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That aside, I think her personality was weak and she came off a little whiney at times. Moving on from there, that budding romance between Tom and blonde-whats-her-face was nerve-grating. I mean, I came to read about Tom and Nora, not Tom and whatever-her-name-was and his ogling of her assets I think it was Darla? Speaking of the romance, it took FOREVER for Nora and Tom to get any action in - and I'm only talking about romance, not romance-making - where, beyond that point, the falling-in-love seemed rushed.

Other than that, there was some pointless sub-plot involving Coop and Jack, which would have been forgivable if it weren't in the middle of an annoyingly boring plot and if it had actually led somewehere, which it didn't - I'm just hoping there's a book about Coop coming up next to justify it. With all of that, the book was still decent enough to scrape 3 stars from me Don't ever count on a second reading, ever, though. Jan 11, Delta rated it really liked it Shelves: full-length , contemp-romance , military-paramilitary , single-mom , half-star.

Oct 09, Darcy rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , audio-book , listened-to-at-work , , , net-galley-books , re-read , e-book , When we first met her she couldn't have been more pathetic. Slowly she has started to take control of her life and with this book she is determined to start making a better life for her girls. I love how Nora was tenacious about working at the orchard, she was willing to walk over 6 miles just to work. Then there was the hard work itself. She wasn't afraid of the work, but it was more than she imagined.

I loved that Maxie was in her court the whole way. Nora exploring about her past and her parents made me sad. Had things not happened in the past the way they did, Nora probably wouldn't have been dumped in Virgin River. The new information seems to give her hope and helps to settle her. Tom was funny, he was instantly attracted to Nora, but he didn't want to be and he fought it so hard, hard enough that he let himself get pulled into a fake relationship with another woman.

Darla was a trip, Tom knew what she was after from the start, but he had to just try. I loved Maxie giving Darla crap and being flippant and sarcastic with Tom about her. I did like the slow burn that was Tom and Nora's courtship. It seemed like half the time they weren't doing anything but talking, but the slow pace was just what both of them needed. I loved the ending, how Nora was forced to make a decision about her future, one that forced Tom to face what he was feeling and lay everything on the line.

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I loved all the stuff with the town, the weekends and the orchard and then again at Jilly's farm was great. It shows the spirit of Virgin River and the biggest appeal of this series. My only complaint about this book is the storyline with Coop. The whole animosity with Jack and what happened in the past seemed to come out of left field. The only thing that I can think of why it would be added was to bring Coop in for a future book. While I am not opposed to that, Coop did seem interesting, I wasn't sure what the deal with Jack was there for. Oct 09, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: reads.

I almost get the feeling that RC is starting to put some distance between the core group and the forthcoming installments. Without detouring too much, the story stuck closely with the lead couple, Tom and Nora. Cheering her on just comes easy. Tom has returned to Virgin River and his family-owned apple farm after serving in Afghanistan as a Marine. He is ready to settle down, marry and start a family of his own. And he has specific criteria for the woman he plans on marrying. Robyn Carr once again brings her alluring storytelling talents to this one. The characters, both old and new, are appealing and lovable.

The subject matter hits its mark dead center of your heart. As always, the small community pulls together to do what they do best: lending a helping hand to those in need. It was especially nice to catch up with Rev. Most disappointing was that the epilogue felt bland, forced, and a bit rushed. Oct 24, Ian rated it really liked it.

Impoverished and abandoned, she found herself in Virgin River with her two children, huddled in a derelict house with no heating during a blizzard. The people of Virgin River helped her through that first Winter and have been supporting her in her efforts to get back on her feet. Three books later she is still poor and in need of a job. When she sees a notice pinned to the board at Jack's Bar for a job picking apples she applies. Tom owns the orchard with his grandmother, and when he sees her he dismisses her application without a second thought, but his grandmother has other ideas and over-rules him.

Sunrise Point had some great moments, but it was a long way from the best book in the series. The relationship between Nora and Tom was stalled for most of the book and it only really got going in the last couple of chapters. One of the things I like about Robyn Carr's writing is the way she weaves different stories together into one book, but it wasn't working for me in this book.

View all 5 comments. I loved this love story no one deserved a happy ever after more than Nora.

Sunrise Point (A Virgin River Novel, Book 17)

She has not had an easy life at all but she makes the most out of it for herself and for her very young daughters. You want her to find the special someone who is going to see what a wonderful lady she is. Make her feel like a woman. And things start to heat up but not in the wa 5 Sunrise Point Stars My heart is full to bursting! And things start to heat up but not in the way you would think.

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I loved there back and forth and how it took them time to become friends then possibly something more. I am sad; this was the last other than a Christmas novel left of this series. It has been a journey I have loved every step of the way. Whenever I would pick up a Virgin River novel it was like coming home.

So not my kind of love story. For me, this book was long, boring and not up to par with the rest of the series.

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A very rich, warm, lovely, enjoyable installment in the Virgin River series! Review to follow Dec 27, Regina rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , favorite-series , arc-publisher-netgalley-edelweiss , adult-contemporary , favorite-authors. When Carr gets it right, she gets it so right. I was disappointed with the last installment in the series Redwood Bend , it was a three star book -- still good but not great. But Sunrise Point makes up for that and more.

While Sunrise Point has a few characters from previous books, I believe that this book can be read out of order and as a standalone, however it does push along the story arc as well and close up some loose ends. The heroine of the story was first introduced in Bring Me Home for Christmas and has appeared in a few of the stories since There are some visits with the good old characters -- Noah, Jack and Ellie are referenced, but that is about it.

The story truly centers around Tom and Nora, Nora's personal struggles to raise her family and deal with her family history, and Tom's desire to settle down with the right woman. As in most of the Virgin River stories, there is a small love triangle that is not tension filled and used mainly to allow the characters to see what they really want out of life.

The love interest that ends up getting discarded is funny and the scenes surrounding her make it clear she is not going to be the one chosen. Tom, the hero of Sunrise Point, has to figure out if what he wants is simply a beautiful woman or a woman that may have some baggage, but is truly he his soulmate. In a funny way, Carr shows what it takes to be really beautiful and thin definitely not eating the rich and fat meals often served in Virgin River!

Nora had a rocky beginning introduction in Virgin River, in Bring Me Home for Christmas she is abandoned with two small young kids and no means to support them. Since book 16, Carr doesn't use this as merely a throw in story, she shows how Nora struggles to get a job that will pay for babysitting, how she struggles to buy clothes and car seats.

Carr doesn't fail to show how hard it can be for a single mother without means and family to help her.

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Sunrise Point is not as steamy as the past few Virgin River books and it is much slower paced. But it is still very sweet and rewarding. Feb 03, Britainy rated it it was amazing Shelves: love-story , romance , favorites , kindle , netgalley , , series. I do not think I have ever had a cry "ready" for an entire book before. Happy tears, sad tears, or proud tears, I was ready to show the ultimate emotion for this book every step of the way!! I was so inspired by Nora.

Her dedication, and "sticktoitiveness" as my father would call it was so admirable! I have never been such a champion of a heroine ever. Sunrise Point grabs your heart and never lets go. I was thrust into a world of poverty and perseverance, again. I grow up in similar condit I do not think I have ever had a cry "ready" for an entire book before. I grow up in similar conditions and, for various reason, my parental figure was not as driven.

I will do anything to see to my children's safety and welfare and I felt that from Nora and from her local support system. Thankful for her position at Cavanaugh Orchards, Nora does not disclose her on-the-job injuries for fear of termination. Tom Cavanaugh is not fooled by her stoic behavior.

Juxtaposed to Nora and Maxie's plight with no-good men, blinded by the light, I guess. The adventure Nora embarks on is so fun to travel.

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  • She has been dealt a lot of shit in her life, about time something goes right! Although the "regulars" aside from Rev. I can only imagine Hank Cooper's story is next. We all know the where but. My favorite Virgin River book so far! Oct 13, Splage rated it really liked it Shelves: 3rd-party-mistress-boyfriend-girlfr , emotional-made-me-cry-lump-in-thr , strong-gentle-hero , contemporary , down-on-luck , cowboys-ranching-farming , epilogue-totally-fab , friends-to-lovers , small-town-usa , read.

    Great story that just makes you feel so good. A little slow on the romance, but I just fell in love with the characters Once again so richly filled and very heartwarming, and at times heartbreaking for Nora and her girls Mar 28, Tina "IRead2Escape" rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , chick-lit , audio , part-of-a-series , audible-romance-package , hotness-rating-3 , challenge-read , reviewed , contemporary-romance , own. Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 I love Tom so much! He was abandoned by his mom and raised by his grandmother but didn't let any of that make him bitter, angry or feel sorry for himself.

    He was such a good man! When he first interviewed Nora he made a snap judgment and told her he couldn't hire her no matter how much he could tell she needed the job. That was more out of self-preservation than heartlessness. He sensed immediately that she was going to turn his life upside down. Nora was a badass mom th Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 I love Tom so much! Nora was a badass mom that would do anything to take care of her babies. It was amazing she was such a good mom, too considering she was raised by someone obviously mentally ill.

    She was the hardest working woman I've ever read. Seriously, I don't think there was much that could hold her down for long. I loved all of the supporting characters in this story - Tom's grandma, Nora's dad and his "friend", Nora's girls. All of them! And of course our old friends from Virgin River drop in as well. This book as with the rest of the series have been enjoyable to me. I really did not like Darla in this book and was happy when she got what was coming to her.

    One of my favorite characters was Maxie. She was just sassy enough to like. Hearing more about Nora and her story was nice and I am glad that the author gave us more about her. I also liked Tom he was a nice guy who was a little dumb when it came to women. A good story. Jun 18, KathyB rated it really liked it Shelves: friends-to-lovers , audible-romance-package , single-mother , military-ex-military , small-town. Nov 02, Jackie Lane rated it it was amazing Shelves: jep. I was so happy to finally get Nora's story. I had already thought she was a strong woman after having been deposited in VR in the middle of winter with 2 infants to care for by an ex-druggie.

    As in each of Carr's VR books, the conclusion is obvious almost from the start, but the journey that you take to get there is what makes her I was so happy to finally get Nora's story. As in each of Carr's VR books, the conclusion is obvious almost from the start, but the journey that you take to get there is what makes her books so fabulous. I really enjoyed the friendship that Tom and Nora shared and the enjoyment that Nora got out of the things that most people take for granted. She had such a hard life and it seem to all fall into place for her once she opened up and let her father into her heart.

    Loved it! Terrific characters, Tom and Nora, Maxie and Duke! I felt such emotion from Nora and the situation she had gotten herself and her children into, but thru per spirit and determination, she was picking up the pieces of her life and moving on. Then, the Lord smiled on her. He had in his mind the kind of woman he wanted to marry. Youngish, but not too young, not divorced and certainly not prepackaged with kids in tow.

    Life's not always how we think it should Loved it! Life's not always how we think it should be and he found out his road was not only blocked,but u-turning. I loved Maxie! Excellent character. Laughed at her sense of humor and how she communicated with her grandson. Those two were fun to read how they interacted. This made my favorites shelf and I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in this terrific series. Jan 07, MountainKat rated it really liked it Shelves: audio , xchallenge-books , ebook , x-books-read-in I love the audiobooks of this series!

    And this book was a delightful addition to the rest of the books I so enjoyed.

    Virgin River Trilogy 2012 by Robyn Carr (book trailer)

    Nora really deserved a HEA with everything she has been through! She was so kind and sweet. Tom didn't realize that she was exactly what he needed even though he couldn't get her off his mind. It was wonderful to watch their relationship grow! Add to cart. New other : lowest price. About this product Synopsis Former marine Tom Cavanaugh has come home to Virgin River, ready to take over his family's apple orchard and settle down. He knows just what the perfect woman will be like: sweet, decent, maybe a little naive.

    The marrying kind. Nothing like Nora Crane. So why can't he keep his eyes off the striking single mother? Nora may not have finished college, but she graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. She's been through tough times and she'll do whatever it takes to support her family, including helping with harvest time at the Cavanaughs'orchard. She's always kept a single-minded focus on staying afloat Both Nora and Tom have their own ideas of what family means.

    But they're about to prove each other completely wrong Look for What We Find by Robyn Carr, a powerful story of healing, new beginnings and one woman's journey to finding the happiness she's long been missing. Order your copy today! Tom Cavanaugh may think he wants a traditional woman, but in Virgin River, the greatest tradition is falling in love unexpectedly Former marine Tom Cavanaugh's come home to Virgin River, ready to take over his family's apple orchard and settle down.

    She's been through tough times and she'll do whatever it takes to support her family, including helping with harvest time at the Cavanaughs' orchard. But they're about to p. Additional Details Series Volume Number. That Summer Night. When Shadows Fall. My Kind of Wonderful: Cedar Ridge 2. Jill Shalvis. The Liar. Nora Roberts. Deep Blue.

    Kat Martin. Midnight Sun. Bella Andre. Finders Keepers. A Good Time. Shannyn Schroeder. Desert Heat. Second Chance Summer. Tender Is The Night.

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