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It appears that in todays hyper-fear climate, the knife is a step below a handgun, and should not be handled by a grade school child. I am This is my 4th daughter ranging in age from 8 to 27 now. My dad was delighted to go shopping for just the right pieces and a shallow metal box for them. Said sister was so independent throughout her childhood and young adulthood. Which makes it all the more strange that she still thinks her preschooler needs to use a bib, sippy cup, booster seat, pull-up, and various other items that she herself outgrew by age 1.

In fact, she was cooking easy stuff unsupervised by the age of her eldest child 4.

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Do others have any ideas why a free-range, independent, intelligent kid would grow up to treat her kids like babies? I got my first knife at about that age: my father gave me his jackknife for Girl Scout camping. A folding knife was a required item on our packing lists!

His very own Bond girl! Pierce Brosnan enjoys a romantic day on the beach with his wife

Can you imagine? I learnt to handle a swiss army knife when I was I think 11, at camp. Not ready yet! Good for you! You listened to your daughter, are building a relationship with her through teaching her how to use it and are equipping her for real life where there are sharp things! My son got a pocket knife at Cub Scouts in second or third grade. One required pressure and a bandaid at least he knew to get off the beige carpet! One required stitches. He learned. Great article! We bought our son a Swiss army knife for Christmas last year, and he absolutely loves it.

His Very Own Girl by Carrie Lofty

Is your sister a type-A personality? I have found that the people that I know who baby their kids the most are type-A, very driven personalities, especially those who left careers to become stay-at-home moms totally not knocking stay-at-home moms or implying that all, or even most, stay-at-home moms baby their kids.

I just think those type-A people need to control everything and babying kids is a way to control the household. And if they left careers to stay-at-home, they need to funnel all the type-A energy somewhere so it goes into doing every. Otherwise, it is probably just the same reason that many of us comment that the parents that raised us free range are now much less than free range grandparents — age. Donna, you hit the nail on the head. Part of it might also be the fact that her second child was close to death many times while in NICU and has brain damage.

She correctly believed partly thanks to my encouragement that getting serious early on about therapy would make a big difference for her baby. Both of her kids are intellectually advanced and physically on track except one limb is in a brace. She was even talking about pushing early KG for her eldest, until they tried preschool and realized how unready she is in terms of self-care. Ah, the good old days. Oh, and my daughter 6. Thanks for the reminder to see if such a thing exists around here!

Are grade school kids allowed to play with screwdrivers and hammers anymore? I remember using a hammer and nails in kindergarten for a project. My kids are fascinated by how things work and are put together so we show them how to use such tools. Last week, I was biking home from school with my youngest and saw a little girl wipe out badly on her bike in the middle of the street.

Two 3rd graders biked up next to her, helped her up, and jumped off their bikes to help fix hers the seat was wonky and chain was popped. I checked her injuries she just scrapped her knee and was more stunned than hurt but these 8 year-old boys totally fixed her bike and stood next to her to help her back on,genuinely concerned. For Archery, check out local county Fish and Game Clubs for cheap archery classes for youth.

They shoot balloons and targets and my kids beg to go. I had to wait until I was 11 to get a knife, because I was a girl. My husband started carrying one at a very young age and still does. I think it was even required in some scout troops. I am sure that your daughter is having a great time. My son has had multi-tools with knives for several years now he is 8 and loves to carry it around and help people too.

He even asked if he could bring it to school, to which the principal asked to see it first. The reason for bringing to school was that he often takes classes where items are taken apart, and I, as helper, end up getting the tool box out of my car so kids can do what they are supposed to do. Of course, he has had discussions with me about posts on here, so he understands. My dad always carried a pocket knife and in fact trimmed our toe nails with it!

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Solves the curiosity and perhaps trouble down the line. For archery classes check your local 4H group maybe they have a Shooting Sports club that offers archery. Like a couple of others — I was required to have a knife for girl scouts. My dad also always carried one and if we needed it, we just asked…and were then reminded how to properly pass said knife, lol!

My oldest is only 4 — but we already work on kitchen knife skills. Her coordination is still not great even with the butter knife — but unless she practices and we see how she does, how do you actually know when she is ready. My daughter is almost 7. Last weekend we made an apple pie together, i. I made the dough, she sliced the apples. How will they ever learn how to use things properly, if nobody will let them try?

My dad and I went to the hardware store when I was 9 to pick out a handknife. It had two blades. That afternoon I cut my fingers so severely I still have the scars. It was never taken away. Since then I have added numerous scars to my hands from other knives, mostly during cooking.

By the way, the cuts from the original knife were from closing the blade onto my fingers. Hey, that knife in the picture looks exactly like the one that still spends its existence between my house key and my bike key. I got it for my 12th birthday, after seeing it on vacation in the USA that summer. I had a knife just like that one when I was that age. Unfortunately, my state is a mess when it comes to laws related to carrying and using knives. Not only are the state laws poorly written, but we also have a patchwork of local ordinances.

In some places, knives are restricted by type and in other places, they are banned outright. I never really had much of an interest in pocket knives. He was an amateur chef and I learned at his knee. Proper knife skills and knife care were learned by osmosis as I moved from washing vegetables to peeling, to slicing.

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I now cook with my just-turnedyear-old, and while he is still just a stirrer and stuffer, I teach him about knives as we go. We just order my 5-year-old a paring knife to help with food prep because she really, really wants to. Sharp knives are safer. These kids are years old, producing restaurant quality food. And all of them have been cooking for years. Some of the kids prepare their family meals several times a week.

How is it possible? Because they took an interest and an adult taught them and then let them do it. I really need to get around to looking into archery lessons for my oldest.

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She really wants them. Working on that one. Still, the teacher encourages parents to let the kids do the projects, rather than doing them for the kids as so many are prone to doing. Our girls now 11 and 13 both got knives at 9. They also received a big package of ivory soap, a whetstone and a box of fun band-aids. And time spent with each parent learning how to use their new tool.

Many of our friends were appalled. We will take them under advisement. I wish that kids were allowed to carry pocket knives. I got a phone call from the principal that he had taken his knife to school. It was so silly. I still carry a pocket knife with me in my purse. It was a gift from a close friend when I was a senior in high school.

This is important to get into the mind set of those criticizing you. They are tools you teach kids to use them. Gave my step-daughter a small Tekna pocketknife a while back…gave her the basic knife safety demo…. When my daughter was born I started to help out a friend and for three years was watching her boys overnight 3 nights a week. News categories Barcelona Valencia Seville More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center.

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