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See more. Book 4. What is life all about? Many have asked this question, many more have looked for answers. Life appears as a bundle of experiences accumulated over a lifetime. There is happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain, success and failure. What does life have to offer to the seeker? A gifted opportunity to realise the purpose of existence, finding the single truth to the many questions we find around us.

Who we are, where are we going? Life is truly beautiful.

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Life is happiness. Life is learning. Listen to Bhagawan as He speaks to us about life and all it has to offer. Book 5.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is Chapter 10 text no 1 to 4

Meditation is all about attunement. Meditation is oneness with our spiritual core, our intrinsic divinity. How do we connect to this state of oneness? How do we meditate? What are its varied methods? What are its benefits? This little compilation provides us with rare insight into these and other related areas. Listen to Him in the following pages. Book 6. Or is it that simple? Ironically, it remains as evasive as it is obtainable, as complex as it is simple.

Listen to Bhagawan as He speaks of how we can do so. Peace is waiting at our doorstep.

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Peace is within our reach. Peace is here. Peace is now. Listen to Bhagawan Simple Truths. Book 7. The world around us is teeming with messages. Just look around you.

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Look at the sun, the stars, the simple flower, and the early morning dew. What do they have to give us apart from the beauty of their being? God breathes lessons into the many things we take for granted as we pass the world with an unseeing eye. This is a compilation of the many simple analogies Bhagawan has given, which forces us to have a second look at our world.

It promises to be much more beautiful, so much more elevating. Just flip open to any page Book 1. Dharma is generally used in two contexts.

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  6. One, as duty and the second, as righteousness. Every individual dons a number of roles during his Earthly sojourn. He who is affected by fear will overcome it, and he who is in difficulties will be free of it. Sri Radhakrishna Shastri explains that the stated benefis accrue to those who have single-minded devotion to Vasudeva, meditates on Him constantly, is pure in thought, word and deed, and chants the thousand Namas of Vasudeva as laid down in this Shloka.

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    He acquires undiminishing wealth in this world, and he also gets unexcelled prosperity in the next namely, salvation. Sri Parasara Bhattar has given his interpretation for the above Shlokas in two short sentences:. Thus, for instance, being rid of fear in this world can be understood as the full confidence that Bhagavan will definitely redeem us from the ocean of Samsara at the end of this birth.

    He acquires valour and power. He is endowed with good health and always shines. He who is in bondage will be relieved of it. He who is affected by fear will become free from it, and he who is in difficulties will become rid of them. He finally attains the eternal abode of Brahma. They will not have any fear from transitions like birth, death, old age and disease. Sri Parasara Bhattar comments — niyamavato bhaktasya anushanginim abhyudaya siddhim Aha — For the devotee who recites the Namas in accordance with the scriptural injunctions, there is attainment of prosperity of all kinds that come as a matter of course.

    He explains the term Shraddha as sa-gaurava tvara — Eagerness associated with respect. He also comments that bhakti is a result of highly meritorious acts — bhagavati bhaktih mahatah su-kritasya phalam. Thus a true devotee should chant the shlokas with sincere devotion and interest, and should accompany the chanting with other meritorious acts as a way of life. Sri V. Ramanujam has used the term anusandhanam which means inquiry, investigation, scrutiny etc. Thus, the difference between the two, is that the first discusses the benefits attained by the Bhakta who chants the Shloka, while the second is about the benefits attained by the Bhakta who delves deep into the meanings etc.

    Sri Parasara Bhattar comments that as a matter of natural course, these defects by themselves keep away from the devotees of Lord Vasudeva. Sri Parasara Bhattar says that there is nothing to doubt about the power and greatness of Bhagavan Sri MahaVishnu, as described in the current Shloka and the next few Shlokas. Sri Parasara Bhattar comments that this state of all things being under the control of Vasudeva is explained as the body-soul relationship between all objects and Bhagavan. This relationship between the individual soul and the Supreme Soul as one of body-soul relationship is a key aspect of the Vishishta Advaita philosophy.

    Dharma or righteousness springs from right conduct and Achyuta is the foremost upholder of Dharma. In other words right conduct is the crystallised outcome of Dharma. Right conduct is the foremost discipline to be observed as noted in all the scriptures. Sri Parasara Bhattar notes that anything and anyone that is under the influence and control of Dharma has Bhagavan as their origin: dharmanubandhinAmapi tad udbhavatvam Aha.

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    He pervades the three worlds and rules over all of them. He enjoys them and consumes them. He himself has no death or decay. Sri Parasara Bhattar provides a word-by-word meanings and interpretation:. This shows the greatness of Sahasranamam both in terms of the greatness of the composer and the greatness of the subject. The one who praises him is none other than Sage Veda Vyasa, who has drunk this greatness in full, and who has no dearth of words to describe that greatness.

    This gem of a hymn has the greatness of the One who is praised as well as the one who is praising Him. This world which is filled with destitution, is eminently deserving to benefit from the chanting of this Hymn, which is capable of redeeming this world from its penury. Thus, everything is perfect about this hymn, the person who is sung, the person who sings, and the beneficiary who is qualified to benefit by singing His praise. The Shloka itself declares that both Shreyas denoting Moksham , and the lesser pleasures sukhani ca are attained by the chanting of this Hymn.

    Those who sing His praise will never meet with setback or discomfiture of any kind. In support, he quotes the following two verses from the Garuda Puranam: Pramaadaat Kurvataam Karma Prachyavetaadhvareshu yat Smaranaadeva Tadvishnoh Sampoornam Syaaditi Shrutih Meaning: Any mistake made in rites and sacrifices by carelessness are made good just by meditating on Lord Vishnu. Never do they meet with any disrespect. Sri Parasara Bhattar concludes with the following: Asmakam atra ca paratranca sarva duhkham UnmIlya sampadam ashesha vidham vidhaya Sri Rangaraja mahishi sa ca Vaishnavanam Sangaat sukham saha jayena sada kriyaastaam Meaning: May Sri Rangaraja, along with His Consort Sri Ranganayaki, root out all the distress here and hereafter, confer wealth of all kinds on us, and always bless us with happiness, victory and the company of the devoted Sri Vaishnavas.

    Your eyes are large like the lotus leaf. You have a lotus situated in your navel. You are the greatest among the Devas. While saying this, Arjuna is speaking not just for himself but for all the devotees of the Lord. Sometimes it so happens that the devotee has the sincere wish to recite the Sahasranamam but he is unable to proceed beyond a few shlokas due to some practical constraints. Bhagavan assures the devotee that it is not the quantity but the intent that matters.

    Even with one shloka, he considers Himself fully worshipped if it is recited with faith and devotion. If so, I want to hear about it.

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    It is said that Shiva is an ardent devotee of Vishnu and hence Parvati has chosen the right person to ask about the recitation of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. So the simple way to recite the thousand Namas of the Lord is to recite the Rama Nama. Salutations to the endless and immortal One, who has thousands of forms, thousands of feet, thousands of eyes and thousands of arms.

    Salutations to Him who has thousands of Namas, who is the soul in all beings and who is permanent. Salutations to Him who keeps creating billions of Yugas or time cycles. This was the statement of Sanjaya to Dhridharashtra at the conclusion of the dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna. The implication is that if we devote ourselves wholeheartedly in the pursuit of the Lord, we need not spend any time incessantly worrying about our needs.

    As long as we perform our duties efficiently and in a spirit of service to the Lord, we will be taken care of. The Lord will not just carry our burden of needs, he will also carry all of our worries as well. Our entire life comprises two major activities: acquisition and preservation. The early part of our life goes in acquisition of knowledge, wealth, family, position and title. The later part of our life is devoted to preservation of what we have acquired. This implies that God descends into the world in various forms again and again to establish Dharma. Whenever the evil takes the upper hand and the virtuous people suffer Bhagavan appears and restores Dharma by destroying the evil doers and protect the virtuous.

    We should appreciate that there is no instant magic cure for diseases but reciting the Namas of Sriman Narayana grants one immediate peace of mind and composure. He is like the celestial Parijata tree for those who have taken refuge in Him. They consider that He alone is their wealth. Therefore the riches and well being of these people are beyond words. This being the case, there is no occasion for them to suffer dishonour or disgrace.

    Meaning : It gives a good life of land, wealth and prosperity, good family.