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Long Ago And Far Away - Jo Stafford

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The Great Mystery by Desert Dwellers. I like the album because i just do anymore questions? Broken Open by The Human Experience.

Long Ago and Far Away | Kai Altair

A journey from the beginning to the end, it could be said it's a journey of love or of life, but no matter, it's wonderful. I found with my eyes closed that I fly that journey, sometimes soaring and sometimes gliding but always with a weightless feeling of freedom.

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I really love this album and The Human Experience's work -- outstanding. Deep Blue by Captain Over. Aletheia by O'Flynn.

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I have been working on for many, many years. So it steered me into comic books with the help of Mark Waid and Lori Matsumoto, of whom I am very grateful And when the artist Fernando Pinto who I met through podcasting, how about that? This is what this world and these characters looked like.

And they looked happy. Like they were finally being let out to play. I hope they entertain you.