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As a substitute, he murders the maid. After getting drunk, he visits his favourite prostitute, Berthe, and kills her; he is found at the scene of the crime in the morning by police. The film's sets were designed by the art director Gunther Gerszo. University of Oklahoma Press, Synopsis In Paris the young ex-para and would-be boxer, Michel Maudet, loses his first big fight and is sacked by his manager. Without telling his girl friend Lina, whom he leaves penniless, that night he flies with Ferchaux to New York.

Next morning, Ferchaux is able to collect millions of dollars from his safe-deposit box but cannot touch his US bank account because the French authorities are seeking his extradition. Its running time is 94 minutes. Club Culture. Retrieved 24 January External links IMDb.

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The plot follows Maloin, a nondescript railway worker who recovers a briefcase containing a significant amount of money from the scene of a murder to which he is the only witness. Wracked by guilt and fear of being discovered, Maloin sinks into despondence and frustration, which leads to acrimony in his household. Meanwhile, an English police detective investigates the disappearance of the money and the unscrupulous characters connected to the crime. The French, German and Hungarian co-production of the film was fraught wit. Herbert Lom. Kees's life is comfortable but stodgy; he loves trains but has never traveled farther than Amsterdam.

One day a man named Merkemans Felix Aylmer , who had managed a company that went bankrupt due to another man's embezzlement, pleads with de Koster for a job. De Koster refuses because his own firm has too impeccable a reputation to be connected with such a scandal, and Merkemans had had the responsibility to prevent the fraud. Then a French polic. Midnight Episode is a English thriller mystery film directed by Gordon Parry.

The film was released in United States on 19 May Knight Joy Shelton as Mrs. As of April it has been rated 6. References Wheeler W. Dixon SUNY Press. Andrew Spicer Historical Dictionary of Film Noir.

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The film received numerous accolades as well as a glowing review from the American film critic Roger Ebert,[1] who later added the film to his list of "Great Movies. Hire by Georges Simenon and has original music by Michael Nyman.

The film was entered in the Cannes Film Festival. Though he talks to no-one and says he dislikes people, he observes them closely and in particular is struck by a young woman cal. It tells the story of a French prime minister Jean Gabin , a lifelong proponent of the national good, who is twice betrayed by an opportunistic younger politician Bernard Blier but in the end gets his revenge. He gets to the point, some twenty years earlier, when he had to devalue the currency. After secretly meeting the governor of the central bank and the minister of finance, he agreed to make the announcement one M.

It was shot on location in Tahiti. There are French and English versions of the film. The French version is known as Le Passager clandestin.

Synopsis A group of adventurers compete with one another to find the missing heir Rene Marechal, thought to be near Tahiti. Major Owens, a middle aged Englishman with a shady past, discovers the island on which Marechal lives but is murdered by the criminal Mougins. Mougins sets out for the island with Colette, a night club singer who is Marechal's former mistress.

She is rescued by Jean, who had earlier helped Colette stow away on the boat to Tahiti. Jean and Mougins fight and Mougins falls overboard and is eaten by a shark. Jean and Collette decide to give up the search for Marechal and live on the islands. The film is set in modern-day France. After a number of arguments the two are separated and each encounters a horror on the road. They arrange to meet at a local bar, but she is late arriving and it gets on his nerves.

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The movie is also known as Cop-Out and is a remake of the French film Strangers in the House Les inconnus dans la maison. The film was remade in The song was co-written by band member Vic Briggs and John Scott, composer of the film score, and was produced and arranged by Briggs. Plot John Sawyer was once a brilliant defense lawyer but has given himself up to alcohol. His wife has left him, his sister is ashamed of him, while his daughter Angela, who still lives in his large house, despises him.

She follows her own life with a wild group of friends led by two rich boys, one being her cousin Desmond.

Two poor boys are also part of the gang: an American criminal on the run called Barney and a Cypriot immigran. Stranger in the House is a thriller film. Based on a Georges Simenon novel, it is a remake of an earlier film, itself a remake of a French film. The version was directed by Rodney Gibbons and written by Peter Liapis. Outline In this thriller, a jewel thief's mistake during a diamond robbery forces him to stash the loot at the crime scene where he left a female executive for dead. In order to finish the heist, however, the crook must avoid an insurance adjuster and an enraged husband, setting off a string of murders and betrayal.

It is based on the novel L'ours en peluche by Georges Simenon. Dizionario del cinema italiano: I Film. Gremese Editore, Deborah Young March 20, Retrieved 22 March It was shot at the Billancourt Studios in Paris. Plot Hector Loursat, attorney at law, lives with his daughter Nicole in a vast and shabby mansion in this provincial town.

They don't talk to each other much, somehow holding the other one responsible for the situation: Hector Loursat used to be one of the great attorneys until his wife left him for another man eighteen years ago. He has been drinking ever since, and given up living altogether, intoxicated every night.

Hector did not care much about his daughter, who was brought up by Fine, the old woman servant in the house. One night, gunshots are heard upstairs in the house and Hector spots a shadow running away.

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