical times. Every Jewish New Year the priests assemble on the altar to say the priestly blessing. The priests are the conduits for the blessing. It's a beautiful blessing and one that my husband and I said over our children when they became b'nai mitzvah bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah. What made you read this book? Just curious. So I read Maria's Gobat's daughter biography of Samuel Zeller and so looked around for his writings and so I came across this Bible study.

And I am very much interested in the blessing as well, since we use it very often at the end of church services, conferences, camps etc. It is a grreat text, well formulated well, that depends on the translator, too , and can have a great influence on the one saying it and on the hearers. God blessed us, so we can bless others and 'lay His Name' on them. I never knew about the Christian use of the blessing.

The old man and his cat are sitting at the table. The cat wants to hear the story of his disappearance again. So, the old man Pettersson tells the story again. There was a lonely old man who got a visit by an old lady one day who brought him a box of 'Findus green peas'. But in that box there was a tiny cat which received the name Findus. But one day the tiny little cat has disappeared and Pettersson is very sad and searches everywhere for his cat I'm way behind Paul - glad to catch up with you. I love the picture of you and Suki - my dad has some great pictures with similarly crazy hair.

It's lovely that you keep a memoir of her on the thread in this way. And what did the author do to end up in jail in Texas?! What a fascinating perspective. I've really enjoyed looking at all the illustrations you've posted - for example the little kitten ears and the sandals are very evocative. So pleased to see you here again. Thanks for coming by. But she apparently wrote a series of children's books 'Miniatur-Bibliothek' and 'Kinder-Garten' with different stories.

I haven't seen these. And some were written or translated in French. Jane: Jane marries a man who is not the choice of her friends, but she doesn't care Footprints in the jungle: A man gets murdered in the jungle of Malaysia, the woman then goes to Singapore and starts a new life The door of opportunity: Anne and Alban come back from Malaysia to England, a happy couple it seems, but she is planning something else for their future Good reading. He grew up in a village in the North.

His father was the church bell ringer and was imprisoned for his faith and died under Japanese hands.

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As a schoolboy he witnesses the expulsion of the American missionary. He was close the the missionary's boy who had the same age. A good tale of these experiences in North Korea. It gives glimpses of the everyday life of village people under Japanese and the Communist oppression, also tells of the difficulties of growing up during the time of war. Sadly the translation is weak and the the text has lots of printing errors which makes reading a bit tedious at times. There was a bridge near his village which was bombed, later he broke his leg during the Korean war - the bridge from one culture to another was broken by the Japanese.

Yon, the main character often talks about bridges and broken legs referring, I guess, to the broken country Korea and his personal life. As the North was broken off from the South, a leg was broken off his body. The nation and the individual are both broken. It is not lethal but it hinders life tremendously - but there is also hope to recover and to use what is left well.

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Churches often don't grow, mainly because the people there are not so overwhelmed by the Gospel that they pass on the Good News. Cole started with cell groups of persons, a very intimate fellowship. They asked each other 10 reliability question beginning with Christian conduct, personal prayer and Bible reading, ending with 'Did you just lie to us?

They grew inwardly and so more often shared their experiences with God with others, so they multiplied and built new churches. I like his personal approach. The questions would have to be adapted to different cultures. One day a student from the city came to help with farming and later when slaughtering a pig. She later met him again when working in a restaurant and immediately knew: That's the man I'm going to marry.

Now she is old and widowed and looks back on her life - a very hard life with this man. What helps her in her last days in the old house, is a letter of Jasmin, a child's letter sayin I lov you so mutch A tragedy with a little hope in it. Paul - when I again study your top photograph, it's not Suki looking at your wild hair that I think of, rather that she's saying: "Okay, you win the bet, now let's GO!!!

We were up there in one of the most scenic landscape and couldn't see a thing. So, another tourist made a picture of us. We were disappointed, that I do remember. We then got half the price refunded and could travel up a few days later with much better weather - but no tourist made a picture of us then. Blanka is a brilliant girl in school, in a small village in Austria at the beginning of the 20th century.

She gives extra lessons to an uncoath boy of her class in mathemarics. She later wants to study. But then Adolf asks her to marry him and she is so intimidated that she abandons her Jewish faith and marries this Christian man. But he starts to beat her and makes fun of her faith and relatives. Later she gets pregnant and delivers a son but still he does not see a human in her, only a laborer and sex toy. She wants to escape that situation but how? She feels gullty for abandoning her faith and ancestors but feels no support in the church.

But one day she decides to run away A depressing story a quote: Die Juden sind der Sauerteig im Brot. The Jews are the leaven in the bread. Without them, the world would be bland. Hope it doesn't stop you having a good weekend. I like that quote, so I hope you don't mind copying it here. Visiting Paul C's thread reminded me of my own add-ons. So, I start again Brandt - It all began in a modest brick house at the corner of Dundas and Pinnacle streets in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, on February 26, Coetzee - There is an alley down the side of the garage, you may remember it, you and your friends would sometimes play there.

She gave it to me during her last stay at home. It's a collection of some of Luther's devotions. The first sentence is interesting: "Don't let me die unprepared! I take it as a hint for me: Am I prepared to die? During a concert in a Bavarian city, a man falls from the ceiling and kills a man just sitting down in his seat. A terrorist attack? Hubertus Jennerwein of the special police from Munich is called in and he finds a local mystery with international implications.

A good crime plot, the Bavarian humour is not always coming through. Januar bis 2. Guckt doch bloss! Das ist ja ein feuriger Elias, wie er im Buche steht! Clines - Discussions dealing with biblical methods of interpretation have become a veritable confusion of tongues. Sherlock Holmes, sein sollen, von der ich der Allgemeinheit zu berichten gedachte.

It appears you've been making some "Cranswickian" book hauls yourself! Hi Paul! I saw a post you made on someone's thread and have found you! It's nice to see you posting, reading, acquiring books, and etc. You're still missing Suki for sure, and I'm sorry for that. Great photo at the top, though! Love the hair and both your looks. The book life is going on as usual, as you have noticed.

I put some new flowers on the grave, made some cake, bought some tomato plants for our garden I can't say anymore: 'Guess, whom I met at the station? I am also a bit wondering about my professional future. Are there other things I could do with the rest of my life? Is God calling me into something different? So, it is a new beginning in many senses.

Don Camillo's niece is a normal teeanger whose father was killed by the communists and now she moves into the priest's house because her mother is helpless. Cat short for caterpillar behaves like a bulldozer and brings new life into Don Camillo's life. Fun read with some humourous lines about communism, social ideas, and the Catholic church. Eres became a Messianic Jew through his wife. But now she is dead and he loses all faith. Some years later he is seriously ill in a hospital where Priscilla Maroon is nurse.

She is Maronite Christian who was raped by Bedouines when guarding the sheep. But later she became an Evangelical Christian. After Eres has left the hospital they married and started with other Messianic Jews small communities in Galilee among Jews and Arabs, against much hatred by Orthodox Jews and Moslems.

A gripping story of faith, love and suffering in Israel. I couldn't find anything about the author. I wonder if the picture here on LT is the author Shlomo Drori or the singer or are they the same person? Sounds like an interesting story, although messianic Jews always make me a bit uncomfortable. I don't know anything about Shlomo Drori the author or the singer. Although I must say, that he put a bit too many different people into one single story, most of them becoming Christians. But there are very good dialogues about faith, comparison law - grace, prophecy - fulfillment. And good discussions about how to deal with hatred brought against those converted.

What I also learned is the word 'geschmattet', a term used for Messianic Jews, which sounds horrible.

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When I asked about the few Messianic communities in Switzerland, she first flatly denied the existence of Messianic Jews It sounds Yiddish. What does it mean exactly? Messianic communities are looked upon with disdain by Jewish communities. It's not that they are followers or believe in Jesus.

It's that they say they are Jews when the Jewish religion does not recognize Jesus as God or son of God. Jesus, to Jews, was prophet. Jews will accept if other Jews convert to a religion other than Judaism, but they do not want believer in Jesus to still be known as Jews. Therein lies the problem. Being a "liberal" Jew or even an atheist who is Jewish is along the whole spectrum of the Jewish religion.

Belief in Jesus as God or son of God is not. Thanks for posting the video. I wonder where the singer was performing, Everyone in the audience looks so bored! Meaning that a Jew is wearing proper clothes but a converted Jew only to Christianity is wearing only rags, torn clothes. So a Messianic Jew is torn to pieces. There are a few German texts from the early 19th century with that term. There is also a German word 'schmatten' but that means surrounding a rope with a tarred cloth for sailing.

Isn't the Halacha teaching that every child of a Jewish mother is a Jew? When the Bene and Beit Israel came to Israel the rabbis had to decide whether they are Jews or not, as far as I know based on ancestry and conduct. The Falasha Mura must first undergo a conversion from their Jewish faith to the proper Jewish faith. But later in life when an accepted Jew accepts Jesus as Messiah he is not a Jew anymore. Is that about the short and crude version of the question?

Then she married me, became a Swiss citizen, lost the Korean citizenship, and became a Christian, too. Is she not Korean anymore? Because of her we sometimes had this kind of discussion about identity. It was hurting her when somebody denied her Koreanness because of some legal paper or her faith. Yes, every child of a Jewish mother is a Jew. I don't know the rules, but I don't know if you can convert away your Judaism. The Falasha Mura are interesting.

I think that Israelis wanted to be sure that they were actually descendants of Jews Was that racism? I don't know. However, it later was proven genetically that the Falasha Mura Cohanim those of the priestly Cohen tribe have a genetic link to the biblical Cohanim. So how could they not have been "proper" Jews all along? Interesting about your wife. That reminds me of a time that a Jehova's Witness or maybe it was a Morman? We had a discussion about why I should convert to Christianity. I said I was fine in my religion and did not wish to convert. I then learned that her mother was Jewish.

I ended up telling her that she was, in fact, Jewish and that she should look more into her own self-identity. My husband is a native of El Salvador. My daughter, when she was young, came home from school crying because someone asked her, "What are you? Then there were the school forms. Was she Caucasian or was she Hispanic as if the two were always separable? I told her to be white when it was to her advantage and to be Hispanic when it was to her advantage, Crazy world we live in, eh? That's what I feel about Messianic Jews. They are not converted away, but converted to a certain Jew.

What I don't like are Christians who want to be Messianic Jews. A friend of mine is part of such community here in Switzerland. A Jew once told him in a 'prophetic' word, that he is a descendant from one of the lost tribes. Since then he uses a Biblical name and terms himself as a 'Messianic Jew'. We are still friends but I totally dislike his 'Jewish' behavior. He has a good understand of the Bible especially Pentateuch and prophets but he has no idea about modern Judaism.

Yes, it makes me sad, that one's race and color can used for one's own advantage or disadvantage. As you told your daughter, we are all humans. Interesting quote: 'In any case, in talking about the past we lie with every breath we draw. I feel an individual can be only one or the other. The two religions are mutually exclusive, IMHO anyway. In the US, we have a specific group that works against groups like "Jews for Jesus" who specifically target young Jews in an attempt to convert them to Christianity by saying they can still be Jews but they have to accept Jesus as savior.

Why can't religious people simply allow others to believe what they want? In educating my own children, I chose to give them a rigorous Jewish education by sending them to private Jewish school. Now they are adults. I hope they have a deep sense of religious identity with Judaism, but I don't try to "make" them do anything with regard to religion. They were given the foundation of what our ancestors believed. They can take that information and run with it. They are separate individuals. I wouldn't want them to become messianic Jews, though! The Christian theology is fundamentally based on Jewish ideas: creation, salvation, sin and forgiveness.

The behavior, the practical life, faith differs. One is still a Jew when having Jews in one's ancestry. One issue here is the sharing of something good which I experienced and which I want to share. I like to listen to such people. Thanks, Madeline, for your openness in these questions. I hope my English is not too hard. Sometimes I have to check a dictionary to find a word. My vocabulary is limited and I can't express all the nuances I'd like. Obviously Christianity originated from Judaism and inlfuenced its development.

Yes, there is a big difference between sharing and proselytizing. Like everything else in this world, it comes down to the question of Do you want to have control over another person or not? That is also the big question today, not only in religion, but also in politics It means that it's easy to know the right thing to do afterward, but it's hard to know ahead of time.

When in Jerusalem I had an interesting talk with a guy at a book stall near the Wailing Wall. Because of my questions he suggested me to enroll in a school Jeshiwa? With my beard and my seriousness I would fit perfectly I thankfully rejected that offer I am pleased to get to know you in person. It starts with a murder on a farm in Illinois in the s.

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An old man tells his tale about growing up then and how it these happenings came about. A slow motion story about life in a rural part of Illinois, of love, work, and breaking up of families. Sauwohl und Projekte", hat Johann Wolfgang Goethe am Alas, I am too far away. Welcome, that would be great. Bis sich das Flackern beruhigt und Formen annimmt. Wartet mal. Martin - There are none who can say with certain knowledge when the world began, yet this has not stopped many maesters and learned men from seeking the answer. Meet-up in Basel Dear Paul It was nice to meet you in person.

Thanks a million for your great city tour. You showed us corners, nooks and crannies that we would hardly have discovered ourselves. You also knew a lot to tell us about all the big and small sights. It really makes us feel like to stay longer another time. The time with you disappeared in no time and we hope to meet you again. We had a good time at the Tinguely Museum and now I know everything so that I can attend this with my school class. I'm glad you had a fun meet-up.

I love the meetups we have here. I was trying to plan one for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, over next weekend, but I had to cancel it for several reasons. I'm sure I'll get more chances. LT meet-ups are so great! You're right LT meet-ups are gorgeous. Later in the evening I was going to a book vernissage at the university library of Basel. Afterwards there was an apero managed by the same lady who did that at our funeral last year. How was the book vernissage?

Maybe we manage it to meet, somehow, someday. I don't know Latin, though, some of the explanations about the difficulties of translating theological Latin compared to Classical Latin were just beyond my interest But the approach Melanchthon had in his Loci and things like that were more to my liking. One important thing I heard, was the danger of the Abendland the Western world to lose its cultural memory because the knowledge of Latin is decreasing.

It is not much taught anymore and a lot of the texts are not yet translated, especially into German. Here is the book which I was giving by Barabara: Waiting for sunrise by William Boyd - It is a clear and dazzling summer's day in Vienna. Thanks again. Less and less learn Latin at Gynasium. The old-school profile is no longer so well attended. In many fields of study you do not need Latin anymore.

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Our younger daughter had Latin for three years, later she chose it off. Not that she did not care, but other issues are more important to her. A classmate of hers has translated as a graduation work a Latin text that has never before been translated into German. She got an award for it. And at present I have no inclination to travel to the USA. Although two of Suki's sisters are living there and have both invited me.

I was singing in a choir where we sang Palestrina and Psalms in Latin. It was a good apero especially since I didn't have anything to eat since Barbara, Thomas and I met then I have eaten a peach pie. I often come across Latin quotes in books, most of time I can guess what it is all about. Knowing some French, German and English helps. Heiri is a missionary from the Emmental, living in Brasil.

Here he tells different stories from his experience in the Eastern Amazon region. Pro Ribeirinho is a mission project with a river boat. They also preach the Gospel and support churches in the area. Nowadays there are all Brazilian workers in the team. But he used the wrong word, instead of 'parte', he said 'parto', which means 'birth'. So he actually invited her to have her birth I once shared a room with a Brazilian from that team, he didn't anything but Brazilian Potuguese One evening we were talking about our house and garden. Then he was trying to tell me something about 'carotas', indicating with his hands, that they were as high as his hips.

I thought about our carrots at home I didn't get what he was talking about. He laughed out loudly and then explained that Daniel was talking about his daughters, 'garota' meaning girl. Merk dir das! Eberhart - Auf einem Tisch standen Blumen. What is blessing? God blessed Israel and set it as a blessing for the world. Jesus blessed his disciples and sent them as a blessing to the world. We can bless - and we can curse with our tongues and hands, with words or with gestures. A small but meaningful booklet about God's and our blessing and being blessed.

Erich Schick was born 23rd April - so he would have been years old last month. He was a German pastor lecturing ethics at the Pilgermission St. Franziska visits the girl and babies next door. The babysitter tells her what not to do, but she does a stupid thing and then runs away and hides in the cupboard They were shown around and a good leave. Some even met their Swiss ancestors for the first time.

They met politicians, workers, farmers, went to the Alps and into the cities. Some became very fond of Switzerland. Interesting story and very nice pictures. We have no Generals in peace times. And it was still laying around at home, so that on May 1st I started reading it. Wish you a great weekend, too. Wish our world didn't have to be like this. Some US planes were violating Swiss airspace and were forced to land, some were shot down by Germans and could safely land more or less on Swiss territory.

Group: 75 Books Challenge for members , messages. About This topic is not marked as primarily about any work, author or other topic. Brandt Age of Iron by J. Mit einem Beitrag zur Rezeptionsgeschichte von Walter Feilchenfeldt. Amerika-Band Bentz Sonette des Lichts : Dorf Pfeffingen, It was such bad weather that they partially refunded our tickets : Recently we passed my friend, the alpaka, on a walk - reminded me of my hair - there are some undeniable resemblances : 8 paulstalder Feb 3, , pm I had a good time in the clinic if that's the right word. I'm glad you're joining us again.

Happy reading! Australien Jugendfilm Actionfilm; CDN, D Politthriller; GB Der Anruf. Nanny Sky du Mont Barbara Wussow Jude Classic: 2. Seite 23 Actionfilm; VRC Kinderfilm Jeder Traum beginnt mit dem ersten Schritt. Western Western; Ursula Buschhorn Teil 2 Jude Classic: 3. Thriller; F, B, L Thriller; GB Musical; Bakterien im Herzen Gila von Weitershausen Jude Classic: 4. Fantasyfilm; USA Christine Reinhart Tag Aegon Championships, London: 1.

Die Bombe Actionfilm; CDN Gangsterfilm; USA Patrik Fichte Tag Aegon Championships, London: 2. Actionfilm; USA, F California Claudia Rieschel Gerry Weber Open, Halle: 3. Tag Aegon Championships, London: 3. Tag Aegon Championships, London: 4. Tag Golf US Open Eleonore Weisgerber Actionfilm; HK Abenteuer FantasyAction; F Hope Motorsport Formel 1 Freies Training in Spielberg Die GartenSoap Fett — Das Experiment.

Into the Woods. Golf US Open Love Story; USA Katastrophenfilm; CDN Kriegsfilm Sportfilm; Simone Hanselmann On the road again Mysteryfilm; CDN Nick Wilder Religious; USA Into the Woods Thriller; Eva-Maria Grein Sci-Fi; GB, D Jan Hartmann Christina Rainer Eurasien Actionfilm; GB Agentenfilm; Monumentalfilm; E, F, I Fantasy Ein Fluch Fantasyfilm; CDN Live Golf European Tour Geniale Rezepte gegen Fernweh. Musikfilm; USA Horrorfilm; CDN Geniale Rezepte gegen Fernweh Weitere Infos siehe www.

Teleclub und Warner Bros. Ab Mai im Kino www. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Teleclub — Behind the Scenes! Diese beiden Gewinner durften einen exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen einer Fussballmatch Produktion werfen. Stand Mai Im Filmangebot warten unsere Leinwandhelden John. Fussballhelden Saisonstart Raiffeisen Super League Bundesliga Die Raiffeisen Super League: ab Juli auf dem Rasen und auf Teleclub.

Es lohnt sich, wenn alles stimmt, ansonsten kann genau so bleiben, wie sie sind. Die Reise wird zum blanken Horrortrip. Entertainment Inc. Weitere Highlights finden Sie auf den Folgeseiten. Als Tes einen geheimnisvollen zwei aufstrebenden Magiern. Walter ist am Ende, doch seine Frau. Denn nem neuen Modell macht. Unser Einrichtungspartner Di Di So Sehen Sie die besten Serien, bevor sie andere sehen.

Parenthood — 5. Staffel ab Mi, Staffel Agents of S. Staffel ab Mo, 8. Staffel The Comeback — 1. Staffel ab Mo, Defiance — 3. Staffel Proof — 1. Staffel Reign — 1. Staffel ab Di, Staffel Falling Skies — 5. Staffel Covert Affairs — 3. TNT Film zeigt ab A Time Warner Company. CHF 7. Juni, bis Sonntag, Juni, und Tier. Zum Schutz der Tiere riskiert sie rummel.

Ein Regisseur mit Kamera- sogar ihr eigenes Leben. Wie sehen Sie die einzelnen Erfolge? Es war ein intensives Jahr, das unvergessen bleiben wird, nicht Wimbledon erst in der dritten Runde geschlagen geben musste nur wegen des Davis-Cup-Sieges. Der Sieg als erst Roger am Turnier in Tianjin.

Doch auch bei den Frauen Potenzial hat. Johan Nikles, wert, den Tennis in der Schweiz innehat. Insofern haben sich — auch des Tennis. Es war die lich ist. Eine Der schnellste Tennisplatz Beim Rasen hat man es mit einem sehr schnellen, stumpfen Belag zu tun. Partie sehr viel aushalten, deshalb kann es vorkommen, dass die Eine sehr grosse.

Juni Sportart im geeigneten Umfeld zu beleuchten. Dass der Teleclub Wimbledon, Wimbledon: Seite 7 1 Letzte Ausstrahlung 56 1 Seite 9 1 Seite 28 Krimi; USA Horrorfilm; AUS Crime; USA Big Secrets. Letzte Ausstrahlung 58 1 Live Safe Seite 8 1 Letzte Ausstrahlung 60 1 Seite 50 Welt aus Staub Sci-Fi; Robert Durst Drama; 1 Letzte Ausstrahlung 62 1 Zeichentrick 1 Drama; USA Seite 19 Actionfilm; E Letzte Ausstrahlung 64 1 Das Mississippi-Monster Gefahr im Verzug Gesunde Energie Seite 8 FSK Seite 8 Drama; USA Seite 27 Freunde, Nachbarn, Gefangene Letzte Ausstrahlung 68 1 Lawinen Urzeitriesen in Bewegung Seite 50 Abenteuer; GB Letzte Ausstrahlung 70 1 Das Runde wird zum Eckigen Seite 14 Letzte Ausstrahlung 72 1 Letzte Ausstrahlung 74 1 Seite 11 Drama; CH FantasyAction; USA Letzte Ausstrahlung 76 1 Louis Seite 50 Actionfilm; N, D Letzte Ausstrahlung 78 1 Spielfilm; Seite 52 Seite 22 Seite 16 1 Krimi; 1 1 Letzte Ausstrahlung 80 1 D, A Seite 12 TCE Seite 28 Western; GB Letzte Ausstrahlung 84 1 Schreck lass nach!

Seite 17 Letzte Ausstrahlung 86 1 William Wilson Schwadron California Western; USA The Larry David Sandwich Letzte Ausstrahlung 88 1 Seite 11 1 Die rechte Hand des Herrn Letzte Ausstrahlung 92 1 Fett — Das Experiment 1 Western; E, USA Seite 50 1 Ruf der Wildnis Into the Woods Kinderprogramm; Drama; F, D Das letzte Mal Letzte Ausstrahlung 1 Drohne Seite 18 Actionfilm; VRC Mach schon, Affe Stunde Drama; Drama; USA, D Seite 17 1 Der Wert eines Mannes