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Birth Title s 5. Toilet 6. Adonis Type 7.

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Cupid 9. Paris Others Psyche Satyrs Sources Statues Unaccompanied Comments Figure 1 The categorization into 18 main topics and the description of all artworks with an entry in this catalogue. Thus, e. In many cases, the given title of the work is too general and does not allow for a detailed topical categorizing, or the number of works under a given topic is too large for a meaningful topical cataloguing.

It is then useful to split the main topic in subtopics and the subtopics in subdivisions. The following approach has been applied: o The main topic is always found in the title of the work as given by the present owner or the information source3. Venus complaining to Jupiter, etc. Only few titles of paintings of the centuries prior to the 19th, have survived in their original form. The title is given in the language of the owner or in the language of the information source. In some cases more than one title is known and translated titles do not always correspond exactly to the original title.

Since many artworks are lost, not fully described or an image is not available, the title alone is often not sufficient to file the work within a subtopic: those works are listed at the beginning of the main topic. Dates of information sales, exhibitions, etc. The date of the artwork can be followed by one of the abbreviations: att, wor or cir, which refer to the level of identification of the artist who created the artwork: 1. Married women artists are listed with their born maiden name, if known, followed by the name of their husband between brackets, if appropriate.

If needed, a cross-reference is made with the name of the husband, e. The existence of anonymous copies is often mentioned at the end of the entry as comments in italic see below. This may be also the case where paintings were made after a print. More information may be given in the comments. Title of work The title of the work is generally given in the language of the owner or in the language of the information source, sometimes with an English translation between brackets.


An alternative title may be added between brackets. Occasionally, further comments are given in italic at the end of the entry. The abbreviation sic indicates a manifest odd or wrong word in the title or in any other information item of the work, according to the author of this catalogue. Please note that 'digital paintings' are not included in this volume. Drawings DR and prints PR are considered as made on paper x if no other information is available. Works on paper are generally considered as drawings DR.

In cases where a series of identical copies of the work were made - e. Only one owner of identical copies is mentioned, but a Comment may be added for other copies.. Dimension of work Seizes, given after the medium and material of support of the work, are in centimeters: height x width. An oval format is indicated by the abbreviation ov. Print sizes are generally for the size of the image. Sculpture seizes are given height x width x depth, or height only, preferably without the base, if known.

A work in a private collection or in the artist's collection is indicated by the city or country of the owner if known and the abbreviation PrC. A work in the artist's collection is specified by the abbreviation AC. If only the auctioneer is known, the city and name of the auctioneer with the auction date dd. A work for sale in a commercial gallery is indicated by the city name and the symbol GAL, with the name of the gallery. A work for sale on Internet is indicated by WEB, followed by the shortname of the website.

If the location of the work is unknown or if the work is lost, the letters UN and LO respectively are used, sometimes with information about the previous pre owner or location. Given the fleeting character of the latter, URLs are seldom given: search engines will generally offer a quick guide to the source, but a helpful word may be added. An automatic sequence or catalogue number counts the number of entries in the catalogue.

The Record number R is followed by a capital letter V if no image of the work is available to the author, or in general in the information sources consulted. In case the work was already described in former Volumes 1.

American pie. Don McLean. Adaptación al castellano. Versión española. Spanish cover. Karaoke

Version 1. Copyright Belgrave Park Pty. A replica is counted for in the number of works. A work is a copy cop of the original if made by another artist, often not identified. If the artist of a copy is identified and is a ER, SR or NR artist, then the work has a separate entry and is thus accounted for in the number of works. Though the woman is always reclining to the right, she has a comparable pose, sometimes with a flower in her hand and accompanied by an animal here a cat. This work got the record number R and catalogue number Also according to Warren S p.

Its location is unknown UN and no image is available: the record number ends with letter V: RV An identical ide replica painting PA of tempera on canvas t c and of smaller size 56x Information source: Schweers see Selected References. It got record and catalogue numbers R Their record and catalogue numbers are R and R , respectively. Petersburg, and according to Warren S p. Record and catalogue numbers R These two works have record and catalogue numbers R and RV respectively.

Figure 2 shows images of the six replicas of the same composition. The entry of this famous painting is found in Topic 3. Attributes of Venus — mirror. Five of them are shown as examples for which images are available Figure 3. More copies can be found in the other Topical Catalogues.

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Its location is unknown and the information source is internet IN artinvestment. The record — catalogue numbers are R Hence, the painting is described as analogue ana.. The work was on sale sa in Madrid by Duran on 9 October as sale-lot number Sl. Internet IN is the information source and the record — catalogue numbers are R The date of the creation is not known and estimated around c, knowing birth and death dates We describe it as an analogue ana.

It was on sale sa in Madrid by Duran on 20 December with sale-lot number Sl. Internet IN is the information source. Again, the date of the creation is not known and estimated around c, knowing birth and death dates It was on sale sa in Madrid by Ansorema on 21 May with sale-lot number Sl. The date of the creation is and the record — catalogue numbers are R Picart see 2. This entry is found in Topic 4.

Birth of Venus. He was active in France since and known as a successful miniaturist and has seven works in this catalogue. Since the original is not traced or unknown UN , the record number got a letter V at the end: RV. Birth of Venus-Venus Anadyomene-Venus Marina dolphins, fountain, naiads and tritons, rising; sea, shells, water, waves 5. Toilet or Bath of Venus - Venus crouching 6.

Venus and Adonis Adonis meeting, loving,leaving Venus; Adonis dying 7. Venus and Cupid Cupid blindfolded or wings clipped; Cupid chastised; disarmed-captured; honey thief; kissing Venus-kissed or nursed by Venus; Cupid with Venus reclining; seated-crouching; standing or half-length 9. Venus and Cupids Venus and Satyrs Fassung von ; das Orig.

Pitti in Florenz, 1 im T. Naked woman with ball in hand -apple? BIRTH ide? II, p. Gipsmodell , Kunstakad. Fleischhauer , Estanislao K. Ltd 8. Venus, die er auf der Ausst. Artillerie- Intendantur am Litejny-Prospekt zu St. Petersburger Kunstakad.

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Ltd Leda beide im Gr. Samlg Andersen, Kopenh. Art des A. Cuylenborch, davon die eine m. IV, p. RV Venus? Woman lying naked on the bed. Dela Gardie, schwed. Generalgouverneurs in Leipzig, mythologische Bilder, z.

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Herkules u. Venus see RV , Venus nackte Ganzfig. Sequencial number; 2. Topics of the artworks listed in the Index of Topics; 4. Number of works with an entry in the catalogue; 5. Region where the artist was born or educated. ES -a. Milo 1 SR b.? Rasmussen Venus 3 NR b. RU -a. Sevilla d. Andreas Anadyomene, Venus 2 NR b. Alcoy d. Amor 1 ER b.? PL -a. SE -a. Medina de las Torres-a. Alojzy Cythera 1 ER b.

Petersburg -d. DK -a. Ludmilla birth 1 ER b. NY -d. Zaragoza d. DK -d. BL -a. Venus 1 NR b. Vialog Regular. Cree una nueva cuenta de usuario. Toggle navigation. Mi cuenta. TypeArt Foundry, Inc.

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