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Brian and I had the good fortune to meet Colleen early on in our bookstore career. We've had people pick it up as an impulse purchase along with many people due to word of mouth. Tree Spirited Woman A story of spiritual awakening and life enrichment "Tree Spirited Woman is the intensely beautiful story of This [book] is a warmly recommended compendium of spiritual insights, experiences, and observations [and] is inspired and inspiring reading.

With Tree Spirited Woman as her guide, she learns to "let go and trust" in love, personal relationships, and, ultimately, death. The simple philosophies for living flow through each of the chapters. This is a book that can be read and reread, with deeper understanding and personal awakening culled from each visit to its pages.

Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Tree Spirited Woman. Description Embark on a personal journey of spiritual awakening and life enrichment as you discover Tree Spirited Woman's unique perspective on lessons for life. I inspire and mentor other leading visionary women around the globe to share their unique gifts and as a result, contribute to incredible change on the planet.

I have the unique ability to see the highest potential in each being and my unique brilliance cultivates an alignment at quantum speeds with that higher self, so that it is expressed in the world in a way that creates a transformative healing ripple effect. My approach in transformative business is based on bringing together the feminine energies of collaboration, intuition,.

I passionately guide many women visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors and world changers on how to live their highest potential, implementing evolutionary ideas in their businesses to expand their impact in the world and dramatically increase their prosperity. In my free time, I enjoy being with my husband and two sons, ages five and eight. We love traveling to the beach as much as possible, boating, hiking, riding bikes, swimming, and reading.

My own personal passions are running, yoga, kayaking, sewing, painting, and singing or learning anything new of interest. She promotes these ideas in Preservation News. E-Mail: susanrothaicp yahoo. I was born an "edgewalker," a "paradigm pioneer" - meaning that I walk easily between the worlds of business and spirit. I surf ahead of the wave, I explore outside the box. All my life I have intuitively felt that I have a unique perspective about business that combines heart and mind - this guided me 20 years ago to follow my path, often navigating uncharted waters while being led to my passion, Transformative Business from the Heart.

I delight in working with women worldwide to align their purpose in both life and work, and to take their leadership to the next level. My philosophy is that we "reinvent success from the inside out" when we "reclaim our wholeness. My educational background also reflects the integration of two strong passions of mine: I have a B. But before I could effectively offer my idea of Transformative Business from the Heart, I had to trust that I would find - and become - the person I was born to be.

My journey of discovery has involved traveling, expanding my network, reclaiming my wholeness, and letting go of the limiting beliefs that kept me from being authentic. Some of the adventures I enjoy most, I've found, are swimming with dolphins in the wild and whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon. My parents' background made me feel comfortable about traveling: my father was an American Airlines pilot, and my mother was a travel agent. There is a disconnect between people's hearts and.

But this problem can be resolved. Transformative business and leadership from the heart are timely for our planet's evolution. Integrating the feminine spirit - valuable qualities such as compassion, collaboration, and cooperation - into business is key to creating harmony and balance. My passion is to empower women to integrate their heart, soul, mind and body, through retreats, workshops, keynotes, coaching and teleclasses. A huge, fundamental shift is happening now in the world that is calling us to engage our hearts in our work, and calling on our spirits to awaken!

I am sure that I was born to bring this message at this time. I am inspired and ready to help other women in business make a difference, by using their full potential - heart, soul, mind, and body. For more information, see www. Patricia Varley Transformative Business Leader By integrating our hearts, minds, purpose and vision, we can transform ourselves, our work and our world! I also lead transformative retreats for women. E-Mail: patricia patriciavarley. E-Mail: petersandbrown cox. Rainbow Mystics Marilyn Miller Being prosperous is not an accident.

Many Americans have kept or regained wealth using spiritual principles to survive business loss, recessions, even the Great Depression. Increase your own abundance by overcoming blocks and gaining confidence. RDesign, Inc. Creative Catalyst, Raffi Darrow Do you long to work with graphic and web designers who know what they are doing? Achieve your marketing goals with some bright ideas from RDesign! We can design anything that can be printed, we build web sites and Wordpress sites, and we help with online social networking, like Facebook.

E-Mail: raffi rdesignonline. What does fabulously successful mean to you? For me, it means opening up to all of the possibilities in your life, expanding your horizons and giving fully of yourself. It is for this reason that I chose this phrase as the name of my personal and professional transformation company: Fabulously Successful. Yet how do you live to your optimum when you are not even sure how to take the first step? It is the first step that is the hardest because we get caught in the routine of our daily lives.

Do you sometimes feel your life is in neutral, that you are simply coasting and everything seems a bit flat? Yet at the same time, you feel there is a spark inside you, a knowing that there is more to experience, more to live and more to give? I understand how you feel. There was so much swirling around in my head that it was hard to make sense of how I was actually feeling.

A not-so-happy ending to a fairy tale marriage had left me heart-broken and in search of a new life path. In the 17 months that led up to that plane ride I had seen my world rocked like I could never have anticipated. Determined to make my life whole again after the divorce, I found a job in the booming telecommunications industry, bought a red convertible sports car, began volunteering again, and cried harder and hurt more than I ever had up to that point in my life.

The true transformation came, though, when I decided to move to Paris: a new country, a new language, and a new dream. Transformation can happen at any time in your life, as long as you are open to the wondrous opportunities brought your way. In the time since I have moved to France, I have traveled the world, met inspiring people, worked with amazing women and created a loving family life with my new husband and our three sons. My specialties include working with other expats, working moms and overworked executives.

Through my individual and group coaching, lectures and writing, and expat outreach, I am reaching women throughout the world.

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I believe it is your birthright to feel joy, to experience life at its best and to immerse yourself in the possible. It is your life, it is your time, seize it! E-Mail: Rebecca RebeccaMatias. Then look no further. SuperE Worldwide provides millionaire training for a new class of Super Entrepreneurs.

We inspire people to challenge their assumptions about business and themselves, and then teach success principles to create financially successful and world changing futures. E-Mail: annette annettecomer. Find Out How to Be in the Directory! More than 70 Every Woman Visionaries - from six countries and over 25 states participated in our Directory - our inaugural issue.

Presently, we have 15 categories and over listings - we'd like to offer more. Have more women involved from more countries, and more states. Expand our reach and have an abundance of new profiles and listings. What makes this Directory special? It is a by-invitation-by-referral-only Directory.

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Effective thereafter, our rates will go into effect. The Directory will be released in December To be considered for the Directory, please go to www. I'm living proof that people can go through a major life change and cannot only survive, but thrive. After years of frustration and anxiety, I decided to leave my proper Yankee upbringing, traditional education and competitive sports career behind to pursue my true passions. It's been 20 years and I haven't looked back. Now, as a life coach wearing many different hats, I'm helping others around the world do the same. Not many at an early age know exactly what we want to do "with the rest of our lives.

I have experienced many forks in the road: 1 living with someone who has been depressed for his entire adult life; 2 reclaiming my "voice" to speaking my truth; 3 setting boundaries; and 4 learning to let go of having to do it all. At times I felt lost, alone, unable to make decisions; and I wondered if I would survive this inner turmoil. Was I wearing cement boots? If I wasn't forced to open road blocks, I would not be where I am now.

When we step out of our comfort zone we allow ourselves to experience our fears. I was tired of being wrapped in the blanket, cocooned. It's when we feel uncomfortable and challenged that the best learning moments take place. Trust me, I know! What's staring you in the face today? What steps do you need to take to accomplish your goals? I'll be whispering in your ear, "Start where you stand. One can often hear me say, "Every life has its share of expected and unexpected trials. With a life coach or mentor by their side individuals can not only get through hard times, but can develop the authentic life they always wanted.

What's my approach? One of my clients said, "Equal parts honesty, playfulness and genuine compassion, is what's earned Sallie accolades from clients, colleagues and radio show guests alike. Without all the obstacles and layers holding them back, I watch them bloom! Bodacious Possibilities Life Coach, Tracy Coan Tracy Coan is a life coach, brainstorming specialist, workshop guide, and succulent, bodacious, wild woman, all rolled into one. She sees possibilities and hope in everything.

Tree Spirited Woman

Tracy believes there is greatness within each person. Working as a team, she will assist you in awakening and championing your dreams. E-Mail: tracy bodaciouspossibilities. E-Mail: vickilickorish yahoo. By age 31 I had been married, divorced, and re-married to the same man! As you can imagine, I hit a deep low after my husband died, and I wallowed in my own self-pity. Then a few years later I had another hard wakeup call I know, can you believe it? After a series of unexplained illnesses, I was bedridden for six weeks, two of which I have no recollection of whatsoever.

It was love that pulled me through and turned my life around. Hearing the joy and laughter coming from outside my bedroom window as my young son celebrated his birthday, led me to find the inner strength to carry on and the courage to pull myself through and follow my own personal and deeply spiritual journey. While attending what I call, the "Great University of Life" - my own personal development journey has taken me down many various paths of study, including Psychology, Counseling, British Sign Language, Life Coaching, Self-Harm, Autism, Grief and Bereavement, Relationship Guidance, Soul Healing, Horses for Therapy, and Contemporary Shamanism, which have all helped me to deepen my knowledge, change my perspectives and live my true authentic life.

I work with clients from around the globe helping them work through the layers and levels of their own life lessons from many varied perspectives. Also, I am deeply committed to coaching deaf and disabled adults. I so strongly believe that we are all equal, no matter what our age, creed, color, or abilities. And it is my work with these highly vulnerable adults that affirms my beliefs and has taught me so much about communication and understanding from a whole different level. Here I am, Vicki Lickorish.

I offer individually tailor-made coaching packages to guide you along your own personal journey, giving you the knowledge and understanding to empower you to grow and to flow into your own true authentic life, as well as giving you plenty of tools to add to your very own emotional tool kit to help and support you along your way. Life is like a ten-speed bicycle.

Most of us have gears we never use. Kim is also an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of five. E-Mail: kimades frameofmindcoaching. The combination of her traditional background as a Marriage Family Therapist together with her gift of channeling through Spirit makes her work exceptional. Begin to unlock amazing new career options and soul expansion by calling Marilyn for a FREE phone session.

6. “Ask and It Is Given”

She also offers beautiful one-day women's retreats in magical OJAI. I have gone through some significant personal transitions as an adult that have dramatically changed the course of my life. I was an early bloomer, married at 20, graduated with a B. I had two young children soon thereafter. I was driven, and determined to make an impact on the world. Nothing was going to stop me. I created a company called Upward Motion, where I built and developed simulation-based assessments designed to evaluate the critical skills, personality traits, and IQ of top performers.

As a result of working with thousands of professionals, I was able to collect and study concrete data regarding success and failure. In a dramatic and confusing way, after 15 years, I got divorced. Wanting to heal and regain my equilibrium, I turned to personal development. I went to workshops, seminars and read a ton of books. It was easy for me to absorb, internalize, and make sense of the material. I had a natural ability to apply what I learned and I discovered that in many ways I had leaned on my ex-husband to supply me with happiness, leading to a relationship that was doomed to fail.

I decided that my days of being a victim were over. I was ready for my life to go a very different way. Recognizing that the single greatest difference between those who are stratospherically successful and everyone else is their THINKING, I created a coaching process called Frame of Mind Coaching, designed to provide clients with a supportive infrastructure where they could develop the skill of deliberate thought.

As I experienced adversity in my own life, I found that journaling my way through the changes enabled me to move from destroyed to alive again. I also learned that journaling is the most effective and profound vehicle for substantive and lasting change, and decided to incorporate it into the Frame of Mind Coaching process. When my clients experience coach-guided journaling, they are able to SEE their thoughts and understand how their thinking affects their results.

They learn about. To see it in action is absolutely mind-blowing! I now have a global network of clients, from Malaysia to South Africa, from the U. I even used my journaling to imagine being loved by a man who was great with kids and who was ready and willing to proclaim his love for me. He is now my husband, and we live, with our five incredible children, in Toronto, Canada.

I invite you to sign up for your own, free and secure online journal at www. See you online! Rebecca Matias Transformative Business Intuitive Rebecca Matias is a leading pioneer in the field of business coaching and consulting. Whether you're stuck in a rut, disorganized or going through a transition, with Sallie's intuitive nature, she can guide you to new beginnings. All you have to do is "Start where you stand.

E-Mail: victoria thepleasurecoach. I want to share my passion for helping each and every woman in their quest for greatness. My pathway into the world of writing and speaking was paved with my two earliest passions. The first was books. I was enchanted by the world of reading and how the stories touched and moved me. I always dreamed that I would be an author one day and inspire people through the power of words This led me to my second love, which was to entertain!

From a very young age, I had a flair for melodrama. Over the years, I seized every opportunity to get involved with anything to do with the stage - from drama to musicals and light opera, and from debating to comedy improvisation. Ever since I can remember, it has been my quest to live life full-out, to live a life that is both rich and exhilarating, as well as deep and balanced - hence the moniker, "The Queen of Having it All.

In fact, people often asked what was my "secret. From the moment I discovered the field of coaching it was like finding the glove that fit me. I knew immediately, whether I was coaching five or five hundred, that this was what I was here on the planet to do. This was the contribution I was here to make! Combining my absolute love of moving an audience with my passion to ignite people's lives, over the last fifteen years I have had the good fortune to speak to many groups, such as Women in Management, Total Woman, and California Women Business Owners, as well as service organizations, like Rotary Club and Kiwanis.

I have also been the featured speaker at numerous corporate events, including Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and the National Association of Women in Construction. Over time, I realized that what brought me the most fulfillment was combining my passions with being in service to others, especially women. My mission is to inspire amazing women like you to Have It All in your life. And it is my delight to have guided thousands of people to make the shift from Settling to Sizzling! One of my favorite things to do is to make people laugh. Humor is the key to youth and the doorway to joy.

It's impossible to stay "clenched" when you're laughing, right?! Try it and see. It's amazing what happens when you give yourself permission to "unclenched. Recently, I realized my dream with the publication of my book, Ignite Your Life! It's a simple step-by-step system to help you clarify what is missing and to design and live the juicy life of your dreams. May you love the life you live, and live the life you love!

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To Your Magnificence! Andrea www. Each day she fulfills her dream of supporting amazing people in achieving extraordinary results while bringing purpose and meaning to every aspect of their lives. E-Mail: andrea andreawoolf. She is a thought leader about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness after the age of Demonstrating ease and proficiency at the podium, Carolyn also talks about the unique origin of her book, Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing. E-Mail: carolyn gatelady.

Suzanne is available to inspire you and your organization through speaking and lifestyle planning. Mostly I remember the applause — it was magical and filled me with joy to my innermost being. At 36, I started my own business — not out of desire, but simply a need to help support my family. Prospective clients always ask why my presentations or programs are so loved by diverse audiences.

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Most people like my high-energy outlook and results-driven tools and techniques. And empowering women is my passion. Even as the lone female executive for a five-star hotel company, I mentored aspiring young women leaders. Once again, I was back on stage, only this time with a powerful, inspiring message. Along the way, I co-authored three books on leadership, productivity and communications, plus several audio programs.

This book would take a holistic approach and give readers tools to redefine happiness while creating. And, it would include the self-crafted exercise that led me to my own discovery and joy… Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags was published in To read the stories of the brave men and women who are turning chaos and heartbreak into amazing success and happiness is a reward in itself - a catalyst for revitalizing and renewing life.

May you continue to find the upside in every challenge and be blissful every day, Allison To bring Allison to your meeting, retreat or company, visit www. For information on transforming life challenges into sustainable success, visit www. E-Mail: cc connieclarkjoyworks. I'm an experienced, versatile, thorough, lightning-fast, professional manuscript copyeditor.

Genres I specialize in: business, memoirs, novels, spirituality, fantasy. Comfortable working with authors whose second language is English. Second skill set: promotional copywriting-interviewing-research. I write press releases, Web site text, brochures, blogs. Free consultation. Reasonable rates. E-Mail: LindaJay aol. She is passionate about empowering women to achieve confidence in their philanthropic leadership skills, money management, and wealth legacy aspirations. Charismatic Keynote speaker, lecturer and trainer. E-Mail: mm margaret-may. Precision Speaking, Inc. President, Allison Blankenship Speaker, trainer and author Allison Blankenship is known for engaging and connecting with the audience from the moment the program begins.

Meet Colleen Baldrica, Award-Winning Author of "Tree Spirited Woman" | Hudson, WI Patch

Participants leave energized, ready to use their new skills and attitudes. Keynotes and workshop topics include stress and life balance, managing unexpected life changes, communication skills and priority management. E-Mail: Allison AllisonSpeaks. My life has been a kaleidoscope of colors. I became an accomplished violinist, woodworker, and renovator. Despite my accomplishments, I felt awful about myself. It is not surprising that I gravitated to these roles. After all, I began writing in diaries at a young age, had a camera around my neck since I was ten, and had performed in front of an audience in my high school musical.

I even became a nurse in order to heal others. Over and over, I re-invented myself, overcoming the effects of being raised in an abusive environment. But the major change in my life occurred when I decided to become sober. You see, in my early 20s, I discovered that alcohol and drugs numbed my feelings of worthlessness and deep despair.

My drinking and drugging worsened during my 20 year marriage. I decided to go on a road trip. Before I left the San Francisco Bay Area where I was living at the time, I went to say goodbye to my ex-husband, who was still living on the sailboat we had called home while together. As I sat in the cockpit, looking at the hills across the water, I decided to visit a neighborhood I had never seen before. There I discovered the most lovely gates, which I vowed to photograph if ever I returned.

By that time, I had accumulated dozens of photographs. Meanwhile, I was engaged in a practice of daily journaling. This prompted me to search all my journals for other words that described the photos. Amazingly, I found phrases that fit 25 gates. I realized that what I now had was a book. As an author, it naturally followed that I would become a speaker to present the ideas in my book. I have spoken at countless libraries and book stores across the country, and on radio and TV shows.

Currently, I speak to a variety of audiences about the opening of my heart. My message is one of hope and inspiration that encourages self-responsibility and action. I invite you to learn more at www. Peace, Carolyn. E-Mail: shelley shelleylieber. E-Mail: barbara speakwellbeing. Her work has been published in over 60 magazines, books, and web sites including www. She lives in Nebraska with her family. E-Mail: vdecoster wackywomanhood.

Every night, list five things that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life. Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Long before our paths crossed in , we each were unconventional women following our passion in both our personal and professional lives. Mara founded her company New Moon Visions in and had been painting images honoring the Divine Feminine for over two decades. Trinity, a counselor and energy therapist, had co-founded with her husband Louis, the Radiant Life Center in Eugene, Oregon, in Our journeys converged when Trinity led Mara through a transformative chakra clearing process.

A short time later, we met again and Mara excitedly reported that the experience they shared had released a bolt of inspiration. She asked Trinity to co-author and bring in the healing processes. Well into our creative journey, when much of the writing was seemingly complete, another bolt of inspiration came to Mara. A rewrite of every card was needed to incorporate this voice. We happily followed this guidance. The original inspiration for our deck arises from prophecies of the Rainbow Warrior that weave through many native cultures.

These prophecies tell of a time when our planet is ravaged by environmental destruction and in a grave state of imbalance caused by ignorance and greed. A new tribe of people, of every color, culture and creed will gather, and these Rainbow Children, through their brave, wise and compassionate actions, will help to heal the wounds of their Mother Earth. Our vision of healing is one that begins within the individual heart and ripples outward into the global community. It has become a guiding force for our own lives as we strive to live as Rainbow Warriors. It is our prayer that RWA!

First self-published as a card set and page guidebook in November , we are thrilled that RWA! To find out more about our divination deck and to order, please visit our website www. One of the top three Hand Analysts in the country, I've published four books and multiple audios. I make a bracelet just for you out of charms, semiprecious stones.

You wear it on your left wrist closest to your heart. Healing bracelet Walking across my high school campus at age 16, I had an Aha! I "just knew" my life would be about working with people. I just didn't know in what way. It would take 26 years for me to find out! During that time, I took workshops and classes, therapy and personal exploration to "find my purpose. I loved deciphering the map. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Hand Analysis is a science-based system of using your hand's map to determine your life purpose.

The rest of your hand explains your approach to everything in your life: what matters about work, personal relationships, favorite hobbies, how you experience events, and more. The greatest gift my clients tell me is that they feel clarity about direction and relief that they are actually on track - at some level for expressing their life purpose. Often they say they feel permission to be who they really are designed to be, feeling "seen" - maybe for the first time ever in their lives.

Helping people learn about themselves through their hands was a fantastic experience. Claiming my passion as a teacher made a huge difference to me. It has become a major focus of how I express my life purpose and engage in deep connection with others. I wish I had had some of this knowledge earlier in my life. The life-changing trust of my inner-gut feeling of "just knowing" I had to learn Hand Analysis has opened doors I never would have imagined.

My passion comes alive every day I engage in my business. Visit my website: www. E-Mail: trinityharris gmail. They will balance your gut and affect your overall health so positively and profoundly, you will see noticeable results. Their beneficial bacteria and yeasts will increase energy and decrease sugar and carb cravings. Thanks, Spirited Woman! As the saying goes, life has come full circle, and it most definitely has for me, as I am now living my life exactly as it was intended to be!

The opportunity to step into the radio industry came my way in April , when I was asked to be a guest on an Internet radio show. It was after that guest appearance when I spoke about my interest in health, that I knew, without a doubt, that I would host my own show. Therein began my new career as I created Feel Free in the O. My life is enriched with each and every interview as I have had the pleasure of connecting with an amazing array of expert guests, ranging from authors, medical practitioners, psychologists, inspirational speakers, to women in baseball and seemingly everyone in between.

My personal growth has been exponential as I learned more about the radio industry, and the skills of effective interviewing. One of the first lessons was the skill of listening. When people ask me what has been the greatest experience within my profession thus far, the answer is in what I have learned from each and every interview with my guests. They are a gift to me and knowing them is priceless. The circle of life continues as I am in balance within my life.

I love my work as a radio show host and look forward to many more years of experiencing all the best. I say, let my voice be heard and yours, too! All shows are archived for listening pleasure and are downloadable on Nancy's website: www. When she is not on the radio, she is an active empowerment speaker, personal development and vision coach, and a woman on a mission. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.

Co-hosts Gail Edgell and Carrie Pierce provide a plethora of Menopause-related info, in a fun, enlightening and informative way. E-Mail: MagnificentMenopause yahoo. The topics highlight what Tamara learned during her year search for ways to heal her son. The story of how I even got my own radio show is truly a testament to the wonder of how the Universe works to our benefit, sometimes when we least expect it.

The owner of a budding Internet radio station welcomed me onto his afternoon show for a minute interview about the foreclosure and housing crisis and then asked me to stay on-air for the rest of the fourhour time slot because he and his listeners were loving it.

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Not only was I thrilled to be hosting my very own Internet radio show, I was also a little nervous. After all, who would want to listen to me talk for two hours or even one-and-a-half with music breaks? What would I talk about? What would my voice sound like on-air? And perhaps the most important question of all, would people like me remember Sally Fields at The Oscars? Those were just a sampling of the questions running through my head. It took me about two months to realize that being an attorney is what I do, not who I am.

I was so much more than just an attorney, and while legal topics are interesting, I was interested in expressing so much more. I am an attorney, an entrepreneur, a young African-American female, a writer, a speaker, and an avid student of metaphysics and spirituality. The show is a combination of everything I am, all the roles I play and all the hats I wear. The show is heard now by roughly 60, daily listeners and is currently being shopped for national syndication.

Through The Misty Oaks Experience, I am uncovering my own inner strength, renewing my faith that new paths always open, and becoming even more so - the Spirited Woman I was born to be. I so welcome your support. Sharing their own expertise as they bring health and beauty experts into conversations, listeners enjoy the most up-to-date information on the products they see in the marketplace.

Hosts Pete Peters and Deborah Brown are living the vibrant, vital Boomer lifestyle and hope others will too! E-Mail: host boomerandthebabe. My path to becoming a health advocate and the host of my own Internet TV show about food, health and healing was an unexpected twist of fate. To fill you in on my story, I am married to a successful entertainment company executive. As a young adult growing up in California, I joined a family passion and worked in the real estate industry for 25 years.

But as my own family grew to include seven children, my focus shifted. In the late s, when our sixth child CJ was diagnosed with a triplethreat group of conditions - autism, colitis, and Crohn's disease - I became a woman on a mission. After interviewing the top doctors and leading experts in both traditional and alternative even controversial medicine, in an attempt to find ways to make CJ and my whole family healthier, I discovered that CJ was not digesting the foods he was eating, and was in fact allergic to many foods.

I went on a year search for ways to heal my son CJ from autism, and ultimately, I was successful. But I wanted to share my experiences and discoveries about truly healthy living with thousands, possibly millions, of people worldwide.