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Almost species of hard and soft corals have been found to form the 5,km2 of reefs in the Solomons. These reefs absolutely teem with life, from titan trigger fish, green and orange neon slugs and superbly coloured sea fans to the full food chain of creatures including large schools of jacks and barracuda, all the way up to the cruising grey reef sharks. Aircraft, ships and submarines litter the sea floor and now serve as artificial reefs attracting corals and fish life as well as fascinating records of world history.

Some wrecks are shallow enough to be snorkelled.


From American oil tankers and navy destroyers to New Zealand mine sweepers and Japanese seaplanes, the diving is sensational and evokes vivid memories of WWII. There are plenty of opportunities for world class snorkelling, diving and underwater photography throughout the islands but sites in the Western and Central Provinces are among the most popular.

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The idiom water under the bridge comes from the image of a stream flowing under a bridge—the water that flows under the bridge will never return just as a bad experience has passed for good. While time has long been likened to running water, the saying water under the bridge dates back to the 19th century.

Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words. Previous Word: water ice. Next Word: wavy. The density of water also causes problems that increase dramatically with depth.

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The atmospheric pressure at the surface is For solids and liquids like bone, muscle and blood, this added pressure is not much of a problem; but it is a problem for any air-filled spaces like the mouth , ears , paranasal sinuses and lungs. This is because the air in those spaces reduces in volume when under pressure and so does not provide those spaces with support against the higher outside pressure.

The danger of pressure damage is greatest in shallow water because the ratio of pressure change is greatest near the surface of the water.

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Any object immersed in water is provided with a buoyant force that counters the force of gravity , appearing to make the object less heavy. If the overall density of the object exceeds the density of water, the object sinks.

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If the overall density is less than the density of water, the object rises until it floats on the surface. With increasing depth underwater, sunlight is absorbed, and the amount of visible light diminishes. Because absorption is greater for long wavelengths red end of the visible spectrum than for short wavelengths blue end of the visible spectrum , the colour spectrum is rapidly altered with increasing depth. White objects at the surface appear bluish underwater, and red objects appear dark, even black.

This depth is dependent upon water clarity, being only a few metres underwater in a turbid estuary, but may reach up to metres in the open ocean.

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At the euphotic depth, plants such as phytoplankton have no net energy gain from photosynthesis and thus cannot grow. There are three layers of ocean temperature: the surface layer , the thermocline , and the deep ocean.