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Mirowsky conducted interviews with 1, mothers, asking about their current health, including chronic illnesses, mobility problems, and self-assessments of malaise and other problems. A different assessment of the long-term health of older mothers presents a slight complication, at least for women who want to have more than one child. After adjusting for social factors that affect health race, age, income, health insurance coverage, smoking , he compared the health status of two groups of mid- and late-life women: those who had any births after age 35, and those who had finished having babies by then.

Women who had had babies after age 35, Alonzo found, had higher systolic blood pressure, higher blood glucose, poorer health as assessed by a physician, and poorer mobility later in life than women who had had all their babies before It just means that two different studies came to two slightly different conclusions, and it would be mighty tricky to abide by both of them.

For the sake of her long-term health, this collective wisdom goes, a woman should have her first pregnancy at 34—and her last pregnancy before So for "long term health", collectively speaking, one should only have one child. I had my first child at 20 and my second at 37; I'm doomed!! It seems that they are missing the point The older women with babies have better health because they had a child making them run around and be active later in life. If someone had all their kids early, then when they are grown up, and mommy starts sitting on her butt like an old fart earlier in life, then yeah she's going to be less healthy sooner!

Maybe they should have also surveyed their daily activity level.

When Young People Suffer Social Anxiety Disorder: What Parents Can Do

Useless research is useless. These studies have 'flawed' written all over. You present an excellent reason why. Other reasons are older mothers likely have fewer children, have greater maturity so child-rearing is less stressful, in stable relationships, older fathers likely more helpful, greater family wealth. One thing not mentioned is the ethnic breakdown. White mothers being likelier to be older than minority mothers, there's probably a significant discrepancy in socio-economic conditions between these groups. My name is Camille bruno Valdez my partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now, We were going to a fertility clinic for about 5 months before somebody told us to contact this spell caster who is so powerful, We contacted him at this email; arewaspecialisttemple yahoo.

And I'm glad we came to Dr Dahiru, Because his pregnancy spell cast put us at ease, and I honestly believe him, and his gods really helped us as well, I am thankful for all he has done. My name is Camille bruno Valdez my partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now, We were going to a fertility clinic for about 5 months before somebody told us to contact this spell caster who is so powerful, We contacted him at this email; arewaspecialistttemple gmail.

I want to share a great testimony on this website on how great Priest Babaka help me in falling pregnant,me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for over 4years,but they where no luck so we decided to contact the family doctor and after all the test have been done,he said to us that my fallopian tube is not functioning. God will bless you and your good work more and more. I am recommending your program to all my friends. God bless you! This article addresses very well the question of what age it's best for a woman to have a baby in this day and age. But let's think about society and how it evolves and the needs of future generations.

Given that the optimal biological age for a woman to have a baby is in her youth, surely it would be better for us to try and shape our society so that it offers couples of that age adequate financial and social support to have children earlier, thus avoiding the negative consequences of having children early.

Trying to force our bodies to adapt to our modern lifestyles isn't going to work. Evolution doesn't happen that quickly. Look at the effects of high-fat high-sugar diets and sedentary lifestyles. We have to eat food our bodies have evolved to eat. We have to maintain levels of activity our bodies have evolved to require to remain healthy. Likewise, if women's bodies have evolved for their optimal child-rearing time to be in their early twenties, we have to shape our society accordingly.

Guaranteed financial support for mothers is a start. Educating young people better so that they are ready to have children early in their adult life is also essential. Why are we socially maturing 10 years after we biologically mature? Doesn't that point to a seriously flawed upbringing? Why do we have such low expectations of our young people?

If a parent observes these signs, a doctor or mental health professional can help evaluate the child and determine if the disorder is present. Additional support and accommodations at home can support recovery. We need parents to take a look at themselves and how they are helping their child navigate their way into these sorts of everyday social interactions, rather than avoiding or going around them.

Parents can be sensitive to the anxiety these situations cause without isolating their children from them. With the help of professionals, parents can learn to be exposure therapists, encouraging and supporting a child through the social situations that cause anxiety. See how one teen overcame social anxiety disorder with the support of her mother and exposure therapy. The important thing to remember about social anxiety disorder is that there are effective ways of turning this around. Anxiety is a natural emotion and we all have the ability to harness it; some kids just need extra help developing those skills.

But when they do learn these skills, it is so heartwarming to see how their world opens up and their lives improve. It is what has kept me working in this field for almost 30 years. I feel discomfort in speaking in public because first thing is hesitation and second my voice is not loud I want to finish this fear.

I have social anxiety around my dad : I feel bad for him because he is sad that I don't talk to him I wish I coudl fix my social anxiety I hate it! I always need someone I'm comfortable with near me while talking to a stranger, docter, officer, etc. I cried when I read the bulleted warning signs. Idk I just did. It's the first time I found something that accurately describes me. It's all ridiculous. I haven't talked to my mother about this topic but I did ask what I was like when I was a child.

Based on what she said, I'd say this problem gradually worsened as I started to age. I'm making things unnecessarily hard for myself with this ridiculous problem. I don't really feel comfortable going to the doctors to be diagnosed. I wish there was a way to overcome this. Maybe my upcoming exams have taken a toll on me, being emotional is stupid.

I'm 16 and i struggle with anxiety. I've been tossed medicine to medicine, so no leave in the pain. I can't go to the movies with out freaking out and puking, my life is limited to my room, school, sometimes friends houses, which makes my stomach upset and i feel gross. I take college prep classes at my school, and bc of my anxiety, It takes everything out of me to get up and present a power point i have a D.

I am always at edge and i feel so restricted, i want and need a silver lining in all of this. I do have a rough past family problems , but i've done everything to bring myself up and out of all of this dark illiberal restriction of life and happiness. I just want to scream, until i do not feel anymore. I also receive little understandment from my guardians.

Its so hard to feel ok, when others don't mock or try to understand. Hello my daughter is 16 and I think she is suffering from anxiety not sure she always in her room and don't really like to socialize with people she also tell me when she in school and has a big test that her grade depends on she blanks out and can't focuz well and then fails the test is this a sign of anxiety should I get her help.

I am 13 and school is really a struggle for me. When I am called on I just go blank and my face turns beet red. My friends tease me about how I blush about everything and I feel like no one understands. I am scared to talk to anyone, including my parents, and I am starting to worry. I am stuck.

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My parents just joke about it too. I can't even talk to a friend I see everyday without having anxiety. I want help but I can't tell anyone. I'm sorry you are feeling this way, but you are not alone. I promise you that things definitely get better. Start by checking out Social Anxiety websites and blogs. You will quickly discover that turning red and going blank are the body's reaction to false thoughts that are interpreted as real.

This is hard to grasp for anybody but especially at your age. And understand that your parents may not take your anxiety serious because they want you to not take it so serious. However, the mind takes time to change, but change it will. Keep me posted.

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  6. I'm pretty sure I'm going through this right now. I'm 16 and as much as I want to go to school to get an education, I can't bring myself to go. I hate how I'm spending my teenage years locked inside my bedroom. I've only told my mom but she doesn't really understand what I'm going through, I mean she's a sweet woman but she didn't even know what anxiety was Luckily she's finally made an appointment with my family doctor, which I'm incredibly nervous about meeting.

    I had so many plans for the future but I don't even know how I'm suppose to get my life back, or how I'm suppose to make up all the school I've missed in order to graduate with my friends. My life is falling apart and I don't know how I'm going to put it back together. I am 17 and I'm having the same problems. We are waiting on a therapist visit next week so she can hopefully begin a road to recovery. I love my daughter more than life itself, however I would get so frustrated with her because I want to help and I had no clue where to begin I had social anxiety all through middle school and high school.

    I always had this idea that some day it would get better, and things would be better. I feel like no matter what I do though, I cant get seem to get away from social anxiety. I had this idea when I was younger that one day I would grow out of it, but being 21 years old now, I still suffer from social anxiety. It really helps to have someone you can talk to and feel comfortable around, it's a great feeling when you have a person or even a few people in your life who you don't feel anxiety around, however for the most part when it comes to interacting with people I just feel so abnormal and lost, and it never feels natural.

    I instantly feel uncomfortable when I'm around people, I wish it was easier to talk to people, and more than that, I wish i felt more comfortable being around people. My 14 year old daughter was just diagnosed with SAD and I'm so glad she came to me and her step father to discuss the issues she was experiencing. I, too, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I'm currently taking medication to treat mine which is helping a lot. The doctor agreed that she needed to be medicated as well due to the level at which her anxiety has gotten. She has been silently suffering for more than an year so I'm open to the medication route for her at this time.

    I encourage every mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, friend, etc to please pay attention to our young kiddos. I knew something wasn't connecting with my daughter when I noticed the isolation and sudden outbursts of tears. After many conversations and prayer, we found a doctor who was willing to connect and she's someone my daughter felt comfortable talking to. I know the road ahead of us is long, but with the support of her family, school and now her doctor, we'll get through this! Anxiety is a very scary thing to experience as an adult, I can't imagine having to "deal" with it starting high school.

    I have a 22 year old son who suffers from this. Some of the posts sound just like him. It is hard as a parent to know what to do. I get advice from friends that is really not helpful at all since they cannot imagine what it is like. People just don't get it. I had one psychologist who told us as we were leaving that he won't be living at home in 10 yrs, as if to wonder why we are so worried. That right there made me realize she doesn't get it. The hard part is he doesn't want to get any help because he doesn't believe it will help.

    He does not like to talk about this at all. I've tried setting some goals for him, which he has met some but they are few and far between. He doesn't work or go to school. He sees one friend once in a while. He won't go out by himself, except to take a ride around the neighborhood and sometimes the library. I, too feel the same way ma'am. I am an 18 year old girl and socializing with people is really not on the top of my list that I'm good at.

    You don't legally have to go to school.

    I'm scared also that because of this disorder, I may not be able to study well in my school and have bad grades. The same with working. I just want you to know some of the things that's running through our heads that leads us to become this way. I have depression, I'm always sad and lonely. I don't talk to people because they will think that there is something wrong with me or that I'm weird causing them to stay away from me. I'm always overthinking to the point that I don't sleep very well. Sometimes in the night I would sleep for example at pm but I would soon be awake at because I can feel my heart beat fast because of nervousness to go to school.

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    4. I find it hard to approach people. My parents always tell me to not to be stupid and just talk to people but they can't see and I cant explain to them that it is not easy. Your son is very lucky to have an understanding mom like you and I suggest that you don't give up on him because deep inside he is really calling for help and I think that he doesn't want to talk about it maybe because he himself doesn't accept the fact that something is wrong with him and needs help.

      Hi Scaredcat, I'm sorry you feel this way, but I can promise you that things do get better. I'm a 52yo father who has had some success dealing with people professionally and socially. But many years ago , I experienced the same thing you are going through now. Even now I still experience SAD but with way less frequency and severity. I have researched this subject for many years and have found some things that help a little and some things not at all. But the one thing that has helped me tremendously is learning how the mind actually works.

      In a nutshell , your thoughts are not real. The mind convinces us that our thoughts are real and we should listen so we will be safe. However, the truth is still that our thoughts are not real. The mind is not our enemy, it just thinks that by keeping us away from people keeps us safe. How did it get this bad info? Maybe genetics, maybe bad early experiences, maybe just wrong thoughts that become habitual negative thinking!

      You seem like a smart girl, so do your homework and discover what neurophysicist and quantum physicist say a thought actually is check out Neuroplasticity. Second, sometimes being introverted is not so bad and usually shows a sign of deep thinking check out the book "Quiet".

      Becoming a parent is the greatest identity change we go through

      Most of all, start becoming aware that your endless repetitive thoughts are not real. He's pretty much screwed. I'm in my forties and just lucked into my job. Outside of that, I have nothing else in my life. I curse my parents for bringing me into this world. Glad to hear you're progressing. Just keep in mind that it's a work in progress and don't judge yourself too harshly when your mind falsely tells you ,"you failed".

      Btw, meditation can be a great tool to bring about more awareness of overthinking and falsely supplying the thoughts of others. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts and I think your a brave soul for educating parents such as myself about this issue God Bless you and best wishes for your recovery Thank you for your thoughtful comment sir.

      I like the part when you said that "our thoughts are not real. I'm glad to say that I am now progressing to be better and try to boost my confidence especially now that I'm in my college year. It seems that the more I try and i mean really try to be communicative to others, the more that I am becoming confident with myself. Though sometimes those "thoughts" still come to haunt me. I still cant say that I'm over with having SAD. But now, I think I'm doing great.

      And I still want to be involved in this thread so that I can share my experiences to other people having the same problem and to learn from them as well. Hello all, I'm 14 years old and I can't figure out what my psychological problem is. I researched about social anxiety the symptoms seem to somewhat fit me, yes I get anxious when talking to adults specifically, but I don't exactly have a "phobia" of interaction, I just hate interaction thats my problem. If I meet someone new I can either be really charismatic if they're just like me which never happens lol and I'm very very very frightened of running into someone from school in a public place which is the reason I NEVER go out, and I mean never.

      Literally, I hate the malls, I hate the cinemas, I hate restaurants, I hate parks, I hate everything that isn't my house. The reason is because I've been verbally and psychologically roughly abused by my classmates all years round, as I recall ever since 1st grade. So because of that I really hate people. I use kids from school only to hang out with so I can avoid bullies. No one from school or In real life interests me at all, that's why all my friends are online. I had severe OCD when I was 12 that kept me up at night sometimes, but gladly it's gone now. My parents also verbally abused me as a child and till now they get angry because I never hang out with my "friends" and I'm always at home as if im a shut in.

      They wouldn't take me to a psychologist because they're not financially stable enough Theyre very costly here and they think I'm crazy if I see one. Shockingly enough I'd rather have adult friends but the whole idea of friends just doesn't make sense to me, I feel like the lack of human interaction caused me to be a bit cold and emotionless at times, whenever I think of school I get a bit sweaty. I run away from all my problems. Even my shut in friends get mad at me when I tell them I don't want to hang out.

      Im yelled at and scolded in P. Join the discussion in the comments below. Call: or Get Assistance. We will be in touch with you soon. Senior Living Blog.

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      By : Sarah Stevenson. Pin It. Here are 20 facts about senior isolation to help you stay informed: 1. Senior isolation increases the risk of mortality. Feelings of loneliness can negatively affect both physical and mental health. Perceived loneliness contributes to cognitive decline and risk of dementia. Social isolation makes seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse. LGBT seniors are much more likely to be socially isolated.

      Social isolation in seniors is linked to long-term illness. Loneliness in seniors is a major risk factor for depression. Loneliness causes high blood pressure. Socially isolated seniors are more pessimistic about the future. Physical and geographic isolation often leads to social isolation. Isolated seniors are more likely to need long-term care.

      52 Of The Shittiest Life Hacks Ever That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

      Loss of a spouse is a major risk factor for loneliness and isolation. Transportation challenges can lead to social isolation. Caregivers of the elderly are also at risk for social isolation. Loneliness can be contagious. Lonely people are more likely to engage in unhealthy behavior. Volunteering can reduce social isolation and loneliness in seniors. Feeling isolated? Take a class. Technology can help senior isolation — but not always. Physical activity reduces senior isolation. We Can Help! Our local advisors can help your family make a confident decision about senior living.