Manual Tuning In The Great Gildersleeve: The Episodes and Cast of Radio’s First Spinoff Show, 1941–1957

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His book starts out with about two dozen pages of text, including an overview of the series and some photos. This is followed by the bulk of the book, some pages, consisting of summaries of all episodes. Schulz has also included two new appendices.

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Appendix C contains a chronological listing of their most famous gag, the opening of the half closet. The reason for the closet's opening is also shown in the list. Appendix D is the more interesting to me and a great addition to this edition Insert Fibber and Molly pun here trying to get the appropriate word usage. For a collector of the radio shows, it is a short cut to many of the first and lasts. There are many lists including cast members, characters, and running gags such as the aforementioned hall closet or Fibber's "Gotta get them brakes fixed.

The downside of this is that Mr. Schulz lists only the first and last episode the gag aired and not every episode that contains the gag, as he does for the hall closet in Appendix C. But this also brings me to the problem with books such as this - for lack of a better term "episodic summaries.

In the June issue of Radio Recall, Mr. Cagle's asked a very poignant question "Is it worth the price"? On February 8, , Barbara was honored with a star at Hollywood Boulevard , in the television section of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In she began to star in CBS's popular radio program "Junior Miss" It was one of the most successful radio shows of the time with younger audiences. They had Richard Whiting Smith. Barbara was a "longtime volunteer" at St. Whiting died of cancer, in Pontiac , aged 73, June 9, , she was survived by a son. Intended as a patent medicine , it was invented in the late 19th century by John Stith Pemberton and was bought out by businessman Asa Griggs Candler , whose marketing tactics led Coca-Cola to its dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century; the drink's name refers to two of its original ingredients: coca leaves, kola nuts.

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In , Coke products were sold in over countries worldwide, with consumers drinking more than 1. Coca-Cola ranked No. Confederate Colonel John Pemberton, wounded in the American Civil War and became addicted to morphine , began a quest to find a substitute for the problematic drug. Pemberton's tonic may have been inspired by the formidable success of Vin Mariani , a French-Corsican coca wine, but his recipe additionally included the African kola nut , the beverage's source of caffeine.

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Waterman attended the University of Wisconsin in the mids, where he joined Theta Chi , acted in student plays, was a friend of Uta Hagen , his growing interest in theater put an end to his original plan to be an engineer, he gained experience in radio at the university's station, WHA. Waterman replaced Harold Peary, on "The Great Gildersleeve," radio program after Peary was unable to convince sponsor and show owner Kraft Cheese to allow him an ownership stake in the show. Impressed with better capital-gains deals CBS was willing to offer performers in the high-tax late s, he decided to move from NBC to CBS during the latter's famous talent raids.

Gildersleeve, he began his radio career at WIBA in Madison, singing in a quartet that performed "musical interludes between programs.

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And came to NBC in Chicago in early Not only did the two men become longtime friends, but Waterman — who looked as though he could have been Peary's sibling, whose voice was a near-match for Peary's — refused to appropriate the half-leering, half-embarrassed laugh Peary had made a Gildersleeve trademark, he stayed with The Great Gildersleeve from —57, on radio and in a short-lived television series syndicated in At the same time he was heard as Gildersleeve, Waterman had a recurring role as Mr. Waterman's pre-Gildersleeve radio career, in addition to Tom Mix, had included at least one starring vehicle, a short-lived situation comedy, Those Websters , that premiered in , he had radio roles between the mids and on such shows as Chicago Theater of the Air and Harold Teen , plus four soap operas: Girl Alone , The Guiding Light , Lonely Women , The Road of Life and Kay Fairchild, Stepmother.

Waterman is remembered for his role as Claude Upson in the film Auntie Mame. Waterman was all but retired from acting after , although in he appeared in the "Boss and Peterson" radio commercial for Sony , for which he received a Clio Award. In , Waterman was a founding member of the radio union known as the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

One obituary noted, "He was believed to be the only person to have served as a member of the union's board of directors in four different locales: Chicago, Los Angeles , San Francisco and New York. He was survived by his wife, Mary Anna, two daughters, three granddaughters, a great-granddaughter. Waterman has a star in the Radio section of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Walter Tetley Walter Tetley was an American voice actor specializing in child impersonation during radio's classic era, with regular roles on The Great Gildersleeve and The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show , as well as continuing as a voice-over artist in animated cartoons and spoken-word record albums. Peabody TV cartoons. Walter's foray into voices for theatrical cartoons began in the s, as the voice of Felix the Cat in Van Beuren's Rainbow Parade cartoons in shorts such as " Neptune Nonsense".

Collins, Sr.. In he reprised. In the late s and early s, Walter would become familiar to a new generation as the voice of Sherman, the nerdy, bespectacled boy sidekick of time-traveling dog genius Mr.

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His Gildersleeve co-star, Harold Peary , had made three albums for Capitol a decade earlier, telling children's stories Gildersleeve-style. In , after several more years' voiceover work, Tetley was injured in a motorcycle accident and used a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Numerous sources have suggested Tetley may have lost his southern California home in the same period and lived out his days in a trailer, he died in at age 60, having never recovered from his injuries. His interment was in Chatsworth's Oakwood Memorial Park.

Ben Ohmart. Walter Tetley - For Corn's Sake. BearManor Media. ISBN Martins Press. Radio Radio is the technology of signalling or communicating using radio waves. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of frequency between gigahertz , they are generated by an electronic device called a transmitter connected to an antenna which radiates the waves, received by a radio receiver connected to another antenna. Radio is widely used in modern technology, in radio communication, radio navigation, remote control, remote sensing and other applications.

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Who should be invited for dinner at Thanksgiving? The Great Gildersleeve has Gildersleeve tries to get Leroy to do his hoThe Great Gildersleeve is facin Leroy goes into the Christmas tree busin The traditional Christmas show. Gildersleeve reads, "Why The Chimes Rang," b Babs Bullard has given Leroy an expensiv After Bronco gets a new job, Gildersleeve attempts to Gildersleeve has disappeared!

Willard Waterman speaks only briefly tw Gildersleeve's back from the hospital and is eager to Sponsored by: Kraft Parkay, Kraft Mustards. Gildersleeve and his girlfriend Paula never seem to Gildersleeve hires Floyd Munson's wife to help Bullard is upset when he sees Marjorie's engage Gildersleeve suggests to the mayor that he be c Leroy and Babs Bullard suddenly don't seem to n Gildersleeve goes out of his way to be nice to Gildersleeve is planning a trip to Omaha, and wants Gildersleeve is trying to have as beautiful a garde Television has come to Summerfield Is Gildersleeve really William Cosgrove?

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Leroy invests in a hive filled with bees, who take When a newspaper poll shows that most people don't Leroy's "E" on his report card means no summer camp Bronco's homecoming. How can he be alone with Marjorie for five mi Marjorie and Bronco move into their own home, afte Gildersleeve is head over heels in love How to convince Bronco to build a wall b Guess how many beans are in the Gildersleeve visits the department store to return Leroy's brok Gildersleeve wants to deliver th Gildersleeve goes fishing when his girl Gildersleeve and Leroy go camping in the When his family makes fun of his weight, Gildersleeve decides h Leroy goes into the laundry business, bu Cousin Emily, the actress, is coming for Trying to outdo Cousin Emily Gildersleeve spills ink on Mr.

Bullard's rug Leroy takes his driving test Gildersleeve tries to make peace between feudin Gildersleeve tries to save money by going out o Gildersleeve is stepping out with both Gloria and Pau Leroy wants a new watch, so Gildersleeve wears his ol Gildersleeve's disappointed that Leroy didn't make th Gildersleeve gets an invitation to play golf with the mayor and leaves him waiting at the first tee Gildersleeve has an argument with Grace Tuttle, Leroy's beautiful teacher, a Gildersleeve berates Leroy for being careless with his possessions, but Gild Gildersleeve becomes a birdwatcher to impress Miss Tuttle, the latest object A duck for a birthday dinner!

When the great Gildersleeve found out it was M Leroy gets a Christmas job in Peavey's drugstore, but on commission only! Gildersleeve's girlfriend Grace has a mooching brother who takes Gildy for q Marjorie, Bronco and the twins are away for Christmas and the holiday doesn' Gildersleeve can't stand Miss Tuttle's mooching br Gildersleeve suspects that Grace's mooching brothe Leroy gets a present from Uncle Bert in Canada, a one-hundred-fort Will it be Leila Ransom or Grace Tuttle? Grace invi Leila and Grace discover that they're sorority sis Gildersleeve has invited both Leila Ransom and Gra Gildersleeve made the mista Gildersleeve's dog and Peav Gildersleeve gets feminine help at the Water Leroy has had enough of Gil Gildersleeve tries to wean It's house cleaning time at the Gildersleeves', an The traditional Easter show.

Gildersleeve and his f Gildersleeve orders Leroy to be pals with the Mayor's son, a diffic The Jolly Boys offer the use of their clubhouse for Marjorie is jealous of one of Bronco's clients, a b It's the anniversary of Marjorie and Bronco's w Gildersleeve finds himself on the way to Europe Leroy is writing a theme about the activities d Gildersleeve turns the simple wedding of a Mari Gildersleeve decides that Birdie would be happier working for M Leroy uses a case of mumps to promote Leroy has give Miss Tuttle, his teach Gildy is taking his vacation one day a Gildy decides to keep up with the youn Gildy and Bronco go halves on a Gildersleeve's girlfriend Mae Ke Gildersleeve forces Leroy to vis Gildersleeve is fired as water c Gildersleeve and Leroy are planning a week at a cabin by the lake After a day fishing with Leroy, a "fish story" nearly gets Gildersleeve in h Gildy preaches self-sufficiency; being Leroy has a crush on "Jo" McCoy, a gen Gildersleeve is firm with Marjorie's little wil Birdie bakes a cake to enter in the contest at Birdie sings on the radio, while G Gildersleeve is trying to promote Gildy gets a pair of hair clippers It's hard to date a school teacher, There are troubles with the school Gildersleeve finds himself Gildy decides to get out of Leroy wants to go to a dance Olsen shows up Gildersle On a snowy day in Summerfiel Gildersleeve tries to scrape up extra money for Chris Gildersleeve's secretary Bessie asks him to take her Thinking that Judge Hooker is alone and lonely Gildy volunteers to sell Christmas trees to help the needy children in Leroy's going out to his first New Year's party, leaving Gilde Gildersleeve suspects that the father of his g While trying to keep a date with Irene Henshaw Leroy is in love with Wendy and is ver Bronco's relations with Gildersleeve are strained, and b Leroy's not doing too well in school, Gildy's not doing Why hasn't Judge Hooker invited Gildersleeve and his fam Gildy makes a speech to the Gildy quits the Jolly Boys w Paula Winthrop is back in to Paula Winthrop's malicious daughter Gildersleeve gets a date with Marie, a new girl in town Gildersleeve's at a loss for an entry in the hobby show Gildersleeve is dating two different girls; exotic Mari Bronco is taking French lessons, and Marjorie is becomi Bronco brings his young and attractive boss home fr Gildersleeve is paying attention to the exotic Mari Gildy swears off dating women to save money.

Peavey bets Gildy's rival, Dr. Olsen, is leaving town, so Gilderslee Gildersleeve is running for sheriff, but the formidable Leroy's lack of discipline prompts a crackdown How to get rid of Aunt Hattie. This is a quality upgrade, netwo Gildersleeve thinks he hasn't been "pals" enough with Leroy. The script is A well-written Easter story of the crucifix Home comedy the great gildersleeve.

Spoiler : I absolutely LOVE watching movies that include some of the more popular radio characters from days passed. I've seen a few of the Great Gildersleeve films. Spoiler : I have a great Gildersleeve question. I have heard that there were Gildersleeve movies made. If so, anybody know where I could view them. Also, were there any tv shows with the original cast? Spoiler : There were actually four of them made. They were released on DVD a year or so ago. Spoiler : Willard Waterman is playing Gildersleeves. Peavy sounds kind of like the one in the radio show and so does the woman who plays Birdie.

Not sure though.

Haven't been feeling well so I've been watching them with the roku from the couch. Didn't check the credits. Spoiler : TCM shows them occasionally. Recent showed Gildersleeves Ghost. Spoiler : Gildersleeve runs for public office, he investigates a supposed haunted house and I forget the third.

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Spoiler : I'd not seen the TV series much, but just watching the opening, where he kindly pats a little boy's head as he enters his office, then he sees a lovely, curvaceous female he just about leers at her.. Didnt make me feel comfortable. They could have done that differently.. He signed for the change thinking that The Great Gildersleeve which he had originated would follow him, but the President of Kraft Foods which sponsored him was an old mossback who had had programs on NBC since the late 30s was not ready to change networks. Peary starred in a CBS program called Honest Harold but he could not lure the Gildersleeve audience to follow him and it died in a year.

Spoiler : Gildersleeve has always been my favorite comedy shows. Spoiler : Listen to Gildersleeve! But, as Harold Peary was allowed to develop and soften his character it became a whole different show. It is absolutely delightful and my whole family's favorite! Spoiler : Una Merkel as Adeline, Leila's cousin. Spoiler : I like The Great Gildersleeve! Spoiler : when I was little my parents had a 78 rpm album of fairy tales told by the Great Gildersleeve.

I remember getting very excited to be allowed to listen to it. Spoiler : One of my favorite OTR shows. Spoiler : Gildersleeve is my favorite. Spoiler : What a great show. Spoiler : I'm a big fan of Gildersleeve Christmas episodes. Now I need to discover his Halloween special! Spoiler : Great show! Spoiler : I heard an interesting show it was a remember when kind of show with "Gildy" going over his history of acting and the shows he was in.

Throckmorton was a name of the street he was living on at the time. That's how he came up with that name. Spoiler : I really have come to love this dear character. Spoiler : It is a beautiful and poignant story. Spoiler : The Great Gildersleeve. Spoiler : I listened to the Gildersleeve one last night! Spoiler : The Great Gildersleeve is a good show i like it very much. Spoiler : I like that show very much. Spoiler : I love Great Gildersleeve. Spoiler : I like Gildersleeve. The first show was broadcast on August 31, , sponsored by Parkay Margarine. In a wartime broadcast, a fantasy comic book club was mentioned.

In this issue he was battling Nazi saboteurs. A membership club was also mentioned requiring 10 cents for admission. In the next broadcast, the comic was mentioned again when Leroy received rabbits he ordered from an ad in the comic book. Spoiler : In , The Great Gildersleeve made its radio debut. One of broadcast history's earliest spin offs, the series was based on a character from Fibber McGee and Molly. It was always broadcast by NBC, and it was sponsored by Kraft from to While I'm a Fibber fan, Gildy is my favorite radio situation comedy.

Spoiler : I absolutely love the show!

DOWNLOAD [PDF] Tuning in The Great Gildersleeve: The Episodes and Cast of Radio s First Spinoff

Spoiler : One of the best radio comedy shows. Spoiler : I am listening to Gildersleeve in chronological order I notice a big difference between episode 31 and 32 in that the latter suddenly introduced the main characters we associate with the series with no prior buildup. In research I found up to 32 the writer was Leanard L. Levinson and with 32 the writer is John Wheaton.. Not finding dates I surmise that 31 was the last episode of the year and 32 started a new season.

Spoiler : The Wheaton years are the best! I believe he was related to Joss Wheaton the movie guy. Father and son, if I remember right! Spoiler : I used to wonder while watching BUFFY if Joss was inspired by his grand-dad's creation of a small town filled with colorful characters. Spoiler : Grandfather and grandson. Comment I have a related image to this show. I have a related image to this show. Would you like to create an account? You will be able to create playlist of your favorite episodes and series Yes No, Thanks. Join Our Free Mailing List Free sample downloads! Sign up for free account Register Register.

Please sign in Sign in. Gildersleeve the fortune teller. There's trouble in his future! Gildy takes Leila to the big football game. Gildersleeve meets the exotic Aunt Victoria! The twins are brought back home from the hospital. Gildy is infatuated with Katie Lee on the television. Leroy is disgusted!