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These are examples of physical restraint, but residents can also be restrained through the use of medication, a confusing layout, key pad systems or reminders to stay sitting down. Actions that restrain a resident may even be unintentional:. In some circumstances restraint is the right thing to do, and not to do so on these occasions could be considered neglect. Restraint can be used:. The Mental Capacity Act and its Code of Practice explores this area in much more detail, and is crucial to understanding how and when the recently introduced Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards might apply.

At a glance 16: Managing risk, minimising restraint

It is important to start by developing an understanding about what restraint means, to recognise that it will be right in some situations and wrong in many others, and that staff, residents and relatives may have different views. It is then possible to consider what will help to improve practice. Reasons given for the use of restraint in care homes generally relate to a concern for safety or as a response to agitation. Making good risk assessments and supporting residents to take risks if they wish to, including starting care planning from the perspective of exploring what residents can do, will therefore all help to reduce the use of restraint.

Relatives will also need support to cope with their concerns. Getting the right balance between restraining someone for their own protection and supporting people to take positive risks is not an exact science.

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The use of restraint is a topic that people can be reluctant to discuss, but talking about it can be useful in many ways:. To improve practice and minimise the use of restraint, a flexible and varied approach to staff development is important. Building on standard training, arranging specialist training, and providing opportunities for staff to support one another and share their learning are all valuable approaches.

One care home had set aside time for staff to come together to explore some of these [ethical dilemmas].

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One care home working with extremely frail individuals… ensured that all staff attended formal clinical supervision sessions to help support them to cope with the demanding work and to reflect on their practice. How the physical space within a care home is set up can help promote a sense of wellbeing and avoid some of the situations that can result in the use of restraint.

Windows with a view to an accessible outside space, good lighting, distinctive colours for different units, open shelves and cupboards inviting individuals to explore the contents, and clear signage are just some of the ways in which the environment can be used positively. Many possible changes can be identified with the help of staff, residents and relatives, and often made with little expense.

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Although some difficult situations demand an immediate decision about whether to use restraint, most develop over a longer period of time and using this five-step framework will help you to make an informed decision. Think about the situation that might prompt the need for restraint and consider the following:. Opening a dialogue on managing risk and minimising restraint will depend on relationships being positive between residents, relatives and staff. It existed merely for the purpose of outward discipline, restraint and correction.


When we three were together he noticed a certain coldness and restraint which he endeavored to banish by cheerful good-humor. Sense of "reserve" is from c.

Sometimes restraints. Lose Did you lose that sock in the dryer RELATED WORDS control , restriction , constraint , self-restraint , moderation , caution , self-discipline , embargo , prohibition , reduction , limit , ban , curb , self-possession , coolness , self-denial , coercion , self-government , repression , compulsion. Nearby words restr.

Origin of restraint —; Middle English restreinte Middle French restrainte, noun use of feminine past participle of restraindre to restrain. Foma Gordyeff Maxim Gorky. The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker. Epistle Sermons, Vol. II Martin Luther.