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A Twisted Vengeance by Candace Robb is a historical mystery set in York at the end of the 14th century, where young widow Kate Clifford—struggling to keep her businesses afloat—realizes that her mother is harboring a dangerous secret. Eleanor flees Strasbourg, returning to York with three beguines to establish a Martha House.

You, Mother? Is that what your sudden obeisance to the Church has taught you—to slander your daughter? To undo all my work in healing three children who have already lost so much? So, when dogs begin barking one early morning, Kate can reasonably assume it is armed men priming for a fight. It would seem one of the girls has been attacked.

"A Twisted Vengeance" By Candace Robb Will Remind You of Shakespeare

And then the play begins. I regularly attend conferences on medieval studies, hobnobbing with medieval scholars, travel to the UK to research the locations, more hobnobbing with medieval scholars, keep up correspondence with historians working in the field, and read voraciously in medieval literature and history. So I have quite a background from which to pluck ideas. Give us some recommendations from what you have read lately.

CR: Influence—I never know how to answer this. Influence in what way?

A Conversation with Candace Robb, Author of “A Twisted Vengeance”

She wrote back with her regrets. I was thrilled—this woman who wrote about other worlds wrote back to me on lovely blue stationary remember stationary? Reading her books was a revelation—imaginative fiction could have weight, could teach. When I decided to try my hand writing a detective series, I was inspired by the novelistic styles of P. James and Colin Dexter.

Each book felt complete in itself. MT: Changing the subject to a more personal subject. I read somewhere that growing up, you wanted to be a ballerina. So what happened? How did you get started as an author? What or whom inspired your decision to change your initial dream? Panicking at the cost and the demands of such a step at that time, my parents put the kibosh on my dance career. I expressed my frustration on the folk guitar, singing my heart out. I also wrote dark, crazy stories sharp with black humor; fortunately a young English teacher took me in hand, seeing promise in my ferocity, and encouraged me to keep on expressing myself.

Twisted Insane - Vengeance

She warned me never to show this particular writing to the nuns who ran the school. Journalism was another outlet.

walking the Mean Streets of Medieval York

I shifted gears to science fiction and fantasy after grad school in medieval lit, and had the good fortune to take a summer workshop with Ursula LeGuin. She suggested I focus on the historical underpinnings of the fantasy I was writing, where my medieval background shone through. I took her advice. Submit your novel for review.

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When one of the gentle sisters is viciously attacked, Kate starts to ask questions.