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This is the story of my journey to find myself and my beliefs. My journey or rebirth began with a death. When my mother passed away, I was lost, hurt, confused, and seeking answers, answers I wasn't finding in all the usual places. In my grief and pain, I felt like parts of me had died as well.

There had to be answers; there had to be a place that I belonged, where I felt This is the story of my journey to find myself and my beliefs. There had to be answers; there had to be a place that I belonged, where I felt whole and complete. And so my journey began and continues. I hope that sharing my journey may allow you an understanding and acceptance of your own. While they are separate and different journeys, we will cross paths upon the spiral of time and maybe even meet someday. Who can say?

So I hope you enjoy my story, and may your own be as interesting for you as mine has been so far for me. Get A Copy.

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A Witch's Journey: Greyehawke's Story

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    This is the story of my journey to find myself and my beliefs. My journey My journey or rebirth began with a death. View Product. When author Ali McAuley returned home after a twenty-one-day hiking trip in Nepal, she came When author Ali McAuley returned home after a twenty-one-day hiking trip in Nepal, she came to an important and life-changing realization. Her marriage to her husband, Macka, was over. During her trip, she got in touch with feelings and passions Breaking Free from the Tyranny of Beliefs: A.

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