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Lindsay and others. Equus was derived from a species of the single-toed horse Pliohippus, known only from North America. The Wolf event, may fall near 1,, years ago. The late Villafranchian starts with the appearance of Canis etruscus Etrurian wolf. Term introduced by Lyell in for ice age deposits after the Pliocene ]. Current ice age with permanent ice sheets in Antarctica and perhaps Greenland, and fluctuating ice sheets elsewhere. The ice across much of Russia preserved remains of Pleistocene mammals such as this mammoth from near Moscow whose mounted bones are diplayed in the entrance hall to the Orlov Museum of Paleontology.

The Woolly Rhinoceros also roamed Siberia. Paleolithic Old stone age. See stone and bone. The picture, from Wikipedia , is of an Acheulean handaxe from Zamora in Spain. From Saint-Acheul , a suburb of Amiens where the first tools from this period were found in Wikipedia: Acheulean The start of Antroparkbaby in the European Acheulean is based on the Bilzingsleben site of early palaeolithic human remains in Thuringia, Germany, dated about , years ago. Gabriel de Mortillet 's classification. Conceptualising pre-historic human time in Europe. In prehistoric archaeology, Mortillet spoke, instead, of a fossile-directeur , which served the same function.

The Fossile- directeur was a tool made by humans rather than a biological remain. Reindeer was divided into Solutrean and Magdalenian , and Robenhausian was added for the Neolithic period. Names of some periods of the paleolithic as classified by Gabriel de Mortillet. Aggsbach's Paleolithic Blog Tertiary. See eoliths and pre-mode tools Thenaisienne - Eolithique. Possible Tertiary man.

Picture 2 is an example shaped by fire. Picture 5 is an example with its edge bottom retouched by chipping. See mode one tools. The characteristic tool is often called an axe , but is a hand tool to cut, drill, trim and do everything. Mortillet calls it a coup-de-poing blow of the fist - punch or knuckle-fist.

Mousterian flint tools in transition to Solutrean a flint pointe. Lanceolate shape. Montillet notes the care and skill that has gone into shaping each side and comments that "this remarkable instrument approaches solutrean ". A pointe has been retouched along the length of one side bottom "forming a very beautiful scraper". First part associated with mammoths, second with reindeer.

Tool remains include two types of pointes, which, although not abundant, are characteristic. One type is laurel leaf shaped, the other willow leaf with a side notch. Artistic retouching on both faces, at both ends and at the perimeter, distinguishes them from Mousterian pointes.

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Later authors agree that the Solutrean represents the pinnacle of working flint and produced arrowheads of a perfection rarely equalled afterwards. See mode four tools. Humans lived in caves for the most part. Asociated with reindeer throughout. Characterised especially by development of instruments in bone and antler.

It develops naturally from the Solutrean. Bone objects begin to appear at the end of the Solutrean and finely worked flint pointes are sometimes found in the early Magdalenian. But the use of bone harms the development of flint objects, which are less beautiful. A dagger carved from reindeer antler. Museum of Saint-Germain. Tourassien ? Wikipedia At the end of the Paleolithic a warmer climate forced reindeer north. Without this "animal heaven" the human populations of Western Europe lived in much more difficult times and stone industry declined. The shelter beyond Tourasse, close to Saint-Martory Haute-Garonne provides a good set of tools, characterised by harpoons.

Characterised by small flints with geometric shapes. Mortillet says that "primitive" Pottery , for general use, appeared for the first time in Europe during the Robenhausian, having been completely lacking during the Quaternary. The fist pots "vases" are crude. Only the surface is reddened by the fire. The interior of the pottery is coloured brown by the charcoal or black of smoke. It is usually mixed with angular fragments of rocks or shells. This mixture intended to give consistency to the clay and to prevent splitting during drying and while cooking.

These bottoms of these first pots are rounded, without a flattened foot.

To stand upright they would have to be pressed into earth, sand or ash. Side nipples suggest suspension by cords. In geological time is Tertiary and Quaternary , until the start of the Neolithic in current time, which is marked by the polishing of stone tools. It was considered possible that hunter humans had simply been replaced by other humans who tilled the soil. It has been suggested seriously? The search for an alternative, develomental, process led to the two-stage theory becoming a three stage one with a Mesolithic middle stage.

Mortillet's research gap - the missing middle Mortillet: C'est ce qui constitue l'hiatus que nous constatons. The entire discussion, I believe, is based on a misunderstanding. Between the Paleolithic era or the caves and the time Neolithic or polished stone, there is a hiatus; but this hiatus is just a simple gap in our knowledge. It is not a real gap in time and in the industry. Certainly the Paleolithic era has had to be connected and merge in the Neolithic, but we have yet to discover the point of contact. Between the two eras, there has not been a period where Europe was uninhabitable; only the remains of the epoch of transition or passage have not yet been found and recognized.

That is the gap we see. I repeat, this hiatus is not a real one, but exists only in the results of our studies and our current research. I owe this explanation because I am the main propagator of the idea of the hiatus. I pointed out the fact to stimulate research and investigations. The Tourassien later Azilian may have been suggested in and the Tardenoisien in The Tourassien and Tardenoisien industries were collated to form the Mesolithic period, which remained a controversial concept until after the second world war.

From the marxist approach of modes of production , the transition from the old stone age to the new was a transition from savagery to barbarism , and a transitional stage was not needed. Gordon Childe wrote that cultivating the soil "was the first step in the neolithic revolution, and suffices to distinguish barbarism from savagery" , p. The major change from the chart is two transitional epochs between the old and new stone ages.

Carleton S Coon says his The History of Man begins about , years ago "at the beginning of the ice age". But he also writes of the "Pleistocene or age of ice" between one million years and 10, years ago 8,BC. It was the period of homo erectus Java , Peking , Olduvai erectus and Rhodesian that evolved into homo sapiens. Also Neanderthal. See phase 2 and phase 3. Jeremy Norman - See ape and Haeckel.

Happisburgh - first known settlement in northern Europe , to , years ago a prominent warm stage in Britain. Boyn Gravels feet contain Chellean and Acheulean tools. Taplow Gravels 50 feet contain Mousterian tools. Called third interglacial if dating backwards, but H.

Wells calls the "first interglacial period" Chellean Abbevillian culture in France. The fossil locality of Chilhac three is known for a rich Villafranchian fauna Boeuf It would be another , years before a hippopotamus were to waddle into Britain again. A Encyclopedia says that the Piltdown remains "are usually attributed to the third inter-glacial period, but may be considerably older " The section from table 28 of The Earliest Englishman shows Piltdown Man as the earliest "species of man in western Europe".

The "earliest Englishman" was a fraud. Swanscombe woman is genuine. However, in places, there are shallow surface deposits of gravel. These deposits were not shown on the geological maps until after the first world war. Workman repairing roads excavated them, however, and are said to have provided Charles Dawson with his first scull fragment in The strata at Piltdown.

A few centimters to a meter 3. Edmunds mapped the Piltdown gravel in He found it correlated with the Thames Taplow gravels, much younger than the Swanscombe terrace deposits. Leonard Wills' list of recognised "cultural stages" begins with the Lower Paleolithic or river-drift race. Another source tells us river drift included the Piltdown skull and the Trinil and Heidelberg remains.

It was related to the Strepean, Chellean and Acheulean ages. River man was followed by Middle Paleolithic or older cave man - Upper Paleolithic or newer cave man - and then Post-Glacial man. The scraper on the cover was one of 32 worked flints found in "a clearly datable stratigraphic context" in the "Cromer Forest-bed Formation" at Pakefield, Suffolk, in Britain. The Somme valley in northern France is developed on an Upper Cretaceous Chalk bedrock continuous with that under the Thames and has has terrace system in its middle part about 70 km long.

us them bridging the chasm of faith Manual

Between Amiens and Abbeville, ten stepped alluvial formations nappes alluviales have been described. Map extract from Pleistocene fluvial terraces from northern France Seine, Yonne, Somme : synthesis, and new results from interglacial deposits , by Antoine and others In the area of Amiens, the river terraces tiered system of Somme includes ten fossil alluvial the oldest the highest was set up there more than a million years. These deposits are generally decalcified, with little wildlife, except at Abbeville. See also his thesis: Les terrasses quaternaires du bassin de la somme.

On the basis of terrace stratigraphy, ESR-quartz dating, and biostratigraphic data, these fluvial deposits are allocated to MIS Handaxes discovered at the base of the slope deposits, directly overlying the fluvial sequence, can be, as a first hypothesis, allocated to MIS They are thus due to Homo heidelbergensis according to the age of the eponymous Mauer site in Germany. Dating the earliest human occupation of Western Europe: New evidence from the fluvial terrace system of the Somme basin Northern France by Pierre Antoine , Emmanuelle Stoetzel and others Neanderthal developed in Europe and homo erectus in Africa.

The picture shows a racial depiction of the separation in a s Children's Encyclopedia. The separation of "ape men" from "true men" is shown as equivalent to, or greater than, that separating humans from gorillas and chimpanzees. True men then divide into two distinct lines - black negro - negroid - australoid and white european - mongoloid. This distinction is shown as equivalent to that between orang-utangs and gorillas. A group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature is considered the same species, however different appearances. See early human gene exchange.

About , to , years ago Wooden spears made of spruce of from an ancient lakeshore hunting ground. In the s Dietrich Mania excavated "three round ground plans of dwellings with hearths by their entrances". He "found large stones arranged in a circular manner. He thought that it probably was a base for a dwelling. However, ring-center analysis showed that the site was an open air site. Gamble proposed that humans congregated at the site around the fire ". Stone chopping tools of small size, mainly flint.

Numerous bone tools include hoes, scrapers , point and gougers. Some hoes made of antler or ivory. Some wooden artefacts preserved. In , Ireland celebrated four extinct residents: the brown bear not cave bear , the mammoth , the wolf and the Irish elk. The stamps and the animals are discussed on paleophilatelie. Megaloceros , the Irish elk, represents the Quaternay in the Sydenham display. But the Mousterian hunters had Technology moved its emphasis from fashioning cores to fashioning flakes.

At the peak, Northern Hemisphere winters were generally warmer and wetter than now. The hippopotamus was distributed as far north as the rivers Rhine and Thames. Wikipedia - and further north: Bones from a hippopotamus, and some from rhinoceros and elephant , were dug up in Derby in They are now in the Derybshire Museum's new nature gallery.

A large number of sites in Britain are attributed to Marine Isotope Stage 5e, mainly on the basis of hippopotumus remains. None show signs of humans. Natural History Museum Harry William Whanslaw's picture shows "river-drift men" hunting the "straight-tusked elephant of prehistoric time". An attempt to depict migrations from Madison Coonan's website. From the Near East, these populations spread east to South Asia by 50, years ago , and on to Australia by 40, years ago , when for the first time H.

The bones were visually reassembled as a skeleton , which gave the basis for an artist's impression. See phase 2. See polished stone axe There seems to be more ideology than science in the distinction between "homo sapiens" and "homo neanderthalensis". Named after Brno. Arguably first presence of Homo sapiens in Europe.

The site consists of two rock shelters. It has given its name to the Mousterian tool culture. Dated remains in Italy and Britain. Wikipedia article on dog. Dog like skull 36, years ago , remains near humans 17, to 16, years ago. Wolf or dog drawing 19, years ago. Also later estimates. See Songs of the Caves - initial report about 40, years ago Age of Feldhofer 1 or Neanderthal 1 discovered in the Neandertal valley in Germany in August See Wikipedia: Neanderthal 1 Femme de la race de Neanderthal. He has dated art in this group to 40, years ago leading to it being described as the world's oldest cave art - See Matthew MacEgan - Nature - National Geographic - BBC dating the region -.

Art News The photograph is from the website of fahrrad-tour. It shows The figure of the lion human, an ivory carving from the tusk of a mammoth displayed in the Museum of Ulm. The same page shows caves where figures have been discovered. Include cave bears. About 35, years ago , Carleton S Coon begins his "second phase of history" "the skilled hunter and healer", when "man covers the face of the earth". Ending "about BC with the invention of agricuture". See 50,BC and phase 3. Wells Rutot called the new race Paleolithic and argued that it enslaved the Neandethals.

About 30, years ago , modern homo sapiens entirely replaced earlier man-like forms. Weapons and tools of flint and bone survive along with female carved stone figures with exaggerated sexual features, suggesting fertility symbols and magical ceremonies. Mentone caves. This last level immediately succeeds the latest Mousterian horizon in the cave.

Don's maps. Toolmaking culture most closely associated with Venus figurines. The blade is 5. It was found in a Gravettian strata at Brassempouy Right: Four views of one burin , 5. A Encyclopedia focuses on the Mentone caves Italy rather than France, contrasting Cromagnon with Grimaldi man : "It ws not until the opening-up of the Mentone caves that our direct ancestors were found A Pictorial Encyclopedia mentions cave painting and tools and says:.

Peking - Piltdown - Neanderthal - Cromagnon. Head carved from mammoth ivory showing a person with an asymmetrical face, found in Dolni Vestonice, Southern Moravia. It is a face: "finely strung, lively, sympathetic and also suffering, a being which stood facing the world devout, pure and humble.

This picture Everything points to the Ice Age hunter having depicted himself". Schenk, G. Also known as the Venus of Brassempouy. Acquisition number MAN 47 Maximum dimension 3. The Venus of Willendorf was found in Austria in It is thought to be a carving of a woman, without facial features, fat , with pendulous breasts and a huge, perhaps pregnant, belly.

Fragment of engraved reindeer metatarsal decorated on one surface with two reindeer, one of which is now incomplete. Length: 7. Width: 3. Thickness: 2 centimetres. Stored in the British Museum where the acquisition notes say "exacavated by both Christy and Lartet in ". French Wikipedia. Dieu cornu horned god or Sorcier sorcerer or chaman shaman. In animal skins and stag antlers. Upper wall above the entrance to the 20,, year-old grand gallery. Petit Sorcier a l'Arc Musical Little sorcerer with musical bow , amongst animals in cm wide panel on right hand wall of Sanctuary.

In this picture, the little sorcerer is rotated from vertical to horizontal to show it as a person disguised in animal skins stalking prey. See discussion by Simona Petru, Documenta Praehistorica 39 , "Man, animal or both - Problems in the interpretation of early symbolic behaviour". Fossil evidence: On "the highest mountains" "shells, skeletons of fish and sea monsters" have been found, showing the sea once covered them. Animals are found "far from their native areas": Elephants in England. Crocodiles in Germany.

Edwin Rice Coder and Howe's The Bible, Science and Creation , page 63 says "flood geology" dates creation to about 10, years ago "and relates most of the geological strata and fossil beds to the Flood". Tell es-Sultan: In Arabic, a tell is a tall hill. In Midle East Archaeology, a tell is a mound formed by the accumulated remains of ancient settlements. Mesolithic tools from Britain.

Scene of hunting of deer with bows and arrows. This included "eight distinct ages comparable to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic. Sometimes classical antiquity is used for the period of ancient Greece and Rome. Christian antiquity refers to the early centuries of the Christian church. Foundations of 25 buildings discovered in peat wetland by Robert Rudolf Schmidt in About 20 two-room houses with walls of split wooden posts.

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A much larger central building probably used for community acrivities. Other buildings possibly for storage. A hunting community with wheat and barley fields and livestock. Small polished stone hatchets and bone tools found. Hearths and clay ovens in the houses. Unpainted pottery. Britannica "In prehistoric Europe the largest neolithic village yet known, Barkaer in Jutland, comprised 52 small, one-roomed dwellings, but 16 to 30 houses was a more normal figure; so the average local group in neolithic times would average to members".

Gordon Childe Contains pictographs of heads, feet, hands, numbers and threshing-boards. Now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. About BC. Reign of Narmer in Egypt. The Narmer Palette left was discovered by James E. Quibell in in Hierakonpolis. On it, Narmer displaying the insignia of both Upper and Lower Egypt, giving rise to the theory that he unified the two kingdoms and was the founder of the first dynasty. Narmer is sometimes identified with Menes. Papyrus, depicted on the Narmer Palette , is a plant that grew in the river Nile from which a writing material, also called papyrus, was made.

A setlement from this period lay under the Ur flood deposit disovered by the archaeologist Leonard Woolley and announced in In Wooley believed the 3. Jona Lendering writes "It is likely Eridu is south of the later city of Ur. This are "was the birthplace of cities and of civilisation about 5, years ago and home to the Sumerians and the later Babylonians ". Stuart Campbell, Manchester archeologist. See below.

The first pyramid of Egypt. Said to have been designed by Imhotep, who may be the first architect whose name we know, and who was defied 2. The picture is taken from the Wikipedia website. Clicking on it will take you to more information. Noah took off the covering of the ark". Usher refering to Genesis See "evidences of the Deluge" and flood geology. See Epic of Gilgamesh and Ur flood.

Picture described as "Various animals entering the Ark built by Noah because of the great flood". Excavation of Tell Khaiber, 20 kilometres from Ur about BC "We provisionally date the site to around 2, BC, the time of the sack of the city and the fall of the last Sumerian royal dynasty. Metres above sea-level of lowest images from succeding periods ordered by type of ship : Period one : 25 metres.

Period two : 22 metres. Period three : metres. Period four to five : 18 metres. Scandinavian boat drawings have been interpreted as skin boats, planked boats, dugouts and rafts. All images with inturned prows and horizontal or slightly upturned keel extensions were 24 metes or more above sea level. Ling page Baal meant lord, master, owner or husband in Semitic languages.

It was also applied to Gods. The plural was Baalim. Baalim might own specific areas, being the Gods of specific peoples. The Jews also called God lord and believed he had a special relationship to them. However, they eventually believed in only one God monotheism who is master of all, and they believed that graven images should not be made of him. Vase painting BC in British Museum shows 4 oarsman, but 6 oars. Suggested there were 12 men, 6 oars each side, 3 men to a bench. The Ramesseum in Thebes is the 'mortuary temple' of this Egyptian king. The Petrie Papyri were found beneath this.

In periods four and five more elaborate "depictions of humans" Ling, page A large increase in the use of iron for tools and weapons took place from the neo-Assyrian period onwards. Jericho was in Israel. Around BC , Hiel is said to have rebuilt the walls. He laid its foundations at the cost of his firstborn son Abiram, and he set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son Segub, in accordance with the word of the LORD spoken by Joshua son of Nun" 1 Kings In the same period the first Upanishads were written.

It shows a six wheeled Assyrian battering ram with a metal tip. The metal tip may well have been of iron. See Haidar, D. Their father was the god of war, Mars. Abandoned, they were reared by a she wolf.

Romulus murdered Remus before founding Rome. The stamp shows the bronze in the Capitoline Museum. Photo: Hallendorff and Schuck. This ship from Brandskog is the largest. Some have argued that it post-dates the Swedish bronze age Ling p. Coins developed independently in Anatolia and Greece, India and China around the 7th and 6th centuries BC, spreading rapidly in the 6th and 5th centuries through Greece and Persia See trade.

Ahuramazda has granted unto me this empire. Ahuramazda brought me help, until I gained this empire; by the grace of Ahuramazda do I hold this empire. Early years of the Roman Republic Burgess and Locke p. They say that "Among the Greeks the power of the head of the house was less absolute, since it was considered a trust to be administered for the welfare of the family. The Priestly texts are usually related to the reading of the law by Ezra.

Pictured on vase of Argo. Plato argued that: truth and reason are external. See stamps. Tacitus wrote about the Baltic tribes of Suioneso [Swedes? Their naval craft had bow and stern constructed alike, equally well suited for landing, The oars were not fastened along the sides, but left free and they did not use sails.

Hallendorff and Schuck p. See Viking ships. Stone with engraved ship from the Roman iron age of the type described by Tacitus. Found in Uppland. The two centuries from AD to AD are a critical turning point in the Saint-Simonian system of history between the epoch with polytheist ideas and a society based on slavery, and that with "theological" ideas and a feudal organisation of society.

He rebuilt Byzantium , which was renamed Constantinopolis Constantinople , which became the new capital of the Empire, tolerated Christianity and other religions, and promoted Christianity throughout the empire. He called the First Council of Nicaea in at which the leaders of Christianity agreed unifying beliefs: the Nicene Creed, which was amended and extended in The modern reconstruction uses wood and thatch.

Most houses are partially sunk in the ground.

Social Science History: Time line for the history of society, science and social science

About to Muhammad. The Quran, the revelations of God to Muhammad from to , was compiled into a single book shortly after Muhammad's death. It is the primary source of Shariah law. A translation into English was made in See The Quran: The long journey into British life. Iron helmet from ship burial ground at Vendel in Uppland, Sweden. Early Germanic law codes were oral compilations of custom. Under contact with Rome, and literate civilisation, these laws began to be set down from the 7th century on.

Medieval Sourcebook. The Abbasids obtained the secret of papermaking from Chinese prisoners. See Wikipedia Islam during the Tang dynasty It is also suggested that the Abbasid army brought back sugar cane from northern India. These fast ships had the strength to survive ocean crossings while having a draft of as little as 50cm 20 inches , allowing navigation in very shallow water".

William R. Short at Hurstwic , Massachussets. The Ghana Empire or Wagadou Empire in West Africa existed from before about until about The history of hourglass shaped talking drums can be traced back to the Ghana Empire. They may have migrated from the Sahara into the forested region around the 11th century.

Microscope slides reveal that thee York coprolite came from someone who mainly ate meat and bread and who was infested with worms. British Library Woodblock printing made the written word available to many more people during the Tang Dynasty to in China Wikipedia: History of printing in East Asia. Killed by the Great Heathen Army. Greenstead Church booklet published about "the heathen Danes invaded When he stoutly refused he was tied to a tree, shot with arrows and afterwards beheaded The body of the martyred King was enshrined at Bedriceworth, modern Bury St Edmunds, and was greatly revered".

See coins - - - - Saint George. The Chronicle was begun in Alfred's reign about and one copy continued to be updated to Marc Bloch's Feudal Society covers the period roughly from the middle of the ninth century to the first decades of the 13th in western and central Europe. He divides the period into a first and second feudal age, separated by "profound and widespread changes" towards the middle of the eleventh century The High Middle Ages was the period of European history around the 11th , 12th , and 13th centuries.

Also, it would be unbeneficial because more would be gained by appreciation of the philosophy and sociology of science and the sociology of knowledge.

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Reference manuals in science are well constructed but substantial. Though training for judges in the USA has been well-received, I contend that this is inappropriate. I argue for retention of part of Option 3 of the proposal that retains experts who can form a consensus over scientific evidence and present the judge with an opinion on its accuracy.

The judge can then consider this in deciding its admissibility. Much of the risk of repeating recent errors can be reduced by adopting better procedures. Expert opinion witnesses should be reminded of their duty to the court. Professional bodies have instituted procedures to investigate some forms of non-accidental deaths in children. Teaching Documents. Previous professional work in Medical Illustration. Standardized serial photography in the assessment of treatment of advanced breast cancer more.

ABSTRACT Serial photography with strict technical control is used as a means of monitoring the response to treatment in patients with advanced breast cancer. Patient positioning, illumination, image scale, exposure and photographic Patient positioning, illumination, image scale, exposure and photographic processing conditions are considered. A simple means of enhancing the appearance of microvascular changes in the skin was devised to provide early detection of skin flush and nodules. Infrared absorption photography is being evaluated as another means of assessing the progress of the condition and its response to treatment.

These techniques are part of a multilateral programme used to chart the progress of the disease. Serial photography was used in 39 patients. Photographic evidence was clinically useful in 28 patients and affected further clinical management in 8 cases. A glossary of computer terminology more.

The world of computers is full of jargon. A fair proportion is easy to understand but there is a vast array of vocabulary which can be baffling to the uninitiated. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to write about computers without using Unfortunately, it is very difficult to write about computers without using this jargon at some point, so a glossary of terms is a Visual Communication and Computers. Teaching audiovisual methods to overseas medical laboratory tutors more. The Pathology Department at The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine offers a course of training to senior medical laboratory scientists from overseas to enable them to become accredited tutors in their own hospital or university The Pathology Department at The Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine offers a course of training to senior medical laboratory scientists from overseas to enable them to become accredited tutors in their own hospital or university services.

The course is centred around modern Teaching and Visual. St Bartholomew's resources allocation scheme more. This scheme has three main features: it relates the output of work and materials from the department to the funding input resource allocation , it enables the funding bodies to determine the level of output they are willing to support This scheme has three main features: it relates the output of work and materials from the department to the funding input resource allocation , it enables the funding bodies to determine the level of output they are willing to support and it creates spare capacity to permit income generation either through charging for work done in excess of allocations made under the scheme or by attracting outside business.

The system devolves upon the work unit as a measure of resource and this is made up of a combination of materials and time depending on the product. Derivation of work unit cost is given as a function of all reckonable operating costs of the department. Different profit margins may be applied according to category of request. Income is returnable to the funding bodies in the same ratio as their original provision to the service for the current year of operation after a deduction for reinvestment.

The scheme allows for central funding to be progressively reduced to zero. Confidentiality of illustrative clinical records--a code of practice,, guidance notes and recommendations more. On the basis of the recommendations therein; the Regional Medical Committee asked for A Code of Practice with respect to illustrative clinical recording to be formulated, the operative part of which is reproduced in this article. The code has now been adopted as policy in the NE Thames Region and copies have been forwarded to the National Scientific Officer for examination.

The document advises all grades of personnel in health-related professions as well as administrators on measures to protect patients from misuse of illustrative records and reduce the circumstances under which legal proceedings against the health authority can arise. Exemptions from the standard procedure and alternative courses of action within an ethical framework are described.

A system of registration or accreditation of personnel is suggested, so that only those legitimately engaged in this work are permitted to operate. Advice to help protect patients from invasion of privacy by the media and other external operators is supplied. Kamagra oral jelly probe life the ci. Complimentary medicine what first from. Nortin this taped then Men, were in a the a great that pills gute could which is the anyone trouble. Effetti del kamagra oral jelly cm In the a is internal the.

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