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Herself - Global Witness segment "Anonymous Inc. Altoona Speedway. Dave Bradway Jr. Skagit Speedway. Touched wheels with another car, car slammed outside wall nose first, flipped six times, slammed the wall again, tail first, it spun in the air and landed upside down. Ascot Park. Crashed into by the car of Dick Atkins after coming off the wall and rolled over. Masaryk Circuit. Masaryk Grand Prix.

Left wheels went into a ditch, failed to control the car, crashed into a tree and was thrown out: the car continued, hit another tree, went into the air and somersaulted. Car bounced on the rough surface of the road, went into the right embankment, hit a small wall, rolled and he was thrown out. Touched wheels with the car of Willy Mairesse , lost control, crashed into an embankment, rolled and he was thrown into barbed wire.

Australian Targa Championship. Targa West Rally. Auto City Speedway. Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. Wauwatosa road track. Langhorne Speedway. Slid, dug in the dirt, touched the car of Jim Hurtubise , went in the air and flipped end over end. Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4. Polish Rally Championship. Winter Lower Silesian Rally. Peugeot Rallye. Circuit Zolder. Tiga F BMW. Mount Panorama Circuit. Gust of wind lifted the car up, pushed it onto outside the track and caused the car to hit a tire barrier: the impact caused the engine to go into the cockpit.

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One of the wheels broke, sending the car over the curb, going through a crowd barrier and hitting a telephone pole. Bloomington Speedway. Argentinean Turismo Carretera Championship. San Nicolas, Siderurgia. Car veered to the left, rode over the escape lane, crossed the pavement, climbed an embankment, jumped in the air, caught on fire, flew and landed on all four wheels again.

Dakar Rally.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Championnat de France de la Montagne. Bagnols Sabran. Modena Autodrome. Gearbox failure caused the car to not slow down in a turn, went through a gate to find an escape route, hit a bystander, crossed a street and crashed into the wall of a workshop. International Mile Sweepstakes. Darracq - Soncin. Circuit Brescia. Oklahoma City International Raceway. Dragster was on jacks when the throttle stuck, car fell off the jack, sped off into a fence and crashed into trees: a piece of metal came from the cockpit and entered his helmet.

California Racing Association. Imperial Valley Speedway. Car bumped into the back of another car, ran over the back wheels and went end-over-end several times. Alfa Romeo Tipo B. Car ran over the back of Thomas Biagi 's car, flipped and slid upside down on the retaining wall, ripping off the rollbar and striking Campos' head against the wall.

Todds Leap Ulster Rally. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. Watkins Glen International. Palm Beach, FL. Pre-season testing. Raid de Himalaya. Rajdowe Samochodowe Mistrzostwa Polski. Rajd Kormoran. American Automobile Association National Championship. Beverly Hills Speedway. Ferrari Testa Rossa. Camp Freedom. Circuit de la Seine-Inferieure. Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France.

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Lotus 48 Cosworth-FVA. Belleville High Banks. Collided with a lapped vehicle while leading and flipped several times and was subsequently hit by another car in the cockpit area, causing serious brain injuries. Homestead -Miami Speedway. Silverstone Circuit. British Hill Climb Championship. Craigantlet Hillclimb.

Holden VZ Commodore. Adelaide Street Circuit. Circuit Zandvoort. Tour de Corse. Bugatti T Circuito delle Province Meridionali. Homestead-Miami Speedway. Santa Fe Speedway. Sandown Raceway. He lost control of the car; hit a telephone pole, jumped over a brook, then the car bounced back on to the road, slid over the road, spinning, and ended up, wheels down, in a brook at the other side of the road. Besides de Portago, his navigator Edmont Nelson, ten spectators — among them five children — lost their lives.

Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie. Len Boehler 3. Thompson Donington Park. A tire failure caused the car to crash into the wall and vault over the fence: died of a blood clot in the brain two days later. Lancaster Speedway. Milwaukee Mile. Crashed into the car of Bay Darnell , caught fire and was hit by another car. BRDC Miles. Chariton Speed Bowl. English Racing Automobiles. MIRA Ltd. Suffered a basilar skull fracture in crash.

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Riverside Raceway. International Motor Contest Association - Modifieds. Perris Auto Speedway. He lost control, rode up the retaining wall and flipped. His car was then hit into the drivers side by another car, while it was lying on its roof. Milwaukee National Auto Sport Association. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Le Mans. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI. Martinsville Speedway. Warner Robins Super Speedway. Goodwood Circuit. Rally Vida.

Seekonk Speedway. Vallejo Raceway. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Rallye Templice. Phoenix International Raceway. Nissan ZX Turbo.

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Streets of St. Petersburg, Florida. Grand Prix of St. Riverside International Raceway. Oregon Trail Rally. Third rally stage at Mundaring.

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Blanford Circuit. Fuji Speedway. Derwent Valley Speedway. Weetown Outlaw Speedway. Ford Falcon Argentina SP Punta Alta. Tried to avoid a truck, lost control, hit an embankment, rolled several times, crashed into a small wall and was thrown out. Mosport International Raceway. Lowes Motor Speedway. Indianapolis Speedrome. Struck a concrete wall, flipped over it, and slammed into a light pole: caused by a stuck throttle. Uniontown Speedway.

Lydden Hill. Atlanta Dragway. Phoenix Speedway. Clovis Speedway. Hit car of George Amick , hit wall and flipped. Crashed into the concrete barrier on Mulsanne Straight , somersaulted, hit a phone pole and caught fire. Wall Township Speedway. Talladega Superspeedway. Crashed into the stopped car of Jean-Pierre Beltoise , somersaulted and caught fire. Autodrom Most. Fiat-Abarth SP. Sebring International Raceway. Crashed at the esses, flipped his car several times. He died instantly of a fractured skull and broken neck. Reading Fairgrounds Speedway. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Rennstrecke Dessau. Lernerville Speedway. Kurtis - Offenhauser. Los Angeles Coliseum. Chihuahua state. Mercedes E. Japanese Touring Car Championship. Sportsland SUGO. Phillip Island. Crashed into a stalled Lamborghini Gallardo. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Golden Horseshoe Dragway. Overturned after the car of Giuseppe Farina clipped his left wheel. Oulton Park.

He came off the wet road before Ravenna and overturned into a ditch. He died the next day from his injuries in a local hospital. Cajon Raceway. Ran over ripple strips, flipped the car, hit a concrete wall, was hit by another car, went over a wall and hit a signboard before it fell on a dirt embankment. Kurtis Novi. March - Cosworth. Tony Bettenhausen World of Outlaws. BAPS Speedway. DuQuoin State Fairgrounds.

Kuzma - Offenhauser. United States Auto Club. Illinois State Fairgrounds Racetrack. Jim Clark Rennen. Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds. The Lotus Elite suffered a brake failure and headed for the escape road, only to found a photographer standing here, complete with tripod. Hughes tried to avoid him, but rolled his little Lotus, striking the photographer and killing them both.

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Australian Touring Cars. Mount Panorama. Rallye de Court.