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Gradually add the rest of the egg.

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Cook 1 minute, until thick. From: "Sweet 'n' Slow", by Patricia B. Mitchell, , pages Membership has it privileges! To remove this ad: Register NOW! Oct 5, A cookbook by Patricia Mitchell.

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I believe that 4 of her books have been mentioned on the forum. This one has excellent recipes for Fall. Jimklag Lt. Colonel Silver Patron. Trivia Game Winner. Joined Mar 3, Messages 9, Location Chicagoland. I love apple butter.

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This last trip to Gettysburg, we made a side trip to a farmer's market in Lancaster County and got six jars of apple butter and six of corn relish from an Amish family's booth. You must log in or register to reply here. The Ladies Tea 3 Jan 2, Support this site with a monthly or yearly subscription! This food was not only seemed as enjoyment but also considered to be intake nutrition during winter many months. Otherwise, these productions were used as a raw material to make other fruity syrup , preserved fruit and jelly before the commercial development of pectin [5]. The cider syrup not only provided a long-period shelf life to apples but also it brought higher incomes to farms than apples [1] , saleable at three to five times the price of the apple product [7].

The apple cider syrup is very popular in a cocktail bar and boutique in the United States of America , where were favorite drinks containing alcohol , such as Lumber Sexual [3]. As westward expansion and the number of farms decrease in New England , typically a few years after the Civil War [5]. The agricultural economy usually declined until recently [5].

As more and more people begin to attach the locally grown food, small farms and plantations start to come back [5].

Old-Fashioned Apple Butter Recipe: How to make the best homemade apple butter in your Slow-Cooker!

There were fewer recipes after the Second World War. It is hard to find a business on the traditional cider syrup from New England [5].

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Due to its ease of production, boiled cider has mostly slipped out of the public consciousness and quietly become commercial obscurity, lying in the shadows of maple syrup and honey [2]. At present, boiled cider is relatively little known except as a cultural artifact , and is absolutely under-appreciated, even in its traditional homeland of New England , the United States of America [5].

A new cider syrup related product was brought out from the Averill Farm in which is located in Massachusetts , the United States of America [2]. In the times of weak trade , the workers from the Averill Farm found a new way of consuming the cider syrup, which had a great business prospect in the future [2]. They realised the synergy that the cider syrup could have with other products from the farm [2]. They started adding the cider syrup into the wine instead of adding sugar and honey into the wine [2].

The new cider syrup related product had impressive sales on Franklin Country Cider Days [2]. It had sales on the market at the end of November in that year. After that, the cider syrup won its customers in a short time [2]. Such culinary creativity will be significant to establish a new market potential and appreciate of the cider jelly and cider syrup, also securing their future [5]. Cider syrup contains total fat 2. The cider syrup also contains the high pectin content of apple [5].

The syrup had a high concentration of sugar , so it had antibacterial activity [8] [9]. The cider syrup was made by boiling cider until it turned in to deep, dark colour , rich syrup that is perfect for cakes , beans , pies , and desserts like Indian pudding [2]. Cider syrup was also always used to make mincemeat sweeter and pickle meat and poultry [2]. In fact, it is very useful to apply for each cuisine which needs sweet and smell of apple [5].

The cider syrup even can be served as a method of preserving the cider. With the additional water , the cider syrup could be recovered to the original form [2]. The apple cider syrup can replace the honey in a cornbread recipe , or added in a mixed drink such as yogurt , wine and tea. Patriotic Americans used the home-brewed cider syrup instead of the cane sugar as a kind of sweetener [2] [5].

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The production can apply on baked food like jelly , with cheese or applied as boiled cider in diverse ways, such as colouring chicken or ham. The apple cider syrup has a bright and concentrated aroma of apples [5]. It also has a dark colour and caramelised sweetness [2] , which is specially balanced by sharp acidity that the result of the good sugar and acid balance found in most North American dessert [5].

The apple cider syrup is a thick, dark brown syrup [3]. The cider syrup is a translucent syrup with a tangy bite [3]. No extra food additives or sugar is added in to the apple cider syrup [4]. It tastes more tart than maple syrup [3]. Therefore, the cider syrup has lower risks of developing diabetes than other syrup when people excessive consumption [8]. List of 48 recipes to make with apple cider syrup [10]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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