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What it feels like a girl Hung Up Radio Edit Beautiful Stranger Calderone Mix Deeper And Deeper 7 Edit Frozen Edit Deserve It Must Love Me Madonna - Like A Prayer Like it on not Fondbidden love Bedtime Story Junior's Single Mix Survival Album Version Get Togther Imagine La Isla Bonita Extended Remix Bedtime Story Orbital Mix Hey Mr.

Get Into The Groove Open Your Heart To Me Just Like A Prayer Substitute For Love Hollywood Oakenfold 12' Full Remix - Edit Buenos Aries Up Down Suite Let Down Your Guard History Non-Album Track Bedtime Stories American Life Full Version She died today.

There was no one like her. The single peaked at number-ten in the UK, at number-five in Italy and at number-one in Spain. Despite not being released in Canada, the song managed to reach number eighteen on the Canadian singles chart based solely on sales of the European import single, and without any promotion from radio or music video stations.

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The demo contains similar lyrics but a completely different musical backing track and melody. The music that was used on the final version of the song was a previously composed instrumental track by William Orbit. Categories :. August 24, Madonna William Orbit.

Madonna - Substitute For Love.