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She also avoided answering questions about how she would maintain standards, accountability, and access for all students. Both eliminating the Department of Education or reducing it align with Trump's desire to shift greater control over education to states. Appointing DeVos to head the department of education is consistent with the desire to reduce the role of the federal government in education. DeVos' philosophy on school choice appears to be based largely on reducing oversight.

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Trump would not be the first Republican president to suggest eliminating the Department of Education. Ronald Reagan also planned to eliminate the Department of Education, which was created by the previous president, Jimmy Carter. Reagan planned to return to the federal Office of Education - giving up some federal control over schools. Reagan changed his position when the landmark government report " A Nation At Risk " expressed strong concern over US school performance compared to other nation's schools.

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Reducing the federal government's role in overseeing education is intended to reduce regulation and allow for more innovation. Many states and local areas already have laws that are the same or similar to federal laws. Be aware that any changes at the federal level may or may not affect your local area. For example, on Feb. The rescinded policy was created from standard best practices used in many schools across the nation. In other words, many schools already had this policy in place before the federal policy was created.

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These areas still have the policy, and still offer protections to transgender students using facilities that match their gender identity,. It is only in the areas that had not adopted such a policy at the local level that are now without these policies. This is an example of how rolling back a federal policy can affect local areas.

Areas that do not have a similar policy in place will need to decide what policies are best for their communities. Trump says on both his website and in his First Hundred Days Plan that he wants to make college and vocational school more affordable and easier to access.

Trump' has made critical remarks that colleges and universities spend too much money on administration, or simply not spending it all and keeping it in investment funds. His website says that he would "Work with Congress on reforms to ensure universities are making a good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt in exchange for the federal tax breaks and tax dollars. How does Trump plan to do that? At the time this article is being written, it's hard to say.

While there are several websites and news articles online right now that claim to have Trump's ideas for holding them accountable, most of these articles have been filled in with small comments from aides and known positions of GOP leaders -little comes directly from Trump. Universities get massive federal funds and huge tax breaks from their endowments, but then they don't spend these funds on their students.

I will work with Congress to make sure that those funds are not available unless universities begin to reduce tuition and student debt If Trump implements this idea based only on what he has actually said so far, not much is likely to change. Skyrocketing tuition costs are primarily due to a drop in state funding. The reduced state funding has led many universities to tighten their belts already. What Parents Need to Know: We may expect to hear more from colleges about exactly how they use endowment funds to specifically help students.

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Don't jump to any conclusions about college debt and Trump's comments about the Department of Education. The federal Department of Education distributes Federal financial aid such as Pell grants, work-study funds, and federal student loans to college students. While Trump has said that he may get rid of or reduce the department, his comments were said in the context of the federal government's role in k education, not student loans. Trump discussed an affordable student loan plan in Columbus, OH on October , saying " We would cap repayment for an affordable portion of a borrower's income.

There are many resources and studies that will argue that homeschooling isn't just as good as traditional education in a school setting, but better. They provide convincing findings that homeschooled children gained qualities that ensure that they are successful in their future. I've listed below additional resources for anyone who may be interested in researching more about the pros and cons of homeschooling and additional resources on how to get started.

Reasons Parents Homeschool. Academic Statistics on Homeschooling. Faith Christian Academy. Have you prepared a Will? Have you appointed a Guardian? The moment I became a mother, I feel like my whole life changed. I was now responsible for a little life. I knew that everything that I did from that point on would play a role in the future for my daughters life. I was excited for what was to come. I was excited for the sleepless nights that awaited me because I knew that they would be sleepless because this perfect little person that I created needed me. Although exhausting, it was something Landon and I had planned for and we were just so ready to be the best parents that we could be.

After a while, the chaos of having a new baby at home settled down. We were in the most blissful state in our life. I can't quite remember what brought the topic up but Landon and I started talking about what would happen if God forbid, something unfortunate were to happen to both of us. Who would watch over our girls? How can we prepare to make the transition as easy as possible for our loved ones? Who would we appoint to handle our estate?

How can we make sure that our wishes are carried out? All of a sudden a dark cloud of worry hovered over us! We never had to worry about this before, and it felt like it was a huge risk we would be taking if we didn't get this taken care of. So where do we begin? The first step that we took was to appoint a guardian. We thought very carefully about this. After all this would be their new parents. We wanted someone that had the same values, and beliefs as we did. It was very important that this person was someone that they knew and trusted and that had been present in their life. This was so hard!

You never realize how cocky you are until its time to pick someone that you feel is as good or better than you to raise your child. Regardless of the qualities you consider to decide whether they could be your child's guardian, the next step is to have the conversation. You want to make sure that this person is willing and wants to take on this huge responsibility.

Thank God, the first person on our list met was ecstatic and honored to be appointed guardianship over our girls. It was a HUGE sense of relief! Step one. The next step we took was to put finances in order. We calculated the cost of all of our debt, college for the girls, and living and realized that we needed to up our life insurance. Raising kids can be expensive and the last thing that I wanted was to burden financially the appointed guardian. We immediately contacted our life insurance and bumped it up. We also changed the beneficiaries.

We hadn't realized that our girls weren't even listed on there as beneficiaries. We updated all the beneficiaries on our k, mortgage insurance and accounts. It is important to do this! I've heard nightmare stories about money staying in limbo because nothing was prepared prior. The last thing you want is for your children not to have access to this money and now they aren't just dealing with the grief of loosing you now they are dealing with their entire foundation falling apart.

It's just too much! How do I make sure that the girls end up with the guardian we had so carefully elected? Plus I wanted to make sure that the money was used to pay off debt and our house first. I didn't want the money to get blown before the girls even entered high school so I wanted to appoint an allowance and then set up a trust fund for money that they couldn't touch until college and then another amount once they graduated college or hit a certain age.

We all know how money can make great people get greedy and selfish so I was really concerned with how can I legally enforce this once I'm dead. How can I make sure that the money is used for my daughters and not something else. The next step is to prepare your will with all the details that you have already thought of. You can find a lawyer and get all of this prepared. It can get pretty expensive our you can contact your church. Our church actually had this resource available. They offered a lawyer that would help process our will and give us legal advice. Your ability to enlighten others with your perceptive thoughts is truly awe-inspiring.

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You can be both solemn and celeb rat ory — sometimes within seconds of one another. You demonstrate a flair for the dramatic as a growing toddler fighting to express your independence. You make every day exciting. At times your adventurous ways are daunting , intimidating , and over-bearing. Yet no matter how trying the day, you leave us with lingering good feelings and special memories. We will be your flag pole, supporting you as you wave- as you test your strength and blow in the breeze. Does the bottle-feeding mom not want her children to be well nourished? Do the attachment-parenting moms want their children to be well adjusted?

Do the homeschooling parents want their children to be well educated? Does the working mom not want to spend time with her child? Does the stay-at-home mom contribute less to society? Does the wealthy mom not put out as much love as you do?

Love Narratively? So do we.

Does the young mom not want to take care of her child? Do they worry less for their future? Do they cry less when their kids hurt? Do they want less for their children? The creative party planning mom may feel as confident in her element as the put-together fashionable mom. The public school mom wants her children to learn and achieve just as much as the private and home-schooling parents. Is one better than the other, or is the child still being exposed to art?

What if the bottle feeding mom wanted to breastfeed more than anything but has a medical issue preventing it? Much of it stems from jealousy, hurt, insecurity, uncertainty, etc. In general, the people being criticized are not criticizing you back. Speaking of stick figures, supermodels are real too. They have thoughts, feelings and breathe the same air as you. Real moms comfort their children when they cry. They feed their children. They bathe their children. They read to their children.

They hug their children. They laugh with their children. They make sure their basic needs are met. They lead by example. We are all moms. We all have children and do what we think is best for them. We all have different strengths and interests. We have different viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. Lets look at all mamas, all women as a team. Whether or not we agree on the big and small issues, we all have responsibilities to our children and are striving to do it right.

We are all real. February 20, Leave a comment. Like this: Like Loading August 18, Leave a comment. August 14, August 18, 4 Comments. It Strengthens Individual Bonds. It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence. You Get to know One Another Better. You Take Time Out from the Crazy. It Shows them they are Unique Individuals in the sea of siblings. What are some of your favorite kid date suggestions? July 30, July 29, 4 Comments. A guest post my Jenny Oberhaus. Other purchases were OK as long as the kids used their own money.

Yes, I am that mom. Day ahead of time, lest they stay up all night scheming about how to take the fullest advantage of the opportunity. So, our YES! Why, YES, you can! So we danced like fools in the kitchen while our Eggos waited patiently. Day rolls around.

July 24, July 24, Leave a comment. July 15, July 15, 24 Comments. July 6, July 6, 27 Comments.

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  • I now realize my reaction is two-fold. It is the acceptance of aging as well as the constant struggle to slow down time. July 4, July 4, Leave a comment. July 3, July 4, 24 Comments. June 24, 36 Comments. But let me ask you this: Is the mom who keeps her house neat and clean any less of a mom than you are? Does the fit mom who works hard to maintain her six-pack care less about her children than you? Does the adoptive mom not love her child as much as a biological mother?

    Before we cast stones, consider this: We all have our strengths, and we all have our weaknesses.