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The voices here have a lived-in soulful rasp — not always sweet and pretty, but always intense and arresting. The group plays several sizes of tambourine-like frame drums that give the music a tight, crisp rhythm. The minimalist composer keeps an elegant sound true to his classical training, but the album is hardly spare. In fact, at times it can be pretty maximalist. With exuberant African percussion, breathy Middle Eastern flutes and splashes of electronics, it is at times easy to forget this is an Italian album.

On a couple of the tunes on which they are featured, they start to make it seem like songs off their own JuJu albums, which is not a bad thing at all.

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Einaudi often builds his songs in intensity, spinning together elements from a boundary-spanning palette to stunning effect. As with the traditional tarantella dancing, he brilliantly takes a steady rhythm then makes it more powerful with each measure that comes around, a grand symphony of ancient rhythms, vocals and sounds that the long-ago villagers of southern Italy could never have dreamed of — but probably would have loved. The album is fast-paced, befitting the taranta tradition of ecstastic dancing, and creates a tableau that takes Italian folk music back to the future.

The group takes the basic elements of the tarantella dance and other folk styles and very consciously makes them new.

Their illness brought shame to the families, as unfortunately happens here among families with a serious mentally ill member or, not too long ago, cancer. The soulful music from folk traditions embody a simpler time — old-fashioned, yes — but surviving for centuries because it served a purpose for people — our not-too-distant relatives. They are connected to contact — something we are losing today. These four albums from the heel of the boot of Italy are a good place to start to rediscover the vitality of that receding world.

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