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I'd like to be part of this again and again. So much joyous fun! I had the blessed opportunity to hang out on stage with two of my comedy heroes, Shelley Berman and Robert Morse. Had so much fun, we made a barrel of monkeys insanely jealous.

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Of course, I must admit, they were pretty worked up to begin with. Robert Strong was the caulk that held all the basic tiles together, and excelled in both his roles of host and producer. This project was magic and I think that magic was so tangible it will touch everyone who is lucky enough to see this. I loved the setting, the film clips, and Robert Strong's hosting which was professional, engaging, funny, relaxed and respectful.

I so enjoyed the reminiscence, easy banter and gentle ribbing between the three comedians. It felt both fresh and historic at the same time.

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I laughed and laughed Please email info comedytalks. Please be sure to include the date, location, number of guests, and the occasion of your event Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser.

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Buy As Gift. Overview Millions of baby boomers the world over grew up with the same electronic babysitter—the living room television. Stop any number of people on the street and ask them to do one of the following: recite the preamble to the Constitution, or sing the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies.

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If history is any indication, the Hillbillies will emerge the conquering champions. Television was a special part of our childhood. It whisked us into worlds beyond our own.