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See the following examples the predicates are in parentheses :. As a contrast to simple subjects and predicates, compound subjects and predicates are those that have either two people or things doing an action, or two actions that are performed. The compound subjects have two or more people and things doing an action.

The trick to understand here is that the two or more people does not include nouns that are plural. For example, a sentence where the parents are taking the children to school does not have a compound subject. There are usually two parents, but grammatically, they are represented by one word. It is the same thing with a phrase like a herd of elephants, which represents lots of animals but grammatically is only one herd.

Compound predicates are similar. They need to include two different actions two verbs that the subject or subjects do. See the examples below:. Do you understand the difference between subjects and predicates, simple and compound? Try your hand at the ten questions below. The answers are included at the bottom of the post. Answers to Test Yourself. Predicate : simple told the student and his parents that there would be a quiz next class.

In this case, the student and his parents are both objects of the verb told. Subject : compound you and your brother. This is a command, but it clearly is addressing more than one person. That makes it a compound subject. With this and any other question, the easiest way to identify the sentence parts is to rearrange the words.

Make the sentence more like a statement. Predicate : compound talked to his teacher and thanked her for her help. The verbs are split in this sentence, but there are still two actions that Kevin did. Subject : simple Brian. Even though Brian was with his parents, the word with makes the phrase with his parents a prepositional phrase, not part of the subject.

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Get help. Home English Grammar Subject and Predicate. English Grammar. Share on Facebook. What is a Subject? Take the example below: Mary likes to run at the public park. Then vs Than. Than meaning. Add a picture. Choose file. Add a quote. Submit Cancel. Connect with:. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments.

Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment. Identify the subject or predicate in the sentence 1. Go away. Our Videos. How to Improve Communication Skills? Listening Skills Video: here is how listening skills can be easily improved. Which one do you use? How to respond to How Are You?

October 28, List of Sentence Connectors in English with Examples! What does Anti-aging mean? Foods that can help with aging. September 21, What Does the Name Rachel Mean? December 27, What does IG mean? Is it Instagram? May 10, Load more. Quiz: What would be the British version to what Americans call SI If you stick to a subject, you talk only about it, and not about anything else. Don't give your opinions, just stick to the facts. Should they stick with the business or try to start something else? I note 1 You can also use stick at and stick to.

X if you stick with someone, you stay close to them. Stick with me and you'll be okay, don't you worry. The school advised me to try for Oxford University. I have no other friend to turn to. If you don't watch out, he might cause trouble for you. I note You can also use look out.

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I showed the slides in the wrong order. There's a waterfall ahead. B continue to do something 3 Their doctor said they could try for a baby. C talk only about something 4 I think we should stick to the point. D increase the amount of something 5 I know you find this difficult, but stick with it. E go to someone for help or advice 6 He always runs to her whenever things go wrong.

F make an effort to achieve something Exercise 4 Match sentence halves with A-F to make complete sentences. B be okay. C and don't look down! D keep from shivering. E always turn to your parents. F my life again. Exercise 5 Complete these road signs with the correct particles in the box. Exercise 7 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of phrasal verbs from this unit. Luckily I've grown out of that habit now. We're going to be late! Exercise 8 Read the question and answer from an advice website. Underline all the phrasal verbs, then decide if the sentences that follow are true 7j or false F.

I just don't know who to turn to for help or what to do next. Can you help? If going to medical school is your dream, then : you should stick with it. Step up your efforts to make sure you get a place in another school. You can do it! Look for a website that gives advice on a subject that interests you. The death of a friend can bring back memories of childhood loss. These photos bring it all back. Nancy couldn't figure it out. I just can't figure him out. If something goes back to a particular time in the past, it has existed since that time.

These customs go back a long way. If you go back, you consider things that happened at a time in the past. To trace its origins, we have to go back some thirty million years. Eight years went by. They heard about a new restaurant that was opening in town. I've heard lots of good things about him. How did you first hear of his work? You ought to ask John, he knows about photography. The past always seems better when you look back on it. If you hear any tips, do pass them on. I could pass on a message if you like.

X If things such as stories, traditions, or money are passed on, or you pass them on, they are taught or given to someone who belongs to a younger generation. Skills such as this should be passed on. They pass on their traditions through storytelling. I note You can also use hand down. May I remind you of something you said earlier? EH If one person or thing reminds you of another, they make you think of the other person or thing, because they are similar in some way. You remind me of my friend Baxter. Some things stick in your memory for ever. Can you think of anyone who could help us?

X If you think of an idea, you create it. I began to think of new methods. If you think of doing something, you consider the possibility of doing it. I'm thinking of buying him a present. I've worked it out, and it's 3, The weekly rate is worked out by dividing by X If something works out at a particular amount, it is found to be that amount after all the calculations have been made. The cost of the fuel worked out to be higher than they had expected. If you work out a solution or a plan, you think about it carefully and find a solution or decide what to do.

We should try to work out the best ways to help these young people. I've been trying to find a solution and I think I've finally worked it out. If you manage to work out something that seems strange, you think about it and manage to understand it. I'm trying to work out what's wrong. I note You can also use figure out. Exercise 3 Correct the phrasal verbs in these sentences. It's something that will always stick up my mind.

Exercise 5 Decide if the following sentences are true T or false F. Exercise 7 Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the box. Exercise 8 Read the extract from Kimberly's cookery blog. I live in the UK now, but my love : of Jamaican food goes back to my childhood in Jamaica. The thing that sticks in my memory is my mother : cooking this for the whole family every weekend.

Several years have gone by since I moved to the UK, so I : want to pass on my cooking skills to my children. I want them to know more about Jamaican culture. What memories do you have of your childhood? Use the phrasal verbs in this unit to talk about what you remember. For example: I look back on it as a wonderful time. Let me explain'. One of the speakers tried to calm the crowd down. He told me that things appeared to be calming down a bit. Dad managed to calm things down. She has to care for her elderly parents. HI If you care for someone, you love them. At last she had found a man that she cared for and who cared for her.

He cheered up a little at the prospect of dinner. I took some cake into work to try to cheer up my colleagues. She bought strawberries to cheer herself up. She saw a psychiatrist who used hypnotism to help her deal with her fear. We have to face up to the fact that this relationship isn't going to work. He's had a shock but he's getting over it. We could get over the problem by hiring more staff. She's going through a busy period in her life. The team is hoping for a big win today. He would never iet a friend down. I feel guilty about letting down my parents. I was not looking forward to my meeting with the manager.

We are really looking forward to our skiing holiday. It can be hard to get teenagers to open up and talk to their parents. He played on their prejudices and their fears. Try to find your opponent's weaknesses and play on them relentlessly. Children need to learn to relate to other children. These people have a way of looking at the world that most of us find hard to relate to.

Exercise 3 Complete the sentences with the particles in the box. Exercise 4 Match sentence halves with A-F to make complete sentences. A permanent relationship with John. B what she said about music. C to get to me. D on Daphne's guilt. E calm herdown. F who cares for her. A upset or annoy B stop him feeling sad and make him become happier t, happy something is going to happen because we expect to enjoy it D failed to do something I expected E become less upset, excited, or angry F understand something because he has had a similar experience 44 Work on your Phrasal Verbs Feelings UNIT 10 Exercise 6 Replace the underlined verbs with a phrasal verb from the box with the same meaning.

Exercise 8 Read the email. Underline all the phrasal verbs, then in your own words, explain what each one means. I'm okay. I had a car accident last weekend. I was really shocked when it happened but I've : calmed down now and am getting over it. However, I may have to face up to the fact that the accident was my : fault.

I'm sure you can relate to all this after your car accident last year. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to : seeing you next weekend as I need something to cheer me up! Have you ever been in a difficult situation? Use the phrasal verbs in this unit to talk about how it made you feel. For example: I felt so bad about letting down my friends. Do you believe in ghosts?

CL If you believe in an idea or policy, you support it because you think it is right. He's very conservative and believes in personal responsibility. T If you believe in someone, you have confidence in them and think that they will be successful.

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I won't give up on you, because I believe in you. I note I You can also use have confidence in. They urged the Chancellor to go for the first option. CL If you go for someone or something, you like them very much. I don't really go for that kind of food. The film didn't live up to my expectations.

I note You can also use match up to. I tend to look at things in a very different way from my parents. She looks up to her father. Local residents have objected to the plan. We are opposed to plans to build more houses here. Maria had complained that the teacher was picking on her. Another thing that upsets me is the way Alex tries to put me down in public. I hate the way she puts down people in meetings. The country's high prices have put off many tourists. The disgusting smell put me off my breakfast. Don't put up with Howard's bad behaviour.

He saw her as the perfect woman. Don't settle for second best. He's always showing off about how important his job is. Our organization has always stood for individual liberty. Many of the audience walked out through boredom. Exercise 4 Complete the sentences. Exercise 5 Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the box. Did we succeed? UNIT 11 believe in put up with going for stands for seen Exercise 7 Correct the phrasal verbs in these sentences.

Exercise 8 Read Viktor's comment about his teacher. He never picks on anyone or puts people down, even though he often : has to put up with some badly behaved students. We have our first science exam next month. I'm not : trying to show off, but he tells me I am a strong student and that he believes in me. Think of someone or something you approve or disapprove of. Use the phrasal verbs in this unit to talk about your views on them. For example: I strongly object to testing on animals.

I believe in the importance of free education. It is always very sad when a marriage breaks down. I feel that he depends on me too much for a social life. A If you can depend on someone or something, you know that you can trust them to do something. I knew I could depend on you. I suspect she had something to do with Tom's disappearance. A If something is nothing to do with or has nothing to do with someone, that person has no reason to know about it or become involved with it. What I do in my free time is nothing to do with him. Just forget about it.

It has nothing to do with you. If one thing is to do with or has to do with something else, the two things are related in some way. So what was the discussion about? Was it to do with the new project? I don't know what he does exactly but it has to do with computers. Their marriage began to fall apart. He fell for her the moment he first saw her. I've fallen out with certain members of the band. I haven't finished with you yet. He decided he was finished with marriage. JL If you finish with someone, you end your romantic relationship with them.

My parents wouldn't let me go out with boys. The two actors have now made up after a very public disagreement. She tried to make up for her rudeness earlier by being extra nice to me. She is forced to rely on her mother's money. You can always rely on him to be polite and do the right thing.

This is more informal. Your parents want you to get a job and settle down. His father walked out when he was a baby. I hope 3 She wants to travel around the world 4 I can't believe they're going out- 5 It was nice seeing you again; 6 Laura always seems to A before she gets married and settles down. B fall for the wrong type of man.

C they are so different. D we get on really well. E we must get together more often. F you two make up again. Exercise 4 Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the box. Exercise 5 Match comments with the correct replies A-H. A Yes, he's a really friendly guy. B That was really nice of him! C Well, I think she should definitely end it with him. D I know. Apparently they haven't spoken to each other for two years.

E You're right about her. She really needs to find someone decent. F Me too. She's been single for a long time. G I see. So you haven't been together long then. H I'm glad. It was silly of them to quarrel over nothing. Work on your Phrasal Verbs Relationships UNIT 12 Exercise 6 Replace the underlined verbs with a phrasal verb from the box with the same meaning, depends upon going out get on falling apart counton 1 He always relies on Olivia to pay for things.

It has nothing to do for them. I really want to make down with you. She fell about him as soon as she met him. I haven't finished off you yet. Exercise 8 Read the magazine interview. The fact that he's rich has nothing j to do with why I fell for him. We just got along so well together, even though he's a lot older than me. But I don't depend on his money. I : have always had plenty of my own! Think about the relationships you have in your life. For example: I get on well with my friend, Angelo.

V ]hen "they first wet -they didn't 0et on at all. I'll call for you about eight. Shall we call on Charlotte since we're so near? It would be really nice to catch up over a cup of coffee sometime. We're going out for dinner. Why don't you come along with us? Would you like to come out with us to the cinema? The waiter came over and put her drink down in front of her. X When someone comes over, they visit your house to see you for a short time.

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Come over and have lunch with us tomorrow. I thought I'd just drop in and see how you were. I note] You can also use pop in.

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This is a more informal British form. Do you eat out a lot in London? I'll tell him you called when he gets in. X If you get in, you succeed in entering a building. We went to a museum and it cost ten euros to get in. We should all get together and go out for a drink. He got a bunch of people together who wanted to help out. I thought we could go out somewhere for a picnic. There was a phone message from Jeremy, asking me to go over the next evening. Can we go over to Ella's today?

Shall we go to town and just hang out? She used tiredness as an excuse to put off things she didn't want to do. I know I've got to call him but I keep putting it off. If you put a person off, you delay seeing them or doing what they want you to do. She'll be here soon, unless I can put her off somehow. I waited for half an hour, but she didn't show up. We stayed in the whole evening. You're good at art. You should take it up professionally.

Exercise 5 Match questions with the correct replies A-F. A Oh, it was quite late B How about this weekend? I know a great Italian restaurant. C No, I think we should put off seeing them until next week. D Good idea. Let's take him a present. E Then why don't you come out to the party with me? F Seven o'clock would be good. UNIT 13 put We must get up more often. Would you like to come on with us? Was it very late? I'll stay at home and cook something for dinner instead.

Underline all the phrasal verbs, then match them with the correct definitions 1 We're going to a concert tonight. Do you fancy coming along? What time should we get together? Oh, I think we're going to eat out before the concert. And I'm taking my car. So how about we : call for you at six instead? See you then!

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? For example: I like to get together with friends for dinner. Simon tried to catch up with the others. We need to cut down the amount of fat in our diets. You can cut the calories down a bit by adding less sugar. Schumacher was strong throughout the race, but fell behind ten laps from the end. I really need to get into a fitness routine. The music started and we went through a series of warm-up exercises. Serbia beat Russia and look set to go through to round two.

We saw a party of mountaineers going up the mountain. A huge cheer went up as the players walked out onto the court. We joined in with the celebrations. I can run fast over a short distance but I can't keep it up. CU If you keep up, you move at the same speed as someone else. Howard had to hurry to keep up with us. The driver slowed down and then stopped. You're working too hard. You need to slow down.

He had an injured leg, which was slowing him down a little. The driver sped up as he approached the lights. In the morning I wake up and feel refreshed. There is no point in wearing yourself out. He has been working on his game all season. NOTE You can also use work at. She worked out in a gym class three hours a week. She went for a run to work up an appetite. Repeat movements 7 ,2 and 3 four times at first and gradually work up to about six repetitions. A 2 A long walk can help to work up a healthy appetite. B 3 Cameroon and Egypt kick off the tournament this C Saturday.

E 6 He works out at the gym three times a week. F 7 I got into yoga a few years ago. G 8 Boxing has taught me that if you want something H you've got to work hard at it. Exercise 3 Complete the sentences. I need some new ones. Exercise 4 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Exercise 5 Complete the newspaper headlines with the particles in the box. Exercise 7 Read the extract from Bernard's fitness blog. As a professional athlete, my fitness level is : something I have to work on all the time.

In a typical training session I'll work up gradually so I don't wear ; myself out too quickly. When I wake up in the morning I like to do some yoga. Then I might work out at : the gym for a couple of hours. Look for a website relating to a sport or fitness activity that interests you. I checked in at the Grand Hotel. A When you check in at an airport or when someone checks you in, you show your ticket before getting on the plane.

He checked in without baggage for a flight to Rome. The remaining passengers were still being checked in. She checked out of the hotel and took the train to Paris. As they walked round the lake they came across a bridge. Nuria comes from Madrid. I can drop her off on my way home. I need to drop off some books at the office. If I'm lucky I might get away by midnight. E If you get away, you go somewhere to have a holiday. Is there any chance of you getting away this summer? We didn't get back till midnight last night. She got in and started the car.

I got in a taxi and went to the airport. I note The opposite of get in is get out. Her train should get in at p. They got into the back of a taxi. X If a person or vehicle gets into a place, they reach it. We got into London at one o'clock. I slipped as I was getting off the train. X When you get off, you leave somewhere, often to start a journey.

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I plan to get off before the traffic gets bad. I want to go around the art galleries while I'm in London. X If you go around or go around a country or other place, you travel in a country or other place and visit a lot of different things. I'd like to go around Africa myself. She went away to think about it. X If you go away, you leave your home and spend time somewhere else, especially as a holiday. What did you do over the summer? Did you go away? We had decided to head for Miami. After three weeks in Hong Kong, we moved on to Japan. What time do we need to set off tomorrow?

I not e You can also use set out. Exercise 2 Match phrasal verbs with definitions A-H. Exercise 5 Complete the holiday adverts with the particles in the box. When did you get away from holiday? Let's head off the beach today. Exercise 8 Read the hotel review. The hotel is ideally located for going around the main tourist attractions in the city centre. We came across ; : an excellent Indian restaurant next door, which I'd recommend. I think we will definitely head for the George Hotel!

Think about a holiday you enjoyed or a place you have travelled to. Use the phrasal verbs in this unit to talk about your experience. For example: We set off on our trip very early in the morning. She showed her son how to do up his shoes. I can't do my top button up. The top does up at the back. If a woman does her hair up, she arranges it so that it is fastened close to her head rather than hanging loosely.

She did her hair up in a pony tail. Her hair was done up in a neat bun at the back other head. It's fun to dress up for a party. I like to dress my little girl up in pretty clothes. Maisie loves to dress up in her Grandma's clothes. We dressed Alex up as Superman for Amelia's party. Get your coat on. Those shoes go with your dress. I can't wait to take these shoes off- I've had them on all day. She had on an old jacket. Christina picked out a nice pair of shoes to wear.

She picked a skirt out that she thought Ellie would like. I managed to pull my boots off. James pulled off his socks. I pulled Tom's boots off his feet. Still sitting, he pulled his shirt and trousers on. She put her coat on. When you put on make-up, a cream, or perfume, you spread or spray it on your skin.

Make sure you put some suncream on before you go out. They held out their arms, showing off their jewellery. He bought her a ring and she has been showing it off to everyone. He lost so much weight that he had to take in all his trousers. I can take up those trousers for you. I note The opposite of take up is let down. She tried on several dresses but couldn't find any she liked.

Sooner or later the soles of your favourite shoes are going to wear out. He did not want them walking up and down the stairs and wearing out the stair carpet. We wrapped the glasses up in tissue paper. My hair is wrapped up in a towel because I've just washed it. A If you wrap up, you put warm clothes on; if you wrap someone, especially a child, up, you put warm clothes on them. Wrap up well. It's cold outside. The children came to school wrapped up in coats and scarves. A fasten something B take something off quickly C use something so much it becomes weak D make clothing smaller or tighter E make clothing shorter F put warm clothes on Exercise 4 Decide if the following sentences are true T or false F.

B for me to wear tonight? C blue jeans and a grey T-shirt. D I think I've worn it out! E with my new shoes? F up for the wedding. G but it was too expensive, so I didn't buy it. H ski boots off. A arrange 2 These trousers are too long. I need to take them up. B chose 3 She picked out a beautiful dress for the wedding.

C matches 4 Everyone was talking about what the celebrities had D shorten on at the premiere. E wore 6 It took me ages to do up my hair in this style. F wear formal clothes Exercise 7 Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the box. I'd like to try on this dress, please. I'm not sure about the size, though You can put it on in the changing room over there.

If the dress doesn't fit we : can take it in for you. Could you pick out some shoes to match the dress? How about these silver shoes? They go really well with it. Think about clothes or fashions that you like. For example: When I'm cold I like to put on my favourite sweater.

I enjoy dressing up in the latest styles. Once you become so behind with your studies, it's really hard to catch up. They did well early on, but other businesses are catching them up now. She had cut out pictures of animals and stuck them on the wall. I cut an article out of the paper and sent it to her. She had dropped out of college in the first term.

He dropped out of school and went to work in the supermarket. These children often fall behind with their reading. His salary has fallen behind those of many of his colleagues. I'm only interested in finding out what the facts are. I used the Internet to find their names out. I'll go over the main points of what she said. At half-past eleven they handed their exam papers in. Don't forget to hand in your homework. They handed out questionnaires to the audience.

The teacher asked me to hand the books out. Everyone turned to look at the painting. X f you look at something, you quickly read it or read parts of it. I've looked at your essay and I think it's very good. If you look at a subject, problem, or situation, you consider or study it. His research looked at the way language is acquired. She did not even look up from her work when he came in. X If you look something up, you find a piece of information by looking at something such as a book or website. He used a dictionary to look up the word 'apotheosis'.

Nowadays you can look almost anything up on the Internet. He missed some important details out of his report. Do you have a tendency to mix the digits up when trying to remember numbers? Unsure what to study at university, she eventually opted for Law. I wanted to ask you a question that relates to electricity. Some of you won't know this so I'll just briefly run through it. You can also use go through and run over. She signed up to do a Masters degree after graduating from Columbia.

I didn't take in everything that he was saying. Alex had been the perfect pupil, listening and watching and taking it in. E 6 I looked up his address on the company website. F 7 She handed out the certificates to everyone in the G class. Choose the best answers. Exercise 4 Answer the questions.

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Exercise 7 Read Ruby's comments about her university degree. At first it was a lot : to take in and I was worried I would fall behind. But my tutor went over the coursework with me and by : the end of the year I passed the course. What would you like to learn more about? Use the phrasal verbs in this unit to talk about this. For example: I'd like to find out more about the history of my country. They have to carry out a number of administrative duties. The team carried a survey out and its findings were interesting. You have to learn how the company works in order to fit in.

We're looking for someone who will fit in with our team. I get a lot of satisfaction out of my job. If there was work to be done around the house, Alec would always get out of it. He'll do anything to get out of going to visit his grandparents. City workers are being laid off at the rate of a week. Her employer laid her off eight months later.

Factories are warning that they may have to lay off workers. If something is made up of people or things, they form it. Women now make up two-fifths of the work force. The EU's budget has to be agreed by the member states that make it up. Nearly half the Congress is made up of lawyers. She later moved into the field of education. People are moving out of the public sector and into the private sector. The software billionaire set up a development agency to work in Africa. She set a meeting up for me with the Managing Director.

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How is he settling in to his new job? My colleagues were very helpful while I was getting settled in. If someone shuts down a factory or business or if it shuts down, it closes and stops working. They shut down the water plants and told residents to buy bottled water. The company would be forced to shut the whole factory down. More than 50 businesses in the town have shut down this year. His computer overheated and shut down.

There was supposed to be an emergency mechanism for shutting down the system. The reactor's automatic controls shut it down.