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The train is powered by a perpetual motion machine that requires children to keep it functioning. Boiled down, we have a vehicle that contains all of humanity, runs on human sacrifice and breaking the laws of physics, and is surrounded by an accidental ice age.


Try running that sentence by studio executives and see if they green light your spec script. But apply the same logic to any post-apocalyptic movie and trim the fat away from the reasoning behind it and you find that ultimately the genre itself is rather absurd — not because apocalypses themselves are irrational, but because our need to make humanity the focus of everything is.

Inevitably these movies, Snowpiecer included, center around a person or a family because we have to be made to care about the possible end of the species. We demand that our narratives focus on individual lives and tragedies because it is too difficult or too confusing to comprehend mass extinction. At the end of the movie, the only apparent survivors are a young woman and a boy who find a polar bear. The scene is brightly lit in white of the snow and it is treated as a happy ending with a suitably hopeful turn in the score.

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But think about what we are seeing. The two survivors cannot breed for at least a few years even if one allows for post-apocalyptic statutory rule bending and they are the last two humans anyway, meaning that the species is effectively extinct. We, as viewers, want and expect even our post-apocalyptic movies to come with happy endings. We want the family to be reunited, the unreasonably burly protagonist to be misogynistically rewarded with an attractive woman for his heroism, the human race to have that glimmer of survival hope which we can immediately assume is actually a guarantee of survival.

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So the movie gives these things to us. Kind of.

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And none of them hold up to even a moment of actual consideration. He does a good job of acting in this movie.

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He sells emotion very well, whether he is dealing with betrayal or guilt or determination. That compliment counts double if he was in on the Snowpiecer meta-commentary, but his character Curtis no more holds up to scrutiny than the idea that Yona and Timmy will befriend the hungry polar bear. The heroic leader of the rebellion and champion of the little people ate a baby. The moment of confession in the movie is played as highly emotional and even kind of liberating. But it still amounts to the movie having a laugh at its audience and its willingness to excuse.

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  5. With the costly advances in medical care, Paul can be kept alive for years, but he only wants to be kept alive long enough to see his son again. Isolated and in this tenuous state Paul is bombarded by the recollections of his life: his days of student protest, Vietnam, his hopeful marriage, his bitter divorce and the solitary existence he chose afterward. He urgently struggles to make sense of his life and find a peace that has eluded him up until now.

    The Baby Boomers are getting older and while their health care is a right, death is a fact. Corruption exists at every level now.

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    This is just another sign to us all what we can expect now. To out smart the system we need to move outside their arena completely. The election result for Wiki Leaks has certainly been disappointing despite the good work of its supporters. Such as supporting the Julian Assange or other whistleblowers.

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    It makes them quite uncomfortable. They need to be replaced. It was corruption to the core! But the stories of the victims never come to light. Hence, the extent of it is never revealed and people honestly do not know that such corruption exists. I did not know before I became a whistle blower calling for more transparency and accountability in the property valuations industry. I found out the true extent of the corruption when my company was taken down by a solicitor in a 5 minute Court Hearing. I lost everything I had worked for over 25 years in five minutes.

    This is one of the rare cases where certain people were able to make enough noise and the matter was not permitted to slip under the carpet. All but one never got there money back and meanwhile the de-barred solicitors now owns several beachside properties How many of these same solicitors have gone on to become politicians. Can Wiki Leaks make it part of its mission to act locally and individually expose corrupt politicians and corrupt solicitors.

    Help us tell our stories.

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    Collectively, our stories speak volumes too big to ignore and collectively the truth will out. Neds daughter — Fair go. Only Clive Palmer did better as far as votes were concerned for a new party and his financial resources appeared endless. Text formatting is available via select HTML. In Uncategorized. The Conflict in Syria and WikiLeaks Party privacy Ingrid September 14, at pm. Neds Daughter September 13, at am. Adrian Jackson September 13, at pm. Wikileaks did not stand candidates in Queensland.

    Ben September 12, at pm. Very eloquent.

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    You shall have my support for as long as you persevere with this cause. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Syria: Light at the End of the Tunnel May 17, WikiLeaks Party News 55 comments since May 7, A new force on the political block 29 comments since May 23,