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The Christian tradition has a strong belief in the voice of God or the angels speaking through dreams, and you do not want to ignore a message that was sent to you individually. So how do you know what the Christian or Biblical interpretation of your dream is? First, it helps to know your Bible and to be familiar with the stories within it. The symbols that appear in your dreams may refer to. Here are a few Biblical dream symbols you may encounter and the stories behind them. In a dream, bread and wine represent fellowship and unity with the people around you; they also represent a strong spiritual presence of Jesus.

As a symbol of the Passover, they represent deliverance from trials and suffering, as the Hebrews ate unleavened bread the night that the Angel of Death passed over Egypt, the night before they were set free from the bondage of slavery. Burning Bush: Moses saw the Burning Bush when he was exiled in the desert, and from the Burning Bush he heard the voice of God telling him to go and free the Hebrews from enslavement to Pharaoh in Egypt. Seeing a burning bush in your dream is a sign of a message from God. Take this sign and the message with it seriously. Alternatively, it could indicate a call to do something difficult and scary, which you feel unqualified and unable to do.

This is a sign that you should trust in God; that He will act through you and not give you anything to do that you cannot do with His help. Candles: Candles are a liturgical symbol with many meanings.

Christian Dream Interpretation (Biblical Dream Interpretation)

Bringing light into the darkness, being the light of the world, and being a guiding light are some of the meanings of the Christian dream symbol of a candle. Fish: A fish is a symbol of Christianity. The early Christians would use the symbol of the fish to identify themselves to each other, especially during the Roman persecution when it was unsafe to openly identify yourself as a Christian for fear of being arrested and put to death. Jesus performed several miracles involving fish, including the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the massive catch of fish that he gave Peter when he called him.

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples cooking fish on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and he broke bread with them. As a culture in a location between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Ocean, fish was very important to the Hebrews. Rainbow: The rainbow is a reference to the story of the flood, when Noah saved the animal and human life of the world by bringing two animals of each species onto the Ark along with his family, and it rained for forty days and forty nights.

When the flood was over, God promised Noah that he would never again send another flood to destroy humanity, and he set his rainbow in the sky in token of his covenant. It is a reassurance that God will not let you down, even if circumstances look dire, and that He wants what is best for you. Share your Dream with other readers and get answers!

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams.

You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only.

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Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice. I been having too many dreams lately bad and good. Good dreams: i was in this room and i was scared i called for jesus to come, i want to see him, i wanted him to come get me, i ask to talk to him. I remember i had my eyes covered and ears with my hands i was afraid to look and ear. I took a peek with my left eye and i saw a guy wear all wear i couldnt see his face well the dream was abit blurry. I bowed down to the floor i wasnt sure who it was. I dont if im bowing down the wrong person. All Children's Books.

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