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Search our girl names by first initial here. Unique names are becoming more fashionable for baby girls. Stylish categories of unique girl names include nature names and place names, vintage names ready for revival and newly-created word names. These lists of rare and unusual names for girls can help you get started in your search. Here are our top lists of baby names for girls.

Top baby girl names! (Unique)

In This Section. How to Choose. Tips to keep the secret safe.

Baby Names for Girls. Baby Names: Sadie. We have some ideas. Choose one of these strong girl names. Get inspired here.

Unique baby girl names and meaning

You'll love this list of modern monikers. Baby Names for Boys. Baby Names: Mateo. How about one of these? Think about how the name will sound on your daughter. Is the name pleasant to hear or does it sound harsh? Most importantly, think if it will go well with the last name. Parents often look for a unique name to make their child stand out. Think about the mispronunciations of the name your daughter might be subjected to!

Research the meaning of the name to find a perfect one for your daughter. Several names are hugely popular, but have unpleasant meanings. When you are thinking of a name for your daughter, imagine her at a job interview, in a professional situation or giving a presentation to a client.

Naming your little princess is so exciting! Start the search for baby girl name here

The name might sound cute at her preschool years, but may seem annoying in the adulthood. The US National Bureau of Economic Research states that teachers expect less from students who have names with creative spellings. They also give less attention to them. This is one of the silliest mistakes ever. The middle name should be in the middle and not in the first place, no matter how much you love it.

Unique and uncommon baby girl names

If you are thinking of selecting a quirky name, think how the name will age. So take your time and think what you want your daughter to be known as! And do not forget to share your picks below! Was this information helpful? Yes No.

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