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We will be attending a free book marketing class sponsored by the Seattle area Author's Guild , and would like to invite you to join us. Beth will teach a class, live and in person, at the University branch of the Seattle Public Library.

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For more information and to RSVP, click here. Our 47th book in the Six-Word Lessons series is written by Amy Getter, a palliative care and hospice nurse with over 30 years of experience.

In this book she shares tips for those involved with the difficult events surrounding the death of yourself or a loved one. Six-Word Lessons to Prepare for Dying is a valuable tool with helpful advice for anyone going through something that all will experience at some point. In the year , four teenagers in Italy grow up to make their marks on the world, one being revealed as the Antichrist.

Find supplemental material and learn more about the Biblical end times at LawlessOne. One of our authors, Tracey Warren , who wrote Six-Word Lessons for Social Media , presented a very informative workshop in July that several of our authors attended either in person or through Zoom videoconferencing. It was a fun, interactive time with a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas.

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Thank you so much, Tracey, for sharing your knowledge! Offer book copies as door prizes at events.

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Ask to be a guest on podcasts, TV and radio shows. Send press releases out. Ask for reviews from anyone you give a book to. Partner with a nonprofit by giving a portion of book sale proceeds to them in return for their help. Include books for attendees when speaking and wrap the cost into your fee. Create and post graphics of Amazon reviews Add your book as a "publication" on Linkedin. She shares lessons on the many facets of operating a drone business, including licenses required and types of business opportunities.

It also has great advice for anyone wanting to hire a drone entrepreneur for their company or project. Kevin was referred to us by Tulinda Larsen. It is full of great ideas on how realtors can make their listings more captivating by using drone video and photography. Createspace is moving to Kindle Direct Publishing so please watch for e-mails from Lonnie if you are a published author with books on createspace.

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There will be a different process for ordering your book copies. Let us know how we can help in any way with your book writing and publishing needs! Lonnie and Patty Pacelli Patty pacellipublishing. Alicia is a marine biologist who has extensive experience and research in how to minimize drone impact to wildlife, both on land and sea. Her book has lists of best practices for drone pilots, whether flying for hobby or business, to keep animals, human and the environment from harm.

Check out Alicia's company, Alimosphere , for more information on drones and wildlife. We are thrilled to add this category to our Six-Word Lessons series! Alicia introduced us to her colleague, Dr.

Self-Publishing: Changing Your Mindset from Author to Publisher

Her book, Six-Word Lessons for the Drone Hobbyist , gives numerous tips to hobbyist drone users, from video and photography to shopping for the best drone to understanding your drone's features. Tulinda is also working on a second drone book for those who fly drones as a business. Summer is a great time to get more experience with your drone, or consider starting this new hobby. She will help authors understand how to use the many social media channels and the tools they have been given, such as book trailers and mini-blogs, to promote and sell their book to the right audiences.

If you are a published Six-Word Lessons author, you have already received information about it and we hope you can make it. Wednesday, July 18 to p. We value our authors and want to help them promote, market and sell their books, so we provide them with marketing tools to help with this sometimes overwhelming task. It features 5 lessons from the book. Posting author blogs on our website - We always have room on 6wordlessons. JPEG of book front cover - Authors use this in social media posts and on their websites to sell their book.

Make it clickable and go directly to Amazon. Author profile - Our newest marketing tool includes a photo of the author with a casual, bullet-point bio. We encourage our authors to use all of these tools by sharing them on their own social media and websites. As well, we promote our authors' books on a rotating basis by sharing these tools on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Let us know if you have ideas for new topics that you or someone you know could write. You spend some of your precious free time thinking your life as a freelance writer would be pretty sweet if you could just trade places. So you procrastinate. You make excuses. You roll around on the floor.

And you keep listening to that voice inside your head that fills you with doubt and fear. And then one of those life-changing epiphanies happened that changed everything. It made her rethink her approach and take a hard look at her productivity habits. The result: she went from writing next to nothing, to publishing her first book. Spend your days wasting time, doing nothing.

Or do everything in your power to achieve your online writing and freelance goals. Anybody with a blog can make money writing. Well, maybe. Make sure you write something that actually sells.

Stress-Free Marketing: Practical Advice for the Newly Published Author

This might seem a little harsh because there are so many bloggers out there who want to make money writing. Honestly, I hope the world never runs out of passionate writers. I absolutely love reading insights into specific topics. Want to make money writing as a blogger? Here are 4 different types of articles you can and should write for your blog—no matter the niche. When I was fresh out of school, only a novice at my day job, I decided to be a writer. No marketing experience. No niche knowledge. I needed a lot of writing tips and advice…fast. So I asked writers in my network a simple question:.

Are you one of those freelance writers hustling every day to meet your deadlines, write great copy, and keep your clients happy? You know, you put in a request for your days off, catch a plane to Hawaii, and leave work behind. You have client deadlines, marketing, administrative stuff to take care of.