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The Cruelty to Animals Act put certain restraints on how the experiments should be carried out, but also made a successful prosecution unlikely.

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Physiologists were using vivisection to make important discoveries hormones, peristalsis, etc. Jerome , Rudyard Kipling and Queen Victoria.

He publicised the experiences of the brown dog and accused the physiologists of torture. One of them, William Bayliss, sued Coleridge for libel.

The Brown Dog and His Memorial

Bayliss won but the trial brought yet more opportunity for the ant-vivisectionists to publicise their campaign. After the trial Anna Louisa Woodward raised funds and commissioned this memorial to the brown dog. However medical students who had always supported the case for vivisection, took exception to the statue and the inscription. Police protection of the statue was costly and the council talked of resolving the problem by removing the statue.

This prompted large demonstrations in favour of the statue, with some supporters wearing dog-masks; petitions were raised; rallies at Trafalgar Square, etc. On 10 March , early in the still dark morning, 4 workers protected by police officers removed the statue, and it was melted down by a council blacksmith. That seems to have ended the "Brown Dog Affair" The photo of the statue comes from Wikipedia and initially we were puzzled by the buildings and roof-line in the photo since they don't tally with any of the surrounding buildings that can be seen there today.

The Latchmere Estate south of the recreation ground was built by but we learnt, at UCL ironic since that's where the brown dog was vivisected , that " Wikipedia has other images showing the same view of the monument but with different backgrounds. On close examination these seem to be photo-montages, where the image of the monument has been manually cut out and pasted on top of another image. Seems odd, but perhaps this was done when the papers reported the removal of the statue.

This process was called vivisection and was completely legal at this time.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Gives Heartbreaking Speech at Wife Beth Chapman's Memorial Service.

Louise Lind af Hageby. William Bayliss in Stephen Coleridge. After the erection of the statue, a series of riots began to occur, organised by medical and veterinary students, over the issue and particularly over the inscription on the statue: In memory of the Brown Terrier Dog Done to Death in the Laboratories of University College in February after having endured Vivisections extending over more than two months and having been handed over from one Vivisector to another till death came to his Release.

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Monument: Brown Dog statue

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