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From deep breathing exercises and meditation to exercise and leisure activities, healthy stress reduction activities will help your child gain better control over her emotions. She knows crying is a great way to get your attention. Ignore attention seeking behavior whenever possible. Show your child she can get your attention by playing nicely, using kind words, and following the rules. Give your child regular doses of positive attention.

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Set aside a few minutes every day to get down on the floor with her, play a game, or toss a ball back and forth. Your child will be less likely to cry for attention if you give her a few minutes to be in the spotlight every day. Young kids don't understand the difference between wants and needs.

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So when they want something, they often assert they need it right now. Whether she insists on playing with a breakable heirloom or she wants you to take her to the park, tears of disappointment and desperation are bound to happen at one time or another. His tears may stem from his genuine sadness. But they may also be a ploy. If your youngster seems to cry more than normal, talk to your pediatrician. Once you know that everything is OK, you can work on reducing the tears together. Talk about how to solve the problem together. Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy.

There was an error. Please try again. Thank you, , for signing up. The Journal of Pediatrics. When and for whom does crying improve mood? A daily diary study of crying episodes.

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Journal of Research in Personality. Zeifman D, St. James-Roberts I. Parenting the Crying Infant. Current Opinion in Psychology. More in Raising Kids. For some kids, this might not be enough; they might need to go home early to regroup. Was this page helpful?

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I sat next to Lucas and asked him to talk to me. He could only mumble incomplete sentences about hating school between gritting his teeth. That did it.

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I had expressed exactly what Lucas was feeling. He told Lucas this.

What to do when your child is prone to tears.

He told Lucas how lonely it felt to have to work five times harder than everyone else to get the same grade or lower. He still had to make up the work, because this is a life lesson we want to teach our son—you do the work. You finish what you start.

His frustration was legitimate. What purpose would it have served for Lucas to choke back his tears and stuff down his very valid emotions?

Yes, Little Boys Cry Too

But why? This helps no one. Boys do cry.