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Giglio, Nick. Gilboa, Yehoshua. Reprinted from Shdemot, No. Gillespie, Manda. Gilman, Diane A. Gilman, Robert. Gimnig, Karen. Ginsburg, Tatiana. Russian community. Giovale, Hilary. Gizycki, Horst von. Gladstone, Arthur. Gladu, Cheryl. Glaser, Kristin and Eugene Gendlin. Glaser, Linda B. Glotzbach, Bob. Glover, Paul. Gobbett, Don. Goens, Arlene. Goering, Richard. Making It Happen.

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Grubb, Jason and Mason Vollmer. Gruneberg, Martin. Grzywinski, Ron. Guarneri, Carl.

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Guess, Josina. Gueymard, Marianne. Guyer, Cynthia. Gyhra, Jane. Haas, Ain. Haddad, Gabrielle. Haenke, David. Haenke, David L. Hagamen, Lindsay. Hagamen, Lindsay and Walt Patrick. Well, Sort Of. Haggard, Ben.

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Hartford Courant Editorial Board. Hartnett, Tim, Ph. Hassanein, Audrey. Hastings, Woody. Hauk, Marna and Emily Heindsmann. Hawley, Christina. Head, Marian. Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA. Healy, Janel. Heben, Andrew. Heider, John Frederick. Heidi and Joyce. Heitzman, Diedra and Jan Martin Bang. H[eller], C[hristina]. Heller, Christina. Hellman, Steve and Daniel Spiro. Helyar, Roger. Henderson, Denise. Henfrey, Tom. Hepburn, John.

After The Berlin Wall: Making Germany’s Armed Forces (Bundeswehr 1991 Documentary)

Hertzman, Ellen. Hierta, Ebba and Michael F. Reprinted from Contact Magazine. Hierta, Ebba. Hightower, Jim. Hildago, Enrique. Hildalgo, Enrique. Hidalgo, Enrique. Hildebrand, Stan. Hillendahl, Rev. Wesleyan Christian Community. H[iller], M[arty]. Hiller, Marty. EcoVillage at Ithaca. Hillis, Jane. Hinds, J. Hines, Dana. Hirsch, Audrey. Interview with Meg Christian, feminist musician. Hirsch, Stephanie. Hirsch, Suzanne.

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Holley, Marcia. Hollick, Malcolm. A Future History. Includes letters from Joyce Reimherr, Urban Mission, Philadelphia, on problems involved in creating a community, and Mark Alan Burch, reprinted from Alternate Society, which develops the idea of a community of communes. Holloway, Bill.

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Hollowell, Irena. Hollyday, Joyce. Holmes, Dale. Holstein, Alice A. Home, Marybeth. Hoppe, Emilie. Horton, Lucy. Horton, Scott and Diana Leafe Christian. Horton, Scott. Hovey, Jillian. Hoyle, David. Hoyt, Ann. Huckabay, Geoffrey. Hudson, Rick. Huff, John L. Hug, Hilary and Robin Bayer. Hughes, Ethan. Hughes, Ethan and Sarah Wilcox-Hughes. H[ummel], A[beja].

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Full text of "Degenerate art : the fate of the avant-garde in Nazi Germany"

How We Invented Student Co-ops. Jones, Katharina. Jongkind, Julia. Response to Schenk, Jim. Jordan, Mary. Jordan, Mary Kate and Charlie Stuart. Joseph, Linda. Joseph, Linda and Albert Bates. Joubert, Kosha Anja. Some mis-numbered pages. Jubera, Drew. Jud, Brother. Judson, Jerome. Kaldor, Mary. Kamp, Margaret. Kamp, Margaret and David Cooper Salamon. Kann, Elana, with Bill Fleming. Kaplan, Tobey. Kaplan, Todd. K[aplowitz], L[arry]. Kaplowitz, Larry. Karuna, Amara. K[ashtan], M[iki]. Kashtan, Miki. Kathy and Judy Lilith. Katz, Larry. Karum Collective. Katz, Sam. Kauth, Bill and Zoe Alowan.

Kay, Kiesa. Reprinted from Leaves of Twin Oaks April Keepin, Will. Kelch, Mark. An Unsuccessful Communal Endeavor. Kellogg, Scott and Stacy Pettigrew. Kelly, John. Kelly, Laura and Tomas Metzger. Kelly, Stephen and Becky Dominic. Kemble, Keith. Kemple, Megan. Kendis, Nikola. Kennedy, Declan.

Kennedy, Joseph F. Kenny, Michael. Kenny, Robert. Kent, Joe. Kent, Jon. Kepp, Michael. Kern, Diga. Kerr, Les. Kile, Gaia. Kilpatrick, Joseph. K[ilpatrick], J[oseph]. Kim, Grace. Kindig, Christopher. K[indig], C[hristopher]. King, Ynestra. Reprinted from Harbinger Fall Kinkade, Kat. Kinkade, Kat and Mildred Gordon. Decision by Dialogue, Part I. Decision by Dialogue, Part II. Reprinted from Whole Earth Review. Excerpted from her Is It Utopia Yet? Twin Oaks. Kinkade, Kat and Keith Davidson. Kirby, Peadar. Kirchheimer, Gabe. Kitch, Sally.

Kivel, Paul. Klaif, Marty. Knack, June. Koenenn, Connie. Kohl, Jon. Kolff, Helen. Kolff, Kees. Kolmerten, Carol. Kolsbun, Ken. Komar, Ingrid. Kontara, Werner. Kopecky, Arty. Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. The Directories give information on the officer assignments, whether they are on a ship or at a shore establishment, and can also give squadron assignments for aviators.

The Navy Department Library holds Directories from to These provide no more than a name and how much the individual received. In addition to civilians, commissioned officers are listed, but the information provided corresponds generally with what can be found in the Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. This source is particularly valuable for identifying officers assigned as naval attaches. The Navy Department Library has a collection ranging from to Callahan, Edward W.

New York: L. Hammersly, Lewis R. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35, separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

The contents of individual files include official biographies written by the Office of Naval Information, Change of Command or Retirement programs from special events held on the Washington Navy Yard, and a few obituary notices from the Washington Post. It should be noted that this collection derives from a considerably larger collection of officer biographies held by the Operational Archives of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

The general rule for the division of the two collections is World War II, with the Navy Department Library having the older biographies and the Operational Archives having the more recent biographies. However, there is considerable temporal overlap between the two collections. Accordingly, if one collection does not have a biography, the other collection might. A full listing of the manuscript collection is available through this link. Along with these official records, they are a resource for Oral Histories and a collection of personal papers of prominent naval personalities.

Below are links to information on Oral Histories and Personal Papers. US Naval Academy Nimitz Library - The Special Collections and Archives division of the Nimitz Library also has a manuscript collection that includes the personal papers of a select few naval personalities.

This link will provide information on who to contact for court martial records and board of review records. Many of the resources in this section are described in greater detail in other sections of this guide; however it is helpful to know a general outline where records may be found by timeframe. National Archives and Record Administration I - Official service records for Navy commissioned officers separated in or before , and Navy enlisted personnel in or before , are held by the National Archives and Records Administration at their Washington, DC, location.

Many items are available on microfilm. United States. Naval War Records Office. Office of Naval Records and Library. They are available in print in many academic libraries and have been digitized as a part of the Making of America collection at Cornell University. Above is the link to the collection. The National Archives College Park, Maryland location houses many of the documents related to Korea and Vietnam, such as deck logs and unit histories.

The Naval History and Heritage Command holds 30 years worth of documents, such as deck logs and unit histories. Information regarding this service may be found on the Navy Personnel Command website. Searching for individuals by the office they held can be difficult; however the Navy Department Library offers resources both online and in print. Both senior military officers and civilian officials are represented in the lists. These charts date from the s to the s. They provide little more than a name and the office they occupied, but are a wealth of resources for organizational structure.

Official Register of the United States. Washington, Coletta, Paolo. American Secretaries of the Navy. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, Love, Robert, ed. The Chiefs of Naval Operations. Reynolds, Clark. Famous American Admirals. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, Cogar, William. Dictionary of Admirals of the U. Often you may find pictures of individuals in yearbooks or cruise books. Below is a listing of the resources available in the Navy Department Library. These annual publications contain photos of the midshipmen and often a short description of their time at the academy.

Various years are held in the Navy Department Library. The Alumni Association website offers a locator service to members of their online community.