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In my boyhood days In my boyhood days Often a god would save me From the shouts and from the rods of men; Safe and good then I played With the orchard flowers And the breezes of heaven Played with me. And as you make glad The hearts of the plants When toward you they stretch There delicate arms. O all you loyal, Kindly gods!

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They stand in the wild, Rising among each other; above which Surges a second mass, The roofing of rock. So it does not Surprise me he had Hercules as a guest, Far-shining, up from Olympos, Having left the Ishmos heat In search of shade, For though they had great fortitude In that place, spirits also need The cool. He therefore chose To travel to these springs and yellow banks With their ascending fragrance and black With firs, and these valleys That hunters love to roam At noon, when you can hear the growing Of the resinous trees of the Ister. Which almost seems To run backwards and Strikes me must come From the East.

Much could be said Of this. And why does he cling So steep to these hills?

Hölderlin's poems in English translations:

The other, The Rhine, ran off Sideways. There is a reason rivers run Through dry land. But how? How could He otherwise Descend? And like green Hertha, They are the children of heaven.

Three Little German Masterpieces

Yet this one here Strikes me as all too placed, barely Free, almost laughable. For when In his youth The day come of him to begin To grow, the Rhine is already there, Driving his splendor higher, champing at the bit, Like a colt, with the winds hearing His passage in the distance, While this one lies content.

But rock needs splitting, Earth needs furrowing, No habitation unless one longer; But what he does, the river, Nobody knows. Even though the poem points in the north-easterly direction with its opening phrase, a slight fear blows most readers away from the source and turns them toward the south-west.

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