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I was minding my own business living my life, dating, dreaming about one day being married and having kids etc. The next year in I was at an event and I met a man. He fit the description of the one in her dream. I prayed about it and asked the Lord if this was my husband. I heard yes, but you are not ready yet. I have to get you ready. I have to get him ready.

There is a reason why I am putting the two of you together. In I ran into him again at another event he actually lives in another state I even took a picture with him but he did not remember me. Do you want me to send him to someone else? She said God has choosen someone for you but he will not make you take him. You still have free will to say no. I saw him again in I was getting a little restless and I began going out with other men. It is now June and I am still waiting …. Hi girls and gentlemen. Not sure if my story is or was still posted, but regardless of my update on my life is doing just fine.

And I just want all of you to know that you are loved with or without a mate and to all seek Jesus Christ kingdom first and all other things shall be added according to his perfect will. These words sound like someone who is impatient with you, exasperated, threatening you — pushing you away but tying you up at the same time.

God is better than this. He will be truthful with us AND so kind. The fruit of the Spirit are qualities that God Himself has. Patience, gentleness…. I agree with this article in some aspects.

Joyce Meyer - Trusting God When You Do Not Understand Sermon 2017

God gives us choices in everything, but I would rather have God pick my mate than be chosen by a man for my looks and personality only to find out he chose wrongly. If God chooses for us a wife or a husband, we always have the choice whether to follow-through with his plan. Also, just because God reveals to us our husbands does not mean our dating roles change. God works everything out for us.

He will provide double for her trouble. Her future mate will be better than the last. I fell in love with a man who had all the qualities I wanted but he left me. I asked God before I met him to help me find someone with those exact qualities, but who would not leave. Now I am in agony. I miss him so much. I just want the pain to stop. And frankly, I could use the distraction. Mabel, I understand so very much how you are feeling.

Before the person I still love came into my life; I had been alone for a long number of years. Finally the loneliness was over! He is such a good man. A loving Christian man. Now here I am; still in love with him, still in pain, but trusting GOD to send whomever he has for me. The Lord did tell me about 7 years ago that he was preparing my other half; then reminded me of this through a pastor who told me that GOD said I was going to get married.

Not trying to rush the Lord but the wait is painful. With all of my heart. I totally agree with this! Lots of my strong Christian friends believe who are mostly single, I might add that God will tell you if you should marry someone on the very first date, or even before! I like the idea of choosing someone and having them choose me.

I completely agree Katy. He sounds great. While I love the beauty of the story here, I have to confess that God did tell me who I would marry and then confirmed it through the direct messages of 3 women of God. He even proposed months ago. Through this silence many things have been exposed in me that would detrimenal to my role in minstry as well as being a wife. I have attempted to encourage other people who are waiting, but lately, I find myself becoming angry.

Please feel free to email me! No God doesnt lie, but I believe he wants us to make Him the centre of our focus. Even in marraige the most perfect marraige, We still need God. Marraige in my view is a training ground for learning to die to self over and over and over again!!. I love this comment. Thanks so much for this truth Jennifer! My name is Jen. It was confirmed through 4 other sources which are all women and men if God and now my supposed husband is living with another woman and had a baby.

How could this happen when this is what God said? The last prophecy that I received was that God said that while we were to be married he cannot force his will on the other person. If God can turn things around and do the impossible then what is going on. My question was why take me through all that and then just to let me down. I can honestly tell you that my faith is definitely shaken and I am extremely disappointed. I feel as if God is really punishing a good man like me that is hoping to meet a good woman to share my life with, and having a very hard time meeting that special one.

But I do know that God is so faithful. And that his plan often looks drastically different than the one we come up with on our own. After reading this article I just had to write something. Two of them come to mind because those two guys made me get closer to God.

They were both really painful breakups because I was sure I was meant to spend the rest of my life with them. One of them got married about a year later and the other one disappeared forever without any notice. There has been since a person who for a very long I thought was my soul mate. Even though he never respected me, he never loved me, he never cared for me, hefor some crazy reason I had this incredible love for him.

I believed he was a very good person and wanted to show him through me how much God loved him. Last year he was in a really horrible motorcycle accident and he almost lost his life. Up until perhaps a month ago, I started to realize how blind I was to think that he could ever fall in love with me.

Up until recently I started to see things very different. I realized that I wasted so much time trying to find little signs here and there if I was really meant for this person and then just one day about two weeks ago…. I let him go. I broke free from this bondage. I had enough. Just to note: I never saw him in person again since September We just texted each other and spoke on the phone. Sorry Stephanie if the message is so long. He asked me out right away that same night.

I said okay. We had met before and spoken on the phone back in early May but never met in person. We lost touch but I kept his number because I felt he was different. So we have gone out on several dates now in just one week. Every single date has been so great. We connected immediately in all aspects. He makes me feel so special. He uplifts me, inspires me to follow my dreams, to see the beauty I have inside and out. And it just feels so comfortable being with him. There are moments where we just stare at each other and just smile without exchanging any words between us and then I feel this incredible urge to hug him and I do.

Or he just suddenly kisses my forehead and embraces me. That I deserve someone like him. Two nights ago I accidentally texted him a message that was meant for the guy I had been dating this summer. I immediately apologized to him. I was so embarrassed. He texted me about 30 minutes later saying it was strange to receive that message.

I know what I want. And I pray to God not to send me a sign or whisper if this man is the one but to bless my relationship. To give me the qualities of a good wife. Because I may not have my life in order but I feel a big change coming. I felt it the moment I met him. Sally my dear that is a beautiful story, but I have to say this just for a little wisdom. I hope you are being honest with yourself. Sometimes we interpreted signs and feelings into what we want it to be. Far as signs. Let me just tell you a quick story of mine. I prayed and asked God is this my husband.

If he is give me a sign as to what my husband should be. After I prayed I saw his name pop up on my tablet as I was setting it up for location, sterling virginia. I watched a game and I saw it on tv Sterling. I flipped the channel to TMC and saw Sterling again. The next day I saw a tag on a car with sterling on it. Anyways to make the story even shorter, I kept seeing this name and then 1 day I the nerve to ask God again. I went to work and as I was putting my bags down I looked up and a box had the name Sterling on it. I immediately took that as a sign God was telling me yes this is my husband.

It was some guy who the picture was taken by and she mentioned 5 times in caption. He expressed all of this deep love for me because we met unexpectedly. Not 1 time did he. He even had other women that he went out with. Long story short, what I saw was wrong and it took another man to come into my life for me to realize it.

God decides our fate and his will will always override our own. We should read the entire Bible and discover the truth for ourselves. Think about it, we are already predestined. He knew what and when you were going to pray about before you prayed. He knew when and who we were going to meet before we met them. He knew how we will feel afterwards and what we will do after that. You see, were are confused by the world and not living solely by The Word. NO ONE. Your husband and or wife is whomever God aligns your life with according to his will. Sally, thank you so much for sharing your story with me!

I pray that your life is so full of love and peace, more than you could ever imagine. This is so beautiful just like everything God does. In my experience potential mates have come and go. Also couple men are interested in marriage with me, but God has give me the decrement and ability to tune my feelings by not choosing any of them.

God Told me Who I'm Going to Marry | Stephanie May Wilson

I am in love with God and as my spiritual journey keeps edifying day by day I want the man I marry to love God above all and share the same spiritual journey for the rest of our lives. I am also in love with a man who believes in God, but I am not sure how great is his spiritual journey and wiliness to follow God by the way he acts sometimes, so I am just waiting on the Lord to reveal more about his will for this relationship to make a choice.

This is exactly what I went through! This wonderful, handsome, christian guy in my class at college. So I waited…and waited…and waited some more…until I heard the news of his engagement to another woman! I had prayed for him, for our future together, just for him to put a ring on another woman! Then God reminded me about a dream that he had given me one night.

Sometimes God speaks to us silently but because we want something so badly, we convince ourselves that it is what He wants for us and ignore His gentle warnings. If I had heeded the warning of that dream, I would have saved myself so much heartache. Sorry for the long post, but your article compelled me to share my story.

Being single is tough…I tried them all…thinking about myself, taking care, my career, travels and at times u forget about it…but other times is really like a magnet that brings u back to reality…that You are single…and hoping to meet the one that will enlight the years to come…I had the courage to end up a relationship that really drove me away a lot of energy…his ex…his lies…the things i discovered and how he was almost deleting my personality and integrity as a woman that is worth…and then after some time.. I am looking for a woman to marry in my life, I am serious about it, I want to make a life with that person now in my life time oaky.

I absolutely love this! And it gives me great comfort that I am not alone. Last year for me was very tough. I was engaged to be married and 3 weeks before the wedding, my then fiance cancelled the wedding. It was devastating and i could not understand why God would allow that in my life, if i had always been faithful to him. And he realized that it would not have been a christian marriage, and definitely loveless. Presently, I am in a relationship with a man who i am in love with and i never i would love again.

Whether it is to marry, to lead a single life, or whatever, i will follow. And in not expecting anything, i have received so much! There is definitely freedom and peace when you allow God to act! It is very difficult for many of us finding true love these days, unlike years ago when it was certainly much more easier.

Iv been going through the same thing i keep getting signs and im scared of putting all my trust in these signs worrying that at the end of the road it wont be the same thing as i thought and that iv been mistaken about the meaning of these signs. All my love, Stephanie. For 10 years I believed God told me who I was going to marry. Every life decision and every thought I had was about that man and how much God was going to bless us. And he did NOT see himself marrying me. Then I found a new wonderful man who loves everything about me and we got married after being caught up in the unexpected whirlwind of amazing love……..

I hate feeling his way because he is so good to me yet all I worry about is am I now out of Gods perfect will?? Do not beat yourself up. Goto God and let His voice be the only answer you seek. So, cast your cares upon the Lord…and let His word stand and resolve the issues within your heart. Be encouraged. Sara, I think that God speaks to us in a million different ways. And I think a big one is through our circumstances. The way he looks at me, loves me, and cares for me reminds me of Jesus. We so often want to hear an audible voice, or a voice in our heads.

But I think that God speaks in so many more ways. Our God is the God of good and perfect gifts. Rest assured sweet daughter. As I said previously…God told me, and he confirmed it through 4 people of God, and He told him and the him in question also told me. And with all the things I have learned in and because of our silence, I am grateful to God for orchestrating such a time.

I am in the same boat. When God told me who I am going to Marry. I was not sure….. Becasue I did not want to get my hopes up. But then God kept confirming it every single time!

What God’s plan isn’t: My expectations of how my life “should” be

Becasue then God will be able to do his amazing work!!! And Start praying for your future Hubby!!! And Right now is his time of singleness, let him seek you while my heart so amazingly lost in you that he will find me by seeking you the entire time!!! A Spiritual War!! Satin knows who you are going to marry as well and he does not like it one little bit….. Pray that Gd would keep him on the right path! And pray that God would tell him about you as well.

TO give him some hope about you. That is what wrong with Christians today!!! We look at things in the Natural and not in Supernatural!!! The way God sees things!!!!! All we have to do is have Faith and to not Doubt!!! If you Believe, you will recieve whatever you ask for in prayer! Just Beleive in what God can to do!!! Think of It as a Triangle…. You are on the left your future Hubby is on the Right and God is at the top. Keep Trusting in what God has Promised you!!!!

Hi I just had to add my comment to this interesting topic. God does speak to his children and we are privileged to know and discern his voice. As women, we crave for intimacy hence our desire to one day meet our prince, settle down and raise a family- these are all healthy desires that I believe God puts in our hearts.

I really do not believe the Lord would do that to his children. We live in a strange world but we also serve an awesome God who created the entire world in 7days. If God in his infinite plan wills one of his daughters in country x to meet one of his sons in country y to meet, marry and fulfil his purpose through them, if his son in country y exercises his free will to marry someone else or dies prematurely are we saying his daughther in country x will remain single indefinitely? My advice is live your life to the full, give your heart to God, there is a purpose for being single and enjoy that season, Marraige is a different season but also a place of growth, stretching and dying to self.

Many sisters I know are well into their 40s believing a certain guy was to be their husband. My best friend waited 10yrs for a guy and I waited unintentionally for 8yrs. Like someone said, God deals with us as individuals. I know a Christain couple who described in detail how God brought them two together.

When I heard how they met I was blown away- they divorced after 10yrs of Marraige. Did God change his mind? People make choices and have the right to exercise their free will. You may feel that God is leading you to a specific guy but I would ask- is that really God or our flesh? We were created to find our completeness in Christ whether we are single or married.

When we ache for something more than Christ we run the risk of getting hurt.

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As women, we crave for intimacy, hence our desire to one day meet our prince, settle down and raise a family- these are all healthy desires that I believe God puts in our hearts. NO, People make choices and have the right to exercise their free will. Jennifer, that is a very good point. And I agree. That was really good! He Loves talking to us and telling us of things to come!!!! That sometimes it is important for us to know who we are going to marry becasue we need to pray for them or becasue we think that we will never get merried or that we are about to marry the wrong person….

One of the things to understand it how many stories where people have heard form the Lord who they were going to marry and they did and they are still married to this day. My Cousins for example: One was going to Oral Roberts University and in the middle of her 3rd year God told her to go back home to California and she will meet this man who will remain nameless. And they have been married for 30 years! The thing is to not doubt God and to get conformation! I have had over 6 conformations about who I am going to Marry. And I do believe it!

I do not have faith in this Man that God has chosen for me…. I have Faith in my Jesus Christ!!! If I look to him and focus on him, God will bring my Future Hubby to me! Also we need to understand that this is War! I have been constantly praying that God would shield his eyes from other woman and that God would do the same for me! Do not underestimate the Power of Prayer!

I Pray for Him all the time! He can do anything he wants how ever he wants!! I am currently engaged to a man that I love. He has a lot of wonderful qualities about him but he has an anger issue. When upset he can say some really hurtful things. Several people have spoken to me confirming that this relationship is of God.

Keisha, I would love to talk to you about this more. I was searching. My story is that I prayed for a friend someone to go out with in July, In a dream, I saw a female showing me a man in a black n white picture. I met him through a female I met in October of and we married in Well, I got what I prayed for. During the last years of our marriage, I dreamed a long dream of the man I would meet in the future, his family, etc.

I have kept that in mind and prayed about it. As I grow closer to God, I want to discern and understand better. Your article was so helpful to me tonight. I was wrong. I am a trusting Christian lady who is also human. If it is meant to be it will. I wanted to be with that person-other half. I still would love that. Please keep me in prayer to stay strong and not yield to the temptation of someone who is not right. I met someone else who was very disrespectful and so different from me.

I stopped seeing him. You meet people daily; however, it is important to meet the right one. Thank you for sharing your story. I love that God allows us to experience Him to help others walk in truth. You are truly beautiful sister. God has shared with me who my future husband will be, through prophetic dreams that I have very often like everyday! Lol about many people. Altgough this is not common I have a close friend who is experiencing the samething and I know women who are married and have this testimony. Personally, my situation requires a ton of hope, faith, faithfulness, prayer, Godly council, and trust.

Its been rough but I look forward to the day when this promise will be full filled. Free will is ours as humans, but God knows the beginning and the end of every story, which is why he can confidently make promises. Just as he did when he promised already inhabited land to the isrealites. Which im so excited about. Everything has its time and season. God speaks to everyone differently, because he made us all so different. Its the manifestation of His glorious beauty! Hi Mariah, your story is very interesting!!!

Please clarify! So I finally came to the point of surrender in the area of my life. That same month I got back involved with church and met who I honestly told myself was not the one. I had specifics I wanted in a Godly man just becuase I had always settled. This person did not have all those however over the past ten months has aquired them. Best part I have known him for years! Never saw him in this way until God allowed it. Now I am at a point where I know God is still in control.

I do believe he is the one but he is not ready. He has been through so much. My heart hurts because God has given me so much love for him and I know I am to wait. The Lord is my portion and I have fallen so mady deeply in love with Him. God is also teaching me that He comes first then that person same love just priority. The waiting is hard. I know though that my Savior is in control. I know this post is sort of old but i searched for this online and stumbled on it. He claims he loves me very much but his actions say the total opposite!

I e questioned God sooooooo many times asking why He was doing that to me. Hi Felicia. Thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to share your story with me. Previously I had tell my story by posting a comment several months ago. You can look for it on the beginning of the comments under Mia.

Yet, we have things in common and that is we all have lose that certain someone one way or another. I hope you get something out by reading it and may the holy spirit warm your heart with a message from the Lord. All we have to do is listen…. Is there confusion?

Or has this relationship developed in such a way that you want to know what God thinks? I truly believe that God is desiring all future wives to be in relationship with Him first…and as such is the case, He loves when we seek Him, period, and allow him to direct our paths. I hope this helps, and in advance, I speak blessings over the union that our God has meticulously created for you, for such a time as this.

I love this Stephanie. I feel like this is the very best reminder. Regardless of what our relationship status looks like—God wants us to be in such close, gorgeous relationship with him. Hi Alison! Not at all. God is so good in confirming the tender and most important things in our lives. In my story, I was listening for confirmation and I think I honestly heard wrong. The other thing is that I was only listening, and not using any of my other ways of discerning what God was doing. So definitely look for his confirmation—I just learned that it comes in many different forms.

I understand how your feeling. Thank you so much for sharing Tonya! Keep me updated!! I want to hear how everything turns out. I am currently in a relationship with a good, good man! I always second guess myself in everything major that I do in life. But then I have to consciously remember, my journey in life is to walk by faith, not by sight. I gotta have faith that God will see me through whatever decision I make. I know James states to not be wishy-washy with your choices.

Make up your mind, yes or no, and trust God will be there with you either way. He holds all those qualities…through his relationships with his friends and family, through his finances, through how he treats me and through his every day choices. He is Lutheran. Which does not bother me because I believe in have the same basic fundamentals about Christ and we have that. Everyone in my life supports our relationship, even my Strong godly man for a dad, except for a very good friend of mine.

Its about me, God, and my guy……how he loves me and takes care of me. My friend has told her her reasons for disapproval, however I felt they were extreme. But the bible, correct me if i am wrong, does not state to marry someone who is spiritually strong, but that he believes and loves God. Everyone has different walks and paces in their personal journey with Christ. He shows his character in the things he does and how he handles himself and our relationship. I get the confirmation when I see him and just know he is a very very good man and that I know I would be taken care of and I am.

And right before I met him, I was have a very hard year. My mother passed away from brain cancer 6 months prior to meeting him. I sought the Lord in everything while she was sick and while I was grieving for her passing away. I totally know what it feels like to have doubts and to second guess yourself. But I found so much peace in the exact way that you described. And so as we remember that God loves us and is with us, and as we get to know his character more and more, and get closer to him, we can make the decision of who we want to spend the rest of our lives with.

Keep pursuing this relationship, and be you. And watch the man that he is. If you know God, you know what good looks like. I love your story already. What a great article! Thanks Steph. I have a story similar to the article. In July , i went to a conference, i stayed at a guess house for one week actually me and my group. We were eating and one of them kept looking at me and he was talking to the other one, i still did not think about anything. The next day on my way from the cafeteria, i saw him, and he said hi to me. Later on he saw me looking for flowers and he said can you give me these flowers and i said, not these ones, i will prepare some for you later.

After dinner that evening it was so nice out we were all sitting outside reading, talking, playing etc.. Now, he introduced himself to me. He was a Med student, and he was doing his internship in a hospital close to the guess house, so he decided to live at the guess house. That evening we talked from 7 PM to 1 AM. He was the only one who talked, i was just listening, then i told him it is getting really late i better go to bed, and we called it a night. He knew we were leaving a Tuesday morning, so on Monday during lunch time he tried to find me, he could not and he saw someone in my team and asked him to go find me for him and the guy did.

Since then we kept in touch. Now let me tell you guys what i saw on the day we talked for 6 hours, he was talking about his life telling me story about Med school, his love life etc.. After 2 months texting, talking on the phone we finally went on a date and we dated for a good 3 years. When he told me those things, I was like, really! I had no idea that something like that could happen.

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The story does not end here. At that time i was in college in a state and he was in another one doing residency. One day he called me and he asked me to marry him, but i wanted to finish college first, so i was not up to that. A year later he cheated on me, so we broke up. I dated someone from August to November. I dated him, not because i loved him, i just because i wanted to move on with my life after 4 years, but I could not handle him for longer. Now, here is the deal, my ex boyfriend cheated on me and got a girl pregnant, now he has a 3 years old son.

He did not marry the girl. He is single now, and i am too. There is no way we can be together again, forever. If we were meant to be, we would have. It is done now! What i am saying is this, I saw our kids, and i saw a lot of other things that showed me he was the one, but he was not. I met a cute guy right after i broke up with the guy back in November. I feel like i could love him the way i loved the boyfriend i had 4 yers ago, but i am not sure God wants me to date him. This morning i decided to wait for God to send me the right one, and i was online looking for a verse, instead of the verse i found your article.

There might be a great reason for that. I will wait while looking :. I will have a bright future with the right husband! Your story caught my attention and I felt compelled to respond, typically I would not. It was YOU he proposed marriage to not her despite the fact that she has a son for him. The fact that you are both single and still in contact is a blessing one which you must take advantage of.

The fact that you have dated other guys and still not have the same peace or connection you have with your ex may be a indication that you are trying to find a spouse for your self when God has already given you one. I really hope your prayerfully consider this. Purpose…your words give life! Please contact me directly: hello at loveandliferadio dot com…. I was curious if you are planning on writing a response to these comments in another blog or post perhaps. I loved your original article but see the replies of a bunch of confused women underneath.

Frankly, as both a logical and believing person, some of the things people have said in these comments are troubling. Perhaps you might be willing to write another post to clarify? It seems as if many people on this comment board would benefit! Thanks so much for this blog post. I went through a broken engagement three years ago that I was certain was leading to marriage I mean, obviously, because we were engaged.

The relationship lasted several years and was more rooted in idolatry of each other than love. It was completely devastating when it ended a few months before our wedding. Now, I am dating a wonderful, godly man who loves me in a way that reminds me how to Lord loves me. I am blown away by how he treats me and desire greatly for this man to be my future husband. I am, however, finding that there are a lot of leftover wounds from that relationship, and the thought of getting married terrifies me because I thought I knew before but would have made a huge mistake. The reality is though, that it is incredibly hard for me to believe this sometimes.

Sometimes, I live in complete joy knowing that the relationship I am in now leads me closer to the Lord and allows me to love the Lord more, and then there are other times that I am just plain terrified to take a step toward marriage. A woman who is Christian, and who put up with an ungodly husband for many years told her husband, that she believed God had told her, she would be married to another man. We are drawn away by our own lusts.

I am in a relationship with a wonderful christian guy. These kinds of thoughts make me miss out on fully enjoying my relationship with this guy who I love so much and want as a husband. My mother is convinced that God told her this guy at church is the person my sister will marry.

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I find it odd that God would bypass my sister and tell my mother without telling my sister. Hi Stephanie, I read your article and the other posts, but I must say that I not in total agreement with you. I believe that God has a plan and purpose for our lives and as such, He knows who and what will fit into that purpose.

If God tells you whom to marry or vice-versa, it is not about force or wanting the person to choose you of their own will. I believe the God who reveals secrets will also prepare hearts to accept it. We are now married over a decade with wonderful kids. We must be also aware that there are many voices out there, so we must seek verification. The God who calls will enable. He prepares hearts, and its a lovely preparation too. I want God to choose for me, I know it will be the best! How did God tell you that this was the man you were going to marry?

Hi there! I thought I saw his face flash in my mind. We had just broken up because I was traveling the world. But again — I ended up being wrong. He knows exactly who we are going to Marry! God can and has reviled stuff like that to Many men and Women. Does that mean the Marriage will be Perfect and all Hearts and Roses? Of course not! Will there be more Good times then bad? O you know it!! Please never underestimate what God Can do!! And revile things to us!!

And God wanted me to know that my Hubby is nothing like them!!!! He loves talking to me about my life and what he wants to do with it!! However, in some cases, satan loves to interfere at times and disguise himself as God by sending false deceptive signs that may lead to a lot of confusion and despair. Thank you for your response. And I understand Perfectly where you are coming from. And please remember that you know that The Lord is talking to you when you feel Peace about what you are hearing. God really does love to revile him self to us because he is that Good! Ruth and Boaz!!!!

I have had 5 different conformations. I know this is The Lord and I know it will Happen! Stephanie I would like to caution you about this article and your views on the matter. Please, please be very careful that you do NOT discourage others with yours views on the matter. The Word says, you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way, walk ye in it! We talk about free will, but once we are surrendered to Christ, His will becomes ours. No, he who began a good work in you will be able to complete it! God will give us the desires of our hearts, but those hearts must be surrendered to His will, for the heart is deceptive and wicked.

I cannot see the future, and want I want today maybe the worst thing for me tomorrow! What choice can we make apart from Him. It is He who places desires in our hearts anyway to lead us to our purpose. Yes God still tells us whom we are to marry, in one way or another. A thousand times yes! Wait and see! God has revealed lots of things to His people, not only marriage but jobs, ministry, homes, etc.

Did He take away there free will! A believer has NO free will. Every thought and imagination must be surrendered to His will. Through dreams, His Word, numerous incidents, a friend. He was studying to become a Minister of the gospel and I was on a whole different platform. He told me and it came to pass. He reveals secrets. I agree with you.

The Lord has a plan for our lives and that includes who we are to become one with. So we want something bad enough we mistakenly hear a yes. It was all planned and predestined. Just because you heard wrong means just that…you heard wrong. Great article. If you were to ask me whether I felt joy over this, I in fact did not, quite the opposite actually. I feel depressed and angry about it because I feel like I was stripped of that hope that I would end up with someone else.

I had envisioned another person for myself whom I can spend the rest of my life with. Anyways, I decided to do some digging on this person to see if he was married, and sure enough I found him on FB and I got so happy when I found out that he actually had gotten married. You articulated so well my heart here. Beautiful points, and exactly how I see it too. I wish you the very best and may God bless your path to marriage with this man.

To each his own. We cannot dictate to God how to respond. If He chooses to tell you a name, give you a time, show you a picture of that person, it is still His choosing to do that. Our paths and experiences are all different. His ways cannot fit into our boxed in thinking. My advice to all would be to seek God, let him do the answering in His way, and when the answer comes, trust Him and allow Him to guide. We have the mind of Christ. I feel strongly about this so I am writing again. Who are we really? Do you know what will happen in the next minute or second. The problem with us is that we think too much.

We judge our reality by what we see, and if it looks impossible or unsuitable at the moment, we are ready to discard it. My thoughts are higher than yours says God. In a moment a situation can change. Stop viewing God from our fleshly perspective which can only see facts and start looking at Him through the eyes of the spirit that is in us, which sees by faith. Now we are married! Start looking with different eyes, and behold the great things God has for us! I am a 16 year old guy. I think about this a lot for some reason.

Stephanie, I prayed and asked God to reveal to me my husband and he did, and he also included that he knows about me. Ask Him, in the name of Jesus Christ, to guide you. And nothing will make a bigger difference in your life than that! They are also seeking revelation in your behalf. When you know your life is being directed by God, regardless of the challenges and disappointments that may and will come, you will feel joy and peace.

Now, we would like to talk with you about the greatest challenge, the greatest cause, and the greatest work on earth. And we want to invite you to be part of it! Please, Sister Nelson. It was a beautiful autumn day. We loved being among trees that were golden and gorgeous, tall and straight, all reaching to heaven.

Then, we turned a corner and I saw a tree that reminded me of me and how I often feel in many situations.

You’re Not Messing Up God’s Plan for You

Do you know that feeling? You look around and everyone else is tall and straight and reaching to heaven, so to speak. They have everything figured out. How I wish you could watch a minute video of your premortal life on YouTube. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that if you could gaze into heaven for five minutes, you would know more on a topic than if you studied it all of your life. Of course we realize that the Lord has wisely drawn a veil over those memories.

But, just for a moment, imagine the effect on your life right now if you were permitted to watch 10 minutes of your premortal life. All of them! Now I understand. This difficult situation makes sense to me now. First, you came to receive a mortal body. And that, my friends, is a really big deal. He holds priesthood keys that can help you. A third thing to do while on earth: choose to follow Jesus Christ and stand up for Him, just as you did premortally. Fourth, choose to repent daily and partake of the sacrament weekly.

As you do, you will be spiritually healed, strengthened and magnified, and ultimately sanctified and exalted through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Now, here is a fifth item on your list: find and fulfill your mortal missions. My dear friends, premortally you and I were each given wonderful missions to fulfill while we are here on earth. No one will make us. We have our agency to choose how we spend our time and energy, our talents and resources. In fact, what we choose to do is actually part of our testing. The choice is yours and mine.

Will we choose to do whatever it takes to fulfill the wonderful missions for which we were sent to earth? Let me tell you of an experience that taught me firsthand about the historic days in which we live. We often talk about living in the latter days. We are, after all, Latter-day Saints. This truth became a reality for me because of what I experienced during one hour period of time that commenced on June 15, My husband and I were in Moscow, Russia. While President Nelson met with priesthood leaders, I had the privilege of meeting with nearly of our sisters.

I love our Russian sisters. They are spectacular! Please stand as the tribe of Israel that represents the lineage declared in your patriarchal blessing is spoken. How many of the twelve tribes of Israel do you think were represented in that small gathering of fewer than women on that Saturday in Moscow? Eleven of the twelve tribes of Israel were represented in that one room! The only tribe missing was that of Levi. I was astonished. It was a spiritually moving moment for me. Immediately after those meetings my husband and I went directly to Yerevan, Armenia.

The first people we met as we got off the plane were the mission president and his wife. Just imagine our thrill when my husband and I met their missionaries the next day, including an elder from the tribe of Levi who just happened to be from Gilbert, Arizona. That truth was thrilling to me and, at the same time, quite overwhelming to wrap my mind around. So imagine what it was like for me to be with members of all twelve tribes of Israel within one hour period of time! I have since learned that I probably should not have asked those sisters to identify themselves by lineage because patriarchal blessings are sacred and the lineage declared in them is personal.

Yet I am so grateful for the privilege I had of seeing the fruits of the gathering of Israel firsthand. The impact of that experience has never diminished in my heart or mind. My dear brothers and sisters, these are indeed the latter days! There has never been a time like this in the history of this world. Premortally, you and I committed to do a great work while we are here on earth.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Nelson: Thank you, Wendy. I love you! My dear young brothers and sisters, these surely are the latter days, and the Lord is hastening His work to gather Israel. That gathering is the most important thing taking place on earth today. Nothing else compares in magnitude, nothing else compares in importance, nothing else compares in majesty.

And if you choose to, if you want to, you can be a big part of it. You can be a big part of something big, something grand, something majestic! They decide for themselves if they want to know more. Those whose lineage is from the various tribes of Israel are those whose hearts will most likely be turned to the Lord. They will want to become members of His Church, make covenants with Him and Heavenly Father, and receive their essential ordinances.

The Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith that now, meaning our day, is the eleventh hour and the last time that He will call laborers into His vineyard for the express purpose of gathering the elect from the four quarters of the earth. My question tonight to every one of you between the ages of 12 and 18 is this: Would you like to be a big part of the greatest challenge, the greatest cause, and the greatest work on earth today?

Would you like to help gather Israel during these precious latter days? Would you, who are the elect, be willing to help find the elect who have not heard the message of the restored gospel? Now, participating in the gathering of Israel will require some sacrifice on your part. It may even require some changes in your life. It will definitely take some of your time and energy and your God-given talents.

Are you interested? Just think of the excitement and urgency of it all: every prophet commencing with Adam has seen our day. And every prophet has talked about our day, when Israel would be gathered and the world would be prepared for the Second Coming of the Savior. Think of it! Of all the people who have ever lived on planet earth, we are the ones who get to participate in this final, great gathering event. How exciting is that! I testify that the gathering is now, and it is real.

In the year I was born, the total membership of the Church was less than , people, with no members in South America. Today there are more than 16 million members worldwide, with nearly 3 million members in South America. Let me tell you about an experience I had in I was then serving as the General President of the Sunday School. Kimball, spoke. He charged us to pray that the doors of nations would be opened so that the gospel of Jesus Christ could be brought to all people on earth.

He specifically mentioned China and asked that we pray for the people of China. We should learn their language. We should pray for them and help them. It was being held in Boston, Massachusetts. That morning, I had prayed in my hotel room for the people of China, just as President Kimball had requested. As the meeting proceeded, however, I became increasingly uncomfortable in my chair. When the lights came up again, I found myself sitting by a Chinese doctor. After a pleasant conversation with him, I extended an invitation for him to visit Salt Lake City and give a lecture at the University of Utah Medical School.

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He gladly accepted and did exceptionally well. Then he returned to China. Not long thereafter, he invited me to be a visiting professor of surgery at Shandong Medical University in Jinan, China. That led to subsequent invitations for me to serve as a visiting professor at two more universities in China. That I did, and gratefully that operation was a success. It was, incidentally, the last one of my professional life. For almost 40 years now, I have been praying for the people of China. I rejoice in my association with medical colleagues and other dear friends in China. It is my testimony that when we follow through with whatever the prophet of God asks us to do, the way will be opened and lives will be changed.

And what does it mean to you? My dear extraordinary youth, you were sent to earth at this precise time, the most crucial time in the history of the world, to help gather Israel. There is nothing happening on this earth right now that is more important than that. There is nothing of greater consequence.