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Thou Who sustainest it in its trials and liftest it up above the things of earth! Thou its Light, its Warmth, its Life, its All!

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Thou art the Food of Purity and Chas- tity! Do Thou, O living Fire, ever burning yet never consumed. Who destroyest our imperfections even to the last shred, do Thou set us on fire with love. O Divine Spirit, beneath Whose shadow we abandon ourselves with confidence, make our souls fruitful, giving us the love of the Cross. Thou art our happiness, our hope, our glory! Grant us, in this Novena which we offer to Thee with such fervor, the grace that Thy reign and that of the Cross may be extended throughout the whole world, and that we may never do anything that is not pleasing to Jesus.

Hear us, protect us, and give us Thy Gifts, Thy Fruits and every virtue, although we deserve it not. All our senses and powers are Thine, sanctify them by means of purity and suffering. May Thy wings, spread over us like a Cross, make us live within the Cross, and die as victims after a life of purity, that we may, hereafter, listen to the heavenly sweetness of Thy Eternal Lovesong.

Closing Prayer for each day of the No vena: Divine Spirit, most precious Treasure of our souls, fathomless Sea of Goodness, most tender and sweet Consoler, with our whole heart we adore end praise Thee, begging of Thee to pour upon our souls the torrents of Thy light, and to chase from them the darkness of sin. Grant us, in union with the Divine Word, the salvation of millions of souls by means of these precious virtues. May the Works of the Cross triumph, snatching souls from Hell itself.

May Thy missionaries be mul- tiplied for Thy greater glory. O Holy Ghost, most beloved! Mother most merciful, secure Refuge and most sweet Advocate of sinners It is natural, then, that we who want to love the Holy Ghost with our whole soul, and to make Him loved by thousands of hearts, should unite ourselves to her who has been called, par excellence, the Spouse of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, within the week that follows the making of the Promise, each member of the Apostleship of the Holy Ghost will consecrate himself, his family, his home, with all that he has or may have, to the Blessed Virgin.

Recital of the Veni Creator. The blessing of the house. Receive all the keys as Mistress and Owner, and grant me the happiness of be- ing Thy child, Thy slave and Thy servant, that I may serve Thee and love Thee with all my soul. I promise Thee that I will undertake nothing of importance without consulting Thee before hand, and all that I may do I will do in the effort to imitate Thee, unit- ing my heart to Thy Heart and all my intentions to Thine.

I love Thee, and will make Thee loved. Holy Virgin, with all my strength and until the last breath of my life. In all the rooms of this house I shall place Thy sacred Image, that Thou may- est bless them and banish the enemy from them, and not permit in them any mur- mur or offense against God. Permeate their very atmosphere with purity. Immacu- late Virgin, that we may inhale in them only the spirit of purity, candor, innocence, suffering and love; and do Thou accept whatsoever sorrows and joys we may hence- forth experience therein.

O Blessed and Most Beloved Virgin Mary, let me disappear with all my defects, and do Thou manifest Thyself in me and in mine, with Thy sweetness, charity, self- denial, humility and all Thy virtues.

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O my Queen, we are Thy subjects! O my Mistress, we are Thy slaves! Bless us and love us every day more and more, obtaining for us from the Holy Ghost His choicest graces. Recital of the Prayer of the Apostle- ship of the Holy Ghost page The blessing of the Holy Ghost page The practice consists in offering Com- munion every Sunday to the Holy Ghost, by the hands of Mary, in favor of the Church and of Priests.

All for Love! Formula of the Vow of Love O my Jesus! I make the perpetual or temporary Vow, under pain of venial sin, to preserve the habitual disposition of doing all my actions for love of Thee, abandoning myself without restriction to Thy divine Will, for that is the highest degree of love. It establishes the soul in a state of love. It creates new relations between Jesus and the soul, and opens up, as it were, a fountain of heavenly intimacies and favors. It increases our fervor, disclosing to the soul new paths of holiness, and leading it constantly to a higher perfection.

Will not this Vow tend to create scruples? It would do so if it were a Vow to do each action out of love, a thing which is not practical or feasible; but it is not so, as the Vow has, solely, for its object the habitual disposition of doing all out of love, and in order to fail in ful- fillment of the Vow it would be necessary, with full deliberation, to relinquish that habitual disposition.

For the same reason, a venial sin does pot, of itself, violate the Vow. During their thanksgiving on that day, they should renew their Promise or Vow, and recite the Prayer to implore the Conse- cration of the world to the Holy Ghost page 43 , the Act of Consecration to the same Divine Spirit page 48 , the Prayer for Our Country page 25 , and the Prayer of the Apostleship of the Holy Ghost page My Life, my Sweetness, my Hope, and the one yearning desire of my poor soul I I annihilated in Thy divine presence and de- sirous of pleasing Thee in all things, make a total surrender of my whole being to Thy Divine Majesty.

I accept, out of pure love. Thy agony of soul in the Garden of Olives, even though it make my soul bleed, and I em- brace Thy desolation on the Cross, hid- ing myself forever within Thy Divine Heart. I cast myself into Thy arms. Lord, and there I find my rest.

My meat will be to do Thy Holy Will, which will ever be my law and my guide, and I will fulfill it even in the things that are repugnant to my na- ture, conquering myself for love of Thee. Spouse of my life, unite me to Thyself; pour the divine Blood of Thy Heart upon my soul; let those thorns that pierce It grip both our hearts, that so bound to- gether, they may form but one. Let Thy lance open my heart, and let it be wounded with the gaping wound of love and suffering.

O Mary, my Mother, behold thy Child! By Thy blessed hands I send to my Jesus this total surrender of my whole being, and do Thou, Who knewest how to sacrifice Thyself with such generosity, grant me the grace to love the Cross and to die nailed to It, without ever descending from It.

The Divine Paraclete

My Lord! When I surrendered myself to You, I did it voluntarily and with all sincerity of my heart! Will you permit me to falter in face of the suffering that ought to unite us? O Jesus! Friend of my soul, have pity on me, and grant that I may submit to every sacrifice, no matter how painful it may be.

If You wish that I be a prey to doubts that disturb, to toil that wearies; that no- where may I find peace, that one anxiety follow upon another, that suffering succeed suffering without respite or repose, I also, O my God, wish it; I love You, and behold here I am to do Your Will. If You wish that I be stretched upon the Cross, without defending myself against those who wish to make me suffer, with my hands nailed to It by the renunciation of all things, my feet fastened to It by the determination to belong to You, my head crowned with the thorns of humilia- tions and bowed down under obedience, my body broken by penance and illness, my heart torn by suffering, with its wound ever open to give full expansion to its love and its charity; if You wish that I remain upon this Cross, ever desiring Your conso- lation, deprived of all sensible comfort, abandoned by all, and even, apparently, by You, O Spotise of my soul, chosen among thousands, I also wish it; for I love You, and desire nothing except Your Will.

Heart of Mary, help me! Body of Christ, save me! Mother of my soul, convert me! Blood of Christ, inebriate me! Sorrows of Mary, pierce mel Water from the Side of Christ, cleanse me! Tears of Mary, purify me! Passion of Christ, comfort me! Loneliness of Mary, sustain me! O my good Jesus, hear me! O Mary most tender, behold me! Within Thy Wounds, O Jesus, hide me! In the depths of Thy soul, O Mary, in- flame me!

From the evil enemy, O Jesus, defend me! In Thy arms, at my death, O Mary, receive me! With the angels and the saints, O Jesus, place me! To behold Thee in Heaven, O my Mother, summon me. We make this petition to Thee, O Most Merciful Trinity, through Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost, since she, above all others, is interested in the exaltation of the Third Divine Person, and in the spiritual welfare of men, her children.

Oh yes; may the whole universe be con- secrated to the Most Sweet Spirit of the Father and the Son, and may there, hence- forth, not exist a single heart in which He that is Love, Union and Peace does not live and reign. Veni, Creator. To be sung. The priest begins and the faithful continue. The first verse is sung with arms extended in the form of a cross. Brief exhortation to the new mem- bers. Imposition of Insignia and Medals and delivery of Certificates or Diplomas with the following formulas: For the Imposition of Insignia and Medal Receive, my child, this Insignia and this Medal of the Holy Ghost as a pledge of your desire to love Him more and more all the days of your life, and to be His Apostle until your last breath.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

The Paraclete: A Manual of Instruction and Devotion () by Marianus Fiege O.F.M

May the Divine Spirit descend upon you and renew and transform you in Jesus Christ, for the glory of the Heavenly Father. May you be so in truth by your works, and the same Divine Spirit will be your consolation in your sufferings and your re- ward throughout eternity. The Priest gives each of the new members and Promotors the Blessing of the Holy Ghost, as follows: May the Holy Ghost, the Fount of all purity, communicate that virtue to you by means of the Cross, preserving your body and soul pure and spotless. The ceremony may conclude with a Hymn to the Holy Ghost. O Holy Ghost! Glory be to the Father, the Creator.

Glory be to the Son, the Redeemer. Glory be to the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier. The presence of God is born of interior silence in a soul that is pure or purified, for this divine presence is so exquisitely pure and delicate that it does not admit of the slightest stain or speck near it. There are many different degrees of this divine presence, and there are some so high that they border on the loftiest prayer of union; but in all its degrees it is a grace for which nothing can repay, for it carries with it a constant recollection of God that is always impelling the soul towards what is good and keeping it from evil.

The presence of God is the support of the virtues and the divine hot-house in which they flourish; it is the holy shaded place in which they bring forth fruits for heaven; it chases away the de- mon with the aroma in which it embalms the soul. The presence of God demands a reserve of the deepest humility and great modesty and recollection; and, in proportion to the elevation of these vir- tues, perception of the divine presence is given to the soul.

The purest affections of the soul are quickened and flourish by this continual intercourse with the Deity. Do we desire to attain to the possession of the sublime secrets of the Cross? If so, let us spread our wings and fly far above the earth, soaring up to the Beloved of our souls.

But let us not imagine that to find Him we have to ascend to the third heaven; no, the Kingdom of God is within us, and if we desire to find Him, let us descend to the depths of our soul, for in this sense to descend is to ascend, for the inner sanctuary of the soul, the Temple of the Holy Ghost, is far, far away from the earth and from things earthly. O interior life! In thee we realize clear- ly our own insignificance and the omnip- otence and charity of God.

O divine and holy presence that makest Thy abode in humble and pure hearts! Give us, O Lord, give us admission to that antechamber of Heaven in which we begin already to taste of heavenly delights. We de- sire that Thy presence should be as indis- pensable to us as the air we breathe, the breeze that blows about us, the vitality that animates our existence. Will there be in us a single breath that does not echo.

Will there exist a single thing that does not remind us of Him?

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How could we forget or lose sight of Him Whom we bear so deeply engraved in our hearts? O Lord! Points That Will Help Us to Keep in the Presence of God It is good and useful, according to our state and inclinations, to form for our- selves when rising an idea of the presence of God that will help us to be mindful of Him during the day.

To suppose, on the other hand, that we are, that we move, and that we exist within Him, as it were within a dwelling, inhaling and breathing forth His very Sub- stance and Being. In all exterior things, the elements, flowers and plants, to be mindful of Him. In His creatures, to contemplate the reproduction of His divine Image.

To unagine that Jesus, in His Sacred Humanity, is close beside us, accompany- ing us in all our actions and never quit- ting our side. To remember that His eyes are ever fixed upon us, not only upon our exterior, but also upon our thoughts and desires. To consider ourselves as a Taber- nacle, giving Him warmth, love, purity, hiding Him from all that could hurt Him. Constantly to press Him modestly against our breast, caressing Him with all the tender affection of our soul, especially after any fall, humbling ourselves before Him. To give Him always the first fruits of all our pleasures and of all our suffer- ings.

At every step we take, to say with much devotion, interiorly, Jesus. In the morning to beg the Blessed Virgin to give Him to us To imagine that His eyes follow us ever3rwhere, enveloping us in His strength. To imagine that our heart is the base of His Cross, and that it bears up the Crucified, receiving the warm Blood that falls from His Side and tasting of It with loving rehsh. To consider ourselves as His Cross, and that He is crucified on it.

To see His adorable Image in the poor.

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  8. Let us imagine constantly that Jesus, stepping out to meet us, as it were inter- cepting us, asks of us: What virtue are you practicing now? At times the soul will answer Him: This or that virtue. For example, it may say to Him: Now, my Jesus, I am humbling myself. Now I am exercising self-control. Now I am conquering myself I am obeying. And again, our Lord will come to ask of the soul: And now, My child, what are you doing? And the soul will answer Him: I am amiable and affable in this disappointment or opposition.

    I reply with sweetness now — I that am inclined to be violent. I am suffering because I love Thee. I endure this pain to alleviate Thine. I am opposed and I smile. I am forgotten and I am silent. I am going to sew, and at every stitch I will say to Thee: Jesus! I am going to read, and every letter will be an act of love.

    I am going to sleep, but every beat of my heart will say to Thee: I love Thee. Oh, would that every time that Jesus stepped forth to intercept us we were able to say to Him: I am thinking of Thee! But how often, alas, will our Lord find us miserably losing our time! What are you doing now. My child? He will often ask of us, and we shall reply with shame: Now, Lord, I am the victim of human respect, of pride; but don't take it into consideration, pardon me and look only at my misery and weakness.

    Now I am engaged in self-seeking; do Thou in Thy goodness punish me. Now I feel desirous that others should love me, should esteem me; grant, for pity's sake, that they may humiliate and despise me. What are you doing? What a shame! But this very moment a fervent act of love will make good the time lost. Now, although no one observes it, my soul is drinking in from Thy Heart that invisible nourishment that sanctifies it, and makes it happy and unites it to Thee. Now I am spelling out the beauties of Thy Holy Name.

    Jesus 1! Jesus 1 1 1 Now I am emptying my heart that Thou mayest fill it. Now I have to correct, to reprove, to admonish. Now I take pleasure in mortifying my- self in Thy honor.

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    Now, interiorly, I am annihilating my- self before Thee, without giving any exte- rior indication of it. Now I yearn to possess Thee, although I deserve it not. Now I am seeking Thee with all my strength, that Thou mayest enable me to suffer, to humble myself and to be silent. And so in this manner we would pass our life with these reminders, with these holy pricks of the spur, with these inti- mate questions from Jesus, Who is con- cerned for what is His own, impelling us ever gently in the direction of what is good and holy.

    In this way there will hardly be a mo- ment in which we will not be practicing some virtue. If we should venture to ask of our Lord; What art Thou doing now, my Jesus? What reply would He make? I believe that His divine lips would al- ways say to us: I am loving thee, I am gazing at thee, I am taking care of thee, I am sheltering and protecting thee, and I am pouring out My graces upon thy soul.

    Without doubt, that is what He would say; and we make no account of that love, of that gaze, of that care, of that protec- tion, or of such great graces, but waste and squander them! How guilty and ungrateful we are to- wards Him Who does naught but lavish favors upon us I , For the man's pocket and the woman's purse — a compact, popular little Mass Book. It gives the Mass Prayers al- most exactly as thev are said by the Priest at the altar. It adds, moreover, such rubri- cal directions as are needful for one who is not thoroughly familiar with the Mass to follow the Priest intelligently and with de- votion.

    Billins themselves mentioned 26 Billin books in other books 12 My History. Reviewed Shop for Books on Google Play Browse the world's largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Custom Ordering Default Ordering. Religion Public Private A user's Religion shelf books. From the apostleship of St. From the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope to the establishment of the Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops, the Clergy and the Laity of the General Convention.

    Proceedings Relating to the Organization A manual of instruction and devotion for the practice of the Christian life