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It permeated every aspect of the profession of arms and was an essential ingredient for success in both war and peace. Yet much military history overlooks external factors and influences such as education, which shape armed forces.

Military Education and the British Empire is the first major scholarly work to address the role of military education in maintaining the empire throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The contributors examine military education within the British Empire as a generator of institutional knowledge, as a socializing agent, and as an enhancer of interoperability.

Moreover, this volume explores the importance of professional military education as a catalyst for forging effective alliances and coalition operations, which have highlighted the need for military forces to operate seamlessly with alliance partners — most recently in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Military Education and Empire is the first volume to examine military education from a transnational perspective, which allows readers the opportunity to consider the connections between education and empire. This book will interest scholars of both military history and education.

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Given the contemporary resonance of the subject, there are also vital lessons for policy makers and military practitioners alike. Douglas E.

WWI Factions: The Austro-Hungarian Army

Robert C. Engen is an assistant professor of history at the Royal Military College of Canada. Coombs, E.

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Jane Errington. Edited by Douglas E. A perilous voyage with a stowaway, a kitten and an engine held together with chewing gum.

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Military Education and the British Empire, 1815–1949

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